I am a Pole (And So Can You!)

I am a Pole And So Can You The sad thing is I like it Maurice Sendak The perfect gift to give a child or grandchild for their high school or college graduation Also Father s Day Also other times Stephen Colbert

The sad thing is, I like it Maurice Sendak The perfect gift to give a child or grandchild for their high school or college graduation.Also Father s Day.Also, other times Stephen Colbert

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I am a Pole (And So Can You!)

  1. Stephen Tyrone Colbert is an American comedian, satirist, actor, and writer known for his ironic style, particularly in his portrayal of uninformed opinion leaders and deadpan comedic delivery.Colbert originally studied to be an actor, but became interested in improvisational theater when he met famed Second City director Del Close while attending Northwestern University He first performed professionally as an understudy for Steve Carell at Second City Chicago among his troupe mates were comedians Paul Dinello and Amy Sedaris, with whom he developed the critically acclaimed sketch comedy series Exit 57.Colbert also wrote and performed on the short lived Dana Carvey Show before collaborating with Sedaris and Dinello again on the cult television series Strangers with Candy He gained considerable attention for his role on the latter as closeted, gay history teacher Chuck Noblet It was his work as a correspondent on Comedy Central s news parody series The Daily Show, however, that first introduced him to a wide audience.In 2005, he left The Daily Show to host a spin off series, The Colbert Report Following The Daily Show s news parody concept, The Colbert Report styles itself as a parody of personality driven political opinion shows such as Bill O Reilly s The O Reilly Factor Since its debut, the series has been successful, establishing itself as one of Comedy Central s highest rated series, earning Colbert three Emmy nominations and an invitation to perform as featured entertainer at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner in 2006 Colbert was named one of Time s 100 most influential people in 2006 His book, I Am America And So Can You was No 1 on The New York Times Bestseller List.

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  1. Take a look at the cover.There is a silver Caldecott Eligible Book medallion featuring soaring eagles and Colbert riding a flying pig, a quote by Maurice Sendak, and a drawing of what appears to be a happy tapeworm If any of this makes you smile, you should probably enjoy the rest of the book.Open the cover and you ll find a sweet story about a pole s journey of self discovery This pole is no lazy layabout he is looking for a job, and most of the book is taken up with his attempts at various pol [...]

  2. I read this book in a bookstore yesterday, never intending to read it, but my son s girlfriend picked it up and started reading it out loud Before I knew it, we were both reading it out loud and laughing In fact, we laughed at every page, at the witty wording, at the concept of the pole searching for its purpose, at the just plain fun silliness, and at the well done illustrations It was in short, and it is a very short book, a delightful surprise shared with one of my favorite people in one of m [...]

  3. Stephen Colbert s gem is a tribute to Maurice SendakSimply put, Stephen Colbert s I Am A Pole And So Can You is the funniest under 10 minute read that I ve thumbed through and then read this year and maybe last year as well Like the best of Colbert s work, this one offers a preposterous concept in a very straight faced tongue in cheek way that artfully lampoons children s books, politics and pop culture even as it embraces it Page after page OK, there are only 32 pages here , Colbert s prose ent [...]

  4. The perfect gift to give a child or grandchild for their high school or college graduation Also, Father s Day Also, other times Stephen Colbert I love the inherent Colbertness this book exudes It s about wella pole A pole who is trying to find his role see that rhymes in life He sees his fellow poles all getting ahead in life but is unable to find his own niche the less said about his summer spent strung out with the telephone poles the better.Not for kids but incredibly silly and good fun.

  5. Kitsch at its best Ok, this book is really really short Not even twenty pages There are maybe eighty words total I am a Pole And So Can You is a mock children s book It has the familiar two or three rhymed sentences per page juxtaposed with a colorful image drawn sans two and three point perspective This is the story of a pole looking for his place in the world He tries out all kinds of different positions, from working as a lamp post, to a stripper pole but nothing is for him Then one day he fi [...]

  6. Not for children, but darn hilarious You really have to see it to really understand.Here is a link to an interview between Colbert and Maurice Sendak Part 1colbertnation the colbPart 2colbertnation the colbGo Watch these and then go find the book.

  7. My boys and I noticed this book in the new arrivals section at the library I figured it was not kid friendly because Colbert wrote it, but after flipping through the book it looked like a funny book about a pole who doesn t know who he is and later discovers he is a flag pole the best kind of pole What I WASN T prepared for was a picture of a nearly naked g string clad STRIPPER on a stripper pole halfway through the book Seriously 1 star might seem harsh, but any book that makes me have a porn t [...]

  8. I think a lot of the one star reviews for this book are missing the point If you re not a hardcore fan of the show, you will not get it Also, it s not supposed to be a children s book So get over that quickly.I thought it was a very well done spoof, but I m only giving it four out of five stars because I didn t actually laugh out loud I have higher hopes for Colbert s book coming out in October, America Again Re becoming the Greatness We Never Weren t.

  9. Funny Poignant with the Sendak inserts to include a blurb on the front cover and an illustration in the back of the book Stephen Colbert does what good satirists do poke fun without being necessarily cruel The overall message seems to be to present a celebrity book that aims to take itself a little too seriously.

  10. Ok, the illustrations were terrible, but it was still hilarious Please note that this book should be shelved along with Go the F to Sleep as a picture book for adults I m sure a bunch of bookstores are tossing this one in the kiddie section without thought so be sure to listen closely for little voices asking, Mommy, what s a stripper pole

  11. I read this for 2 reason because I like Stephen Colbert and also cause it is a super short picture book other than that, it was kind of funny but nothing that will stick with me.

  12. I guess this could be a good book for 4th of July, for adults, or maybe teens too And I read it the day after 4th of July the holiday weekend.Somehow, this one just didn t charm me as much as I d expected The most fun part of this book, for me, was the very, very, very short author s bio on the inside back cover That is funny, as are the other bios on the same spot I also enjoyed the fun he poked at himself Parts of the rhyme were funny I didn t particularly enjoy the illustrative style, but the [...]

  13. Another funny book by the always hilarious Stephen Colbert, this time with a parody of childrens book.Inspired by his interview with author Maurice Sendak, Colbert writes about a pole who is still looking for his true destiny of being an important pole From an Olympic pole to a to a strippers pole, it seems hopeless until he finally, in the end, becomes a flag pole.Haha, it s a very funny book, but I questioned if it was really a childrens book or just a parody of one It has to be a parody becau [...]

  14. This faux childrens book is packed with hilarity that extends to even the front and back covers My only contention is the illustration seems sub par by most illustrated book standards I find that the most effective satire accurately mocks every little aspect of the subject it attempts to subvert Onion News Network are the undisputed masters, in my humble opinion As a big fan of both the Colbert Report and of well illustrated childrens books, I was hoping the Colbert brand satire I enjoy would ex [...]

  15. REALLY How is this written by Stephen Colbert It s not for children So, it has to be funny, right But it s not Yes it takes three minutes to read, so it s not like I invested a lot in it, but it s disappointing and I m surprised that Stephen Colbert actually published it It seems like the type of thing you might joke about but not actually go through with Sadly, the funniest part is the list of other books about Pole The idea of this book is funnier than the actual follow through.

  16. This took me about 5 minutes to read and is totally worth the 9 bucks I spent Hysterical I m still laughing If you aren t familiar with Stephen Colbert his show The Colbert Report In this spoof of a children s picture book, he gives a funny account of the Pole s search for the perfect job Make sure to read the book cover to cover If you don t, you may miss a joke.

  17. sorry, buddy, this is so very far from funny I thought maybe it was meant to be a children s story that was before the bit about the stripper pole it s just some company attempting to make money off a popular name doing a terrible job at what a waste.

  18. It really is a children s book Complete with rhymed verses and everything Yeah I don t really like that sort of books I thought it was going to be different since it s Colbert s but guess not.

  19. Hilarious, and sort of moving It is silly and has an easy plot line I would not recommend this for children though due to some age inappropriate ideas.

  20. Always hilarious from Stephen Colbert it isn t a classic, but it s good for a quick read.EDIT Also enjoyed the audiobook Maybe even than the regular

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