The Galactic Mage

The Galactic Mage Altin Meade is a sorcerer with a curse Seeking to avoid a looming doom he sets his magical sights on the stars a quest that will likely bring about the very end he s seeking to escape Far across the

Altin Meade is a sorcerer with a curse Seeking to avoid a looming doom, he sets his magical sights on the stars a quest that will likely bring about the very end he s seeking to escape.Far across the galaxy, Ensign Orli Pewter of planet Earth has a looming doom of her own one of loneliness, depression and, worse, a race of genocidal aliens known as Hostiles seeking to desAltin Meade is a sorcerer with a curse Seeking to avoid a looming doom, he sets his magical sights on the stars a quest that will likely bring about the very end he s seeking to escape.Far across the galaxy, Ensign Orli Pewter of planet Earth has a looming doom of her own one of loneliness, depression and, worse, a race of genocidal aliens known as Hostiles seeking to destroy humanity Trapped aboard a spaceship she never asked to be upon, Orli is in a fight for her life and her sanity.Worlds apart, Altin and Orli share a destiny, though neither knows the other is alive The Hostiles know And they have other plans.

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The Galactic Mage

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  1. When I first read the description of The Galactic Mage, I was intrigued by the way it promised to combine science fiction with fantasy It was 2.99 and got good reviews, so why not It starts off as two stories told side by side On the fantasy side, Altin Meade is a sorcerer training with the preeminent sorcerer of his land In the way his people measure magic, he s a Six, which means that he can work six of the eight kinds of magic His strength is teleportation, which he s using to explore space T [...]

  2. I have to admit when i saw this book on i wasn t really expecting much I love fantasy and don t even like sci fi So i figured combination of two would be somewhat mediocre at best right Well, wrong Mr Daulton does an excellent job at combining two genres I m not an experienced sci fi reader so i can t really comment about Orli part of things expect to say it seemed pretty good to me But i can safely say that Altin parts fantasy were expertly done In fact with a magic system and world building d [...]

  3. Quick Update I completed the second book It is good, way better than the first You need the first to get to the second, but GM 2 is worth reading Okay, to sort this out3 stars because I cannot tell to what degree the author believes he is writing an authentic fantasy sci fi merge story and to what extent he is writing what could be the equivalent for Action suspense thriller s self depreciating The Road to Gandolfo by Robert Ludlum where long time Thriller writer Ludlum pokes fun at his own genr [...]

  4. I rather like cheesy science fiction stories So it s no wonder I rather enjoyed this one Mixing fantasy and science fiction has been done before consider reading Marion Zimmer Bradley s Darkover books if you liked this one, they are awesome , but the story of that young mage trying to jump to the moon was quite interesting Characters were somehow well done, although a little world building wouldn t have done any harm.What disturbed me here And why only 4 stars Pacing Pacing The first 3 4 were w [...]

  5. The writing was decent The descriptions were solid The action was pretty well paced.The content was just bad.1 Atlin has nothing to ever lose The worst is that he feels guilty about people being hurt But that s okay His teacher just told him that he is special and shouldn t feel bad, because stuff like that happens Live and learn, my boy 2 Atlin never fails to his own detriment He s the best teleporter ever and just succeeds at everything If he doesn t do something right, someone else gets hurt [...]

  6. This is a tough one I really liked this book, but it annoyed me at the same time.I love the premise, the combination of Scince Fiction and Fantasy The fantasy aspect is well flushed out I even felt that one of the main characters is wonderfully developed The reader gets a clear idea of his struggles and aspirations.That is where the problems begin The other main character is hardly developed to the point that she seems like a spoiled brat, and not a military officer While this is kind of explain [...]

  7. So what would you think about a book that has a scene involving a space ship having a stare down in the middle of space with a stone tower from a castle On the castle tower is a dragon and a mage Oh and to make it realistic there is a magical bubble around the towerah I know what you are thinking What the Vietnamese Soup were you drinking that day This is a very engaging and fun read There is enough detail in the world and in the way the characters get to that interaction to make it believable I [...]

  8. I will start by stating that I am easy to entertain I did find the relationship between Altin and Orli to be a little simplistic and too quickly established The end was a little rushed as well but the story was fun and became especially gripping about halfway through the book There is so much that could be explored in this world the author has shared with us I truly look forward to the adventures ahead.

  9. This was an all around fun read Decent magic system, decent aliens, fine technology I would definitely read if he were to write a sequal or ten.

  10. It was hard to get in to, would have been nice to have an intro to start it Once I understood the characters and their role, I couldn t put the book down Looking forward to future sequels.

  11. I had to give this book 5 5 for the pure surprise value Despite the cheesy cover no offence and the low probability of good melding of sci fi and fantasy book delivered I read a lot of fantasy and sci fi both, so I enjoyed both aspects The sci fi didn t fulfil my hopes all that much, because the female protagonist is rather weakd since she has no great obstacles to overcome, an artificial obstacle in form of a hateful bastard captain was put there to provide the balance I like well writ [...]

  12. I ve often found it difficult for a book to live up to as creative a premise as John Daulton s Galactic Mage a marriage of fantasy and sci fi, but he manages to do so with style, humor, and originality For me, the book was a tale of two halves the first read to me like a little overlong, as the author spent a lot of time developing Altin and less so with Orli, the other protagonist , but literally around the halfway mark, the setup was done and we were led into one of the most fun times I ve had [...]

  13. The Galactic Mage by John Daulton is a twisted, but fun story We have human beings from Earth who were in contact with another human civilization across the galaxy This civilization was apparently wiped out after it sent a warning A fleet of ships from Earth is assembled to go investigate Meanwhile, on a remote planet, a bona fide mage has decided to go explore space He does so by teleporting himself and his tower in space At first, the premise seems unbelievable, and it is, but it is fascinatin [...]

  14. The theme is undoubtedly goofy, but I really like the sub theme of discovery Having a medieval wizard discover the true nature of the universe is a really fun exploration, and gives a unique perspective on astral bodies The hard sci fi was pretty underdeveloped, and it s clear which part of sci fi fantasy the author cares for, but it s still an intriguing mix that I d like to see of.

  15. Best book of all time I love the combination of Sci Fi and Fantasy What a wonderful story and a great easy read A love story and an epic outer space war that has you wondering what is coming next Lots of way this story could go and wonderful character development This story took me away to a place I would want to revisit I hope I get to with the next book.

  16. Overall a good read, that said it took a looooooong time before the two main characters met, after which it felt like the rest of the book was over very quickly I could have wished a bit meat on the latter part of the book, and a little less on the first part.Not a book to take too serious, but got me well entertained for as long as it lasted.

  17. This is hilarious on the same note as A Dark Lord s Handbook is makes you smile all the way to the entirely cheesy Happy End Admittedly I liked the first 2 3 of the book better than the rest but that s me, I defy sentimental.

  18. Magic meets Science as a mage tests the limits of teleportation by heading to the stars, and meets other humans searching for colonies in their star ships Just add a coconut and you have a happening three some.

  19. This is one of only a few books I ve read that successfully blends science fiction and fantasy.It was a good read.

  20. Fun, light hearted, well written romp While the story isn t THAT original, the author s blending of different genres was well done I m definitely looking forward to books in this universe.

  21. I enjoyed this so much I d gotten away from reading sci fi and this brought back all the fun reasons why I loved to read it I can t wait for a sequel

  22. Complete and utter brain candy with no depth That said and accepted, amusing and worth the read Will also note that the cover is misleadingly horrible.

  23. I have mixed feelings about this book, even though, I did not regret reading it.For a good portion of the book, the story follows two independent threads The exploration and battles of an interstellar fleet from Earth And a mage s efforts to expands his range of teleportation and get off his planet On both threads we follow one main character Of course, the two threads will meet, just as they do.Short spoiler free summary Pro Interesting idea of mixing full sci fi and full fantasy New kind of li [...]

  24. I really enjoyed these books Sure they are a little light at times but you know sometimes it is just nice to read a good adventure without investing too much in characters etc Why do people want every character to have depth I read for pleasure and this book entertained me, the quality of the writing is pretty good and you are not left thinking WTF or feeling like it was never edited.So if you like an adventure and fun read then go for it.

  25. I don t think I technically included spoilers, but I may have trod the line, so BEWARE I never outright give out critical details, but I do discuss a little about the pattern of the plot developing and character decisions.I m of two minds about this book, and the sequels but I ll try to stay on the topic of this book only.On the one hand, it is well written and well edited I can visualize the worlds involved, and the space ships, and the magic and what not, based on descriptions given to me by t [...]

  26. Did you ever wonder what would happen if you crossed Star Trek with Dungeons and Dragons Well wonder no , because The Galactic Mage by John Daulton does just that and for the most part, does it rather well While at times reading like a fanfic, Dalton is able to deftly combine the two wildly disparate genres of speculative fiction and make it work without too much in the way of plot contrivances The novel is a story of two different yet in many ways similar protagonists Altin Meade is a young, br [...]

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