Dear Life

Dear Life Suffused with Munro s clarity of vision and her unparalleled gift for storytelling these tales about departures and beginnings accidents and dangers and outgoings and homecomings both imagined and

Suffused with Munro s clarity of vision and her unparalleled gift for storytelling, these tales about departures and beginnings, accidents and dangers, and outgoings and homecomings both imagined and real, paint a radiant, indelible portrait of how strange, perilous, and extraordinary ordinary life can be.Alice Munro s peerless ability to give us the essence of a life in oSuffused with Munro s clarity of vision and her unparalleled gift for storytelling, these tales about departures and beginnings, accidents and dangers, and outgoings and homecomings both imagined and real, paint a radiant, indelible portrait of how strange, perilous, and extraordinary ordinary life can be.Alice Munro s peerless ability to give us the essence of a life in often brief but always spacious and timeless stories is once again everywhere apparent in this brilliant new collection In story after story, she illumines the moment a life is forever altered by a chance encounter or an action not taken, or by a simple twist of fate that turns a person out of his or her accustomed path and into a new way of being or thinking A poet, finding herself in alien territory at her first literary party, is rescued by a seasoned newspaper columnist, and is soon hurtling across the continent, young child in tow, toward a hoped for but completely unplanned meeting A young soldier, returning to his fianc e from the Second World War, steps off the train before his stop and onto the farm of another woman, beginning a life on the move A wealthy young woman having an affair with the married lawyer hired by her father to handle his estate comes up with a surprising way to deal with the blackmailer who finds them out While most of these stories take place in Munro s home territory the small Canadian towns around Lake H

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Dear Life

  1. Alice Munro Raymond Verdaguer Mónica Naranjo Uribe says:
    Alice Ann Munro, n e Laidlaw, is a Canadian short story writer who is widely considered one of the world s premier fiction writers Munro is a three time winner of Canada s Governor General s Award for fiction Her stories focus on human relationships looked at through the lens of daily life She has thus been referred to as the Canadian Chekhov She is the winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature Arabic Persian Russian Cyrillic Ukrainian Cyrillic Bulgarian Cyrillic Slovak Alice Munroov Serbian Alis Manro

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  1. I had never read any Alice Munro, and I find it s difficult to say anything sensible about her Obviously, the stories are very good She just won the Nobel Prize Duh But what s most impressive is that she doesn t seem to be doing anything in particular With some writers, it s easy to understand why they re so highly regarded Take Vladimir Nabokov I look at his brilliantly constructed sentences, his cleverly ambiguous allusions, his breathtakingly unexpected metaphors, and I sigh ah, I wish I coul [...]

  2. This new collection pinpoints the moment a person is forever altered by a chance encounter, an action not taken or a simple twist of fate These are terrific stories by an amazing talent, a writer so good I learn something new with every story.

  3. I m always careful not to fall victim to popular opinion when reading any book, especially one by such an acclaimed and beloved writer as Alice Munro I tried to forget the fact that Munro had only recently won the Nobel prize for fiction This is only my second Munro so maybe I m not the best judge of her work but I did find this collection very enjoyable.I find that with Munro it s the little details Her stories are everyday stories of everyday people living mainly in small town Canada, people w [...]

  4. DEAR WRITINGIt is reassuring to see that the Nobel Prize for literature went recently to someone who writes so clearly and so unpretentiously.I am not much of a reader of short stories Shifting from one to the next is always anticlimactic And often their being grouped in one particular volume is also contrived This is the case with this collectioin Most of these stories were first published at different dates in various literary magazines Granta, Harper s, Tin House.The settings are very localiz [...]

  5. As with all of Alice Munro s books, I rushed out to buy this newest collection, and then I rushed home, eager to plunge into it I am an ardent fan of Alice Munro s work, and I think this collection is good, better than good The most breathtaking, full and energetic of the short stories in this collection is Amundsen It takes place in a TB sanatarium near a remote town in Northern Canada The story is about a young woman who takes a job teaching the children in the sanatarium and, eventually, fall [...]

  6. You know, I have been trying to put my finger on what exactly makes Alice Munro so fascinating Her writing is without frills she does not use flowery language or dazzling metaphors Her stories can be read by any schoolkid without referring a dictionary Ms Munro does not write about extraordinary events her characters are middle class men and women of Canada, going about their humdrum lives It is Ernest Hemingway plus Jane Austen.The first story sort of had me saying Is this the Nobel Prize winne [...]

  7. alice munro great contemporary writer and bigtime oxymoron has a new collection coming out nov 13, just 3 days after i m to be married which is great as i m expecting to be all reflective and nostalgic but also forward looking and hopeful, a mishmash of sentiment and emotion and whatnot which works out as nobody conjures up all that conflicting crap better than munro so, a few days after the wedding, we head down to del mar and, our first night walking the main drag of the tiny seaside town, we [...]

  8. Story 1 To Reach JapanA story about a woman who s determined to have an affair.Now, I don t condone affairs But sometimes I can understand them, e.g Addicted by Zane But here, no reason is given for Greta cheating And it doesn t seem to matter who she s cheating with any available and interested man will do So it s not love affairs she s having.My educated guess about why Greta is cheating on her husband is that she s bored She s a poet who works from home and she has a small child.The first guy [...]

  9. Onvan Dear Life Stories Nevisande Alice Munro ISBN 771064861 ISBN13 9780771064869 Dar 336 Safhe Saal e Chap 2012

  10. I m a writer myself, and within the last two years or so have begun to concentrate a bit on writing short fiction.To write is to read, as they say, and I have made an effort to read short fiction Many people, from members of my writing group, to lecturers I ve listened to, to writers of articles on the subject I have read have advised the same thing read Alice Munro Perfect Masterful Genius Epitome of what a short story should be today All of these are accolades heaped upon Munro and her work [...]

  11. Dear Alice,What a good investment you ve turned out to be A little girl growing up in rural Canada in the early twentieth century, far from the turmoil experienced by your contemporaries in Europe, you nevertheless created several lifetimes worth of unique stories from the limited resources you were given I watched while you observed every detail of your rural existence, filing away images and experiences for future use like some Canadian Picasso accumulating a studio full of junk which one fine [...]

  12. Dear Life One day he just got the idea that he could do the acting and not go through all that church stuff He tried to be polite about it, but they said it was the Devil getting hold He said ha ha I know who it was getting hold Bye bye Greta should have known that he could have possibly been a bye bye kind of guy, yet she risked her young one and marriage, in order to kiss and fondle this stranger Loneliness, this inevitable part of our waking, breathing moments you ve given us.Dear Life Vivien [...]

  13. This is one wonderful book Being my first experience of Munro, I found my self entirely engrossed by the very first page Alice Munro is not pretentious, She weaves the most complex of stories and abstract emotions with simplest of words, just like that Like its nothing With a rare clarity of vision and magical storytelling, Munro takes us to the very depths of our minds How can a writer say so much with so few words Without being overtly philosophical I must say that Munro knows the crisis of li [...]

  14. I am a great fan of Munro and wrote my critical essay in grad school mostly about one of her stories She breaks rules, I believe intentionally and intelligently, and to a purpose Her earliest stories are simply good, but then over time, as her reputation grew, she could do whatever she liked And she did I admire what writers do once they can afford to entirely please themselves The final four works in this book are not quite stories things I have to say about my own life including the title sto [...]

  15. This is Alice Munro s most recent collection of short stories Despite the advanced years of this grande dame of Canadian literature, her narrative powers have lost none of their sharpness This offering has a family resemblance to other works of hers which I have read in the past The setting is often a small Canadian town where life is very humdrum and ordinary In this environment, shocking tragic, bittersweet and sometimes humorous events can arise They are chronicled with a detached, often iron [...]

  16. Dear Ms Munro,We often visited Nana and Grandpa s in Kincardine while we were growing up in London in the early 70s They had a rich supply of Readers Digest, crossword puzzle books, and National Geographics I d catch up on all that new reading, then retreat to my own books that I d brought along I was quite happy to sit on the couch for hours and read, while absorbing the family reunion vibe around me They would gently tease me every time, There she is with her nose in a book again They humoured [...]

  17. Where do I begin My second Munro and I feel that familiar sensation, like feeling for the barely palpable edge of the sticky tape on the roll, a way in, when everything feels like the centre, a cycle that s encircled me, that I ve had with me for so long I can t imagine either end.It s not as if the stories are all the same or blur into each other far from it in fact The mood and mode of each is so crisply distinct I can imagine Munro writing in an organised study, selecting from the options as [...]

  18. Something that happens in most of Alice Munro s stories is one of the many desired things that almost never happen to me Those chance meetings that lead to moments of epiphany, those transformative experiences I always thought I would also have one of those at some turn of the road Or a forgotten someone would call out my name in a crowd Or a certain name, a voice, would spark the memories a bygone past Something that would lead to a retelling of life s tales And such difference that would make [...]

  19. 3 extremely memorable stars.I am writing this at 245 a.m and we are at our cottage on Lake Huron and it was my favorite kind of day and evening and night and the spirit of Alice Munro was everywhere today My partner spent a small time in his childhood in the town of Wingham Ontario this is where Alice Munro grew up and we had dinner there with his sister who lives very close to Clinton Ontario where Alice Munro currently lives They are both ardent fans and I relished their discussion as they con [...]

  20. NO SPOILERS Book abandoned on page 133, after story 5 There s something to be said for a quiet story, the kind that unfolds languidly, that is open ended This is true of Munro s short stories On the flip side, this kind of story can lack dramatic punch, fail to elicit any strong emotion in the reader, and seem pointless This also is true of Munro s stories Each of Dear Life s roughly 20 to 25 page long stories centers around a female protagonist who experiences a sudden revelatory moment that s [...]

  21. This was my introduction to Munro s short stories I read them one at a time and savoured each one I really enjoyed these extraordinary stories Some of these stories just breathe life Ordinary life can sometimes be so special I won t easily pass up a chance to read stories by Alice Munro.

  22. Warning Depressing but true to life, which is even depressing Do not read this if you are having any doubts about staying in this world On another note, these stories may remind you why you left small towns for the big city They include beautiful landscapes peopled with cruelty and indifference The few times characters venture into cities the beautiful landscapes fall away but the bleakness remains.One characteristic of this collection that I really enjoyed was how elements of the stories mirro [...]

  23. Cu c i li u c qu th c y u d u Trong cu n s ch cu i c ng trong s nghi p vi t l ch c a m nh, 4 ch ng cu i c ng, Munro ti t l nh ng chi ti t nh v cu c i c a b , v b k t th c cu n s ch v vi c con ng i ta ph m nh ng sai l m, v l i l p l i n.Nh ng c u chuy n trong cu n s ch tr n ng p n i bu n v s cay ng, m i l n c xong m t truy n ng n, t i l i th y au nh i.C ch vi t c a Munro v n lu n trong tr o, m th m, t nhi n, kh ng c ch t n o m u m , gi t o hay c g ng B vi t v nh ng i u g n g i, v n v t nh ng l i [...]

  24. This is Winesburg, Ohio for Canada.I hesitated to use that analogy, because Ohioans and Midwesterners in general are so very Canadian it just seemed redundant However, in Dear Life Alice Munro has written the same kind of truly reflective snippets of life that made Sherwood Anderson s work the well respected, and frankly, forgettable novel it is.Stories about everyday events and the less than dramatic moments of an average joe s average day do not enthrall me I do, however, enjoy really well cra [...]

  25. I can give this collection all the accolades I ve given to the other collections I ve read by Munro As I said of The View from Castle Rock Many of the stories are as good as anything I ve read by her, though some of the ones here are even better As I said of Too Much Happiness some of these I d read before and it was a pleasure to read them again This pleasure comes not from her characters or her plots but from the themes , some of which need to be teased out And as I said of Friend of My Youth [...]

  26. This isn t the type of book I would normally be compelled to read If you re not familiar with Alice Munro s work as I wasn t the official blurb doesn t really give much of an idea as to what it s about There s a reason for that, the short stories contained within Dear Life are hard to describe in any significant way even after you ve read them The stories are steeped in melancholy and the quiet frustrations of ordinary existence Not necessarily sad stories so much as stories that aren t all tied [...]

  27. If anyone writes better stories than Alice Munro I don t know who that is In the delicate shell of a short story she conceives worlds of bone deep truth that many full length novels never come close to realizing.

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