Falling For You

Falling For You Rae s always dreamed of dating a guy like Nathan He s nothing like her abusive stepfather in other words he s sweet But the closer they get the Nathan wants of her time of her love of herd the les

Rae s always dreamed of dating a guy like Nathan He s nothing like her abusive stepfather in other words, he s sweet But the closer they get, the Nathan wants of her time, of her love, of herd the less she wants to give As Rae s affection for Nathan turns to fear, she leans on her friend Leo for support With Leo, she feels lighter, happier And possessive NatRae s always dreamed of dating a guy like Nathan He s nothing like her abusive stepfather in other words, he s sweet But the closer they get, the Nathan wants of her time, of her love, of herd the less she wants to give As Rae s affection for Nathan turns to fear, she leans on her friend Leo for support With Leo, she feels lighter, happier And possessive Nathan becomes jealous Then a tragedy lands Rae in the ICU Now, hovering between life and death, Rae must find the light amid the darkness and the strength to fight for life and the love she deserves.

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Falling For You

  1. Lisa Schroeder is the author of than twenty books for kids and teens Her latest young adult novel is ALL WE HAVE IS NOW, and the latest novel for 8 12 year olds is KEYS TO THE CITY, both with She lives in Oregon where she spends her time reading, writing, baking yummy treats, and hiking with her familyitter twitter lisa_schroederfacebook facebook lisaschroederbookstumblr lisaschroeder.tumblrinstagram lisaschroeder15

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  1. So I wrote this book And here are some things I want you to know about it.It is a book with strong themes of darkness and light While Rae has a sad home life, she has a bright and happy job working at a flower shop with people she adores The flower shop, Full Bloom, is her safe place and I hope you come to enjoy the flower shop as much as Rae does.Rae is a poet, and fills up journals with thoughts that help her cope with the feelings she has about her step dad and her mom Soon, school mates are [...]

  2. 3.5 stars I could tell that Ms Lisa Shcroeder is such a super kind and generous human being just by reading this book It s clear in the words she chose and the main character s attributes it s pretty obvious that the very purpose of Falling for you is to inspire every reader who is in one way or another, experiencing darkness than light in his her life I wouldn t have realized all of these things had I judged the book by its tacky cover and title because really, if I did that, I probably wouldn [...]

  3. FallIng for You by Lisa Schroeder I am so in love This made my heart ache, I don t know where to begin on this review This story hits you where it counts, a lot of this is so true today and everyone is too scared to come forward Rae is by far the strongest girl I have read about and I want to just hug her Rae is the definition of a hero She keeps all her pain bottled up, and hides that part of her life from everyone else I don t know how she does it but she stays strong, and when she needs to sa [...]

  4. Schroeder never fails to amaze me with her words So many emotions in this one Loved it Full review to come.

  5. Falling For You was the first book that I read in 2013 and like I said earlierIt was a good way to start a year.I love Lisa Schroeder I ve read almost all her books and The Day before and I heart you , you haunt me are books I totally adore and are also two of my many books that highlight my book shelf.Her books are all in verse form and the beauty of it all lies in the fact that she can break our hearts a thousand times and swoon us off our feet by throwing poetry at us WE ALL LOVE LISA SCHROED [...]

  6. I have waited for what seems like FOREVER for this book I read The Day Before Lisa Schroeder s most recent book before this one in 2011 and then read everything else she d written almost immediately thereafter and then was heartbroken to learn that there wouldn t be a new release until 2013 As in I would have to wait over a year And if you know anything about me at all, you know that I do NOT do well with waiting.But oh, this was so worth the wait Like all of her books, this book will completely [...]

  7. Falling For You was Lisa Schroeder s first full length book and I was so psyched because I ve been a huge fan ever since Chasing Brooklyn, that it was an instant favorite Lisa Schroeder is best known with her heartfelt, very poetic YA verse novels, so coming from her I certainly didn t want to pass everything she writes.Unfortunately, I didn t enjoy this one as much as I did her other works I think she s better off with verse novels, in my humble opinion.The story line was not strong, and the na [...]

  8. I wanted to dislike this book because it started off slow and I felt like the writing was not up to par to other books I read I kept reading it because even though it was slow, I felt like I could relate to the main character Rae She is a 17 year old girl who has a weak minded mother who lets her be emotionally and physically abused by her overbearing loser stepdad She is a writer inspired by her grandmother who passed away from cancer Truly, this book connected to me on a level I did not want t [...]

  9. This review was originally published on Clear Eyes, Full Shelves.I hadn t had many people in my life who made me feel special You know what happens after awhile You start to wonder if you matter.I mean, really and truly matter.And the time that goes by, the harder it is to believe that you do.Lisa Schroeder has quickly become one the select few authors whose books I love to revisit The Day Before, her 2011 novel in verse is one of my all time favorites reads and I often pull it from the shelf i [...]

  10. Originally reviewed here AngievilleA couple of years ago I stumbled across a new to me book by new to me author Lisa Schroeder I cracked open Chasing Brooklyn with what you might describe as less than high expectations, with the result that I was utterly blindsided by the reality I am a decided fan of well executed novels in verse Have been for awhile now And this was just such a one an expertly crafted study of grief and its aftermath, on survivors reaching out to each other I read it in a sing [...]

  11. May contain spoilers Although you could probably predict them Lisa Schroeder is seriously one of my favorite authors Ever.Unlike her other books, this is not one written in verse A poem comes up every few chapters as a glimpse into the MC s poetry journal I never actually realized it wasn t in verse until I stated reading It was shocking, really To see periods, sentences, WOAH.I m not sure whether I liked this or less than the others I ve read Lisa Schroeder is a mastermind when it comes to wri [...]

  12. MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITRae s father left when she was a baby and her mother has moved on and in with Dean, a man Rae is not fond of The only thing she really knows about her father is that he was a fan of Nirvana and that leads to her love of the Foo Fighters whose songs carry her through the worst of days She works at a job she adores, assisting at Full Bloom, the only flower shop in her small town She has a close circle of friends and never fails to go out of her way to be kind, even th [...]

  13. Review also posted at Ja itam, a ti There is no need to mention that I failed big time here I should as other people first do some reviews for her previous books but well this is something I guess But firstly I guess that most of you know that other books by Lisa Schroeder are in verse If you are using an excuse I don t like books stories written in verse for not reading her books my friends you will have to change your way of thinking or I ll do it for you No kidding, but I can be really persua [...]

  14. I loved the book so far, I hadn t really expected the end, I rooted for Rae and Leo from the start, but sincerly I thought that she may end up alone I disliked Nathan and I thought it was something up with him since he appeared view spoiler All the thing with delete all the boys numbers from your phone was a little too much, it may have been a joke, yes But I think he was really serious I loved a lot how Rae escaped from the family troubles while she was with Leo, he was making her happy and I r [...]

  15. Ha Snuck this one in just before it s launch day But now I m angry because I stayed up way too late the night before New Years Eve reading by book light I just couldn t put it down I have to say I LOVE how this story unfolds I wasn t sure about the ending right up until the end, which kept me flipping those pages LOL I loved Rae and how she had these strengths in addition to her weaknesses Yay for girl power And a poetry revolution we all need a poetry revolution And don t forget the flower powe [...]

  16. Wow This is one powerful and emotional book I really connected with Rae and appreciated how she always used poetry as her healthy outlet for the negatives that were going on in her life She was strong, and caring to a fault, which led her to relationship troubles on top of her unstable home with her stepfather and unavailable mom On the theme of healthy outlets, I also like how it featured Leo s methods as well with the videos I read so much about unhealthy outlets like drinking, eating disorde [...]

  17. Falling For You is a book the encompasses light, love, life, darkness, pain, and this incredible will to keep going I like to blame this on my freshman year English teacher who always had us talk about the light and dark themes that we found in the books we read, and movies we watch which has stayed with me since then , but I loved the way Lisa developed and showed the light and dark themes that are at the heart of this story It s not just with Rae s home life, and her life at work and school, b [...]

  18. Find of my reviews at readingangelI have been highly anticipating reading Falling For You Lisa Schroeder is one of my favorite authors All of her books go on my auto preorder list When she announced Falling For You as her first Young Adult book not written in verse I could not wait to read it and see how well she took it on I loved that while Falling For You is not written in verse, you can still fell Lisa s lyrical style of writing through out Her writing always flows so smoothly.One reason I [...]

  19. Rae, the main character in the story, comes from a not so happy home life Her father skipped out on her mother before she was born, her step father is emotionally abusive, and her mother stopped being loving after Rae s grandmother passed Rae meets the new boy in school and they become an item however, it turns out that he has issues of his own and begins to scare Rae with his jealousy possessive ways The story begins 6 months prior to Rae ending up in the hospital from an accident the accident [...]

  20. Lisa Schroeder s Falling For You is an amazing story mixed with both heart wrenching and heart warming moments Her characters are deep, flawed, relateable and yet real for readers This is my first time reading Schroeder s work and I can honestly say I loved this story and I felt like the problems Rae faced with her relationship with not only her boyfriend but her mother and stepfather were spot on for many teens One of the things I didn t entirely like was I felt at the end of the book the relat [...]

  21. I love Lisa Schroeder She is on my auto buy list of favourite authors.I bought this without realising it is her debut non verse regular prose with some poems scattered throughout book I also saw mixed reviews before beginning I am SO happy to say I am on the LOVE side What a completely heart felt little book this is My heart broke and I was full of hope and well wishes for our the lovely Rae I got swept into this story and even shed a tear or two Also, Schroeder s prose is just gorgeous I love h [...]

  22. Wow Rae really was one of the strongest characters I ve read about in a while, in the face of such a shitty home life and then shitty relationship she constantly tried to stay positive see the good in life.I think this story shows how important even having one person in your life who is a positive influence growing up in this case her grandmother can make such a huge difference in your life.I m not usually a fan of poetry but it fit really well here got across her feelings perfectly.I really tho [...]

  23. Where light shines, darkness disappearsI really liked this story I read it this afternoon Rae was a really like able character, at first I wanted to give her a little shake to keep her focused but she came right during the story I liked what she had to say through her poetry I liked the way she tried so hard to be a normal teenager, even with the troubles she had at home and the stuff with Nathan I cried for her too Aside from Dean and Nathan, all the characters were so lovely, didn t matter how [...]

  24. Wow, Rae and Nathan are a young couple whose relationship was just a mess and not easy to read about I was scared that Rae would view spoiler keep going back to Nathan over and over and even at times I feared that he would physically harm her hide spoiler The book had rays of sunshine and hope but it was so sad in parts I loved Rae s good hearted nature and her thoughtfulness for others Leo also had my heart because he was amazingly kind and did some of the most beautiful acts of love I ve ever [...]

  25. 3.5 stars So many little details to love about this book Especially just the simple fact of being kind to one another Engaging and great characters I rate below a 4 because whoa so much happens to the main character Loved the poetry inserts.

  26. Rae likes the new boy, Nathan Nathan likes her back, so they decide to go on a date that quickly progresses rae has a bad home life, with an abusive step dad and a mom who doesn t do anything to help rae the only place she is happy is at work at the flower shop she also loves being with her caring friend Leo the Nathan tries to be with her the she loses interest in Nathan, Leo and rae start to hang out and Nathan gets progressively abusive to rae Nathan gets so clingy that its scary raes step [...]

  27. I really thought this was going to be a four star book But, by the end, I felt like I d missed something The conclusion actually felt too idealistic everyone feeling able to share their traumas without fear, people facing their mistakes, ultimate forgivness and trust given freely etc It was too much because it isn t realityt really This book read like a trial of saints.It most certainly was not the romance, suspense and obsession I had hoped would form the plot I hadn t expected what this book w [...]

  28. Falling for you, by Lisa Schroeder was a great read, and a super quick read also This book brought out mixed emotions within me The story begins in the present where Rae is in the hospital in critical care, and we don t know how she got there or why We also don t know if she will survive whatever happened to her As Rae is thinking, she takes us back in time as she relives memories from her past, and the events that took place to lead her to her current situation Rae has experienced deep sadness [...]

  29. Falling for you was an amazing book If you like boos filled with suspense, and excitment then this book is what you are looking for It is about a girl who meets this boy named Nathan and they go out for a while but then he starts getting abusive and she breaks up with him She starts hanging out with a new guy and Nathan follows her everywhere At the same time this is all happening she has to deal with and abusive stepfather Towards the end of the book she is working and her stepfather comes in a [...]

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