The Copperhead

The Copperhead Set in the s in the North during the Civil War

Set in the 1860 s in the North during the Civil War.

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The Copperhead

  1. Frederic was born in Utica, New York, to Presbyterian parents After his father was killed in a train accident when Frederic was 18 months old, the boy was raised primarily by his mother He finished school at fifteen, and soon began work as a photographer For four years he was a photographic touch up artist in his hometown and in Boston In 1875 he began work as a proofreader for the Utica Herald and then the Utica Daily Observer Frederic later became a reporter, and by 1882 he was editor of the Albany Evening Journal.Two years later he went to live in England as London correspondent of the New York Times He retained this job for the rest of his life He was soon recognized for his ability both as a writer and as a talker He wrote several early stories, but it was not until he published Illumination 1896 , better known by its American title, The Damnation of Theron Ware, followed by Gloria Mundi 1898 , that his gifts as a novelist were fully realized Jonathan Yardley called Damnation a minor classic of realism.Frederic married Grace Green Williams in 1877, and they had five children Sometime between 1889 and 1890, he met Kate Lyon, who became his mistress Frederic and Lyon established a second household, living openly together they had three children Lyon was a Christian Scientist who, when Frederic suffered a stroke in 1898, tried to cure him through faith healing After his death, she was tried on charges of manslaughter and acquitted Frederic was interred in Forest Hill Cemetery in Utica, New York.

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  1. LIke others, I read this short novel after seeing the beautiful 2013 movie and being fascinated by the contrarian view it offered of the North during the CIvil War To have Lincoln portrayed in the North as a despot, abolitionists as bloodthirsty war mongers and those against the war as peace seeking, conservative, constitution loving good citizens was, for me, a little disorienting I read the Kindle edition which was digitized by the University of North Carolina and is simply awful with random, [...]

  2. War can destroy a city without the first shell falling on it Such was nearly the fate of Four Corners, New York, a small farming community in its upper reaches Far removed from the battlefields of the Civil War, the village nonetheless suffered its injuries So far as Abner Beech was concerned, the world consisted of the Four Corners the South was a distant land, its problems those of its own people Before the crisis erupted, he was not alone in his sentiment most of his neighbors were kindred sp [...]

  3. Abner Beech was a stalwart, thick shouldered, big man, with shaggy dark eyebrows shading stern hazel eyes, and with a long, straight nose, and broad, firmly shut mouth His expansive upper lip was blue from many years of shaving all the rest was bushing beard, mounting high upon the cheeks and rolling downward in iron gray billows over his breast Abner was as staunch in his convictions as he was fearsome in his looks When the Civil War breaks out, Abner disagrees with his neighbors Because he is [...]

  4. Interesting Civil War tale about a different viewpoint of the war a northerner in favor of slavery, which is something you don t hear about much Written in the 1800s it has a written voice entirely different from modern literature yet also not as over blown as so much Victorian literature is Not great but not bad either.

  5. An interesting glimpse into the Civil War era life in the rural northeast If you ve seen the movie you haven t really gotten the story Do yourself a favor and read the book Very thought provoking.

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