Going Out

Going Out Luke is twenty five and allergic to the sun He is stuck in his bedroom where the world comes to him through TV the internet and Julie s visits Julie meanwhile is brilliant kind and could be chang

Luke is twenty five and allergic to the sun He is stuck in his bedroom, where the world comes to him through TV, the internet and Julie s visits Julie, meanwhile, is brilliant, kind and could be changing the world Unfortunately she is too terrified of aeroplane crashes, road accidents and potentially life threatening bacteria to leave her home town When someone contactLuke is twenty five and allergic to the sun He is stuck in his bedroom, where the world comes to him through TV, the internet and Julie s visits Julie, meanwhile, is brilliant, kind and could be changing the world Unfortunately she is too terrified of aeroplane crashes, road accidents and potentially life threatening bacteria to leave her home town When someone contacts Luke and claims that he can cure him, Luke and Julie have to deal with their fears and face the world outside With four friends, wellies and a homemade space suit, they set off in a VW Camper van along Britain s B roads It is a journey that might just change their lives.

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Going Out

  1. Scarlett Thomas has taught English Literature at the University of Kent since 2004, and has previously taught at Dartmouth Community College, South East Essex College and the University of East London She reviews books for the Literary Review, the Independent on Sunday, and Scotland on Sunday She has written seven novels, including The End of Mr Y and PopCo.In 2001 she was named by The Independent as one of 20 Best Young Writers In 2002 she won Best New Writer in the Elle Style Awards, and also featured as an author in New Puritans, a project led by the novelists Matt Thorne and Nicholas Blincoe.

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  1. As you might already know, I love Scarlett Thomas and have been trying to get my hands on a copy of this one of her rarer books for quite a while it was the one book of hers, excepting a couple of the very early Lily Pascale mysteries, I hadn t read First published in 2002, it s something of a bridge between the author s slightly amateurish earlier novels and her superior later work which in my opinion begins with 2004 s PopCo Like Bright Young Things, it has an ensemble cast of characters and a [...]

  2. PSA I bloody LOVE Scarlett Thomas She has a way of writing dialogue that s so believable without being dull, even when the conversations go nowhere and barely anything happens It was the same with her novel Bright Young Things a group of friends chilling, chatting shit, and that s basically it Going Out follows Luke, a 25 year old who is allergic to the sun and has thus been stuck in his room for years His best friend is Julie, who is afraid of pretty much everything They and some young friends [...]

  3. Another unique book from Scarlett Thomas that incorporates plenty of interesting ideas about how we live our lives A bunch of friends, all with their own issues go off in a campervan to consult a healer for Luke he has never been outside his house apart from one attempt which led to him collapsing, it is believed Luke is allergic to the sun amongst other things Scarlett Thomas writes quirky characters who I always wish actually existed so I could be friend them There are sprinklings of mathemati [...]

  4. Another of Thomas hard to find early novels This one is about twentysomething Luke, who has a rare disease that makes it impossible for him to go outside, and Julie, who goes out in the world but is afraid of everything she finds there The two of them, along with an assortment of their friends a girl who just won the lottery, a guy with testicular cancer, a girl who thinks she s a witch, a girl whose boyfriend died tragically all set out to find a cure for Luke.I knew how this book was going to [...]

  5. I am on a Thomas kick, she is such fun to read Sprinkling of math, science, philosophy I am really glad I stumbled accidentally upon this author.

  6. Dopo aver letto due libri bellissimi di Scarlett Thomas mi ero quasi convinta che avrebbe sempre scritto cose stupende Mi sbagliavo.Purtroppo con Il giro pi pazzo del mondo tutto si perso in un mare di noia e sappiate che dire queste cose mi fa davvero male al cuore.La Thomas una di quelle autrici che ho stimato sia in un romanzo per ragazzi L Isola dei segreti che in uno per i pi piccolini Il drago verde soprattutto per lo stile di scrittura scorrevole ed intrigante Il libro di cui sto scrivend [...]

  7. Luke is allergic to the sun and his best friend Julie has phobias about flying, car crashes, bacterial infections and is scared of leaving her hometown Luke decides one day that he wants to accept an opportunity of a cure, but it involves a road trip to Wales to visit a healer Luke, Julie and 4 friends set off on a road trip to Wales in a VW Campervan using only B roads.The main focus of the book is the character development and interaction amongst the friends The dialogue is very well written a [...]

  8. I thought this book was a rather sad commentary on where 20 somethings find themselves today Nor was the writing attractive Indeed, Going Out read like the work of a young reporter not a journalist, a reporter because nothing was placed in a cultural or psychological setting of any value The Independent on Sunday said Going Out was surreal and inventive I think that s giving it too much credit It was unreal and derivative, actually Gregor Samsa was better.The Daily Mail said it was A modern take [...]

  9. After many years of trying to get hold of this book the publisher finally decided to print a new edition of it this year and I was thrilled to see it when I visited my nearest bookshop I wish I could say it was worth the wait but sadly I found myself wishing it was over from about halfway through.The blurb doesn t really accurately depict what the story is about, in the sense that it doesn t particularly focus on Luke s allergy to the sun and his road to desperately finding a cure I found Thomas [...]

  10. the book Going Out by Scarlett Thomas is about this guy named luke and his friends julie,dave,leanne,and charolett who live in london.each and everyone has a problem of their own.julie is afriad of life and losing control,dave has cancer, leanne thinks she a wicth, and charoltte became a hippieey all left on a journey to help their friend luke, but on their journey everyone found their own answers to their problem dave left to america to cure his cancer, leanne left to join a witch covenent, and [...]

  11. Weird Not as delightfully insane as Thomas s recent books, but I can definitely see the seeds of books to come in this I really don t know how I feel about this absent of expectation I may have liked it or I may have quit partway through It s not as full of random ideas and information that the author and me, usually finds interesting and the ideas that are there are old hat to me imaginary numbers, Schroedinger s cat On the other hand, it name dropped Sabrina the Teenage Witch On the whole, I [...]

  12. Yet another Thomas book where it s pleasant to readd then the ending is complete nonsense or simply just falls flat and means I ve wasted 400 odd pages I don t even have anything to say about this book It was justh.

  13. This is a pretty charming story about fear and what it does to a person and how it can make you live a small life I loved the ending

  14. I found out about this book when it first came out in 2002 while I was browsing the awesome books coming out of HarperCollins and Random House and their assorted satellite divisions it seems you could spit and hit one at any given time Shoot, just the idea that it s a story about a dude allergic to EVERYTHING, and is stuck in his mother s house for 25 years is crazy The television, the internet, and his friends are his only points of reference to the outside world it s quite pitiful when you thi [...]

  15. I loved S Thomas s The End of Mr Y but Going out , The Seed Collectors and Our tragic Universe all seems anti climatic The premise is great, the writing is exciting and keeps you reading but the endings are weak and unfulfilling I liked reading Going Out but in the end it felt a little bit like a waste of time I m still waiting for the writer to come up with a new Mr Y

  16. I am desperately in need of someone to talk to about Scarlett Thomas Her novels are always about intelligent but dysfunctional twenty somethings that go on some sort of psuedo philosophical journey, the writing itself is hit and miss, and the endings always leave me feeling out of sorts and somewhat unsatisfied And yet I can t stop reading this bloody woman s books Going Out is about Luke, a twenty five year old who is allergic to the sun and therefore has never left his room, and his best frien [...]

  17. Going Out is a book I liked in spite of myself It seemed, at first glance, superficial and daft A man who s allergic to the sun, the girl who has been his best friend since childhood Drugs, casual sex, academic prospects rejected out of anxiety, friends who are only friends due to long proximity there s the potential for something interesting there, but it s not exactly fertile ground for saying anything that hasn t been said before.Then, completely out of the blue, it turns out that this girl i [...]

  18. What a book Utterly brilliant to be sure I loved the characters Everyone was good at something and scared for something I really liked Chantal s character, she was very poor at first but then won the lottery and with to money she bought a house for her mother totally designed and everything Eventually she even takes David a boy with cancer with her to America to get him cured She is really nice and has an int resting story to tell about her life Actually all the characters have amazingly detaile [...]

  19. I have to say I wasn t too impressed with this book for several reasons 1 I knew Luke s outcome all along and thought it was very unrealistic that neither him or his friends had figured this out donkeys years ago2 When I first started the book the writing felt a bit forced, it didn t feel natural and didn t seem to flow well After a bit it did start to flow although every so often there was a bit that felt forced again.3 I didn t see the point of all the characters, yeah I get it was supposed to [...]

  20. Luke non pu uscire di casa per un allergia al sole, conosce la vita solo attraverso la televisione, internet e i racconti della sua amica Julie, che va a trovarlo ogni notte dopo il lavoro Quando un guru lo convince di poterlo curare, ma solo se va in Galles, Luke decide di partire Con lui ci sono Julie e altri amici, che troveranno la sicurezza necessaria per volare nel mondo.Il libro che mi piaciuto meno di Scarlett Thomas Gli altri sono challenging, ti spingono a riflettere, questo un bel rom [...]

  21. It s unsurprising to me that I enjoyed this book, since I lap up anything Scarlett Thomas puts out When I bought and read this one a little while back now it was incredibly difficult to find and I had to hunt it down second hand on Hopefully with the success Thomas has enjoyed with her most recent novels it will soon be much easier to get a copy of Going Out, because it s definitely worth reading.The characters in the novel are well written They act consistently whilst also developing and become [...]

  22. The life of Luke is not simple, he has a rare illness, he is forced to live in a room without light and it must be sterilized, if he does not follow these rules he can die.His contact with the outside world is a girl called Julie.The personality of Julie is particular, she is afraid of everything, she is obsessed by the planes and bacteria, she think that, in a couple of hours, she will eat a poisoned food.Surprisingly there is a strong feeling between Luke and Julie, they are so close, to be on [...]

  23. Scarlett Thomas s The End of Mr Y is one of the books I absolutely fell in love with, on nearly every level, but it was the only book of hers I could get my hands on for years So when I saw that they d republished Going Out and Our Tragic Universe, which I ll be reading next , you can imagine my intense delight.As the synposis says, this is the story of Luke, who s deathly allergic to everything, and Julie, who s terrified of everything They ve cocooned themselves in their little lives physicall [...]

  24. This is Scarlett Thomas second novel and the fourth one of hers that I have read I have trouble pinpointing why, but I love her books, her style and her ideas, particularly her blend of physics and metaphysics, even if they flummox me Like John Irving, she has certain themes and characters that appear in most of her books at least those that I have read neurotic paranoia, bullying, homeopathy which didn t actually occur in this title , math, physics, obsessions with pop culture, etc This book wa [...]

  25. You can always rely on Scarlett Thomas to write a good book OK, The End of Mr Y and Popco are still my favourites, but this is still a good read and as one of her earlier books, some of the comments and characteristics of her characters appear as the prerunners to Popco and Mr Y It s nice, familiar Scarlett Thomas land, which I always like to revisit.In a way, not a heck of a lot happens in this book, a lot of it is just people in rooms having conversations And yet it is pretty engrossing readin [...]

  26. I am still trying to make up my mind about Scarlett Thomas s novel Going Out There were things that I d loved and things that I wasn t sure about What s great about the story is the premise of the story Luke, a young man who s never been outside because of a sunlight allergy, and his friend Julie who is afraid of a lot of things They set of through the UK to go to a healer who is in Wales Four friends joing them in the journey.I liked the depictions on work and the shopping mall but the way the [...]

  27. This was just sort of meh Maybe 2.5 stars, but it s getting bumped up instead of down because at least I was mildly interested in the storyline Cool idea someone who s never been outside their house could be really interesting Decent writing kept me engaged, at least But there was just something lacking There were a couple of interesting ideas, but they were touched on way too lightly and infrequently The whole We are smart intelligent people who do drugs and smoke all the time but still have in [...]

  28. I very much enjoyed The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas, and her next novel, Pop Co, is one of my favourites However I was disappointed by Our Tragic Universe When I saw Going Out in the shops I was excited but I didn t immediately feel the need to buy it as I had with Our Tragic Universe, not because it didn t sound interesting, but because I didn t want another let down.I can t exactly say Going Out was a let down, but I think that was due to the fact that I didn t go into it expecting somethi [...]

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