Engine Summer

Engine Summer Born into the community of Truthful Speakers one thousand years after the Storm he was raised on stories of the old days a world filled with saints a world in which all things were possible a world

Born into the community of Truthful Speakers one thousand years after the Storm, he was raised on stories of the old days a world filled with saints, a world in which all things were possible, a world which finally destroyed itself In love with a beautiful woman, Rush journeys far and learns much Taken into the society of Dr Boots s List, attached to the old mysterieBorn into the community of Truthful Speakers one thousand years after the Storm, he was raised on stories of the old days a world filled with saints, a world in which all things were possible, a world which finally destroyed itself In love with a beautiful woman, Rush journeys far and learns much Taken into the society of Dr Boots s List, attached to the old mysteries, Rush grows closer to a sainthood he could never have imagined.

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Engine Summer

  1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name See this thread for information.John Crowley was born in Presque Isle, Maine, in 1942 his father was then an officer in the US Army Air Corps He grew up in Vermont, northeastern Kentucky and for the longest stretch Indiana, where he went to high school and college He moved to New York City after college to make movies, and did find work in documentary films, an occupation he still pursues He published his first novel The Deep in 1975, and his 15th volume of fiction Endless Things in 2007 Since 1993 he has taught creative writing at Yale University In 1992 he received the Award in Literature from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters.His first published novels were science fiction The Deep 1975 and Beasts 1976 Engine Summer 1979 was nominated for the 1980 American Book Award it appears in David Pringle s 100 Best Science Fiction Novels.In 1981 came Little, Big, which Ursula Le Guin described as a book that all by itself calls for a redefinition of fantasy In 1980 Crowley embarked on an ambitious four volume novel, gypt, comprising The Solitudes originally published as gypt , Love Sleep, D monomania, and Endless Things, published in May 2007 This series and Little, Big were cited when Crowley received the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Letters Award for Literature.He is also the recipient of an Ingram Merrill Foundation grant His recent novels are The Translator, recipient of the Premio Flaianno Italy , and Lord Byron s Novel The Evening Land, which contains an entire imaginary novel by the poet A novella, The Girlhood of Shakespeare s Heroines, appeared in 2002 A museum quality 25th anniversary edition of Little, Big, featuring the art of Peter Milton and a critical introduction by Harold Bloom, is in preparation.Note The John Crowley who wrote Sans pines, la rose Tony Blair, un mod le pour l Europe is a different author with the same name website

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  1. Fey, muted, beautiful The story of Rush that speaks is a bildungsroman that will haunt you long after you have read the last page The story follows the charming and inquisitive Rush as he grows up in his enclave of True Speakers , one of the few groups of humanity left after an apocalypse has destroyed most of civilization It then follows him as he ventures out into the world to see what strangeness it may offer and in the hopes of finding his lost love.Don t expect to find the mutant zombies or [...]

  2. A highly unusual book, especially in the genre It s easy to tell you some of the things this book wasn t for me It wasn t exciting or compelling It wasn t emotionally engaging.So what was it that dragged four stars from my tightly clutched fist Much of the book reads like a minute dissection of an LSD trip minus the visuals And that s not immediately a recommendation eitherWhat made Engine Summer for me was the gentle literary beauty of the thing That combined with the imagination and mystery I [...]

  3. There are some books that are bigger on the inside than on the outside They may be small, but are so densely layered that they feel like they re opening onto infinite space, and when you finish reading you re dazed, like you ve woken up from a vivid dream to find your waking life transformed Engine Summer is such a book, a deceptively slim novella set in a far future world, which is at once a picaresque tale of love and adventure, and a dreamily gorgeous story about the nature of time, identity, [...]

  4. My usual word associations for science fiction, especially regarding prose, are dry, factual, impersonal, straightforward John Crowley turns these assumptions of mine on their head, offering a text that excells in the whimsical, lyrical, mysterious, introspective I find the choice of style appropriate, as the novel deals with a post apocalyptic Earth a popular setting, usually dealing with the immediate aftermath of the catastrophic events leading to the death of civilization as we know it.Engin [...]

  5. A book that is as elusive and ethereal as a dream, it left me with a sense of something profound and beautiful and sad, painted in greys and blues Engine Summer says a whole heap about how a culture is built on the stories it tells itself, where myths come from and how they tell us who we are It is post apocalyptic, but also kind of hippie utopian, told in a rich, mapley voice the writing actually reminded me a bit of Tom Spanbauer and full of unexpected little touches and lush, dreamy visuals w [...]

  6. Of course it s lovely to find that something held up as amazing, like say Infinite Jest or Catch 22, is actually amazing, but there s something extra wonderful about finding a book quite randomly, that it seems nobody ever heard of, that is in that same bracket I did that with The Red Tent through a recommendation from a friend , and now I ve done it with this book, which I picked up for 2.99 quite randomly at a little bookshop local to my wife s workplace.This is proper old 70s scifi, and among [...]

  7. In which industrial civilization collapsed some unspecified number of centuries ago in an even known as the Storm, leaving a variety of different societies that seem to revolve around communion with nature with the notable exception of the avvengers who scrounge about in modernity s leftovers and non violence and communalism The parts of the story that focused on this were riveting The question of how our descendents would look back at our lifestyle after some sort of epic catastrophe is one of [...]

  8. Sometimes stories are hard work but are rewarding in the end when it all comes together and makes it worth while This book is certainly a lot of hard work but I m not sure the reward at the end is quite enough to make it all worth while.When I say that it was a lot of hard work, there were times when the reading was pleasant and engaging but there was far too much couched in impenetrable phraseology, whole chapters that seemed all about imagery and metaphor The narrative was for large parts of t [...]

  9. I accidentally read this book while I was trying to find a book I had read as a Jr High student I put out a few aspects of the story I remembered and some suggested this could be it It wasn t, but it was still pretty good.It is a post apocalyptic coming of age tale Crowley s style is fairly distinct, and once you get used to it, the pages just fly by There are spacklings of advanced technology, but in this piece it does not take center stage, it is just a prop I don t know exactly how a writer c [...]

  10. If I had to choose one book to convince a skeptical English professor of the power of speculative fiction, this would be it John Crowley has spectacular talent, no question, but in too much of his work i.e Aegypt it s wasted on aimless new age musings while the story goes slowly nowhere Not so here Engine Summer is stuffed with ideas and themes enough to fuel a book five times as long, but they are all in service to the protagonist s story and what it says about human nature and human needs I ve [...]

  11. This is a John Crowley book, so I will read it again and again, each time finding I have to learn, and love I found this slow going despite the short length, but that is typical of Crowley at least in my experience a reflection of my desire to relish his writing than any difficulty in the reading Having typed that, I look forward to re readings and catching all of the nuances I m sure I missed this time around Post apocalyptic, beautiful and devastating.

  12. Well, for once it is nice to read about post apocalyptic utopias, even if they do come about through the ignorance is bliss principle Since comparisons with Hoban s work seem unavoidable, I d say this was a pacifist Riddley Walker for those poetically inclined, if it wasn t for Riddley Walker already being pure poetry, so, yeah I m not really sure how to go about this.Frankly, I would not recommend this book to most anyone, certain that the majority of readers would be bored to tears by all the [...]

  13. Engine Summer A Review in VerseSometimessome bookswhen you hold them between your hands they almost have a pulse each word a heartbeat pumping life between the pages They are pieces of a universe that exists somewhere elseyou ve never seen ityet you know when you meet it you simply know firmlysurelyand a little bit excitedly you know that these booksare made out of stardust of the same star scattered between worldsDiscovering them is like a piece of miracle cutting time and space in twowhisperin [...]

  14. I am kinda in literary shock right now It is clear from my rating that I felt this novel was fantastic it is justEngine Summer is the third novel by John Crowley It is definitely at this point that he begins to become the writer that would later write the better known novel Little, Big There is quite a bit similar between Little, Big and Engine Summer Seasons play a huge role both symbolically and plotwise in both, and you could sum up both by saying they are about The Tale to use Little, Big te [...]

  15. This is one of those perfect fables that if you read it early enough maybe it lives with you forever, and even if you don t it maybe still does The only Crowley book I ve read that gets sublime in the first 20 pages instead of the last 20 and that s coming from the very same mind best known for Little, Big, which I think I call maniacally subtle in my review This is not maniacally subtle, but it s delightfully crafted and makes me ache with poignant joy If you read Little, Big think of this as a [...]

  16. Poetic and complex I guess that you will appreciate the story of Rush once you know how it ends Then, you will be able to fully comprehend all of his inner turmoils and his passionate narration Why his quest was so important and what he wanted to achieve through it Did he achieve it at the end A part of him surely did I think that a second read it s mandatory, after all the greatest part in this book are the Snake hands.

  17. When I was a starry eyed romantic teenager, I used to dream a lot I listened to the Olivia Tremor Control and imagined what it would be like to do hallucinogenic drugs I loved dreaming because I savored the flavor, the distinct taste of dreams, the way life in them was pregnant with meaning and laden with consequence, revelation, viscerally, whelmingly, and pleasantly real but just beyond my ability to categorize and conceptualize them John Crowley can do that in a book Little, Big left me with [...]

  18. Engine Summer 1979 its protagonist finds that his life in a dying Post Holocaust but Pastoral USA is nothing but a Memory interminably replayed and that he himself is no than a crystal device replaying those memories on command exudes a cruel melancholy.

  19. Engine Summer is the most beautiful post apocalyptic novel I ve ever read That may sound like faint praise given that that particular sub genre isn t generally known for its beauty or lyricism although come to think of it, I would describe the great classic of the sub genre A Canticle for Leibowitz in such terms , but it is also one of the most beautifully written works of science fiction I ve yet to read John Crowley is an incredibly talented stylist, and reveals the concepts and nature of his [...]

  20. Je suis plut t port sur la SF d actions, d explorations Je dois avouer que ce livre, l oppos de la mode actuelle des post apocalypses zombiesques et de mes choix habituels, m a bluff Il est tout en subtilit s, en nuances et peint une terre qui survit non pas envers et contre tous, zombies, militaires, carnivores etc mais d veloppe une autre vision de l Homme et des le ons tirer du pass entre autres Une criture magnifique pour mes yeux de lecteur fran ais sans tomber dans la mi vrerie L auteur, s [...]

  21. Sometimes a character in book can become your friend In that way Rush that Speaks has become a friend to me I ve even thought if I had a son I d name him Rush Rush that Speaks takes journey across what was our country, but is now a wide open land with isolated small communities living here and there, and long deserted freeways that go from one side to the other and back again Interestingly enough, RTS takes this journey with the mind of cat What Yes, the mind of cat I can t explain how a man get [...]

  22. Engine Summer is evidently one of those Marmite books you either love it, or you don t Unfortunately I fall into the latter category, finding it quite hard to follow A frustrating and difficult read, it s easy to lose track of what s going on I ve heard it called poetic and beautiful, but sadly for me, it was just confusing.I found this book to lean towards fantasy rather than science fiction However, there is some lovely imagery in the writing, and the scenario is very interesting indeed there [...]

  23. Brilliant,unsettling,even the humour in this post apocolyptic story of stories is chilling LikeRussell Hobans Riddley Walkerthis book is best read fast enough not to get bogged down in WTF moments The writing is a delight.Especially intuiging to me is the new clan system at New Belaire If we could learn how to Be Truthful Speakers,maybe we might be able to learn from JC s cautions.

  24. I m re reading this again, as I do every few years It s eerily beautiful, a puzzle that twists and turns, reveals itself and then shifts into something new With the frankness of a small child, it makes profound observations on human nature and on our love affair with technology The book reads like poetry, evoking emotions and images that linger long after the book is back on the shelf Give yourself time to savor this book And give yourself time to read it twice When I first reached the last few [...]

  25. This is one of those rare novels that will either change you forever, or leave you cold and wondering why you ve wasted your time If you look at my star rating, you ll know what it did for me Crowley writes beautiful prose, and it s possibe to get lost in it , which normally drives me crazy, but it makes Engine Summer feel like something special, a sacred little book It will uproot you you ll find yourself looking back at the brief moment you were alive and realizing that one day it will be anci [...]

  26. Half the reviews say this book is boring and not worth your time.The other half seem to view it as a narrow door into a deeply strange and interesting world Im in the second group This book haunts me always, I love it very much.

  27. scion of commune warren brimming with Capitalised Nouns chases crush across postapocalyptic USA, has a story to tell.EDIT ps, it s good

  28. I suspect that Engine Summer was, for its time, quite a revolutionary piece of work It bears comparison with later works such as Gene Wolfe s Book of The New Sun and Hoban s Riddley Walker both of which it predates only by a year.This is a novel set in a US a thousand years after some unspecified apocalypse Earth at that time was technologically advanced with it is suggested AIs and the capability of digitising one s consciousness Scoutships had been sent to the stars, some of which had returned [...]

  29. Engine Summer is an odd and oblique little sci fi novel from 1980 I think I must have found it on a list of post apocalyptic sci fi, as that is a favourite sub genre of mine Within that sub genre, I would liken it to Riddley Walker and The Slynx, as it uses changed language to create atmosphere and evoke the new world The linguistic shift is less significant than in Riddley Walker, but still takes some getting used to It took me about fifty pages to get into the novel Quite unusually for its sub [...]

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