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  1. Can t wait for Darryl s story, this is gonna be AWESOME Do you know what I did to the last guy that called me Tinkerbelle Slept with him Darryl was silent for a second After that.

  2. Loved the first book.Still waiting for the second.Oh, what the heck adds third book to to read list Not sure whose story this is going to be I m thinking Darryl but he s too obvious an answer Maybe the character will be introduced in Not So FoolProof Well, who cares It s going to be fucking awesome either way.Also, I sincerely hope the author gets better I d rather wait and get a book chapter released every five years rather than Dani Alexander running himself into the ground and producing the b [...]

  3. I can NOT wait for this book the moment it ll be released i ll be coming for it like so I have a wild guess about the other MC and Darryl s tamer that he could be James Hutcherson remember him he was in Shattered Glass, the officer who went to the same Academy with Austin.he looked perfect for Tinkerbelle s mood swings.

  4. If ever in the distant future this book will be released, I reserve the right to change the bookshelf But for now, I m done waiting.

  5. I want to read this so bad I don t even have words for it Darryl s been my favorite character in Shattered Glass, and that s to say something, because I also loooooved Peter

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