Portrait of a Spore: The 3rd Unhidden Story

Portrait of a Spore The rd Unhidden Story PoaS is told from two points of view one gives us insight into the mind of a Spore bioengineered to wipe out everyone in North America without the vaccine mostly those from leaving only childre

PoaS is told from two points of view one gives us insight into the mind of a Spore, bioengineered to wipe out everyone in North America without the vaccine mostly those from 18 65 leaving only children and teens Starters and the elderly Enders The other point of view is Callie s mother The story covers the morning and afternoon of the spores arrival in Callie sPoaS is told from two points of view one gives us insight into the mind of a Spore, bioengineered to wipe out everyone in North America without the vaccine mostly those from 18 65 leaving only children and teens Starters and the elderly Enders The other point of view is Callie s mother The story covers the morning and afternoon of the spores arrival in Callie s hometown It fleshes out Callie s backstory and gives us some really great mother daughter moments.

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Portrait of a Spore: The 3rd Unhidden Story

  1. Lissa Price s debut novel STARTERS is an award winning, international bestseller published in over thirty countries Dean Koontz called this YA futuristic thriller a smart, swift, inventive, altogether gripping story The LA Times said it is Dystopian science fiction at its best, and Readers who have been waiting for a worthy successor to The Hunger Games will find it here STARTERS was a Barnes Noble pick of the month and one of only four debuts on the BN Best Teen Books of 2012 It was awarded the its Eselsohr for Best YA Book in 2012, selected by a jury of teens in Germany, and was chosen as a top ten favorite book of 2012 by both French and German readers It won the Crimezone Award for Best YA Thriller and is one of the LAPL s and Chicago Public Library s Best Teen Books of 2012.Starters was chosen for the IRA Reading List and is the only book nominated for both the Florida Teens Read List and the SSYRA Middle School List 2013 14.In Germany, Starters launched a brand new YA imprint of the established Piper Verlag publisher called IVI Audiobooks have been recorded in English and German.See the book trailer that played in front of the Hunger Games film in selected theaters in the US and abroad at her site The release dates for Enders will be announced by the publishers of each country, with some starting in May 2013.If you want to contact Lissa, please do it through her website, fb, twitter or tumblr and not here She s happy to email you back if you reach out to her that way She thanks everyone for their support

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  1. Portrait of a Spore is a short story found at the end of the paperback version of Starters It was told from an alternating point of view of Barbara Woodland, Callie s mother, and a spore It was set right before the Spore Wars happened It was a very sad short story as Barbara s truly afraid for her children s safety because of the on going war and the chaos that surrounds them Like Callie, she is a strong headed, caring, and protective woman I find it a bit odd that a Spore even has a POV Sometim [...]

  2. Uma curta vis o sobre o fim do mundo que conhecemos.Legalzinho Mais um conto extra da s rie Starters e Enders N o canso de repetir o quanto sou f de contos ent o deixe me repetir para quem n o costuma ler minhas resenhas sou super f de contos Desta forma, claro que fiquei ultra feliz por Lissa Price escrever tantos contos sobre o mundo dos Starters.Esse quarto conto Extra da s rie que segundo a ordem informada pelo deveria ter sido o terceiro a ser lido se passa, na verdade, antes de qualquer um [...]

  3. Quest ultimo breve racconto ambientato prima dell arrivo delle spore, quando Callie e Tyler vivono ancora con i loro genitori Le cose non stanno andando bene, la gente disperata e senza cibo, molti negozi sono chiusi, non puoi fidarti di nessuno La famiglia di Callie sta cercando di andare avanti Tyler va con un amico in visita al museo di storia naturale E solo una breve gita, ma sua madre Barbara non pu evitare di pensare che quella sia l ultima volta che lo vede I suoi figli sono stati vaccin [...]

  4. PROS Stakes Between her writing style in both novel and short story length, I ve come to appreciate Lissa s brand of developing a crescendo A good story, no matter how short or long, tends to involve each scene getting worse for the characters Oh boy, does this do it Upsetting Now, that sounds bad, but its good.let me explain The setting of this is a T minus X countdown of the bomb that affects Callie s life You already know what s going to happen, so the ticking time bomb element creates excell [...]

  5. Portrait of a Spore is a short story that takes place on the day the Spore missiles are released in the dystopian U.S of Starters You get two POVs in this story the main one coming from Callie s mother and the other from a Spore itself Readers of Starters already know that the story will end with Callie s mom being exposed to the Spore that will eventually lead to her death but it is a beautiful telling that shows the devastation and terror of the beginning of the Spore wars This story furthers [...]

  6. Portrait of a Spore is a super short story that at the end of the Starters paperback edition It s written in two point of views a Spore and Callie s mother, Barbara Woodland I thought it was a bit weird for the spore to have its own thoughts and found that part of the story a bit boring However, I did enjoy getting to know Callie s mother a bit Like Callie, she s strong, loving and protective The short story takes place the day that the spores hit We re able to see what Callie and her mom did th [...]

  7. i think this story is totally unnecessary since it didn t really give any significant details explaining the situation only establish the plot in another POV it s basically an account of what Callie and her family were doing at the time of the release of the spores i feel like this story really didn t contribute anything to the first book Starters since in there we already knew the important part about what happened to Callie s parentse parts which were written in the POV of the spore creeps the [...]

  8. Questo s che un prequel Ecco, se c una cosa peggiore di tagliare in due l ultimo film di una saga, fare dei prequel vuoti e senza senso E ultimamente ne ho letti molti.Eccetto quelli della Price.In poche pagine, riesce a concentrare un mondo in grado di coinvolgere il lettore.E devo ammettere che il doppio punto di vista di questo mi ha stupita.Da una parte Barbara, madre che teme per il futuro dei suoi figli, e dall altra le Spore O meglio, la Spora qualcosa di strano e originale allo stesso te [...]

  9. This short story is told from the alternating perspectives of Callie s mom, Barbara, and the spore that caused her death It chronicles the day Barbara was contaminated by the spore Very sad It was heartbreaking to hear her thoughts on what would happen to her children in a future that seems so uncertain Her fear is evident throughout the story, as is the desperate situation of their world Chaos has begun and all Barbara wants to do is protect her daughter and make one memory with her before eve [...]

  10. Telling the Spore s side of the story, and knowing how they think, how they feel and what they know what they do Then we have Callie s mother too, her part of the story, and what she feels and thinks and tries to do Number one checkpoint on your to do list keep your family safe The beginning of it all, and I m very happy it was at the end of this book, I m glad I read this after reading the official first story It makes it intriguing Very interesting, and well done

  11. This novella was told from the point of view of Callie s mom and in an alternating point of view of a spore This was the best novella in the series because its set right before the spore wars happen I enjoyed reading about Callie s relationship with her mother and the events leading up to the spores falling 5 out of 5 stars

  12. an interesting take on a prequel I liked getting to see the MC s mom and her worries before the spore outbreak and what the world was like Her worries and how she tries to shield her kids while preparing for the future I m conflicted on the view of the spore, its hard to let a bacteria have thoughts and feelings, but it was interesting A good novella that adds to the story

  13. Short, and gave some background to the Starters Series I liked the little story it told and was still able to feel the same emotions I received from the first book If you re wanting to know that is not mentioned in the first installment, then read this But after finishing the last book, I m just disappointed with the whole series

  14. Simplemente me encanto esta historia corta Apesar de ser solo 30 paginas, Lissa Price transmiti en mi la misma sensaci n de starters querer saber mas, no poder soltarlo, emoci n, angustia Que este contado desde el punto de vista de la mam de Callie y de una Spore, me pareci excelente.

  15. Ein Blick in Callies Vergangenheit zu haben war sch n und auch gleichzeitig viel zu traurig f r mich Dennoch war es sch n Callies Mama kennenzulernen und die beiden Hauptb cher weiter zu verstehen.

  16. This book is a bit boring and I can t believe that a spore can have a POV Wow, that s new Well here we can see Callie s mother, Barbara Woodland s point of view before and during the accident Like Callie, she s loving, caring and very protective That s all Thank you.

  17. I hate the spore for killing Callie s mum , Screw their purpose That was just, ugh.Love how poetic it was thoughAnd since I m a sucker for tragedies, I d give this a 5 in a scale of 1 10

  18. And the spore found his destiny She was so beautifulAD WAS CALLIE S MOTHER, BARBARA WOODLAND.

  19. Wow So Fucking Creepy I actually thought that this writing was stronger than the writing in the actual book Starters I like this story the best so far out of the novellas Two thumbs up

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