Love's Prophecy

Love s Prophecy Dark warriors of might Mel is a vampire warrior sworn to hunt and kill demons in the dark streets of Vancouver But he s burdened with a new assignment find the meaning behind the Vampire Prophecy Havi

Dark warriors of might Mel is a vampire warrior sworn to hunt and kill demons in the dark streets of Vancouver But he s burdened with a new assignment find the meaning behind the Vampire Prophecy Having no faith in the gods and their empty words, he believes there s no truth to the ancient legend until he meets Breeana, a human woman who bears the mark of the prophecDark warriors of might Mel is a vampire warrior sworn to hunt and kill demons in the dark streets of Vancouver But he s burdened with a new assignment find the meaning behind the Vampire Prophecy Having no faith in the gods and their empty words, he believes there s no truth to the ancient legend until he meets Breeana, a human woman who bears the mark of the prophecy and resembles the mysterious woman haunting his dreams When a vengeful demon spies Breeana in his arms, she is marked for death He must take her from the world she knows until he can eliminate the threat But the real danger is the role Breeana must play in fulfilling the prophecy and the intense feelings she brings out in him Mel is forced to choose between his obligations to his kind, the world, and the woman he loves Can he turn his back on love to let her go, or will he risk her life and bind her to him for all eternity Small warriors of light Veterinarian, Dr Breeana Spencer yearns for love and companionship, but the disappointment of failed relationships have taken their toll She now finds solace in romance novels But when she meets a mysterious stranger, she s drawn to him by a connection so forceful it shatters all reason, leaving her incapable of resisting him Yet there s to him than smoldering good looks and a rock hard body As she s drawn deeper into his danger filled world, she learns she s part of an ancient vampire legend Breeana f

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Love's Prophecy

  1. Brenda Dyer is the author of the award winning Prophecy Series After years of ignoring the different characters yelling in her ears, she decided to start listening and write their stories.Brenda lives in Victoria B.C with her husband, two teenage boys, and a wide assortment of animals.She loves hearing from readers To find out how to contact her, visit her websiteendamdyer

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  1. My Review Ahhh the proverbialCOMPLETELY AMAZING, UNIQUE, and MESMERIZING Paranormal Vampire Book I am so in love with Love s Prophecy This is one of those special books that I keep to reread over and over and over again Here, let me show you a little of what I mean.The Good Once again, it was the characters who drew me in and held me hostage for the entire book How could I not love Breeana Sure she has some baggage but when she admitted that she was waiting for the kind of lover you find in Roma [...]

  2. For thousands of years, a war has been waged between vampires, who are sworn to protect humankind, and demons, who wish to corrupt human souls, and eventually bring about Earth s destruction.Mel is a vampire warrior with a long and tortured past Breeana is a woman who has been burned by love in the past, and now lives vicariously through the heroines in her favorite vampire romance novels When the two cross paths at a local bar, there is an instant attraction Unfortunately, they are ambushed by [...]

  3. 3 1 2 Stars I really liked this book, but I didn t love it The main characters, Mel, the vamp and Breeana, his human love interest , started their relationship off nicely and I thought to myself, this is a true vampire romance book Let me tell ya, it was nice getting back to what I love about a good paranormal love story Although for meonce they met and endured a dangerous situation together, I was no longer quite as entertained The insta love, which some people love and some people don t, mysel [...]

  4. I had actually read the second book that s the great thing with these books They each contribute to the over all story but each can be read as a stand alone and out of order, the I suspect it adds to the fun when read in order When the third book comes out I d love to hear Roarick s story And I d love to watch the process as Ike learns I will read the first two again in order In my review for the second book, Prophecy s Child I mentioned that the problems faced by the leads well, minus the actu [...]

  5. Even though this was kind of similar to Lara Adrian s Breed series, I didn t think it was bad The concept here is of a divine one A battle between good and the fallen Lucifer who commands a demon hoard to wipe out humans and the vampires that protect them There is a prophecy that will end this war between Lucifer and mankind and it is up the warrior vampires to find it If you are not a fan of insta love then this may not be for you because these two MC s were over the top with that There was a [...]

  6. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.4 starsLately, I ve been reading a lot of NA Contemporary, so when I saw a post from Brenda Dyer about her latest vampire story, the second in a series, I jumped at the opportunity to read something different I ve missed my paranormal stories, especially the vampires And, boy am I glad I saw Ms Dyer s post I thoroughly enjoyed both books in this series.This first book, Love s Prophecy, introduces readers to vampire warriors The warr [...]

  7. Ms Dyer has written a book that I will return to again and again The lead characters of Mel and Breeana are both likeable, sexy and pull on the heartstrings with their respective back stories Mel is a hero you immediately fall in love with and want to save Breeana is tough and loyal and the perfect companion for Mel The story drew me in from the first page with its interesting Biblical imagery and fresh take on an old story Ms Dyer has managed to make vampires interesting and new, and I really r [...]

  8. Where to start WOW I m not sure if any of you have ever experience one of those what in the hell was I waiting for to read this moments I did with Love s Prophecy and I m kicking myself for not reading it much sooner.It s exciting, sexy, fun, funny and leaves you wanting in the very best way possible That s saying something Now I must get my hands on the next in the series because I find myself with a but of a crush Anyone else find themselves drooling a bit over Kal or is it just me A definite [...]

  9. Some books you can read at face value, but there s something eerily believable between the lines of Love s Prophecy Ms Dyer hasn t just been creative, she s reasoned out an entirely new role for Vampires, and you won t believe what it is The heat level between Mel and Breeana makes a woman long to walk the dark, wet streets of Vancouver in the off chance she might run into a Vampire The author doesn t duplicate the old myths, she explains them, and douses the BS leaving a clean tale and purpose [...]

  10. Overall Rating 4.5 Rockin There is a purpose and time for all things and everything happens in that time The CreatorIn this the first book in Brenda Dyer s Prophecy series we begin a journey to find the purpose and understanding of things that have been foretold In Love s Prophecy, Mel, a vampire warrior is assigned a job to research and find out what an ancient prophecy recently uncovered means Not enad with his assignment, Mel puts it on the backburner and continues to battle demons and protec [...]

  11. When I read about this book and noticed that it had vampire s in it I just had to give it a try I didn t know if it would keep my attention when I saw how many pages that I had to read I thought why not I didn t have anything to lose.I loved this book and I couldn t put it down so needless to say I read this book in one night because I couldn t put it down The author did a wonderful job and didn t give too much info to make it seem it was over my head.Mel seems like the kind of vampire I would l [...]

  12. I love the way that the events all flow together and there is no stopping of the events It is almost impossible to put the book down because you want to know what is going to happen and how each event is going to turn out Mel and Breena are great characters They both bring in something that allows for the feeling of peace that results in the relationship It was sad and scary towards the end but the bad was well worth all of the good.

  13. This book wasn t exactly what I expected when I read the blurb description However I won t be to nick picky about how it really didn t meet my expectations I will just say, Love s Prophecy is a lovely story about two unlikely people finding one another at their most lowest points of theirs lives and fate step in an deemed to put them together There were some grammar error, but other than that the story was just okay I mean the author provided some fight action and she give us some steamy sex act [...]

  14. Original post here offbeatvagabond 2012 08 indie book review loves prophecyml Now, you know my love for the Black Dagger Brotherhood That series has started my love for Paranormal Romance And being a fan, I would love to introduce to you its cousin who is just as badass and sexy might I add Dyer has given us an amazing new take on vampires and it was so good, I have every intention on getting the next book as soon as possible Breeana and Mel are just amazing together Even though this is a parano [...]

  15. Okay, I m going to give it to you straight I normally don t read much paranormal, but I made a vow to myself at the beginning of the year that I was going to step out of my box and read genres I usually don t So, I ve read and heard a great deal about Brenda Dyer s LOVE S PROPHECY story and thought that would be a great place for me to start After all it involved love and I m all about the romance And I also read it s not the typical vampire story so of course that was a determining factor in my [...]

  16. I have to say I read the second book 1st but I love that one so much I decided to read the first I know it s backwards but swell Breeana is your average women human she is at a club when she meets Mel he seem like an average guy he walks here to her car when Mel sees a group of demons you see Mel isn t human he s a vampire and the demons recognize h when Mel tells breeana to get to her car and she refuses the she demon makes a point in targeting her thinking breeana is Mel s lover at the te it s [...]

  17. I m always a bit leery with new authors and their vampires Some authors take the ridiculous route while other take the generic and over used route However, I was pleasantly surprised with this book The author found her own new twist for her vampires and I thoroughly enjoyed reading how she made it all come to life Love s Prophecy was well written and introduced plenty likeable characters There were plently of points were I laughed out loud at the humor The love story between Mel and Breeana was [...]

  18. I have to say, Love s Prophecy is a unique and inspiring story about vampires, love, and destiny At first I was a little on alert as it starts off with God and the angels Lesser Gods, and as a Wiccan I worried that the religious tones would ruin the story for me Boy, was I WRONG.I loved the way she depicted all the Gods and how fate, free will, love, and need all interweave into a sexy, loving story of Breeana and Mel finding not just their way to each other but also in dealing with the Prophecy [...]

  19. Mel is a vampire, who has suffered mostly at the hands of his father His mother wasn t in his life until just before he married His father had Mel s wife and Mother killed, because Mel refused to obey his orders To Say Mel is haunted his an understatement He feels unworthy of love or happiness Until he meets Brenna.Brenna is a human female, sporting a very unique birth mark, which ties into the vampire s mission on Earth She is also part of a Band, which plays at the Green tree, where she is des [...]

  20. 4 Fang tastic Stars March 2015 Book Book Book of the Month Group Read Want to join our group Check it out on Facebook by clicking here Jen s Book Nook tinyurl lgw62znVampire Prophecy In the depth of time when all sorrow shall climb The gods shall send the ones to help bring about the end From these shall spring The saviors to whom all shall cling From light and dark look for the mark The time will come when the two shall make one Small warriors of light dark warriors of might From light and dark [...]

  21. Couldn t put this one down I had to KNOW what happened to Mel and Breena I think one of the best signs of a good book for me is when I find myself thinking and worrying about the characters during the day when I can t be reading I had a lot of worry for these two Mel is such a great dark hero you can t help but fall in love with him I m completely sucked into this world, and I can t wait for the next book.

  22. Awesome StoryThis book was just amazing I love paranormal romances and when I received this book I was very excited Who doesn t love vampires And Mel fulfilled all my expectations of a true vampire I so cannot wait to read the next book I would definitely recommend this book to family and friends

  23. Of all the new authors I have read this book knocked me on my butt I was blown away Impatiently awaiting the net release from this author.

  24. I absolutely loved it The characters were brilliant, I love the prophecy and I can t wait to start the next one

  25. This story rocks Plain and simple I m not generally a vampire fan, but this book makes me change my mind Beautifully written story with heart felt romance and lots of steamy love scenes.

  26. Also visit to see this review and others.Publication Date January 21, 2012Publisher SelfISBN B00702YWFOGenre Paranormal RomanceThe Blurb Dark warriors of mightMel is a vampire warrior sworn to hunt and kill demons in the dark streets of Vancouver But he s burdened with a new assignment find the meaning behind the Vampire Prophecy Having no faith in the gods and their empty words, he believes there s no truth to the ancient legend until he meets Breeana, a human woman who bears the mark of the pr [...]

  27. First I would like to thank Brenda Dyer for allowing me to read and review Love s Prophecy I have to say when I found out the book was about Vampires and Demons I was super excited to read it I love Vampire and Demon books but I love them when the author decides to change up a few things and add a different scenery Brenda did such an excellent job that I had trouble the book down and I stayed up till 3am reading till I was finished When I finished the last line I wanted actually I needed .So w [...]

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