Conjured After the disastrous fallout on Halloween and the tragic events that followed in the Hazel Cove Cemetery Alexandria is left picking up the pieces of her broken life Peter is adjusting James hates her

After the disastrous fallout on Halloween and the tragic events that followed in the Hazel Cove Cemetery, Alexandria is left picking up the pieces of her broken life Peter is adjusting James hates her Grandma Claudia is gone Emma is incoherent Victor went rogue And Gamma still wants her dead.If that wasn t enough to deal with, two burning questions are driving Alex iAfter the disastrous fallout on Halloween and the tragic events that followed in the Hazel Cove Cemetery, Alexandria is left picking up the pieces of her broken life Peter is adjusting James hates her Grandma Claudia is gone Emma is incoherent Victor went rogue And Gamma still wants her dead.If that wasn t enough to deal with, two burning questions are driving Alex insane Who committed that horrible murder in Salem And what really happened to Ethan Alex has come to terms with her new life, but she s yet to truly understand the ramifications of being a pureblooded witch in the supernatural world And now there is a new danger on the horizon Alex must find a way to fight To survive To protect her remaining family members and her closest friends from an unthinkable new enemy One much powerful and much horrifying than the Gamma witch hunting fraternity.

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  1. Chelsea Luna is the author of the bestselling NEW ENGLAND WITCH CHRONICLES, a young adult paranormal romance series comprising of four novels Chelsea is also the author of the bestselling LOVE THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, a young adult horror trilogy.Chelsea received a Juris Doctorate from New York Law School in New York, New York in 2007, and a B.A in Sociology, with a concentration in Criminal Justice, from the University of Tennessee in 2004 She lives in Tennessee.For information, please visit chelsealunaauthorfacebook ChelseaLunaollow me on Twitter Chelsea_Luna_

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  1. I could not put this series down I was literally at the gym when I finished the second one and I sat there on the treadmill buying the 3rd so I could start it while I finished my workout.By the end of each book you can t help but to have to read the next to find out what is going to happen I am impatiently awaiting the 4th installment It took me 2 weeks to weeks to read all 3.You love the main character s Alex is Strong and even though she has so much to deal with she still keeps going and fight [...]

  2. Great read Highly recommend this new series to all I honestly think it blows away some of the popular series out there you know who you are there is enough suspense to keep you flipping to the next page, got it late late Saturday night, and read the whole book on Sunday I like the way Bellingeri writes her chapters, where you are left on a mini cliff hanger at the end of some of them, well done The characters grow in this book and I still love the Alex and Peter match and am getting pretty com [...]

  3. This was a good sequel to New England Witch Chronicles I thought it was great that it picked up where the first one left off.Again the writing style was just as good as the first book and she kept the story interesting I have been checking for the third books in this series but have not seen it yet I definetly will be reading the next book in this series to see what happens to the charcters.

  4. Chelsea Bellingeri is my new favorite author She is extremely talented, which is evident once again in her second installment, Conjured This book picks up right where the first book left off The plot continues as Alex tries to figure out what is going on with her mom, how their life has changed since Victor s truth was outed, and what is wrong with her dad This sequel was just as fantastic as the first And it will leave you begging for the third

  5. This book just flows right along with the first I read this in less than a half a day I am ready for the 3rd book to come out Chelsea when is the 3rd book coming out I am reading your books on a kindle fire By the way I LOVE THE COVERS

  6. I loved this book and the first book New England Witch Chronicles These were the best boo s I ve read this year by far I can t wait until the third book comes out Chelsea Bellingeri is a wonderful writer and now my favourite author.

  7. I m thoroughly enjoying this series, the third book was another rollercoaster ride with lots of action and the story moves along at a snappy pace Likeable characters and great pacing throughout Thoroughly recommended for both young adults and older supernatural lovers like myself.

  8. This was a fantastic readloved it I have to have book 3 now.I can t wait The ending was.I m hanging on the edge of the cliff.

  9. I finished this in the span of 24 hrs, like the first I could not put it down It had less of a climax but the mystery kept it going wonderfully Still love the characters and am FORCING myself to not one click the other two right away After all I need to spend SOME time in reality Lol Anyways, the reason for a little lower rating was the jumping between past and present If there was any in the first I didn t catch it but about the first quarter it was really obvious This coming from a fellow auth [...]

  10. This series just keeps getting better and better The plot is exciting and fast paced, and you find yourself growing so close to the characters that it s like you are one of the gang, going through everything right alongside Alex and Peter I could feel Alex s constant frustration as she tried to figure out the past in order to quiet all the unanswered questions, and my heart broke over the painful decision she had go make at the end and the apparent futileness of her situation However, I was left [...]

  11. Conjured begins where the first book left us mourning the loss of a character In this book we are afforded the opportunity to continue to see the deepening relationship of Alexandria and Peter Alexandria s powers truly begin to develop and we are knocked off of our feet by startling revelations and developments along the way The cliff hanging ending of book two took my breathe away and I cannot wait to read the next book Chelsea will quickly become a new favorite author for those looking for an [...]

  12. I LOVED this book It started off right where the 1st one left offLove this It was so exciting,so much action I laughed, cried and then laugh and cried some , Alex goes through so much in this one and then you think you know what is going to happen and then Bam, its totally not what you thought It kept me on my toes the entire time.The ending was really good and left me just wanting to read book 3 right now I cannot wait for the next one, this is my all time favorite YA book Just loved it , I wou [...]

  13. FANTASTIC This was great if not better than the 1st It was AMAZING, I could not put it down.Bellingeri started off right where book 1 New England Witch Chronicles left off and it was on a roll from there,absolutely one of the best series I ve read in a long time There is so much happening here, the characters are great, you will love them all, and be ready for some real shockers I can t say enough about this series the only bad thing is that book 3 Wicked Betrayal isn t out yet I will be 1st in [...]

  14. It was AMAZING It was sooo good, so much happens during the story, it just keeps you on the edge of your seat I LOVE the way Chelsea Bellingeri writes, she has a way of just making you love all the characters.It was so intense at times, so funny at times, so sad at times, so intriguing It really had everything in it I would highly recommend this to everyone I cannot wait for the 3rd book Wicked Betrayal , I will be 1st in line

  15. This was SO worth the wait It was very good, I couldn t put it down, I want book 3 Wicked Betrayal right now It was really so well written and thought out,I loved that it picked up right where the 1st left off and goodness you just Love the characters and are right there with them I would recommend this series to everyoneMy fav by a long shotCome on book 3 Love,love,loved it sooooo much

  16. This was AMAZING Oh my, I absolutley LOVED this It picked up right where the 1st one stopped, and just continued unbelievableIt had me on the edge of my seat throughout the enitre bookI LOVE Alex Peter All of the Characters are great, you really feel like your re right there with themI only wish book 3 4 were out already I promise you this is my all time fav ya book yet I will be 1st in line for 3 4 Cannot wait

  17. AMAZING I had been waiting for this 2nd book in this series and It was sooooo worth the wait, it was so thrilling It had me absoultly going crazy waiting to see what was going to happen, I am going nutz, already waiting for book 3 Wicked Betrayal This series was SO much better that the other ones, and you all know who I m talking about, they do not hold a candle to this series I can t wait for it to be a movie

  18. The second book is just as awesome as the first I have already started the next in the series I really like how the continuing books pick up right where the previous book left off repeats of the story to make sure New readers understand what is going on It just begins with the next sentence and presents itself as an uninterrupted storyLOVE IT

  19. This tale just doesn t let up for a minute As is often the case in series, the first title is needed to set up the characters and the background so that one tends to be a bit slower I can tell you for sure though, that number 2 in the series moves at a clip that will only lead you to having to read the next two Well Done Chelsea

  20. I had to buy Conjured as soon as I finished New England Witch Chronicles Bellingeri s world of witches and secret societies is absolutely captivating and always leaves you wanting the rest of the story Once again I read the book in a day, I just couldn t put it down A perfect read for the Halloween season Full review will be available on my blog by the end of October.

  21. Countrylibrarianreally enjoyed the second book in this series she didn t waste any time catching you up with the first book just delved into the story the characters are getting interesting the farther I read a and just when you think you have a good idea what s going to happen you find out you re not quite right hope you enjoy it as much as I did

  22. This was so good I can t even express how much I LOVED this book It was so exciting and sad and funny and just a really good story, I cannot wait for book 3 This is my all time favorite YA series And trust me that in itself speakes volumes I highly recommend this to everyone

  23. Though I generally don t even read paranormal YA books, the suspense in these is so well executed, I was very quickly sucked in The writing flows easily and you really want to know what happens next Can t wait to read book 3

  24. Had to give it 4 stars bc yes I do really like this series, not great literature but you can t stop reading even with the sub par writing Downloaded book 3 right after finishing this one last night.

  25. I really enjoyed the first book and I think the story just gets better and better There are intense supernatural elements in this book and it was a little spookier I love all of the characters and I m curious to see what part James will play in all of this.

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