River Magic

River Magic From the author of Mail Order Man Martha Hix comes the story of India Marshall who has come to the Union Army s Rock Island Prison Camp determined to set her brother free But unbeknownst to her h

From the author of Mail Order Man, Martha Hix, comes the story of India Marshall, who has come to the Union Army s Rock Island Prison Camp, determined to set her brother free But unbeknownst to her, he s a prisoner of the man with whom she s about to fall in love.

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River Magic

  1. I m a Texan Born and bred I wish I could say I grew up on a cattle ranch or had pump jacks working in my backyard, but I can t I m from Dallas My people were doctors, lumbermen, a tinker, merchants, plus a guy in Corrigan who owned a hotel bar livery stable He also ran his own personal loan agency But I did have the good fortune to spend a great deal of time all over the state as a child, a lot of it in West Texas and in the Hill Country I ve spent most of my adult life in Austin, San Antonio, and the Hill Country, which ain t a bad gig I get to go to Luckenbach, Texas, whenever I please, although Willie and Waylon are never there I do know quite a bit about Texas beer joints As a kid, I didn t mind listening to stories about how at least five earlier generations of my ancestors had been in the Lone Star State for a long, long time Well, in Texas that just meant than a hundred years This weird kid soaked up the stories I never got tired of listening My curiosity sure came in handy when I took up the obsession known as genealogy That was ions before Ancestry came about, back when you had to travel to courthouses or sit and go through reel after reel of census records and so forth to figure out your own little green leaves My interest in general history really came in handy when I took up writing both fiction and non fiction There are a lot of great things to be said about writing fiction and true stories I concentrated on stories about people and the history of businesses but we won t get into that I will brag on myself and say that my romance novels were translated into many foreign languages, some of them very foreign, like Japanese, Greek, and Turkish On the home front, I m still in the fabulous Texas Hill Country with my husband and our spoiled four legged kids The two legged young uns have grown up and moved on We have four fabulous grandkids a granddaughter and three grandsons, plus a wee great granddaughter I find it simply amazing that I still a young chick writing hot love stories and cleaner stories about men and women trying to tame this place called Texas have lived long enough to enjoy a great grandchild Me that chick with great grandparents who were involved in the Civil War Two were Confederates, one was a Union soldier, and then there was the fellow who owned slaves but wouldn t fight for the South Don t get me started I have lots of tales to tell I do love to write about historical events and oddball people Oh I forgot to tell you I hail from a family of writers On the Yankee side of my family I wouldn t have known that if I hadn t listened to what the elders had to say And, boy howdy, could they spin the tales See there You pick up all sorts of stories, when you listen to what the old folks have to say One is an author hereabouts, but I won t embarrass her by naming her Thanks for stopping by and listening to what I have to say If you ve read one of my books and enjoyed it, thank you If you didn t enjoy it, try another one I think I ve finally come to realize what makes these stories tick This new method got started with HIS RIP ROARIN BRIDE Would appreciate if you d let me know what you think.

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  1. Although this sounded good I just couldn t get into it and wasn t finding the characters very likeable I put it aside thinking I d go back to it but after a significant amount of time has passed I don t see me ever finishing it and the sequels, which I understand there is one possibly two at least, don t say read me I only got to page 22 and have no desire to continue giving it a try.

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