The Mayfair Moon

The Mayfair Moon After a nightmarish encounter with a werewolf seventeen year old Adria Dawson loses her sister but gains the love of a mysterious young man and his legendary family Strange and tragic things begin t

After a nightmarish encounter with a werewolf, seventeen year old Adria Dawson loses her sister, but gains the love of a mysterious young man and his legendary family Strange and tragic things begin to happen in the small town of Hallowell, Maine residents come down with an unexplainable illness and some disappear In the midst of everything, Isaac Mayfair is adamant aAfter a nightmarish encounter with a werewolf, seventeen year old Adria Dawson loses her sister, but gains the love of a mysterious young man and his legendary family Strange and tragic things begin to happen in the small town of Hallowell, Maine residents come down with an unexplainable illness and some disappear In the midst of everything, Isaac Mayfair is adamant about keeping Adria safe, even from her sister whom he has warned her to stay away from As unspeakable secrets unfold all around Adria, impossible choices become hers to bear Ultimately, no matter what path she takes, her life and the lives of those she loves will be in peril As she learns about the werewolf world she also learns why her place in it will change the destinies of many.

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The Mayfair Moon

  1. J.A Jessica Ann Redmerski is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and award winner who juggles several different genres She began self publishing in 2012, and later with the success of THE EDGE OF NEVER, signed on with Grand Central Publishing Forever Romance She has since signed three deals with GC Forever for titles THE EDGE OF ALWAYS, SONG OF THE FIREFLIES and THE MOMENT OF LETTING GO Her works have so far been translated into twenty languages THE EDGE OF NEVER made it to 2 on the New York Times bestseller eBook list, and remained on the 1 spot on for two straight weeks THE EDGE OF ALWAYS also made the New York Times bestseller list.Jessica is a hybrid author who, in addition to working with a traditional publisher, also continues to self publish The Portuguese rights to her popular crime and suspense series, In the Company of Killers, have been picked up by one of Brazil s largest publishers Suma de Letras Paikese Kirjastus in Estonia Ephesus in Turkey Konyvmolykepzob in Hungary Niezwykle in Poland Bragelonne in France The series has been optioned for television by William Levy in the United States, and a film exclusive to the Dominican Republic.Jessica is a lover of film, television and books that push boundaries and she s a sucker for long, sweeping, epic love stories Things on Jessica s wish list are to conquer her long list of ridiculous fears, find a shirt she actually likes, and travel the world with her partner in crime.What book is Jessica most proud to have written It s a question she gets asked quite often The answer is, hands down, DIRTY EDEN DIRTY EDEN was an entirely organic experience for me, as was the story from beginning to end nothing was planned, and I didn t know the end myself until I got there As much as I enjoy writing love stories and crime novels, a big part of my heart really does lie in the satirical and strange I just wish people would read it.

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  1. Actual rating 2.5This book was hard for me to rate I was very entertained by it and practically finished it in one sitting It very much reminded me of Twilight, in a good way, just better and about werewolves It s definitely one of those series that I would have obsessed over in my young teen years What I can say about this book is that it was fun but very cliche You have the special snowflake girl who finds herself in the middle of a paranormal war And for some reason everyone wants her because [...]

  2. I am a sucker for YA paranormal books Whether they be vampires, werewolves, fairies, you name it, I will read it This book did nothing for me I just didn t buy the whole romance between Isaac and Adria Didn t buy the love for sisters When I thought it would get good, it didn t I tried Spoiler below.Not sure how to hide a spoiler correctly so pressed ENTER a bunch of times.The paragraph below only tells a small part of what happened in the story, but is a part that annoyed me enough to be turned [...]

  3. I loved this book It s like Twilight s better, older, hotter, distant cousin This book is awesome for the following reasons1 The Main Character Adria was awesome I don t feel like she suffered from the TSTL syndrome that many YA heroines suffer these days I feel like even though her life wasn t great she was immensely loyal to her family I really hated her mom, but I appreciated that Adria didn t become an angst ridden teen angry at the world Now granted at times she did do some pretty stupid th [...]

  4. RememberJacob Black, No offense to his fans but I m kind of feel sorry for him He s the most misfortune werewolf I ve ever read He seems always in the wrong place meet wrong person in wrong time And then there sSam Roth,a sentimental musician werewolf which surprisingly I enjoyed his story Now, meet Isaac Mayfair , 19 yo werewolf from the most famous bloodline He s pureblood, second in line and his Alpha is feared by other werewolves He met Adria Dawson, female main character in this story, when [...]

  5. WOW, WOW, WOW Ms Redmerski, you clever gal, you went and created one incredibly addicting story, now didn t you I am SO glad I decided to pick up Mayfair Moon, it is one of the best YA fantasy books that I ve come across and I am officially hooked on this series Mayfair Moon is such a creepy, sexy twist for the werewolf story This is no Teen Wolf with a romance it s a scary, intense, unrelenting tale that grips you with memorable characters, a pulse racing love, and a captivating plot Right off [...]

  6. LOVED To be honest, it took me a little bit to really get into it I am not a huge fan of werewolf novels in general, but I wanted to give it a try b c I ve heard so much about it being a good book Pretty much as soon as Isaac comes into play I was hooked Now sadly, I saw a spoiler review for the last book, so I knew exactly what the weird stuff going on in the end of the book was I kinda wish I hadn t seen the spoiler I wonder if I would ve figured it out for myself But it didn t ruin anything I [...]

  7. As an avid bordering on voracious reader, I have a few simple requirements for a book to be successful 1 a strong, well developed plot with great potential for growth and 2 strong, believable, well developed characters with great potential for growth Not only did J.A Redmerski s first novel, The Mayfair Moon satisfy my requirements, it went well beyond what I would have expected from a first in a series novel To be completely frank, I had a hard time putting this book down Redmerski opens her no [...]

  8. The Mayfair Moon The Darkwoods Trilogy by J.A RedmerskiThe Mayfair Moon written by J.A Redmerski is a fantastic read the author has done a terrific job giving us a different type of story around werewolves I absolutely loved the fresh spin in this genre I found the authors writing refreshing, and I can say without a doubt that this trilogy is going to be a great one I have given the author and The Mayfair Moon a 5 star rating as her writing is great, plot and character description are done extre [...]

  9. Absolutely loved it That sentence alone would be the one I would pick if I could only write one sentence for my review.I absolutely loved this book And that is saying something because, as I have said numerous times before, werewolf books and I do not always get along I buy them, I read them, I want to like them, but very rarely do I really enjoy them Even the popular ones that everyone raves about.Yep, we have a fascinating love hate relationship, werewolf books and I.So for me to say that The [...]

  10. So, I m planning on reading a lot of Redmerski s other books since she s written a lot and y all know how her In the Company of Killers series is one of my top faves This book was all right It s kind of like Twilight, just written better and focuses on werewolves There were a few cheesy parts but it s super addicting and I read it in a couple days so it s super fast paced I also like the author, and that just makes my enjoyment level higher Actual Rating 3.5 5

  11. Okay so i m not entirely sure why everyone loved this book I m actually thorougly confused honestly It wasn t a horrible book persay I loved the way it started off but then it all went downhill from there to me at least Our heroine was so annoying at times i could scream I m all for the damsel in distress but Damnit Do something smart view spoiler For instancewe have the moment where her sister is eating rawmeat over the counter A La Carte e s all twisted up in some exorcist wayd our heroine is [...]

  12. I really enjoyed this werewolf story It has action, intrigue, and love.The story moves fast.Isaac Mayfair stole my heart His cold, distant demeanor pulled me in, and then his warm feelings for Adria kept me motionless beside them.

  13. Very good read indeed Can t wait to jump into book two to find out what happens next with Isaac and Adria The whole story was quite interesting The writing style and main character intonation complemented the storyline perfectly Adria s voice captured her high school teenage persona convincingly and she came across as a sincere level headed teenager who regretfully had been dealt a less than perfect hand by fate but somehow managed to stay strong and make the best of things I liked the author s [...]

  14. To read this review and pop by my blog, Drugs Called BooksIt s like 2.75.This book was a major disappointment to me I heard so much good things about it, from people whose opinion I hold in high regards, and it disappointed in almost every aspectE WRITINGI will start with Redmerski s writing style, because there lay the main problem I had with the book I hated it It made me cringe at parts, and for me it didn t flow, caught in my ear and was simply awful I sometimes wondered if I were reading [...]

  15. Actual Rating if you are sickenly obsessed with Superntural like me is 3.5 starsIf you don t like Supernatural then the rating is 3.And if you don t like Supernatural, then this is all I have to say to you So the reason this book got an extra half a star rating is because of the mention of Supernatural Yes, I m giving it half a star beacuse it mentions a TV show that I love DON T JUDGE ME Also I d like to say that I squealed like a little girl when this came in the mail It was my first giveaway [...]

  16. I just had to DNF this book And I just have to rant about it I m sorry, I love YA romance and I can suspend certain beliefs for the betterment of the reading experiencebut these characters were just ridiculous Isaac and Adria s love at first sight is completely without chemistry and based onabsolutely nothing At least in a similarly ridiculous book like Twilight even though the fact their love was also based on virtually nothing you could actually believe it a little bit I mean, at least Bella s [...]

  17. I m not usually surprised by werewolf books, but this managed to do just that In most of the werewolf books I read, they turn into a wolf In this book, the werewolves turn into Lycans, or half man half beast I don t usually read werewolf books like this, but this book made me love it from beginning to end There is so much character diversity, but they all fit and work well together Adria is the main character of this book She was close to her sister Alex, back when they lived in Athens, Georgia [...]

  18. What can I say but WoW J.A Redmerski, why oh why did it take me this long to read it I absolutely love this book and the characters in it I seriously played out every scene in the book like it was an actual movie shot Yes, it s a story about werewolves, but it s so much different and very unique, than your average werewolf story It s eerily dark, cloaked in so much mystery and heart palpating twists and turns The wolves are actually huge, as in, totally morphed and vividly reminiscent of the Ly [...]

  19. Alex and Adria, the two sisters have always strongly bonded from their childhood, even domestic violence could not affect them they always found support and comfort in each other A bloodcurdling encounter with a werewolf and being attacked caused the sisters to move in small town of Hallowell to live with their uncle Adria considered this as her second chance to forget the violent incident of werewolf attack and start over her life and met a mysterious young man named Isaac Mayfair who has his o [...]

  20. Now I m starting to get cranky It seems as though it s been a week of 3 star books for me and I m over it I don t think a book has ever managed to piss me off within the first 2 pages like this one did Kudos On the first page, Adria, or Dria talks about her life with her older sister, her mom, and her mom s abusive boyfriend She says But don t get the wrong idea no one beat me, and my life wasn t all that bad, really Hmm OK If you say so, girl She also goes on to say, Who could be scared of a we [...]

  21. Roar licous The Mayfair Moon, had my adrenaline charged Omgosh it was filled with wonderful characters good bad and has an amazing awesome love story I can not stop thinking about this book I need of Isaac Adria p

  22. Book 1Um, this book was better than the reviews I read about this book, but it was disjointed in several areas Adria was level headed but the writing about her circumstances made the sub plots feel forced Her uncle was getting better, but nothing was written about what may have happened to him when he was attacked Was he turned No clue Her sister, Alex, was turned into a werewolf which changed her complete personality The secret Adria knows about Isaac s father has to be kept Would she want to h [...]

  23. This story definitely filled my need for werewolves in my life And it brought werewolves to me in a new aspect JA Redmerski s wolves are big, I mean, huge They are snarly big mean looking monsters.First thing I noticed about this book is that it read very easily It felt like I was talking with an old friend, and I really liked that I didn t feel like I was being told a story, so much as I was there for it.Adria and Alex are sisters living in Georgia with their mother and her boyfriend Life isn t [...]

  24. Am i the only one who hasn t ready many books with werewolves Because that was the main reason i got the book I wanted to read something a little different than usual.Sooo i have both positive and little negative feedback for this book To start with the positive, the book takes you in easily Okay, at the first 1 2 chapters i wanted to give up, but there was something in there telling me nogo on And i did And i was surprised The mystery about the werewolves and the families are what kept me most [...]

  25. Ordinarily I try to find books about at least 17 to 18 yr olds because I like to have a bit of spice in my books It does not have to have all out sex, but at 17 and 18 you re expecting a little than kissing without tongue Something a little mature, you know This was one of the reasons why I picked up this book along with the fact that it was also about weres shapeshifters, which I prefer to vampires I will admit that although I wasn t crazy about the writing I kept at it until I got about 68% [...]

  26. No rating yet I need to figure out my thoughts review to come Some thoughts so far Why do Isaac and Adria love each other What is the draw Is there a reason I didn t really understand their love it was insta but it was never clarified why Mates Fated mate He just knew and they love each other quickly.The other things such as werewolves is dark I m not sure I fully understand the magnitude of this world I didn t understand her sister I didn t understand the enemy what was this war because of Jeal [...]

  27. 3.5 starsMayfair Moon was an enjoyable enough read, and I m always quite happy to be reading about werewolves, and this book definitely has it s fair share of some hot, sexy specimens, especially Isaac.The main character, Adria is a likeable enough character, though slightly annoying at times, but not enough so to hinder my enjoyment of the book.The romance bothered me though There s an instant attraction on both sides, and from the way things were playing out, and some comments that were made b [...]

  28. Now this, ladies and gentlemen is one heck of a book I wasn t even half way through and I sent it down to write to the author asking for the second book What I loved most about this story is the plot It s HOTT It s puts the A in WESOME It s everything I wanted in a plot Fast paced, action packed and loaded with secrets I enjoyed that the move moved with every chapter The reader is entranced from start to finish in every way possible I just can t believe how I could have missed the book I so wish [...]

  29. Can t wait to read this only 0.77 in kindle store now This book centers around a young girl, Adria, and her sister, Alex, stumbling across a werewolf fight Then they move town, due to child services involvement and meet even werewolves What I found annoying about this book is how stupid Adria is not to realise extremely obvious things going on around her view spoiler That her sister Alex is changing into a werewolf view spoiler Her relationship with the love interest seems to develop without an [...]

  30. I loved this book so much I didn t really know what to expect from it but I was immediately drawn in from the first page by Adria and her conversational and engaging style of narrating This book took you from Adria s life in Georgia where she was so withdrawn and content to let her sister Alex overshadow her and take over to their move to Maine after a mysterious accident that triggers a dangerous change in Alex After separating herself from Alex, you can see Adria start to stand on her own and [...]

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