The Beautiful Creatures Complete Collection

The Beautiful Creatures Complete Collection There were no surprises in Gatlin County At least that s what I thought Turns out I couldn t have been wrong Ethan Wate used to think of Gatlin the small Southern town he had always called home as

There were no surprises in Gatlin County At least, that s what I thought Turns out, I couldn t have been wrong Ethan Wate used to think of Gatlin, the small Southern town he had always called home, as a place where nothing ever changed Then he met mysterious newcomer Lena Duchannes, who revealed a secret world where a curse has marked Lena s family of powerful S There were no surprises in Gatlin County At least, that s what I thought Turns out, I couldn t have been wrong Ethan Wate used to think of Gatlin, the small Southern town he had always called home, as a place where nothing ever changed Then he met mysterious newcomer Lena Duchannes, who revealed a secret world where a curse has marked Lena s family of powerful Supernaturals for generations Mysterious, suspenseful, and romantic, Beautiful Creatures, Beautiful Darkness, Beautiful Chaos, and Beautiful Redemption introduce a secret world hidden in plain sight A world where impossible, magical, life altering events happen Sometimes life ending This stunning set makes the perfect gift for fans of this bestselling Southern gothic romance.

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The Beautiful Creatures Complete Collection

  1. Kami Garcia is the 1 New York Times USA Today bestselling co author of the Beautiful Creatures novels the Dangerous Creatures novels, and the author of the instant New York Times bestseller Bram Stoker Award nominated novels UNBREAKABLE UNMARKED in the Legion Series Her contemporary romance THE LOVELY RECKLESS releases on October 4th Imprint Macmillan.Kami grew up outside of Washington DC, wore lots of black, and spent hours writing poetry in spiral notebooks When Kami isn t writing, she lives to bake, watch bad disaster movies, and listen to Soundgarden She lives in Maryland with her husband, son, daughter, and their dogs Spike and Oz named after characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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  1. This is an amazing series I d love to go into detail, but why use 100 words when 5 will do The characters are so well fleshed out, that when the time comes to say goodbye to them you will feel as though you are saying goodbye to friends After reading the first book in this series, I devoured the remaining three over a week and a half Audiobook versions There are parts that become repetitive, and my only complaint is that none of the main characters except for Link seem to be able to tell anyone [...]

  2. I fell in love with this series as soon as I read the very first book Its one of my favorite book series I think its an amazing love story My first book rating, be gentle The characters and their supernatural powers are very original and innovative The book embraces southern heritage and paranormal myths and legends I enjoyed how the series switched from Ethan s and Lena s points of view The story is cleverly written that keeps with southern history The book also has suspenseful parts that keeps [...]

  3. This series started with the movie which I was not a fan of However, I kept thinking there has to be a good story somewhere and I m so glad the movie lead me to these books I couldn t put them down I haven t found a series that drew me in like the Caster Chronicles in quite sometime Beautiful Creatures book 1 is about young Lena Duchannes who has moved in with her Uncle in Gatlin, South Carolina Ethan Wates is a young man from Gatlin who has been dreaming of an unknown girl When he meets Lena he [...]

  4. I read the whole series because I m one of those people that can not stop reading something I ve started unless its absolutely terrible I m a sucker for having to know how something ends I almost just googled a synopsis but I pushed through I reserve a 1 star cause you can t give 0 stars review for utterly atrocious and could not even finish, 2 stars are barely finishable This series had its moments but it was SO cliche and predictable

  5. I personally did not enjoy this book series at all I had to force myself to finish reading all four books I had wanted to give up after the first few pages The writing is incredibly bland, the characters 2d, and not only are you completely unable to relate to them, make a connection with them at any given time, you feel like punching them because of multiple reasons, one of them being their inability to express their feelings and explaining exactly what is going on with them It would save so muc [...]

  6. After awhile I would skip the details yearning for conversational points I d like Lena to have character I found her distant and detached I am looking forward to the movie The series kept me intrigued enough to finish them all Thanks to my little sister for the suggestion

  7. I cannot even begin to explain my love for this seriesIt s been a long time since I ve found a series of books that I literally fell in love with This series is always on my mind so much to a point where I can t sleep for hours, that s probably not healthy The characters are fabulous and the writing is beautiful I m actually completely in love with Ethan Wate he s perfect Lena as much as she can be stupid in the second book is also very likable and relatable despite the fact the she is a caster [...]

  8. Wow Just wow I got these four books on my Kindle on the 16th and couldn t put them down until they were finished The character build is fabulous I absolutely fell in love with the Ethan and Lena love story I enjoyed reading this series I m not a teenager and haven t been for quite some time but I was hooked.From book to book the authors voice was very strong and clear I could really feel Gatlin as if it were my home town.The end of book three made me cry and I found myself crying through book 4 [...]

  9. The series left me with a lot of questions Why didn t Link ever complain about the pain touching Ridley caused him before he turned Didn t his car crash during the 18th moon What happened to Macon s father, Silas How did Ridley get John in the Archlight Why did Edward Snakehands write a page in the chronicles for Ethan, just because Angelus said so

  10. Loved the books Started off quickly and you get attached to the characters At the end of the 3rd book, I had to go to work the next day with swollen eyes Not going to spoil it for you I really enjoyed reading the adventures of the Gatlin above and below ground A great, easy, fun read

  11. I read this entire series in a few days great amazing it always kept me on the edge of my seat In the middle of the day I just start thinking about Ethan,Lena,Ridley,Link,John,Liv,Macon,Amma,and Marian andi have to tell my self its just a book.

  12. Yeah, I admit it I m late to the party but I still read this series The entire thing On purpose.I was looking for something light after reading something a bit srs bsns than I m used to, and the first book in the series was only about 7 on Kindle Fire, so I snagged it Call it research I m writing a teen supernatural romance The fact that the movie was supposed to come out about 2 weeks after I got the first book was a good impetus to speed through the whole series And it was a surprisingly enjo [...]

  13. So I realize I sorta missed the boat with this series as I believe the first one came out in like, 2009 But whatever I am not really going to talk much about the plot, mostly because throughout 4 books of at least 500 pages each, THERE IS SO MUCH OF IT However there might be Spoilers, But I ll make sure and say so before.I think the thing about these books is that they were pitted to be the next twilight or the next Harry Potter but truly it s a mix of both, and deserves to have a name of it s o [...]

  14. I really enjoyed this series It is a YA paranormal romance series, like so many that are popular these days But, it isn t a canned series by any means I appreciated the various struggles that the characters went through and that there was depth and complexity to the characters and many of the situations they faced For example, the relationship between Lena and Sarafine is ANYTHING but simple You want to think it s black and white that Sarafine is just evil and that s all there is to it, but that [...]

  15. I thought this would be Twilight esque as it is considered a young adults read but I REALLY enjoyed all four of the books The authors have put a new spin on what has become an overworked genre of supernatural boy meets mortal girl or vice versa, etc it is a sweet but lively series with a lot of unpredictable turns and twists More than anything it is a good vs evil and, as I do not want to throw out a spoiler, you will have to read them to decide what is really evil and what is truly good.The Eth [...]

  16. I really enjoyed this series although for me the first book had all the impetuous and the subsequent books were just for the fun of hanging out with the characters in a very well realized setting There are some plot quibbles it s never explained how a supernatural could become mortal and then non mortal again, magic wand waving, do not look behind the curtain but if you want to sink into some southern gothic YA, this is for you.

  17. By far my favorite book series that I have ever read I love how this story has so many twists and turns, and surprises that leave you breathtaken The love that Lena and Ethan have for each other is something immeasurable, and you can feel it within yourself when you read how Ethan expresses it Every page you turn leaves you wondering what will happen, and believe me, much does happen It never becomes dull, touches your heart, and makes you understand life in a beautiful way Like this quote doe [...]

  18. Recensione a caldo di questo libro meraviglioso DOVETE LEGGERLO ASSOLUTAMENTE un capolavoro, una lezione di vita.Ho amato ogni singolo personaggio a livelli esorbitanti, davvero, li ho amati proprio tutti a parte Angelus, Sarafine e qualcun altro, ma penso mi capirete Ma nel cuore mi sono rimasti Macon, Link e John, tutti e tre diversi eppure cos simili, accomunati dal coraggio di sacrificarsi in ogni modo esistente per chi amano Lascio per ultima Amma, che mi ha ricordato tanto la mia nonna, ch [...]

  19. It was a refreshing step back into reading Young Adult Fantasy I like how the Casters powers worked although the whole bringing someone back from the dead part seemed like stretching the chord a bit too far Nonetheless, it was a really fun read and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for some nice sweet romance laced with magic and mystery.

  20. Enjoyed these from start to finish and wish they didnt go away so quickly once i started i found myself unable to stop until one book was done into the next and another and another until i came to the end with much dismay

  21. I like the series but at the end of the day it s just your average series about melodramatic teens who deal with young love and who escape danger too easily Nothing stuck out for me But there is good character development and interesting personalties.

  22. I fell in love with this series after reading the first book After I finished the series I found myself missing the characters

  23. These books are amazing They were suspenseful, romantic, and chaotic They definitely kept me on my toes Must read

  24. Loved this series Was an easy read and unexpected things happened around every corner Had a hard time putting the book down The characters are so personal and easy to get attached to Fun reads.

  25. So engrossed in this quirky series that I have already bought the whole series I feel as though I am walking along with these people, haven t had this to happen in way so long.

  26. Beautiful Creatures book one Read March 2013By Kami Garcia Margaret Stohl2009 563 pages It may be present day in Gatlin County, South Carolina, but the town is tied to the past like two apron strings pulling hard to the back, one string to mortals and the other to castors witches Ethan Wate is bored with the smallness of the town and the dullness of the citizens, so the new girl in school takes his breath away Lena Duchannes will be turning 16 and at that time she will be claimed by either the d [...]

  27. After stumbling across the movie, I imagined the YA novel could be an equally beautiful hot mess And it did not disappoint.What a mess I am a sucker for ridiculous YA supernatural novels and have no pretense about them being quality writing, but man this series is a hot mess.The major issues 2000 pages The tedious length became unbearable after book two, so I switched to audiobook at book 3, which had cringe worthy Southern accents, including Amma s Creole accent Her characterization is problema [...]

  28. I have never wanted to like a book as much as I did Beautiful Creatures But I just couldn t At some stage I ll have to go back and reread them, so if I change my review don t murder me, just because I want to enjoy them so badly I don t know if it was the fact that these were the first books I read after an extremely long reading hiatus but it took me near on 9 months to read the entire series, which for me is obscene I just couldn t get into these books I wasn t engrossed I wasn t engaged by an [...]

  29. These books can be superrrrrr slow but trust me, it gets way better I mean it s just the first book that didn t seem like it was all that but I kept reading and my my It really took my breath away and had my biting off my fingernails The romance and drama between the Lena and Ethan, Liv and John and even Ridley and Wes was very satisfying for a romance junkie like me And the all the twists and revelations had me shaken Love these books, but I wouldn t recommend it to readers with short attention [...]

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