David Sedaris Live at Carnegie Hall

David Sedaris Live at Carnegie Hall Sedaris s sold out performance at Carnegie Hall from November is now available on CD He is also the author of bestsellers Naked and Me Talk Pretty One Day CD

Sedaris s sold out performance at Carnegie Hall from November 2002 is now available on CD He is also the author of bestsellers Naked and Me Talk Pretty One Day 1 CD.

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David Sedaris Live at Carnegie Hall

  1. David Sedaris is a Grammy Award nominated American humorist and radio contributor.Sedaris came to prominence in 1992 when National Public Radio broadcast his essay SantaLand Diaries He published his first collection of essays and short stories, Barrel Fever, in 1994 Each of his four subsequent essay collections, Naked 1997 , Holidays on Ice 1997 , Me Talk Pretty One Day 2000 , Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim 2004 , and When You Are Engulfed in Flames 2008 have become New York Times Best Sellers.As of 2008, his books have collectively sold seven million copies Much of Sedaris humor is autobiographical and self deprecating, and it often concerns his family life, his middle class upbringing in the suburbs of Raleigh, North Carolina, Greek heritage, various jobs, education, drug use, homosexuality, and his life in France with his partner, Hugh Hamrick.Excerpted from.

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  1. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum This one is kind of a rule breaker when it comes to being a book as it is not only in audio format which grossly enough I have actually witnessed a friend be trolled over and told that is for real books since humans are awful and the reason why everyone just can t simply enjoy things , but it also is a hodgepodge of stories, magazine articles, diary entries, etc that can t be found in a single collection To sum it up, this is the best of the best when it c [...]

  2. I know, I know this isn t what most think of as being a book per se However, after being laid out in bed with the flu, Captain Trips, or maybe even that Gluten Free Ebola they were talking about on South Park for the past week or so, I really needed a dose David Sedaris sardonic brilliance in its most potent form.I have all of Sedaris books in audio and physical form And, yes, most of the material you will hear on David Sedaris Live at Carnegie Hall has found its way into his work elsewhere But, [...]

  3. It s David Sedaris, so of course it s enough to make you laugh in public Check this out after seeing David Sedaris perform live I d heard several of these pieces before, but still thoroughly enjoyed it

  4. Hilarious.My favorite was Six to Eight Black Men, an essay on Holland s Christmas customs.So funny.Sedaris is great to listen to.

  5. Funny I had heard or read all of these stories before but must have forgotten some parts because I found myself cracking up at work.

  6. I ve actually read many of the essays from this reading, but I love the cadence of Sedaris s voice, and I personally think that listening to him read his own stuff may actually be better than doing the reading myself.

  7. Let me start by saying I LOVE DAVID SEDARIS WRITING We listened to this on our way to San Diego last week and thoroughly enjoyed it It includes some new stuff we hadn t heard, esp about his sister Lisa the one who doesn t like the writing to be about her and updates on other family members, and this cd also includes Six to Eight Black Men about St Nicholas traditions in a foreign country a hoot and a short question and answer thing and that is just like at his concerts he repeats the question be [...]

  8. Listened to this, which is my preferred method of reading Sedaris Funny as always but most of the material was repeated from one or of his books Which I tend to reread, so that s fine, but was hoping for a few new bits.

  9. I listened to the audio of Sedaris at Carnegie Hall I had to pull the car over and catch my breath I was laughing so hard Loved every storyThanks, Stadium Pal

  10. I could listen to this again and again David Sedaris is certainly a gifted writer and performer I enjoy his stories about his family and am glad he is not my brother

  11. OK, technically I listened to this book But when the last best hope for scary monolithic world domination of information , says it is a bookI just say yes ma am After finishing David Sedaris Live at Carnegie Hall, I m getting in line to read his other concerts or listen to his other bookswhatevere he is hilarious Apparently, I m unbelievably late to the David Sedaris bandwagon, as friends of both my children and my parents have politely asked what took me so long Sure, I allowed myself to get di [...]

  12. Bestselling humorist Sedaris likes to test out new material on twice a year reading tours to get the rhythm and phrasing perfected before he puts them down on the page This live recording of his October 22, 2002, reading at Manhattan s Carnegie Hall finds Sedaris performing seven hilarious new pieces and taking a few questions from his audience As uproarious as Sedaris is on the page, he s even funnier reading his wickedly jaundiced reflections With brilliant deadpan timing, Sedaris is a charm, [...]

  13. It is no secret that I love David Sedaris And as much as I love his short stories I have a very special fondness for his autobiographical essays Having read most everything he s published there was very little new in this collection But that hardly mattered and it was still completely entertaining company while I ran One of the best things about this collection is that everything was performed live And that means that even if I knew a piece from having read it in print or heard it as part of a s [...]

  14. David Sedaris Live at Carnegie Hall is a recording of excerpts from Sedaris 2002 tour, recorded at Carnegie Hall Repeat After Me is a piece that explores the use of family anecdotes, in this case, of his somewhat paranoid sister Lisa, for material in his books and essays Hilarious throughout, the last line none the less brings a lump to the throat Who s the Chef explores dinner party conversations and one up manship Lesson Three explores going clothing shopping with Amy Lesson Four, male accesso [...]

  15. Despite this being a recording of a live show, since the author David Sedaris reads from his books, I wanted to include it here David Sedaris is so funny Both my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed his essay 6 to 8 Black Men which is absolutely hilarious This is a great audiobook for summertime listening when all you want to do is laugh.

  16. finished 10 2 13Several of Sedaris s stories read live by David to an audience at Carnegie Hall I had heard a few of these stories likely from this performance on other of his audiobooks, but it was just the right kind of pick me up I needed after finishing the emotionally heavy book I had just finished Good for several laughs

  17. This audiobook contains a lot of stories that are featured in other Sedaris books, but it does have a few selections that are unique to this recording Plus, it has 6 to 8 Black Men, which is one of his funniest stories, so it is definitely worth listening to this recording, even if you have already heard everything else he has recorded.

  18. I am not big on audio books but, after reading many GR reviews applauding Sedaris s style of narrating his own work, I had to give it a try Glad I did it was a real treat I wished the Q A at the conclusion of the reading was longer I wanted to hear about Rooster and what he s been up to I hope Sedaris writes about this colorful sibling.

  19. Pissed myself Yes, the stories are good but I think it s the delivery, in a concert hall setting, which realises the true humour in the material In other books, he often reads in a self indulgent voice, which stinks of snobbish sanctimony and twee pretence the humour is lost I prefer the down to earth vibe he puts out in front of an audience.

  20. First Sedaris book in awhile I ve enjoyed I was starting to fear that I d changed, or he had changed Luckily, these stories have shown me that Sedaris and I continue to have a good reader and author relationship.The stories were not overly vulgar, nor did he skirt around issues They were funny, each one making me smile Nothing than that Except some great political comentary.

  21. I was in the mood to have a fun and enjoyable laugh Had not heard of Sedaris concert Live Carnegie Hall We have a slight difference in humor taste, but this time he hit me on the spot and I was delighted and laughed out loud many times Sedaris was referred to me by some of my book club buddies, and it proved so enjoyable Thanks ladies

  22. This is a double collection of audio books that will guarantee to make you laugh out loud David Sedaris is a just a brilliant hilarious man.And, apparently, I had listened to Live at Carnegie Hall before It didn t diminish the enjoyment I had this time around, considering it was five years ago No wonder I didn t remember right away

  23. Being a huge fan of David Sedaris, I can go on on about how outrageously funny he is, but nothing illustrates that better than listening to him read his own work This CD is just the latest in a series of readings that made me laugh out loud over over again One of the best writers of our time and a prolific master of satire A must listen for Sedaris fans.

  24. Sedaris makes me feel good about being a human being, and he inspires me to be humane, loving, open, creative morre This was funny and poignant and aching and hopeful and heart breaking and life giving.

  25. Listening to this live recording, especially the question and answer section at the end, allowed me to live vicariously through anyone who has seen him live bucket list item for me Wonderful, includes 6 to 8 Black Men.

  26. This audiobook has some of David Sedaris best material and is highlighted by his dry reading of it This also contains his funniest story, a discussion of people who pronounce words in their original languages even when uncalled for.

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