Father's Day: A Journey into the Mind and Heart of My Extraordinary Son

Father s Day A Journey into the Mind and Heart of My Extraordinary Son A remarkable memoir from the best selling author of Friday Night Lights and Three Nights in August Buzz Bissinger s twins were born three minutes and a world apart Gerry the older one is a graduate

A remarkable memoir from the best selling author of Friday Night Lights and Three Nights in August.Buzz Bissinger s twins were born three minutes and a world apart Gerry, the older one, is a graduate student at Penn, preparing to become a teacher His brother Zach has spent his life attending special schools He ll never drive a car, or kiss a girl, or live by himself HeA remarkable memoir from the best selling author of Friday Night Lights and Three Nights in August.Buzz Bissinger s twins were born three minutes and a world apart Gerry, the older one, is a graduate student at Penn, preparing to become a teacher His brother Zach has spent his life attending special schools He ll never drive a car, or kiss a girl, or live by himself He is a savant, challenged by serious intellectual deficits but also blessed with rare talents an astonishing memory, a dazzling knack for navigation, and a reflexive honesty that can make him both socially awkward and surprisingly wise.Buzz realized that while he had always been an attentive father, he didn t really understand what it was like to be Zach So one summer night Buzz and Zach hit the road to revisit all the places they have lived together during Zach s twenty four years Zach revels in his memories, and Buzz hopes this journey into their shared past will bring them closer and reveal to him the mysterious workings of his son s mind and heart The trip also becomes Buzz s personal journey, yielding revelations about his own parents, the price of ambition, and its effect on his twins.As father and son journey from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, they see the best and worst of America and each other Ultimately, Buzz gains a new and uplifting wisdom, realizing that Zach s worldview has a sturdy logic of its own a logic that deserves the grea

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Father's Day: A Journey into the Mind and Heart of My Extraordinary Son

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  1. This book is a perfect Father s Day gift a road trip story of a man trying to bond with his son, while reflecting on his own father, his other significant relationships, and his personal triumphs and failures It is heartfelt and powerful and a little sappy and a little funny and I love it passionately.The skeleton of Bissinger s book is a road trip that he designs as an opportunity to get to know one of his sons, a young man who suffered brain damage at birth and grew up Different Zach is a comp [...]

  2. This is the kind of book I would normally devour Unfortunately, I didn t respond that way to this book While I appreciate how incredibly tough it must be for the author to have a son with significant brain issues particularly since this son has a normal twin brother , the author comes across as terribly self absorbed and with many, many self admitted issues of his own The book is ostensibly about the author and son s cross country drive where they could rediscover old haunts and experience signi [...]

  3. Back in the 1970 s Buzz Bissinger, best known for the book Friday Night Lights, watched as his twin boys were born 13.5 weeks early and three minutes and three ounces apart And although it doesn t seem like it should, those three minutes and three ounces made all the difference to you younger twin, Zach Because of them, Zach, unlike his brother Gerry, suffered irreparable trace brain damage that have left him mentally retarded, unable to process the abstract, but with a savant s memory, especial [...]

  4. Definitely worth a read I found this book on my mom s shelf, one of dozens of books given to her by a dear bookish friend Basically this friend who recently passed away would show up for lunch dates with a paper bag full of books you have to read It was overwhelming to my mom, so she would always offer me as many free books as I would like on my visits Jackpot Mom said she had started Father s Day and didn t like it, but I suspect what she didn t like was Bissinger s language I wasn t too fond o [...]

  5. Buzz Bissinger was blessed with being the father of twins, and some would say cursed since Zack, the younger by 3 minutes, was brain damaged at birth But these are special people, and despite splitting from his wife shortly after this traumatic event, Bissinger shared fully in his sons development and lives When Zack is 25, the two of them go on a trip to visit places they d lived Although developmentally challenged, Zack possesses several astounding talents, a gift for navigation being one of t [...]

  6. Buzz Bissinger certainly can write Although his background is in newspaper reporting, he does an excellent job in sustaining a far longer narrative This is the first book of his I have read, although he is rather well known for Friday Night Lights I do plan on reading his other books because of the pure pleasure of reading such a good writer.The book this reminds me the most of, however, is Tuesdays With Morrie It seems artificial I don t believe that it took Bissinger 25 years and a cross count [...]

  7. Buzz Bissinger s twin boys were born 13 weeks early, weighing less than two pounds One of his sons, Zach, suffers brain damage As a result, Zach ends up severely mentally impaired This memoir is about Bissinger s quest to come to grips with who his son is Bissinger and Zach embark on a cross country road trip during which father learns much about son and himself Bissinger s portrayal of his relationship with his son is raw, honest and real I admired the author s courage in conveying in an honest [...]

  8. I picked this up because I heard the author on NPR and was intrigued by the premise A writer, Buzz Bissinger, takes his developmentally disabled adult son, Zach, on a cross country road trip, hoping for an epiphany or at least a few discoveries about the son on the way Woven into the road book plot are glimpses of the author s and his family s past, the birth of Zach and his twin brother Gerry when the three minutes between the boys exits from the womb and even the way they lay within it made al [...]

  9. This memoir was an easy read, yet was a very powerful book Buzz Bissinger writes eloquently about taking a cross country trip with his brain damaged adult son Zach, his overpowering love for this man child, their often difficult relationship, and his attempt, through the trip, to understand his son better.Zach and his twin brother, Gerry, were born very prematurely in 1983 While Gerry generally was able to overcome any lingering cognitive birth issues at the time of the road trip, Gerry is in gr [...]

  10. I flip flopped on what to rate this The story itself is interesting As a parent, I give nothing but respect to those parents with children who have any kind of disability The challenges they must face are enormous and the few I have personally known have done it with such grace and love But it does make me question my abilities and whether or not I could handle it.But the fact is Bissinger is not really likeable His insistence on making his son conform to his wishes is uncomfortable Openly admit [...]

  11. A father describes a road trip he takes with his autistic son so that they can become closer So far so good.However, I found the author to be way too self absorbed And the writing in places is awful Check out this splat of literary vomitus Las Vegas is tired in the morning, a sequined hooker waking with mascara streaks of black tears and dagger slits in the rising sun in the stretched holes of her fishnets Like vampires, gamblers see the rising sun and scurry inside the nearest coffee shop to av [...]

  12. So in this book, the author s goal is to be as honest as he possibly can be about having a special needs son I totally respect this, and I m in no way trying to judge how hard it would be to parent a special needs child I ve never had to do this BUTe author is such a self centered jerk in so many aspects of his life not just his parenting , that I found it very difficult to keep reading He forces his son to take a road trip that the son does not want In the epilogue at the end of the book, the a [...]

  13. Buzz Bissinger is not the easiest guy to like see twitter rants or always the most stable see also shopping addiction article in GQ but one thing is for certain, he is an honest parent, fallible and flawed This book gave me a sense of greater understanding of what some of the parents I ve worked with must manage on a daily basis the questions about long term planning, feelings of grief and loss and worry, always worry Bissinger s son Zach is a pretty phenomenal human, but the father and son road [...]

  14. I ve hidden this very short review in case someone is offended by profanity.I wanted to give this five stars desperately The author is brutally honest about his experiences as a father of a special needs child I truly related to his feelings of non acceptance and of shame not of his son but of himself for his non acceptance I don t know of a single special needs parent who hasn t felt that way but usually, people don t put it into words This was refreshing I went back and forth on the rating and [...]

  15. I was so excited about this book, because I, too, have an extraordinary son who is very similar to Zach in many ways But I was very disappointed by the author and his attitude and thoughts and language and actions and the way he wrote about his son and even thought about him The day he never wants to think about EVER The day his twin sons were born, even 24 years later Why Because one is perfect and one is not And that s hard for him to get past Get over yourself, Buzz It s not all about you.

  16. I didn t much care for the father.whiny, ungrateful and his honesty about his feelings about his son were disturbingly cruel I m happy that his son will never have to read this book for himself and read his fathers rantings about how awful it is to have a grown child with a mental disability Bissinger is even embarrassed by his son.you d think after 20 years, he would have come to grips with it by now However, I enjoyed the read Hated the overuse of profanity, especially directed at his son.

  17. No child arrives with an instruction manual Mr Bissinger details the roller coaster life of a father who has a child with special needs A human and honest account about the world of parenthood Everyone who has seen, loved, liked, or taught a child should with any kind of differences should read this book In fact, any parent should.

  18. I really liked this book It can be a bit hard to read as he is quite honest The only reason I didn t give it 5 stars is that I doubt I would ever read it again I m trying to save 5 stars for books I want to read over and over and over Also, he drives into Texas and Burkburnet County Y all know, Burkburnet is in Wichita County.

  19. audio book on ridefrom FL ok narrated by father of autistic child now an adult trip they took crosscountry

  20. Today I finished reading Buzz Bissinger s Father s Day A Journey into the Mind and Heart of My Extraordinary Son It s a memoir about Buzz Bissinger s relationship with his developmentally disabled son, how that relationship is stretched and strengthened by a cross country road trip he undertakes with this son in 2007.I kinda read it at arm s length Wanting to Finding it hard Bissinger drops a lot of F Bombs He is impatient, quick to anger The potential of this same parent in me is there, but I m [...]

  21. This story could have been endearing However, I m surprised APS wasn t called on Bissinger after all the verbal abuse he writes about in the book I understand he was trying to be open and honest, but really he came across as a bitter, pathetic asshole I work with people with disabilities and enjoy reading these types of books, but I just couldn t wait for it to be over He also tries to be poetic and existential, but it just detracts from the story This book has only left me feeling annoyed and a [...]

  22. Buzz Bissinger writes with searing honesty in Father s Day, which ostensibly recounts a road trip taken with his son Zach in 2007 Zach, in his mid twenties at the time, was born prematurely and with a major oxygen deficiency three minutes after his twin s birth He suffers from a myriad of mental disabilities and is also a savant when it comes to dates and places Bissinger suggested the trip as a way to get to know his son, who has an interior life, just one that is inaccessible to those around h [...]

  23. Buzz s journey into the mind and heart of his son actually ends up like most journeys of discovery with Buzz examining himself as a father, husband and overall person Buzz decides to take his son, Zach, on a road trip to get to know him better Sounds great, right Well, the problem is that Zach, at the age of 24, is mentally handicapped and frankly, unable to engage in any type of self reflection, which makes the journey a bit of a frustrating one for dad In the end, however, Buzz, is able to gai [...]

  24. This is a well written, enjoyable, and often humorous book about a father really coming to grips with his son as he is a man with the limitations of brain damage but with some extraordinary gifts as well.Buzz Bissinger decides to take his adult son, Zach, on a cross country road trip in order for them to bond and have time together But a cross country trip with Zach is very different than one with someone who does not have the peculiarities of a 24 year old man with autism savant issues Zach do [...]

  25. In FATHER S DAY, bestselling author Buzz Bissinger embarks on a road trip with his adult savant son Zach was born 13 weeks premature and three minutes after his twin brother Because of those three minutes, his brain was deprived of oxygen, rendering him borderline mentally disabled his twin suffered developmental delays but is now a school teacher and leads an independent life He undertakes this trip in an effort to understand his son, to crack through the surface into his soul He writes with br [...]

  26. A good enough book it s not like there s much of a story there in the first place, and with what he s got, a road trip with an adult disabled son stretched to book length, the product is good, the writing and honesty carries it I would have given it four stars but one star is lost for the mistrust that I feel when an experience is created for writing, when a road trip is staged for a book, as was obviously the case here This staging, to me, is a different kind of dishonesty of the James Frey str [...]

  27. For some, life is all about flying with broken wings.Every parent experiences joy and sorrow, hope and disappointment, pride and shame The parent of a special needs child experiences all the usual parental emotions in a roller coaster ride of highs and lows with the knowledge that the job is never ending His child will never become an adult.Zack s premature entrance into the world left him with limitations that define his life, yet his strengths and the devotion of his parents have allowed him t [...]

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