Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn The coachman tried to warn her away from the ruined forbidding place on the rainswept Cornish coast But young Mary Yellan chose instead to honor her mother s dying request that she join her frightene

The coachman tried to warn her away from the ruined, forbidding place on the rainswept Cornish coast But young Mary Yellan chose instead to honor her mother s dying request that she join her frightened Aunt Patience and huge, hulking Uncle Joss Merlyn at Jamaica Inn From her first glimpse on that raw November eve, she could sense the inn s dark power But never did MaryThe coachman tried to warn her away from the ruined, forbidding place on the rainswept Cornish coast But young Mary Yellan chose instead to honor her mother s dying request that she join her frightened Aunt Patience and huge, hulking Uncle Joss Merlyn at Jamaica Inn From her first glimpse on that raw November eve, she could sense the inn s dark power But never did Mary dream that she would become hopelessly ensnared in the vile, villainous schemes being hatched within its crumbling walls or that a handsome, mysterious stranger would so incite her passions tempting her to love a man whom she dares not trust.

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Jamaica Inn

  1. If Daphne du Maurier had written only Rebecca, she would still be one of the great shapers of popular culture and the modern imagination Few writers have created magical and mysterious places than Jamaica Inn and Manderley, buildings invested with a rich character that gives them a memorable life of their own.In many ways the life of Daphne du Maurier resembles a fairy tale Born into a family with a rich artistic and historical background, the daughter of a famous actor manager, she was indulged as a child and grew up enjoying enormous freedom from financial and parental restraint She spent her youth sailing boats, travelling on the Continent with friends, and writing stories A prestigious publishing house accepted her first novel when she was in her early twenties, and its publication brought her not only fame but the attentions of a handsome soldier, Major later Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Browning, whom she married.Her subsequent novels became bestsellers, earning her enormous wealth and fame While Alfred Hitchcock s film based upon her novel proceeded to make her one of the best known authors in the world, she enjoyed the life of a fairy princess in a mansion in Cornwall called Menabilly, which served as the model for Manderley in Rebecca.Daphne du Maurier was obsessed with the past She intensively researched the lives of Francis and Anthony Bacon, the history of Cornwall, the Regency period, and nineteenth century France and England, Above all, however, she was obsessed with her own family history, which she chronicled in Gerald a Portrait , a biography of her father The du Mauriers , a study of her family which focused on her grandfather, George du Maurier, the novelist and illustrator for Punch The Glassblowers , a novel based upon the lives of her du Maurier ancestors and Growing Pains , an autobiography that ignores nearly 50 years of her life in favour of the joyful and romantic period of her youth Daphne du Maurier can best be understood in terms of her remarkable and paradoxical family, the ghosts which haunted her life and fiction.While contemporary writers were dealing critically with such subjects as the war, alienation, religion, poverty, Marxism, psychology and art, and experimenting with new techniques such as the stream of consciousness, du Maurier produced old fashioned novels with straightforward narratives that appealed to a popular audience s love or fantasy, adventure, sexuality and mystery At an early age, she recognised that her readership was comprised principally of women, and she cultivated their loyal following through several decades by embodying their desires and dreams in her novels and short stories.In some of her novels, however, she went beyond the technique of the formulaic romance to achieve a powerful psychological realism reflecting her intense feelings about her father, and to a lesser degree, her mother This vision, which underlies Julius , Rebecca and The Parasites , is that of an author overwhelmed by the memory of her father s commanding presence In Julius and The Parasites, for example, she introduces the image of a domineering but deadly father and the daring subject of incest.In Rebecca , on the other hand, du Maurier fuses psychological realism with a sophisticated version of the Cinderella story The nameless heroine has been saved from a life of drudgery by marrying a handsome, wealthy aristocrat, but unlike the Prince in Cinderella, Maxim de Winter is old enough to be the narrator s father The narrator thus must do battle with The Other Woman the dead Rebecca and her witch like surrogate, Mrs Danvers to win the love of her husband and father figure.

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  1. When I first read Daphne du Maurier s popular novel Jamaica Inn, I had no idea what wreckers meant Some romantic idea connected with pirates, I thought I knew of the real Jamaica Inn, a pub in the middle of Bodmin Moor But the grim truth is that Daphne du Maurier was not writing an account about either pirates or ordinary smugglers, but a highly coloured bloodthirsty tale about bands of men who existed around 1815, according to the novel 20 or 30 years after Cornish pirates had been eradicated v [...]

  2. I have to hand it to Daphne du Maurier she takes the fusty old gothic novel conventions and tropes, and amps them up in this 1936 novel The setting is classic gothic it s the 1820s in a lonely, cold and windswept area of Cornwall, near the treacherous Bodmin Moor, in a decaying inn that all honest people avoid.The real Jamaica Inn, built in 1750, which inspired this novelAn isolated, orphaned young woman, 23 year old Mary Yellan, comes to stay with the pretty and outgoing aunt and handsome uncle [...]

  3. Overall, I liked it, however I wasn t totally enthralled I m not sure what exactly was missing for me, but I wasn t able to really connect with the characters and the story Still enjoyable, but wishing I didn t feel so detached while reading it.

  4. Wonderfully dark and atmospheric and utterly suspenseful, Daphne du Maurier s Jamaica Inn is a thrilling adventure of a novel I wish I had picked up this book on a chilly, gray and dreary fall day so I could have curled up on the sofa next to the fire with a blanket and a cup of tea That would have created the perfect environment for reading this one Nevertheless, it was still a satisfying reading experience.On her deathbed, Mary Yellan s mother exacts a promise from her daughter that she will s [...]

  5. This rancid mess is supposed to be a classic The attempt at 19th century prose falls flat like a dead thing Good god It has all the writerly skill of a romance novel, and a boring one at that With midnight smuggling and murder lurking behind a thinly veiled mystery, I expected THRILLS and CHILLS from this story.For its time, perhaps it was thrillingNO No, I will not defend it The what s going on behind the scenes tension is teased out to beyond caring and the characterizations are hackneyed Aunt [...]

  6. DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES First published in 1935, this haunting gothic tale of adventure begins when a brave, young Mary Yellan adheres to her mother s dying wish that she live with her fun loving Aunt Patience, but upon arrival at the sinister looking and desolate JAMAICA INN, Mary finds her Aunt has turned into a gaunt nervous wreck of a person with a spirit destroyed by abuse and fear of her violent drunkard of a husband, Uncle Joss.As the story evolves and darkness fallsd things.evil things ha [...]

  7. Published in 1936, two years before Rebecca, Jamaica Inn is a dark tale of murder and thievery, set close to the Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, England It has a hint of romance, although I wouldn t call it romantic It would have to be called a mystery if you had to give it a tag The style is typical of the other du Maurier novels I have read, and excellent writing with great characters It was a little slow to develop for me but once it did the pace ran quickly to the climax.3.5 stars

  8. Jamaica Inn is a real building which, as Du Maurier notes in her introductory note here, stood in her own time and still does on Cornwall s Bodmin Moor The old inn caught the imagination of the young author, and she proceeded to spin a tale, envisioning it as it might have been over a hundred and twenty years ago Since she wrote those words in 1935, that puts the setting of the novel somewhat before 1815 the date is never given in the text itself And what a tale it is, complete with smugglers an [...]

  9. 4.5 A spooky, gothic tale perfect for a stormy October night Roads Who spoke of roads We go by the moor and the hills, and tread granite and heather as the Druids did before us Why I have waited so many years to read of Du Maurier s books I ll never know, but there are definitely of hers in my immediate reading future It s early 19C in Southern Cornwall and Mary Yellen s dying mother asks her to sell the family farm and join her Aunt Patience and her husband at Jamaica Inn in Northern Cornwall [...]

  10. Nobody does Gothic like Daphne du Maurier A decrepit inn without guests, wild moors, sinister fogs, smugglers, shipwrecks, a dashing horse thief, an albino vicar, and a murder mystery all of the ingredients are there when orphaned Mary Yellan arrives at Jamaica Inn to live with her aunt who is married to a threatening man with secrets to hide The plot may seem over the top, but du Maurier excels in this genre, carefully laying the groundwork for a creepy, foreboding atmosphere Instead of giving [...]

  11. Now this author could write And then I ll feel the thirst come on me and I ll soak Soak for hours It s power, and glory, and women, and the Kingdom of God, all rolled into one I feel a king then, Mary I feel I ve got the strings of the world between my two fingers It s heaven and hell Daphne du Maurier has style The woman has a way with words that is as enchanting as her story concepts themselves She had a bravery in writing realistic characters who are flawed, shining gems I was first wowed wit [...]

  12. I hovered between three and four stars but ultimately it gets four for Mary and for the winds and the rains of the Cornish coast, all of them beautifully described and distinct in my mind after finishing this The land, as in the best of much of Romantic literature, is the true source of this story s seductive powers.

  13. I enjoyed this well enough as a work of historical fiction based on smuggling off the coast of Cornwall I read My Cousin Rachel recently and really enjoyed it but by comparison this wasn t as good.

  14. I love the way du Maurier tells a story This is the third book I ve read by her and while, for me, it doesn t have the punch of Rebecca or My Cousin Rachel, I still very much enjoyed it Full of evil deeds, thievery, malice and the dark moors it makes for an intriguing read.

  15. I don t understand my reaction to this book.I loved Rebecca, it was beautifully and thoughtfully written, but Jamaica Inn leaves me cold and it shouldn t I really didn t want it to It has all of the ingredients of a dark and exciting adventure and yet is populated by caricatures, larger than life and impossible to beleive in The albino priest, the drunken landlord and his colourless wifee smugglers, the cliches of the boggy No no no.Admittedly it was a less mature novel than Rebecca, written ea [...]

  16. I have to say, this book by Daphne du Maurier is a little underwhelming The writing is, as expected, gorgeous Just like in Rebecca and My Cousin Rachel, it is very atmospheric There is, no doubt, an air of Emily and Charlotte Bronte s style about it Considering that I am a huge fan of both Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, that s a big plus Du Maurier is also very skillful at building suspense A feeling of dread and foreboding is maintained throughout the novel making it an intense reading experi [...]

  17. This is my third du Maurier, I have also read Rebecca and Frenchman s Creek What strikes me the most is how different they are Yes, the writing style is similar, you can tell that it s the same author, but the tone, the topic and the characters are very, very different from book to book The heroine of Jamaica Inn, Mary Yellan, has to deal with some very ruthless drunks and criminals As a young girl on her own, she is pretty much helpless when faced with them She tries to be independent and brave [...]

  18. This was fantastic I ve never read anything by Daphne Du Maurier so I wasn t sure what to expect Since six of my friend read it and liked it I was sure I would too since they ve got good taste But nothing prepared me for the suspense of the actual book It was so good and so nail biting near the end that I wanted to peak But because it was so good I didn t dare Mary Yellen has come to the moors of Jamaica Inn to one, fulfill her promise to her dead mother and two because she needs somewhere to st [...]

  19. Two and a half stars rounded up because the first half was terrific Lots of sinister Cornish moors atmosphere Dark, abusive characters A spunky heroine But then the story was spun out too long and too improbably And Mary Yellin went from spunky to foolhardy I found myself skimming to get to the end I much preferred Daphne du Maurier s My Cousin Rachel and Rebecca This just was not her best outing.Content PG for domestic violence and very ugly murders.

  20. This is another really dark piece of literature, right up my alley If you like Wuthering Heights , I promise you that you ll love this book Don t let the purple cover and pink, script letters turn you off Poor Mary has no idea what she s getting in to when she goes to live with her aunt and uncle This book has murder, smugglers, deception, and a quiet romantic thread It had me from page 1

  21. Dark, brooding and suspenseful, a true gothic Inspired by the author s stay at the real Jamaica Inn, this gothic tale is shivery and satisfying Daphne du Maurier created a heroine that is stouthearted and then, gave her a love interest who is realistic, albeit scruffy I really love the way Daphne du Maurier creates mood and the English moors provided her with the landscape she needed to evoke a sense of unease Unpredictable fogs, pelting rain, and a tumble down inn provide a sinister backdrop fo [...]

  22. Mary complied with her dying mother s wishes that she move in with her Aunt Patience Little did Mary s mother know what that wish held for Mary.Those wishes turned out to be very unpleasant for Mary Mary had to endure her uncle s horribly mean disposition, his illegal activities, his mistreatment of Aunt Patience, and Mary s being pulled into it all.Mary saw things at Jamaica Inn that she had never seen before For one thing , this Inn never had any guests except for unsavory characters.The setti [...]

  23. This post is part of the 2015 Classics Challenge.WHEN I Discovered This ClassicI read Rebecca in early 2012 and adored it, so it was about time to pick up another Daphne du Maurier Virago got in touch to offer copies of Rebecca, Frenchman s Creek or Jamaica Inn as part of the blog tour to celebrate the new adult left and young adult right editions of the books.WHY I Chose to Read It I have already read and reviewed Rebecca As for Frenchman s Creek, I don t know how I feel about pirates But it ha [...]

  24. To begin lets just say this is a dam fine Gothic Thriller There is homage paid to the Brontes and Austens of the previous century, but du Maurier s style is simple pure Twentieth century Nothing slows the action but by god the gloomy shadowy continuously drenched moors keep it restrained A horrible tale with shipwreckers murderers rogues thieves and oh yes that nice albino Vicar in the shovel bill hat The object of affection one Mary Yellan, orphaned, moves to give aid to her aunt and must abide [...]

  25. First off, I am really thankful to have won this beautiful new edition from a Giveaway I love Daphne du Maurier and this is a truly great example Every word is evocative as she paints a vivid picture of each barren landscape and soulless individual The love story is passion than love and I feel nervous than happy for our heroine by the end of the novel But it is refreshing to hear the very mature, knowing rationalization she makes of her situation and to see that she chooses to follow her hear [...]

  26. This is one of those books I wanted to love, but didn t There were multiple chapters I had to push myself through because the story wasn t progressing well Unfortunately, this story also lacks the sophistication and suspense that was present in Rebecca Although likeable, when it comes to romance, Mary Yellan makes a frustrating, stereotypical female main character If nothing else, reading Jamaica Inn satisfied my curiosity about the variances in ratings by readers I also enjoyed the eerie physic [...]

  27. Spoilers Mostly boring Mary was a decent heroine for the most part I liked how she remained relatively cool and level headed when faced with difficult dangerous situations, her loyalty towards her abused aunt was great too What was annoying about her though was how she fell for Jem her abusive uncle s younger brother after meeting him two times and kissing him once She didn t even know him yet she acted like a lovesick tween It was even pathetic because Jem reminded her of her disgusting bastar [...]

  28. OMG, this book is so so so so so boring If I had not been reading it for a book challenge, I d have stopped this one after the first chapter It is so wordy, so descriptive and every time the action starts to move along, Mary, the protagonist, has to think off on some tangent and imagine this and that while the plot stalls Too much of the brook burbling or the rain mizzling or the blackness of the moors or the people are like the rocks After the first description, I don t need to read it another [...]

  29. This is a book I read before Maybe 40 years ago or And I did remember just a few aspects of it I remembered Mary s Aunt Patience with the working mouth quite clearly But not so much Jem And now, I don t think that strange at all Because in a full circle reading of the novel as a whole, Jem didn t get half as much page time LOL Shocking that I didn t give it 4 stars, and I definitely would have back then Now, the number of atmospheric adjectives, adverbs and entire paragraphs by twelve didn t tu [...]

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