The House of the Scorpion

The House of the Scorpion With undertones of vampires Frankenstein dragons hoards and killing fields Matt s story turns out to be an inspiring tale of friendship survival hope and transcendence A must read for teenage f

With undertones of vampires, Frankenstein, dragons hoards, and killing fields, Matt s story turns out to be an inspiring tale of friendship, survival, hope, and transcendence A must read for teenage fantasy fans.At his coming of age party, Matteo Alacr n asks El Patr n s bodyguard, How old am I I know I don t have a birthday like humans, but I was born You were haWith undertones of vampires, Frankenstein, dragons hoards, and killing fields, Matt s story turns out to be an inspiring tale of friendship, survival, hope, and transcendence A must read for teenage fantasy fans.At his coming of age party, Matteo Alacr n asks El Patr n s bodyguard, How old am I I know I don t have a birthday like humans, but I was born You were harvested, Tam Lin reminds him You were grown in that poor cow for nine months and then you were cut out of her To most people around him, Matt is not a boy, but a beast A room full of chicken litter with roaches for friends and old chicken bones for toys is considered good enough for him But for El Patr n, lord of a country called Opium a strip of poppy fields lying between the U.S and what was once called Mexico Matt is a guarantee of eternal life El Patr n loves Matt as he loves himself for Matt is himself They share identical DNA.

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The House of the Scorpion

  1. Nancy was born in 1941 in Phoenix and grew up in a hotel on the Arizona Mexico border where she worked the switchboard at the age of nine She also found time to hang out in the old state prison and the hobo jungle along the banks of the Colorado River She attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon, earning her BA in 1963 Instead of taking a regular job, she joined the Peace Corps and was sent to India 1963 1965 When she returned, she moved into a commune in Berkeley, sold newspapers on the street for a while, then got a job in the Entomology department at UC Berkeley and also took courses in Chemistry there Restless, again, she decided to visit Africa She and a friend tried to hitchhike by boat but the ship they d selected turned out to be stolen and was boarded by the Coast Guard just outside the Golden Gate Bridge Nancy eventually got to Africa on a legal ship She spent than a year on Lake Cabora Bassa in Mozambique, monitoring water weeds Next she was hired to help control tsetse fly in the dense bush on the banks of the Zambezi in Zimbabwe Part of the time she spent in the capital, Harare, and was introduced to her soon to be husband by his soon to be ex girlfriend He proposed a week later Harold and Nancy now live in the Chiricahua Mountains of Arizona on a major drug route for the Sinaloa Cartel This is the setting for The Lord of Opium They have a son, Daniel, who is in the U.S navy Nancy s honors include the National Book Award for The House of the Scorpion and Newbery Honors for The Ear, the Eye and The Arm, A Girl Named Disaster and The House of the Scorpion She is the author of nine novels, three picture books and a number of short stories Her books have been translated into 26 languages.

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  1. This book has been on my shelf since pretty much the beginning of time so why on earth have I been wasting my time with every other poorly constructed dystopian world instead of reading this I have absolutely no excuse I own a copy, it s won practically every award going, and all my reviewer friends have been constantly singing its praises Perhaps I am way influenced by title and cover than I like to admit though there s nothing actually wrong with either, I still feel like this doesn t scream [...]

  2. This is one of the almost perfect books written for young adults It is an exciting story that will keep you turning the pages, but it also makes you think about the world we live in It is a Newbery and Printz honor book and winner of the National Book Award.In the House of the Scorpion, Nancy Farmer tells the story of Matt, the clone of 142 year old El Patron, dictator of Opium, a country between the United States and Aztlan In Opium, clones have one purpose, to extend the lives of those whose D [...]

  3. A really hit and miss book, with some terrific ideas and terrible plotting.The main character, Matt, is a clone of the world s biggest drug kingpin, the 140 year old El Patron Matt lives in El Patron s sprawling estate and is hated by most of the residents there, aside from his care taker Celia and El Patron himself, who is raising Matt for his own sinister reasons Soon, these reasons are revealed and Matt s only hope is to escape.This felt like it should have been at least twice as long The aut [...]

  4. Onvan The House of the Scorpion Matteo Alacran, 1 Nevisande Nancy Farmer ISBN 689852231 ISBN13 9780689852237 Dar 380 Safhe Saal e Chap 2002

  5. The House of the Scorpion is really unlike any YA middle grade book I ve ever read It s extremely philosophical and thought provoking, covering topics of the soul, identity, and human rights in a very intriguing way.It takes place in some distant future where there is a land between the U.S and Mexico that grows poppies for opium The main character Matt is a clone of the leader of the nation named El Patron El Patron seems kind and generous, giving his clone an education and privileges that othe [...]

  6. As seen on The ReadventurerFlannery made me do it and I am pleased that she did I have no idea why I ve been avoiding The House of the Scorpion for so long Just look at its accolades National Book Award Winner, Printz Honoree, Newbery Honoree It practically has my name written on it.But, is The House of the Scorpion worth such an overwhelming acclaim though I d say, its first 215 pages and the last 20 are ebook edition.The first two thirds of the book are riveting This story is not just a clone [...]

  7. Recommended to me by my teenaged son, the book had a promising start and an interesting middle, but it all kind of fell apart towards the end and finished with a very unsatisfying ending I liked the ideas presented about prejudice and predetermination vs self determination, and about the relative values of evil The book is chock full of evil doers, some of whom are despicable, some of whom are loved, and one, the most interesting character of them all, Tam Lin, who is a compelling mixture of sin [...]

  8. I HATED IT, and hated it on so many levels I truly do not know where to begin.First of all, I will acknowledge one aspect of the story that I found positive This is the story of Matt, a clone Matt is raised in a shack on the opium plantation of drug lord, El Patron He is El Patron s clone, grown for the purpose of being spare body parts for El Patron In this world the near future , clones are considered property, livestock The embroyos are implanted in cows, so the people of this world have come [...]

  9. This book is great because 1 It is a young adult book about, I kid you not, every social policy and ism you can think of drugs, slavery, cloning, classism, socialism, EVERYTHING2 I read all 400 or something pages in a day3 The story is really unique and I wasn t really sure what was going to happenAnyways, it is basically the story of the clone of the biggest drug lord in a country solely made up of drug farms A few people on the book s page mentioned that the writing was not amazing but, to tel [...]

  10. But underneath Matt felt a hollowness He understood he was only a photograph of a human, and that meat he wasn t really important Photographs could lie forgotten in drawers for years They could be thrown away You know that moment just before you ve entirely woken up, when you re dreaming, but you re conscious that you re dreaming, so you re hovering somewhere between sleep and wakefulness view spoiler Or is that just me hide spoiler That s the closest I can get to describing the experience of re [...]

  11. Yeah, yeah, yeah See the RACK of medals of the cover of this book A friend told me she felt this novel changed the face of science fiction High praise indeed I didn t buy the hype, and still have issues with the extremely slow start of this novel It has been sitting on my desk for almost two years no lie and I finally read it After the first 80 pages of slow moving material, I finally became vested in the characters and thought the novel finally caught on I think this novel probably does change [...]

  12. The house of the Scorpion is a book about a clone named Matteo Alacran He was cloned from El Patron and harvested from a cow His mother like figure is a woman named Celia When Matteo, Matt lives with Celia he doesn t understand that he is different from everyone else When he is brought from his little house in the poppy field to The Big House, his life changes for the better and worse He meets a girl he likes, named Maria, who also likes him, but he is treated like dirt from all of the other peo [...]

  13. I read this to preview for future class use, and I m very enthusiastic about possibly using it as a whole class read in the future It s chockfull of great issues to be explored in class discussions and writing assignments Best of all, it is a compelling story that will definitely engage even our reluctant readers.In addition to that, I enjoyed it personally Farmer creates a dystopian world that is believable due to the fact that it is based on so many of the issues we are dealing with today ill [...]

  14. 2,5Neopisivo mi je drago da sam zavrsila ovu glupost Nisam je citala za sebe, pa sam si zaista dala truda da prelazim preko svih mogucih kliseja, cak i opasne ideologije koja se provlaci onako suptilno, a tice se djevojacko djecackih odnosa Bas ono najvece americko YA smece koje zbog xy razloga i vremena u kojem zivimo naprosto mora biti distopija A distopije volim i imam te alergijske reakcije na distopijsko smece poput ovog, koje cak nije ni smece smeca pa da bude dovoljno sarmantno da bude do [...]

  15. Initial reaction I m pretty much at a loss for words at this point in time because I didn t expect this story to grip me as much as it did Following Matt s journey in the course of this book was one full of many ups and downs, tragedies as well as triumphs, and I honestly haven t come across many MG YA dystopian novels that were as well done as this.Full review Nancy Farmer s The House of the Scorpion was a story that took years for me to pick up since its original publication date Seriously, I [...]

  16. I do not love being in the desert, but I think I do love reading about other people being in the desert Is that schadenfreude I guess I kind of like reading anyone who really has the feel of a setting, and I think Nancy Farmer has that here This was desolate and full of desert flowers, and just enough mystery and elusive environmental contamination to set the scene for a lovely dystopian world This was a wonderful, scary, heartwarming, chilling, inspiring story.While I was reading this, I kept w [...]

  17. That was amazing Why hadn t I heard of this award winning book The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer absolutely captivated me I read it in about a day and could not put it down Essentially it s a middle school to young adult book but the beauty of it is that it can be read on so many levels that anyone from about age 12 and up can get something out of this book The book touches upon many themes religion, politics, ethics, cloning, slavery, the drug trade, corruption and probably a few others [...]

  18. First read this in 2004 when my daughters were in middle school It s an excellent young adult novel about a young man, Matt, who discovers he is clone in a futuristic society somewhere between America and Mexico How Matt cloned to be the spare parts for a wealthy elderly man grows into adolescence and discovers the truth of his identity, learns who his friends and foes are, the rules of the system in which he lives and how to survive is an incredible story It really helps you look at human life [...]

  19. A very beautiful story and had just stunning visualization At one point in the story, Matt the main character, on a mountain, and the word choice is breath taking A great choice is when the author is talking about the animal noises in the night, and the author describes it as wild music She also gives you a great story of gaining power and being able to control it, while also not letting it get out of hand.

  20. First things first I need to mention I received this book in giveaways I also need to mention that the real rating for this book is 3.5 stars as it is better than the majority of the books I rated with 3 stars, but it does not quite reach 4 star rating I never felt strongly about having 0.5 star rating on since I joined it The plot Matteo Alacran Matt most of the time is a clone of a very powerful drug lord El Patron who was created to provide replacement organs for the latter The problem was, [...]

  21. I started this one a while back and took a long break before coming back to finish it I had forgotten how intensely and wonderfully creative this book was I had forgotten the beauty of the language used in it The mysteries of Matt s relationship with El Patron The nickname he is called, mi vida my life which has so much meaning than even he realizes.The subplots of this book are extensive and diverse Scientific experiments, drug dealing, juvenile espionage, child imprisonment, and family power [...]

  22. The House of the Scorpion was just wow Wow If this is the norm of the books I m going to read 2012, than I m in luck and just wow will be part of my vocab It is a brilliant work of art I had not ever read a Nancy Farmer book though twice now I rented The Sea of Trolls but never got to it I was very happy with this book, begging everyone I know to read it They didn t yet The main villain I don t really call any of them the main villain because without even one childhood it wouldn t seem the same [...]

  23. Going into this book, I was not all that excited because I normally don t read Sci Fi books When I started reading I was getting reeled in by the authors use of figurative language and suspense buildup I was attached to certain characters and by the end of the book I felt like Tam Lin and I were old friends This book is a great read for you if you enjoy reading about struggles, setbacks and rewards House of the Scorpion has a little bit of all of those.

  24. freaking addicting read it 4 times.This is the story of a clone named Matteo Alacran, or matt Matt is a clone of the drug lord el patron El Patron is very concerned about the wellbeing of matt In this book matt grows from a skin cell to the age 16 During this time period he slowly learns why el patron is so worried about matt s well being el patron has had clones before matt, he uses them for orgam transplants so he can live long el patron is 140.This book takes place in the future America and m [...]

  25. You can also view this review, and others, on my blog thatgirlbookwormI m so happy that I ve been reading such unique books lately Before now I had heard of this book, as is normal since it s quite old, but I had no idea what it was about I saw it recently at the library and read the blurb and it interested me so when I found it really cheap at a used bookstore I decided to buy it.I m glad I did I really enjoyed it.The setting is probably my favourite part I love that it s pretty much in Mexico [...]

  26. Nancy Farmer has a unique talent for creating action packed novels set in some pretty wild places In this case, the future is ruled by a Mexican druglord who clones himself in order to harvest organs when he needs them The book follows the life of a clone Science meets social issues in Nancy Farmer s books People who try to flee the Mexican border into the U.S are captured in a new country ruled by the druglord, where they are imbedded with a computer chip in the brain to make them complacent sl [...]

  27. When I first started to read this book, I was completely uninterested However, this book was a genre that I normally read So I gave it a chance I actually ended up really liking this book I loved all the backstabbing and mysteries this book provided, and the characters were lovable However, I wished that Mar a and Matt were than friends Sorry, these are the kinds of books I read Overall, a great book that I would definitely recommend to others.

  28. In this story about the struggle of a misfit Matteo alcran challenges the bonds of society through determination, trust and gullibility

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