Watch for Me on the Mountain

Watch for Me on the Mountain The white man had burned their land raped their women and slaughtered their children He had made them a nation of slaves and those he could not enslave he promised to destroy The Apache had one ho

The white man had burned their land, raped their women, and slaughtered their children He had made them a nation of slaves, and those he could not enslave, he promised to destroy The Apache had one hope vengeance.Out of the scattered remnants of the Apache tribes rose a man whose cunning, ferocity, and genuis for warfare would make him their leader in a last tragic stThe white man had burned their land, raped their women, and slaughtered their children He had made them a nation of slaves, and those he could not enslave, he promised to destroy The Apache had one hope vengeance.Out of the scattered remnants of the Apache tribes rose a man whose cunning, ferocity, and genuis for warfare would make him their leader in a last tragic struggle for survival The Apache gave him their arms, their strength, and their absolute devotion The white man gave him his name Geronimo

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Watch for Me on the Mountain

  1. Asa Earl Forrest Carter was an American political speechwriter and author He was most notable for publishing novels and a best selling, award winning memoir under the name Forrest Carter, an identity as a Native American Cherokee In 1976, following the publication success of his western The Rebel Outlaw Josey Wales, The New York Times revealed Forrest Carter to be Southerner Asa Earl Carter His background became national news again in 1991 after his purported memoir, The Education of Little Tree, was re issued in paperback and topped the Times paperback best seller lists both non fiction and fiction It also won the American Booksellers Book of the Year ABBY award.Prior to his literary career as Forrest , Carter was politically active for years in Alabama as an opponent to the civil rights movement he worked as a speechwriter for segregationist Governor George Wallace of Alabama founded the North Alabama Citizens Council NACC and an independent Ku Klux Klan group and started the pro segregation monthly titled The Southerner.From

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  1. Forrest Carter is an award winning author who is worth every vote he received A Cherokee from Tennessee, he tells the story of the most famous War Shaman in American Native history Geronimo, an Apache from the Sierra Madres There is much to this book than a history lesson, however Carter paints in words a startlingly vivid description of the dry and sparse land of the southwest His depth of understanding of the Apache culture gives the reader insight into these strong, independent and deeply sp [...]

  2. This is a historical fiction account of Geronimo s last days Forrest Carter wrote this book in his sensational style with knowledge of the southwest and Apache as well as his knowledge of the U.S military of the day This is a beautiful read as well as heart wrenching But I think it depicts the spiritual aspect of Geronimo s warrior heart better than other books I ve read about him.

  3. Odlo me na chv li stranou v echny ty sentiment ln Vinnet e, kte apa skou problematiku pok ivili do takov zvl tn romantick podoby Je tady toti Forrest Carter, kter zase na opl tku pok ivil Geronima do nemilosrdn ho hrdiny Tedy on j m vlastn nejsp byl Voj k k ikl na druh ho a uzav eli s zku Vyhodili d t do vzduchu Druh voj k nap hl kop , a se dlouh hrot zaleskl na slunci, a pod n m se zat epotal kousek erven l tky O i se j zakalily, vid la kr tk ru ky, jak se vzduchem kom haj v a v Te u nemluvn pa [...]

  4. A powerful read detailing Geronimo s existence as not just a guerrilla leader but a kind of warrior shaman.For Indians subjected to a long history of subjugation and slavery,war was seen as a powerful sacrament.This demands a moral flexibility on our part given our understanding of today s conflicts.Corporate inspired drives for resources and power behind a thin veil of humanist propaganda.Geronimo s vision was very different,hard to see how these differing cultures could ever have mixed,to the [...]

  5. Teton County Library Call Number W CARTER F this is on the new book shelf on 6 8 10 Watch for me on the Mountains A Novel of Geronimo and the Apache NationThis is one of my most favorite works of fiction I must admit to enjoying reading about other people s hardships, and their strength in the face of adversity I read this book while recovering from ACL surgery, and it made me realize I needed to get over my own self pity and move forward with my easy life This book illustrates the heart breakin [...]

  6. This book about the last days of the free roaming Apache nation follows much of them life of war shaman Geronimo leading off from his later years but chronicling his life and deeds It is a somber story about the end of a way of life for one of the most famous Indian tribes of North America Imagine being able to support thousands of tribe members in this stark and desolate land Imagine being able to run 100 miles in a day through the deserts of the Southwest The book will cause a person to ask ho [...]

  7. This week has been a terrible week for weather due to Santa Ana winds The wind arrived and was relentless yesterday My yard is littered with broken branches and the devastation brought about by the fierce winds can be seen everywhere The predictions all week were that snow would follow on the heels of all this nasty weather The prognostications are bearing out, and as I finished reading the final words in Watch For Me on the Mountain, puffy cottony snow has begun to fall I must admit, Native Ame [...]

  8. copied and pasted KIRKUS REVIEWA novelized life of the great Apache chief Geronimo, built on oral history by the author of the Josey Wales novels, Gone to Texas and Outlaw Josey Wales Carter s version of the much told life story does not hit its stride until the third chapter, but then it takes on considerable texture, especially when the Power begins speaking directly to Geronimo much as Jehovah gave the Word to Moses on the mountain This is the backbone of the book a strong projection of Geron [...]

  9. Biografia vojnov ho amana Geronima a stru n hist ria Apa sk ch vojen v skoro dokumentaristickej pr ze Masakre Mexi anov panielov a Modr ch kab tov Angli anov vo i Apa om a opa ne s podan dos plasticky nem em nap sa , e ivo, aby to nevyznelo chrap nsky a necitlivo.Niektor pas e sa mi zlievali, lebo to bol sam major, gener l, kapit n, ktor vym al tak i onak les vo i Geronimovmu skoku a naopak Na a samozrejme pas e o be nom ivote apa sk ch kme ov, ich duchovnosti a sp tosti s pr rodou sa mi zase zd [...]

  10. Tarihi olaylar kurguda birle tiren romanda Carter, ba karakter Geronimo da Apa i ya am anlay n etkili bi imde ortaya koyuyor Amerika k tas n n ke fi ile ba layan kitlesel k y m dalgas n n, Meksika s n r na ula t , bat n n vaad edilmi topraklar n n k z lderili kan ile suland bir d nemin hikayesiSapiens in bitmeyecek gibi g r nen kanla sulama zleminin bir ba ka sayfas daha Kapak tasar m yorucu, renkler uyumsuz, ekicili i yokKa t, yaz karakteri se imi Yorucu olmayan, tekd ze s k c bir sayfa d zeni [...]

  11. A very good book about the last of Geronimo s Escape from reservation life.I found it very deep and interesting I truly believe that the native Americans like Geronimo have a connection with the earth, nature, body and soul that is deeper than anyone living today has It makes me angry to read about how the first settlers treated the Indians This is not only a testament to the Indian, it tells us all that if we connect with the life around us we will see much Our bodies can be stretched beyond n [...]

  12. Such heartbreaking stories so many examples of the amazing capacity for people to commit absurd acts of inhumanity against each other, plus the propensity for the power hungry to re interpret events to serve their purposes interspersed with inspiring examples of Apaches choosing high laws and that which feeds the spirit body rather than succumbing to low laws and the fear based needs of the earth body.

  13. With each chapter of reading this book, I asked myself, What am I doing with my life It kind of makes doing laundry and grocery shopping feel empty This Geronimo character challenges us all to strive toward a life lived for faith I don t know how much of it is factual, but I will think of the Apache people in a new light after this book It s intense and inspiring, but difficult to read aloud which I did.

  14. wow, I finished this a long time ago and have read several books since It s been a while since I ve been on I hate neglected social media not really This was an enjoyable read arresting and interesting It was hard for me, however, to ignore outside criticisms I d read about the book and the author he was a horrible racist, the tone of the narrative falls into the stereotype of the noble savage, and so on Nevertheless, good story.

  15. While a decent story, it is highly embroidered While I have no doubts that the U S government mistreated the Indians Native Americans , this noble savage line gets a bit thin So brave, so strong, so pure, so marvelous The claim that the Apache could run for 60 miles a day with a mouthful of water is an example of exaggeration.

  16. Dette er en av de absolutt beste b kene jeg vet, b de som barn og voksen Det gjorde et uslettelig inntrykk og jeg for all tid senere v rt fascinert av apacheindianerne Og spesielt Geronimo En opplevelse

  17. Liked this book quite a bit, explored the end of the 19th century through Apache eyes, specifically those of Geronimo A lot of discussion about the spiritual beliefs of the Apache that I found fascinating, but may turn of readers looking for a straight history as if there is such a thing

  18. this book has also changed the way I look a certain things, growing up in the southwest this book has given me a completely different version of southwest native American history and way of life if you can find this book you need to read it

  19. Geronimo apa sk vojev dce je prost skv l O Apa ch a jejich boji proti ciz m vet elc m, kte p i li kr st zem a vyh n t St le si nemohu v hlav srovnat, e takhle empatickou kn ku napsal Forrest Carter.

  20. Probably Carter s second best book, next to The Education of Little Tree True, it s a book that romanticizes the outlaw, Geronimo, but Carter s gift for landscape descriptions and the joys and sorrows of the indians of this tale is quite moving.

  21. Carter s writing style is beautiful Never did I feel that I needed to stop reading because it got too heavy It moved you on with disarming honesty and apparrent simplicity.

  22. Jedna z nejj mav j ch knih, kter jsem v posledn dob etl Deziluze Karla Maye, mrazilo, t ilo st Jedna z t ch knih, kter mi jen tak nevymiz z pam ti.

  23. Another very good read by Forrest Carter A quick read It is fiction but it did seem as if it was historically correct I did enjoy.

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