Legion Stephen Leeds AKA Legion is a man whose unique mental condition allows him to generate a multitude of personae hallucinatory entities with a wide variety of personal characteristics and a vast array

Stephen Leeds, AKA Legion, is a man whose unique mental condition allows him to generate a multitude of personae hallucinatory entities with a wide variety of personal characteristics and a vast array of highly specialized skills As the story begins, Leeds and his aspects are drawn into the search for the missing Balubal Razon, inventor of a camera whose astonishing Stephen Leeds, AKA Legion, is a man whose unique mental condition allows him to generate a multitude of personae hallucinatory entities with a wide variety of personal characteristics and a vast array of highly specialized skills As the story begins, Leeds and his aspects are drawn into the search for the missing Balubal Razon, inventor of a camera whose astonishing properties could alter our understanding of human history and change the very structure of society From publisher s description

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  1. Brandon s major books for the second half of 2016 are The Dark Talent, the final volume in Alcatraz Smedry s autobiographical account of his battle against the Evil Librarians who secretly rule our world, and Arcanum Unbounded, the collection of short fiction in the Cosmere universe that includes the Mistborn series and the Stormlight Archive, among others This collection features The Emperor s Soul, Mistborn Secret History, and a brand new Stormlight Archive novella, Edgedancer.Earlier this year he released Calamity, the finale of the 1 New York Times bestselling Reckoners trilogy that began with Steelheart.Brandon Sanderson was born in 1975 in Lincoln, Nebraska As a child Brandon enjoyed reading, but he lost interest in the types of titles often suggested to him, and by junior high he never cracked a book if he could help it This changed when an eighth grade teacher gave him Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly.Brandon was working on his thirteenth novel when Moshe Feder at Tor Books bought the sixth he had written Tor has published Elantris, the Mistborn trilogy and its followup The Alloy of Law, Warbreaker, and The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance, the first two in the planned ten volume series The Stormlight Archive He was chosen to complete Robert Jordan s Wheel of Time series 2009 s The Gathering Storm and 2010 s Towers of Midnight were followed by the final book in the series, A Memory of Light, in January 2013 Four books in his middle grade Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians series have been released in new editions by Starscape, and his novella Infinity Blade Awakening was an ebook bestseller for Epic Games accompanying their acclaimed Infinity Blade iOS video game series Two novellas, Legion and The Emperor s Soul, were released by Subterranean Press and Tachyon Publications in 2012, and 2013 brought two young adult novels, The Rithmatist from Tor and Steelheart from Delacorte.The only author to make the short list for the David Gemmell Legend Award six times in four years, Brandon won that award in 2011 for The Way of Kings The Emperor s Soul won the 2013 Hugo Award for Best Novella He has appeared on the New York Times Best Seller List multiple times, with five novels hitting the 1 spot.Currently living in Utah with his wife and children, Brandon teaches creative writing at Brigham Young University.

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  1. I ve yet to be disappointed by any Brandon Sanderson story I ve picked up, and this novella continues his winning streak This is a cool take on a detective story, and honestly, I d be surprised if someone in LA hasn t grabbed the rights to turn this into a TV show It s a show I d love to watch I only have two quibbles with this book, and it only relates to the Audio version, not with the story itself 1 There were only two tracks on the audio version of the book, each about an hour long That make [...]

  2. 2015 reads Give me a flood of crazy people, kay Now,that was pretty awesome.Wow Stephen Leeds is the most intriguing and fascinating character I ve read about for a very long time Slightly disturbing but in a good way, if that s possible, as he kept my interest with his multi layered personality that we can t easily simplify Now that I think about it, he gives a whole new meaning to the word multi layered The thing is, I m really only the reclusive part And maybe, admittedly, the jerk part When [...]

  3. My first Brandon Sanderson book if we don t count WoT and I was expecting to be thrown into an epic fantasy world, for some reason I hadn t read anything about it beforehand.It went along the lines of this And caused me to start the story, feeling disoriented.It was different, well written and didn t feel rushed despite being a novella I loved the interactions between the hero and his imaginary friends.But I didn t enjoy the story it s not you book, it s me I am left with with no wonder, no ang [...]

  4. My name is Stephen Leeds, and I m perfectly sane My hallucinations, however, are all quite mad Brilliant This is just brilliant And cool Very cool Do I really have to review this story It s too awesome for words You really should just read it Your hallucination Yes Your hallucination has hallucinations Yes She settled back, looking disturbed.Brandon Sanderson I love you The premise of this story is pure genius I m not a hallucination, J.C snapped I have state of the art stealthing equipment Leg [...]

  5. This is a nifty little science fiction mystery novella, with the detective role played by Stephen Leeds and his legion of hallucinatory, brilliant alter egos The mystery, which involves a search for a mysterious camera that can take pictures of people and events at any time in the past, a device that s been used before in at least a couple of classic science fiction works that I know of, Isaac Asimov s short story The Dead Past and E for Effort, a novella collected in The Science Fiction Hall of [...]

  6. Buddy reading book 2 Legion Skin Deep tomorrow November 25th with the usual suspects If you still haven t read this one, now is the time 4.5 STARSOne of the best opening lines ever My name is Stephen Leeds, and I m perfectly sane My hallucinations, however, are all quite mad This was a hilarious read not less amusing than Steelheart hence the rating I m giving it.Stephen Leeds, a.k.a Legion , is a genius whose unique mental condition allows him to generate a multitude of personalities or aspects [...]

  7. I ve been a big fan of Brandon Sanderson for a number of reasons His excellent Mistborn he really knows how to develop a magic system and kick off a story with a bang His participation with readers such as him stopping in on reddit , his desire to bundle print and ebooks, and for his excellent writing classes which have been video taped and posted.So when I heard about this short story I picked it up immediately and read it in a single sitting It was nice seeing the humor of this piece and I tho [...]

  8. With Brandon Sanderson, you can always expect something unique and well thought out It s not even a question Well, maybe a bit because of that whole finishing the Wheel of Time thingbut otherwise, you can expect what I just said.That s one of the best parts about reading Sanderson Yeah, he s got great characters, compelling plot twists and stuff But what makes him a pleasure to read is the way he makes something like epic fantasy vibrant and new His unique ideas and magic systems become characte [...]

  9. 4 I see Imaginary People Stars.Quick Re read before Legion Skin Deepis released My name is Stephen Leeds, and I am perfectly sane My hallucinations, however, are all quite mad.If that isn t a great opening line to a story I don t know what is Brandon Sanderson is great at thinking outside of the box and congratulations again on coming up with an incredibly unusual premise to write a story on.I really like that the main character is a functional crazy person Sure he has hallucinations but at leas [...]

  10. This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.4 Stars I am quickly becoming a HUGE Brandon Sanderson fan I only recently become introduced to Sanderson a couple of months ago when I read Steelheart and I am starting to realize that I have really been missing out This story was completely unique and entertaining I love how different this story was from anything I have ever encountered before This story is short but it is highly complex and detailed I decided to read this story because I t [...]

  11. Your hallucinations has Hallucinations Well, Well, Well, this was such an intriguing read It goes without saying that I love legion and his band of weird but loving personalities aspects, that comes along with him JC I must admit was my favorite He had me in stitches This concept is amazing The only downfall was that this was way too too short I m speeding off too read Skin Deep I want from these characters and Mr Leeds Sanderson Never Fails

  12. Why so shoooort Legion is a short story about Stephen Leeds who has multiple aspects My name is Stephen Leeds, and I am perfectly sane My hallucinations, however, are all quite mad.I m a Sandersonitis for life and when I saw this book in a book sale, I immediately grabbed it Of course I paid for it I know this book wouldn t disappoint because it sA BRANDON SANDERSON BOOK His name alone is guarantee.Although this book is only 88 pages sooo shoooort , it s still as awesome the way a Sanderson book [...]

  13. Haha Sanderson, you never cease to amaze me.There isn t much to be said about Legion it s just a short, funny, fast and interesting read It s not mindblowing and it doesn t change your life, but it will refresh your mind I think the best word to describe it is cute You can read it on a train or on a short flight and you ll be done with it in two hours easily view spoiler Oh, and the fact that He was looking right in the camera hide spoiler It was such a good idea But we re talking about Sanderso [...]

  14. My Video Review youtu xOI3CQZFfyo 3.5 Stars I really enjoyed this I love meeting the different hallucinations and learning what their specialties are I liked that this very lightly touches on holding yourself back and being in your own way preventing you from greatness I thought that the plot suffered from the story being so short There is hardly any struggle for the main character, so I wished we had seen him have to work a bit harder We ll see how I feel about Skin Deep when I read that soon

  15. Stephen Leeds also known as Legion has multiple personality disorder He would be a schizophrenic, but actually he is a genius, most probably the smartest currently living person People ask him for help in two cases either to study him, or to solve a very difficult problem like an inventor disappearing with his invention and all related notes.It is Brandon Sanderson What else needs to be said Good writing, interesting story My only problem is that I could swear I read about exactly the same inven [...]

  16. Only eighty pages long but they are eighty pages of sheer genius Brandon Sanderson is a truly remarkable author and to be able to include so much in such a short novella is amazing Luckily there is a sequel already in print which I believe is a bit longer I will be searching it out immediately to find out what happens to Stephen Leeds and his multiple personae.

  17. I ve read this short contemporary fantasy novella multiple times and it is always an entertaining read In this story Stephen Leeds, AKA Legion, and his multitude of aspects are hired to track down the missing inventor of a potentially magical camera, which has the ability to take photos of the past Stephen is a very likable character and he uses the knowledge gleaned from his various aspects to help him solve the case The best part of this has to be the witty banter between Stephen and his vario [...]

  18. Legion reminds me of Sherlock.Legion has a mental condition and creates hallucinations imaginary people with specialized abilities that help him solve things This was a pretty good short story I m not sure I d want to read a full length novel about Legion, but this was an entertaining, quick read There were a few really good one liners One of his hallucinations has hallucinations It was fun.

  19. I hate short stories and never read them and I really hated the start of this book and I don t know why Hahaha I guess I have massive expectations from Brandon Sanderson and this just didn t hit the spot for me from the start like his other books did.Towards the middle of this book I worked out what was going on It is a beautifully written story and the characters are hilarious This type of fantasy just isn t for me so I didn t like it and won t read the next But it really isn t a horrible read [...]

  20. Short Stories.I hate them They are over FAR too quickly.And never has this been true than with this one a story about Stephen Leeds, a unique to say the least who lives with hallucinations with a variety of skills and mental conditions A Navy Seal, a schizophrenic philosopher and many Skills he puts to use solving the mystery of the stolen camera.Never have I been happy to see an expected publication date on a book GIVE ME BOOK TWO BRANDON.

  21. First read January 24 28, 2014 4.5 stars but I m rounding up because of the entertainment level I really enjoyed this Reread November 24, 2014 Same rating, not full five stars because it was too short I loved Steven and his aspects even this second time I m looking forward to learning about the mysterious camera and his even mysterious girlfriend tomorrow

  22. I scooped this one up quicker than lightning when I heard it was available for free on Audible I love me some BSands And this story did not disappoint, though it wasn t at all what I expected In fact, the first little while of the story reminded me a lot of a Joe Hill story I love both authors, and both are men I d gladly leg hump in a flicker of a heartbeat were I to run into either of them on the street or in a bar or in their kitchens But I digress I love both authors, but they have very diff [...]

  23. Re read again November 27 2016Reading this again after so long, and reading it manually for the first time, I still heard the voices I m used to from Oliver Wyman s narration in my head as I was reading, which made me smile to myself 3 I still love this story so, so much, and coming back to this story was really lovely I might just listen to Skin Deep right away, now that I m thinking about it __ This was my first ANYthing by Brandon Sanderson, and so I don t know if this story is in any way, sh [...]

  24. Legion 1st instalment of the series is a novella and a short one at that so I m not telling you anything about the storyline In true Snaderson style, it reads beautifully and unlike his immensely acclaimed Mistborn series which is an epic fantasy, this one is a sci fi crime hybrid The premise is unique and intriguing The characters are tremendously fascinating I can t wait to start the next book I took one star away only because i reserve 5 stars for books that leave me with myriad insights and [...]

  25. DAMN THAT WAS AMAZING Sanderson literally in 80 pages managed to create a character with multiple personalities a.k.a aspects with depth to each personality, let alone the depth of the main character himself, and all that was among solving a semi complex crime it was an astounding story, and how Stephen uses his power is probably my favorite thing about it i only read the high fantasy books for Brandon Sanderson, and I LOVED THEM, but clearly Sanderson can write anything and it ll still be amazi [...]

  26. Final 4.00Brandon siempre sabe tratar bien sus temas, para m es y siempre ser un genio creativo, pero el no es un escritor bueno, el tiene un DON, est dentro de lo Mejor de lo Mejor.Creo que este tipo de historia ya la hab a le do un para de veces, pero nunca as , no de esta manera.

  27. When I was young I read Sybil The Classic True Story of a Woman Possessed by Sixteen Personalities and while the book has been proved to be a sham, I still find the idea of multiple personalities fascinating, so I was obviously interested in this book And I have to say Iloved Sanderson s take on multiple personalities and how it differs from the textbook disorder.The characters or should I say character are well thought, each quite distinctive and filling a specific niche in Stephen s life It fe [...]

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