The Lives We Lost

The Lives We Lost Read a Sneak Peek below First the virus took Kaelyn s friends Then her family Now it s taken away her home But she can t look back the life she once had is gone forever A deadly virus has destroyed

Read a Sneak Peek below First, the virus took Kaelyn s friends Then, her family Now it s taken away her home.But she can t look back the life she once had is gone forever.A deadly virus has destroyed Kaelyn s small island community and spread beyond the quarantine No one is safe But when Kaelyn finds samples of a vaccine in her father s abandoned lab, she knows there mRead a Sneak Peek below First, the virus took Kaelyn s friends Then, her family Now it s taken away her home.But she can t look back the life she once had is gone forever.A deadly virus has destroyed Kaelyn s small island community and spread beyond the quarantine No one is safe But when Kaelyn finds samples of a vaccine in her father s abandoned lab, she knows there must be someone, somewhere, who can replicate it As Kaelyn and her friends head to the mainland, they encounter a world beyond recognition It s not only the friendly flu that s a killer there are people who will stop at nothing to get their hands on the vaccine How much will Kaelyn risk for an unproven cure, when the search could either destroy those she loves or save the human race Megan Crewe s second volume in the Fallen World trilogy is an action packed journey that explores the resilience of friendship, the ache of lost love, and Kaelyn s enduring hope in the face of the sacrifices she must make to stay alive.

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The Lives We Lost

  1. Like many authors, Megan Crewe finds writing about herself much difficult than making things up A few definite facts she lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and son and does on occasion say eh , she tutors children and teens with special needs, and she s spent the last six years studying kung fu, so you should probably be nice to her She has been making up stories about magic and spirits and other what ifs since before she knew how to write words on paper These days the stories are just a lot longer Megan s first novel, GIVE UP THE GHOST, was shortlisted for the Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic Her second, THE WAY WE FALL, was nominated for the White Pine Award and made the International Reading Association Young Adults Choices List Her Fallen World trilogy THE WAY WE FALL, THE LIVES WE LOST, THE WORLDS WE MAKE is now complete and she has a new trilogy forthcoming in October 2014, beginning with EARTH SKY Her books have been published in translation in several countries around the world She has also published short stories in magazines such as On Spec and Brutarian Quarterly.

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  1. were i feeling at all ambitious or clever right now, i would write this review as a continuation of the conceit i chose for the first book s review a round two if you will, but both ambition and cleverness are eluding me right nowl i can do is say it is re running from exposure to the deadly virus, and running from those who would try to take the potential vaccine from kaelyn, disappointment, confusing feelings in the form of a trembling love triangle, hope, despair, dangerere isn t anythi [...]

  2. My book, so of course I love it Early readers who were very fond of THE WAY WE FALL have said they enjoyed this one even Here s hoping you all will feel the same

  3. 3.5THE LIVES WE LOST The second book of the Fallen World trilogy picks up where The Way We Fall left off Leo has arrived on the island and Kaelyn has set aside her journal for now image error With her father dead Kaelyn goes to his lab and finds his journals, and samples of a vaccine he was working on She decides she must leave the Island in search of someone who can possibly finish what her father started Kaelyn s friends agree, and they head off to Ottawa hoping someone there can help them ima [...]

  4. 4 starsEarlier today, my 8 am class was canceled so I was able to get a lot of time to read before my other class So YEAH The one thing I like about stories focusing on survival, is that it usually calls for a journey across the country I love road trips set in the apocalyptic world You get to explore places, meet new people, new dangerous situations I love it all The Lives We Lost is just like what I explained above Usually in trilogies, the first book is usually the start of the journey And i [...]

  5. I ve been very, very impatiently waiting for this book to come out, technically I should still be waiting, but by an excellent stroke of luck I got the book from NetGalley I was actually terrified to start it I was so in love with the first book that I was concerned this book would disappoint me It s happened before Great first book, downer of a second and then by the time the third comes out you re only reading to know the ending.This book absolutely lived up to every high expectation I had Whe [...]

  6. The Lives we Lost is the second book in The Fallen World Series and picks up where book one leaves off Kaelyn and her friends live at ground zero, a small Canadian island that has been quarantined as a result of the friendly flu virus, a virus that is deadly and has no cure Kaelyn has lost family, friends, and loved ones as a result of the virus, and has somehow manged to be one of the only ones who survived a less potent strain of it, leaving her immune Her little cousin Meredith is also immune [...]

  7. 2.5 stars SpoilersThis wasn t quite as enjoyable as the first book, The Way We fell The Way We Fell was written in a diary format, which I felt added a serious and desperate tone to the story Whereas, the first person narrative in The Lives We Lost made everything less tense, less engaging and less serious I m hoping the next book goes back to the diary format.It was still an okay read but I wasn t enamoured or gripped with anything The plot itself was rather unimaginative Kae and co travel to t [...]

  8. UPDATE Guess who won an ARC of this I know you re jealous SO excited to pick this one up now Reeeeally looking forward to this one I m interested to see what the author is going to do with this one, because I felt like the first book could have easily been a standalone, if the author added a few pages.

  9. Rewrite attempt number three I am going to do this right this time.The Lives We Lost is the sequel to The Way We Fall, which I frequently cite as the best book I ve ever read I know very few people will agree with me, but it s so rare that I see something so well written, something so honest and emotional it impacted me in a way that very little else does This wasn t quite as good, but it s still among my favorite books, and it s still close to my heart.One of the biggest criticisms that The Way [...]

  10. Oh, second book, you why is there nothing great I can recall from you Your ending has saved you and so have a couple of key moments but truthfully, nothing much happens except Of course, there s Kae being all brave and gung ho about taking things in her hands and the rest of them following along And then there s also a bit of Leo and him finally opening up, his whole bit about people about being good but circumstances forcing them to be different I liked that part it s the most honestly feeling [...]

  11. Ever since reading last year s startling and compelling The Way We Fall, the first in this series, I ve been dying to read The Lives We Lost I wanted to know what was going to happen to Kaelyn and her friends as well as what it meant with Leo finally being back Therefore, when an early copy of The Lives We Lost ended up in my possession, I jumped right in, hoping it would be just as good as the first one Thankfully, it was if not This book contained as much drama, suspense, drive, and fear as t [...]

  12. Seen at Scott Reads It The Lives We Lost by Megan Crewe is the follow up to the Way We Fall I have pretty mixed feelings about this book, one on hand I did enjoy reading but on the other hand it was very basic dystopian In The Lives We Lost Kaelyn and her friends try to find someone to replicate a vaccine for the devastating Friendly Flu The Lives We Lost is filled to the brim with action and romance The action packed scenes were pretty intense and were definitely a treat to read The action scen [...]

  13. The Lives We Lost is one of my favorite books so far this year I was kind of worried about reading the second book in this series because we all know the curse that hangs over the second book in a series But this book seemed to beat the odds for me at least I enjoyed this book much than I did The Way We Fall The story picks up right where The Way We Fall ended There is a lot happening and the author introduces us to new characters The book is intense and had me glued to the pages In the second [...]

  14. Es una l stima que Aislados, la primera parte de la trilog a El mundo en ruinas, no sea m s conocida, ya que todas las personas que conozco que la han le do han quedado tan encantadas con su lectura como yo Me parece que la trama principal de esta trilog a es bastante original dentro de lo que veo ltimamente en el g nero juvenil, pues a pesar de parecer una historia medio apocal ptica m s, no habla de zombis ni del fin del mundo ni de una cat strofe de la naturaleza Tal y como dice el t tulo de [...]

  15. Really having enjoyed the first in this series, I was eager to pick up The Lives We Lost Kaelyn has to make a choice of leaving the island she feels safe on so that she can bring the vaccine her father created to someone who can replicate it At first, she is just going to journey with her boyfriend Gav, but an attack on the island leaves her friends no choice but to come along to the mainland Together they must find a way to survive with the help of Tobias, the soldier who warned them of the att [...]

  16. I love a good deadly virus story, probably because it s not too far removed from reality, nothing like a dose of paranoia and fear to get a germ o phobe s heart racing The Lives We Lost is told as a regular narrative unlike the diary entry letter format of the 1st book and I have to say it added a different dimension heightened suspense and action.Kaelyn, Meredith, Gav, and Tessa leave their decimated island community for the mainland and learn as they travel across Canada that the virus has lef [...]

  17. Kaelyn has lost a normal life to the virus that has decimated North America She has lost most of her family and friends, and now she will lose her home When she finds samples of a vaccine in her dad s lab, she decides that it is up to her to get the vaccine to scientists that can test and utilize it When she and her companions step foot off the island, they are not prepared for how far the virus has spread and how far civilization has fallen Will she and her friends be able to stay safe as they [...]

  18. As gritty and as somber a survival book as you ll ever find The first in this series was a beautiful quiet book full of sad realisations and desperate clinging to life.This was is just as beautiful, just as sad and yet action packed with Kaelyn and her friends having to make some tough decisions I didn t agree with a lot of them, although they are clearly sensible and realistic in the light of the chaos around them.I came to love all of her new crew and am unhappy with the turn of events of the [...]

  19. Originally reviewed on The Book SmugglersWhen the deadly Friendly Flu sweeps through Kaelyn s island home, the Canadian government immediately quarantines the isolated location, hoping to staunch the spread of the virus On the island, things have been bad Kaelyn has seen the death of many neighbors to the virus she s barely survived the flu s effects herself and her parents have succumbed not only to the virus but to the ensuing chaos on the island After her microbiologist father s death, Kaelyn [...]

  20. The Lives We Lost was just as captivating as The Way We Fall If you haven t read The Way We Fall yet, stop reading this right now and go order a copy of that book first This isn t a series that I would suggest jumping into in the middle of it From the moment I read the synopsis of TWWF I knew I wanted to read it I am fascinated by the spread of deadly viruses and I enjoy reading nonfiction books like The Hot Zone A Terrifying True Story and Virus X Tracking the New Killer Plagues, so I was incre [...]

  21. Jako nebylo to patn , to v dn m p pad , ale n co mi tu prost chyb lo Asi to bude prov zanost s postavami, kter je v tomhle d lu velice d le it , proto e jinak p b h nepro ijete tak, jak by jste spr vn m li Hodnocen 75%

  22. 3,5 5 When I read The Way We Fall last year, it was one of my favorite post apocalytic novel of 2012 I loved the quiet pace, the introspective aspect of the narration, the gloomy atmosphere and the absence of the typical love triangle It made the book feel realistic and mature, and I was excited to see where the story would go from there.The Lives We Lost took a bit of a different route from the start, the danger is present as the characters find themselves on the road If the danger is a const [...]

  23. MY THOUGHTSLOVED IT spoilers if you haven t read the first book This second installment of The Fallen World picks right up where the first one left off The group of teens are trying to survive with limited resources and Kaelyn find her father s work on a vaccine for the virus that kills people within days and has decimated the world Leo, her boyfriend and best guy friend, Gav decide to head off the island and take the cure to the capitol in hopes that someone there can replicate it Her cousin, M [...]

  24. There are things that I really liked in the second book of the Fallen World series the ending, for example and other things that just made me unhappy love triangles, general idiocy They balance themselves out for the most part, though I wish that the beginning and middle of the book was anywhere near as good as the end Now that Kaelyn has a few vials of a vaccine, she and her friends race around Canada, trying to find people who are able to replicate what Kaelyn s father has created Except not e [...]

  25. There are two main arcs to this book the characters survival, and the characters emotional development Unfortunately, the first isn t engaging enough to carry the story Even though realistic living needs problems come up and the setting changes regularly, the issues faced by our group of characters grow to become repetitive and a little boring they simply aren t gripping enough to base the story around So when the emotional tribulations come around, they re welcome, as we get to see a relationsh [...]

  26. This book is amazing Although like the first book it doesn t carry such a strong emotional impact maybe it s just me I guess on a personal level I just can t feel the character s emotions I thankfully have never had to survive an epidemic What I love about this book so much is that the characters don t make the same mistakes you see over and over again in YA lit In any other book you d expect that they d drop everything for family, or that the heroine would forget everything in a love triangle T [...]

  27. What an outstanding read I loved book one in the Fallen World series, The Way We Fall, but The Lives We Lost was even better I had no idea Crewe would take the story in the direction she did, and I loved it My only complaint is that now I have to wait for book three to be released to find out how it all ends.One of my favorite things to read about is character growth, and The Lives We Lost had it in spades I loved watching the characters adapt as the situation they were in demanded Instead of gi [...]

  28. Really enjoyed Book 2 of the Fallen World Trilogy I love that these books take place in Canada for one I don t think I have ever read a book where the characters are from Canada let alone from the Maritimes or at least close to It s really nice to read and a lot easier for me to picture the characters and their surroundings with them being from Canada.I love the fact that Kae is head strong and compassionate in such a sick scary world Her friends stand by her no matter what I come to love Tobias [...]

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