Sheltered Evie has lived her entire life under her abusive father s thumb He controls everything Where she goes to college who she sees what she does But when she meets Van a punk who shows her how different

Evie has lived her entire life under her abusive father s thumb He controls everything Where she goes to college, who she sees, what she does But when she meets Van a punk who shows her how different life could be she realizes how much she s been missing Van offers her excitement, protection, love and most of all, sex even if he s at first reluctant to give her all theEvie has lived her entire life under her abusive father s thumb He controls everything Where she goes to college, who she sees, what she does But when she meets Van a punk who shows her how different life could be she realizes how much she s been missing Van offers her excitement, protection, love and most of all, sex even if he s at first reluctant to give her all the things she s been craving She wants to explore this new world of arousal and desire, but Van is only too aware of how fragile she is, how innocent And how much is at stake, when their love is forbidden.

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  1. Charlotte Stein is the RT and DABWAHA nominated author of over fifty short stories, novellas and novels When not writing deeply emotional and intensely sexy books, she can be found eating jelly turtles, watching terrible sitcoms and occasionally lusting after hunks For on Charlotte, visit charlottestein

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  1. Sheltered is a poignant tale Erotic, every bit as sensual as sexual, and one of the most romantic stories I ve read in a very long time Sheltered is Rude, lewd, filthy.Caring, pure, innocent.Greedy, needy, demanding.Generous, desperate, giving.Wrong, never wrong Thank you, Angela, for Kindle lending me this book It s one of the best coming of age stories I ve ever read, and it ll stay with me for a very long time.

  2. 3 1 2 to 4 stars There are many things about Sheltered that I loved It s sensual, emotional, heartbreaking, touching, erotic, and humorous, all wrapped together in a tender and passionate love story However, there were a few things about this book that bothered me and, unfortunately, I just wasn t able to look past them My main gripe with this story, frankly, is my own personal issue I do not enjoy books that concentrate on character narrative than character dialogue I love stories full of emot [...]

  3. This short, contemporary romance is delightful, pairing a sheltered, naive nineteen year old girl with a rough, tattooed, pierced, biker punk Their romance is one I love best slowly simmering The sexual tension was almost off the charts.Beautifully written with tender, sensual love scenes between two really lovely protagonists Evie, is almost completely ignorant of the real world, cloistered inside her father s home when she s not attending Bible school She observes the punk with the dyed hair b [...]

  4. I have a confession to make.Wait for it I read a lot of smut A lot Good smut, bad smut, mediocre smut that I forget about the next day Like, there are actual books on my kindle that I look at and say to myself, What the fuck was this book about With that being said, I have to say that when I saw this book on , I thought the premise looked interesting Bad boy, good girl and all that implies But I didn t really expect much from it In fact, I didn t really even tell anyone that I was going to read [...]

  5. Tyler Van Vandervoort is a dream come true A knight in shining armor, only his armor is body art, piercings, funky hair, and his ride of choice is a motorcycle what could be better Oh, maybe that he s the sweetest boy you could ever meet, all wrapped up in a big brawny delicious package Van is the angel who will be Evie s salvation Living behind the walls and beliefs of her strict parents, Van gently coaxes her out of her sheltered life offering her kindness and friendship When she finally emerg [...]

  6. I ve sat on this review for four days And in that time, I re read this book I m ashamed to say that I haven t done that since I read Twilight the first time, but I absolutely loved this book And I knew that if I could go back and re read and actually savor the book rather than devouring it like I m known to do, I d enjoy it even I was right I was able to pick up details of the book that I hadn t the first time And I found that there were entire passages I didn t even remember reading the first [...]

  7. 5 AMAZING STARS Wow.I am so twisted up inside, I don t know if I can even get the words out This is seriously one of the best books I ve ever read Probably because it speaks so strongly to me on a personal level I, too, was sheltered I m not going to go into all the details because that s way too raw and personal for , although this review already feels like it s headed in that direction , but let s just say I was sheltered to the extreme and leave it at that So when I started reading about Evie [...]

  8. Okay story but completely from her point of view and way too much time spent mostly in her thoughts instead of just showing scenes The story premise was interesting but the writing seemed so vague because the girl s thoughts were so disjointed So just okay and kind of disappointing execution.

  9. First of all, before you go any further, pay no attention to the WTF cover Seriously, cover your eyes, and just read this review or just go straight to the book because it is that good.Evie is nineteen years old and has lived a very sheltered life Her father is very abusive, not only pulling out his belt, but oppressing her to intense degrees She is not allowed to listen to music, she must go to Bible College and she is really quite naive about the world She understands this but she sees no way [...]

  10. Wow When I heard there was going to be a sexually repressed heroine and punk hero from Charlotte Stein thank you, Twitter , it was pretty much an auto buy And thank goodness EC decided to put this one up on right away instead of that annoying waiting period This book hit all my angst loving erogenous zones As soon as I started reading it I knew it would be great It seems to happen that way and for me, where the first page can portend my enjoyment of the whole thing It makes me kind of spastic [...]

  11. What the hell 5 Stars I debated, 4.5, or 5, and you know what this was just that good.A new author for me, and a really nice story You have a psuedo bad boy, and the good girl They each come from abusive homes and their meeting is pure chance, but they have a connection The author draws out the story, elicits really strong emotion in the connection between these two The story wasn t terribly detailed One of the primary characters was the relationship and the interaction between these two Pretty [...]

  12. Huge, huge five stars from me One of the best books I ve read in the past year.What an amazing read this was At first I thought the heroine being 19 would really bother me, but the story unfolds in such a tender and poignant way it worked extremely well Ms Stein has a truly unique, vivid voice, and I was hooked from the opening scene The sex scenes were so vividly and emotionally done I couldn t put the book down The characters are so unique and three dimensional they all but leap off the pages [...]

  13. What a great book this was It had me swooning like a teenager, I just adored it Charlotte Stein s writing is witty and wonderful and guaranteed to leave a smile on your face Ms Stein you ve won a fan here.

  14. Okay so this is different BUT I couldn t put it down so it s a good different Told completely from the heroine s POV It s one of those you think about long after you ve read the last page.

  15. Spoiler Free Review QUICK REVIEW3.5 STARS out of 5Genre New Adult College How come you know so much and so little at the same time Van in ShelteredOk do not let my 3 stars fool you i very much liked this book and i loved Eve and Van However i felt as though this book could have been 100 pages longer i really need time with these characters Sheltered is about a 19yr old girl Eve Evie who lives life under a strict religious up bringing One day unbeknownst to Evie she catches the eye of one of her [...]

  16. Almost 4 starsBig, tall, tattooed badboy, Van, meets Evie, a 19 year old virgin from an abusive, strict, religious home and the sparks fly in this pretty freaking hot, very sweet and tender read about breaking free and following your heart.The beginning was a little slow, with a little too much inner monologue from the heroine, Eve, but about 20% of the way in, I was hooked once she and her hot, tattooed, sweet and adorable badboy started to get serious.I loved how tender and patient Van was wit [...]

  17. Yes, you see that right FIVE STARS PEOPLE I m giving a romance erotica five stars That doesn t come easy heh for me I am so picky about my smut writing I hate cliches I hate corny names and phrases related to female genitalia I want it realistic I hate when the characters say things to each other like I don t know if you noticed, but we have a lot of chemistry Don t tell me it SHOW ME IT This is the point of reading after all, I want tofeelwhat the characters feel Oh my god did I feel in this bo [...]

  18. 4.5 starsShort, sexy, and sweet are what come to my mind when trying to describe Sheltered I really enjoyed this book about an abused, socially awkward young woman who, after her initial reluctance, goes out on a limb to explore a relationship with a tattooed, pot smoking bad boy.Although, the abuse Evie suffers at the hands of her father and the negligence by her mother is mostly alluded to in this story, the bits we are fed are tragic and horrifying and shed light on the self esteem issues tha [...]

  19. I stayed up late to finish this last night because I couldn t put it down Charlotte Stein captured Evie s innocence when it came to the opposite sex, even though she was no stranger to violence in her own household abusive father There was something so real and almost raw about this story that I m finding it difficult to completely put into words why I enjoyed it so much.Evie, the heroine, has led a sheltered life and has been forced to attend the college of her father s choosing, wear the cloth [...]

  20. Evie leads a very sheltered life She lives under the abusive and conservative ruling hand of her father One afternoon Evie sees Van in the next door garden buying pot Van is a bad boy a punk as she calls him, with all his tattoos and piercings, but Evie finds him fascinating and they begin a tentative relationship I have to say that yes I loved the premise of the story, it was raw and beautiful and I LOVED Van I also wanted .However, I did not get on with the writing style The inner monologue dr [...]

  21. It took me than three weeks to finish this 165 pages book Two factors stopped me from dnfing it 1 I liked Intrusion, my first book by this author Something unique about her writing captivates me 2 So far, all my gr friends rated Sheltered no less than 3 stars Evie s long winded inner dialogue really challenged my patience The last 30% of the book won me over Evie s bravery and Van s awesomeness convince me that their story isn t a fairy tale, but as real as it gets.

  22. This was ok Van was super sweet and very sexy, Evie was a little bit odd and awkward but i did like them together as a couple was just too short and it really could have used a good epiloguei want to know what happens to them and i must point oute cover for this book is AWFULabsolutely AWFUL The man looks like he s been scalped, it s kind of creeeepy There is nothing, except maybe the yummy body, that remotely resembles what Van is supposed to look liket quite sure what the publisher or author w [...]

  23. I m such a fan of Charlotte Stein She creates such vivid internal worlds for her remarkable characters to inhabit Yes, there s fewer lines of dialogue, but the beauty of her images can cause goosebumps.

  24. I wanted it to be over I skimmed a lot, including sex scenesORY BRIEF Evie is 19 Her father physically abuses Evie and her mother He forces Evie to go to bible school She is not allowed to go anywhere else or do most normal things Van sees Evie when he visits her neighbor On future visits, he and Evie kiss and do a little toward sex.OPINION Odd and mysterious writing Not enough normal action Not enough description of what s going on Several times a fear or conflict is described, but it s all in [...]

  25. The language of this book is sex and there s a fair bit of it, but it s not a book about sex I really think this book is much deeper than just the physical It s about a young emotionally stunted and physically abused woman who learns to value herself when she sees adoration in her lovers eyes Many thanks to Michelle who lent me this book.

  26. Posted on Under the CoversThank you for the many friends who suggested I try a Charlotte Stein book I never knew what I was missing out on And now, I definitely want to pass on their recommendations because Stein has a very compelling voice that I think fans of Cara Mckenna will enjoy SHELTERED is an emotional book where a young woman s abusive father has really hindered the growth of a character Evie has been sheltered her entire life by her controlling father and because of that, Evie is often [...]

  27. 4 stars Sheltered by Charlotte Stein is a short, sweet, and smok in hot read If I could encapsulate this book in one sentence, it would be this Looks can be deceiving Evie s first impression of Van is less than perfect Van is involved in a drug deal where he is buying marijuana from Evie s next door neighbor Van is heavily tattooed and his head is partially shaved Evie describes him as punk , and while all her ingrained rules tell her to stay far away from him, she is intrigued.Evie and Van begi [...]

  28. I thank the GR readers who said that don t look on the cover hahaha I m very grateful that I took it seriously so to those who want to read THIS AMAZING BOOKDON T LOOK ON THE FRONT COVER Seriously I thought by looking at it cover , I thought its bdsm w c I have enough of the bad guys.eir jerk sometimes abusing women or vampires on how the guy lay on that girlyway why am I talking about the cover Forget itupid cover.ange it please its threatening the whole package haha It s the typical romance ba [...]

  29. I loved this book I d give it 4.5 stars, because I thought some of the action was a little hard to follow and I wish it had been been fleshed out Having said that, the story was just so beautiful and sexy as hell It s a quiet book, one that crept up on me and then I was consumed I liked it so much that I read it for a second time in one sitting last night.I never do that.In fact, I probably finish ten percent of the books I start at most, so for me to read it twice like that is huge.This book w [...]

  30. This was angst ridden ly good This was a poignant short story of two like souls finding each other We meet Eve, a sheltered, naive, nineteen year old who is not allowed at all to have a life Her father rules her under his thumb and she accepted it She glances a punk guy, Van, making a little illegal transaction over her backyard fence and is intrigued You can see where the story is goingn t you I adored both characters There are barely any typos, the author has a knack with her words She had her [...]

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