The Abominable Charles Christopher

The Abominable Charles Christopher The Abominable Charles Christopher follows the adventures of a dim witted yeti through a forest full of colourful animal characters Who is Charles Where did he come from Where is he going He knows abo

The Abominable Charles Christopher follows the adventures of a dim witted yeti through a forest full of colourful animal characters.Who is Charles Where did he come from Where is he going He knows about as much as you do probably much less, actually and his adventure is just beginning.

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The Abominable Charles Christopher

  1. Karl Kerschl is a Canadian comic book artist, best known for his work for DC Comics His recent projects include Adventures of Superman, Majestic, The Flash All Flash 1 and Teen Titans Year One He is also the author of the webcomic The Abominable Charles ChristopherKerschl was born in Toronto and raised in Niagara Falls He attended the Ontario College of Art for a year before deciding to practice on his own, discovering and improving his own storytelling and drawing styles in the process Kerschl currently lives in Montreal with two cats, both of whom are French Canadian.

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  1. This is absolutely wonderful I got it at a con early this year, read it in one sitting, then read it again and, and one time It s just a beautiful story, with beautiful characters, and manages to be sad, funny, and heartwarming without ever making you feel manipulated.

  2. Charles Christopher es en apariencia un yeti medio atolondrado que vive en un bosque rodeado de animales parlanchines que tienen a su vez sus propios problemas El protagonista se encuentra de pronto con una misi n pica que lo llevar a conocer nuevos compa eros y tirarnos sonrisas y l grimas en pocas vi etas.Con un estilo de arte tierno pero descarnado Karl Kerschl hace emocionar con una sutileza al mejor estilo Miyazaki Si les gust Totoro y quieren m s humor a lo Porco Rosso, deben leer este com [...]

  3. This is just utterly gorgeous, and I follow Charles s adventures with bated breath every week Can t wait for the second book.

  4. I read this webcomic several years ago I started on it when it was still fairly new, and kept up with it for a few months It seemed to be a deeper version of Bone, but for whatever reason, I didn t stick with it It wasn t until a few weeks ago, when I saw that the author was selling the books at a great deal, that I decided to look into it again Based on the blurbs by well known authors Neil Gaiman , I decided to give it a shot I m glad I did.Like Bone, Charles Christopher is a heavy story with [...]

  5. This collection contains the first chapter of the webcomic The Abominable Charles Christopher It s two years worth of the weekly strip.Note I am reviewing the comics that comprise this book I read them in their original webcomic form, not as printed.The Abominable Charles Christopher is an unusual strip, and takes a while to really get going Anthropomorphic animals and the titular Charles share screen time in several tangentially related gradually unfolding plotlines of drastically varying tone [...]

  6. I have not read this de luxe, hardcover, collected edition I ve only heard about Charles Christopher this morning Before the day is over, I have read 3 years worth of strips, each and every one of them, that Kerschl and a number of special guest artists made You can check them too at abominable it s on the house.Read from the very beginning The story was beautiful and could be very touching sometimes, the toned drawings are just fantastic can t get enough of it, and it was as funny as it was mel [...]

  7. If nothing else, read this for the art It s marvelous.As the author explains in the Introduction, e Abominable Charles Christopher has become something altogether different something truly strange Not strictly a story nor simply a series of standalone jokes, it blends both formats into a hybrid beast a balancing act of slapstick humour, pathos and myth.The stories range all over, from a therapist seeing clients, to a restaurateur s shameless advertising, to a an alcoholic father Some are ongoing [...]

  8. If you like comics and haven t read this yet Read it.The Abominable Charles Christopher began life as a web comic If you can t get the book, go read it online But read it The art is beautiful, the story simplistic and the main character apparently mute, but the story it tells is powerfully moving and funny by turns, with quirky, engaging animal characters that give this book the feel of a cross between Bone and We3 both of which I also recommend highly This is a very quick read, but you can spen [...]

  9. The Abominable Charles Christopher is the worthy predecessor to Smith s graphic novel, Bone It has a similar vibe, with adorable talking animals and good humor wrapped around an epic fantasy story that is unfolding at a slow and easy pace.Unlike Bone, ACC is a print version of a web comic with a really pretty book, though pricey, well worth it in order to support an independent creator The web comic medium means that each page feels like a complete moment but these moments add up and the pacing [...]

  10. This is an original, endearing and beautifully drawn graphic novel It started as one of the top webcomics and quickly bagged its creator an Eisner award for best digital comic.The story is about a child like sasquatch called Charles Christopher and his journey through a forest that is faced with destruction His trip sees him make both plenty of friend and enemies of the animals within the forest, and through this Charles manages to grow up a bit and learn something about himself.The themes don t [...]

  11. This is a wonderful book, and has made its way onto my favourite s list.Kerschl is such an amazing writer Every word is so carefully thought out, and he never overwrites and info dumps like some web comics do With just a few words, he made me laugh madly, and then bawl my eyes out over a broken heart on the next page And sometimes he doesn t even use words Sometimes he conveys such a strong message just by a few panels of art alone.This book is amazing It really is It hurt so wonderfully.You can [...]

  12. I picked this up on the recommendation of my friend Mark, whose taste I always trust, as he works in media and has a good sense of what is making waves but not necessarily on the mainstream radar Charles Christopher is a great example of this The art is incredible, the strips are emotionally impacting, and it is a great light read I was so excited to discover, having purchased the paperback at TCAF, that it is a webcomic being released online, which means I don t have to wait to see where the st [...]

  13. The first story arc of a continuing weekly web comic about a not very bright Yeti type creature, the forest wildlife and some woodland god like spirits An all ages comedy fantasy tale with gorgeous artwork, strong black inkwork with subtle grey washes A joy that I reckon all of you would enjoy.All if it is up to read free online although reading it in book form makes it feel betterer Also, I got a great signed edition with an illustration by Karl

  14. My brother picked this out for me as a Christmas gift, so I sat down to read it with no preconceived notions I d never even heard of the comic previously It s splendidly reviewed, and my impression was very favourable as well The story is interesting and mysterious, with interludes of poignant humor, and the artwork is simply breathtaking I got the first and second books and read them both in a matter of days , but I suppose I will have to go look up the rest of the story on the web now

  15. First graphic novel of the year and it was amazing The art its fantastic and it transports you into the forest, I specially love the the tones and the sense of movement It is also very witty and funny Even though this was first published as a webcomic I found that it did had continuity and the story flowed very well showing the life in the forest If you love animals, comedy and beautiful art, you will love this and you will fly through it just like I did.

  16. In my opinion, The Abominable Charles Christopher is one of the best running webcomics, and one of the most gorgeous This is a very nice printing that does the art justice And, I find that since this is weekly webcomic with a small fraction of the episodes actually advancing the plot, it is much easier to absorb in book form Highly recommended

  17. I love it I love owning it I love taking it out of my bookshelf and opening it anywhere and being amazed I love that the story does not end and maybe never will and that I don t understand obscure references to mythologies that may exist only in Kerschl s mind I am reminded a bit of Zelazny s To Die in Italbar but this is enjoyable I only wish that I had a hard cover edition.

  18. An absolutely fantastic artist write and storyteller.The many parallel stories are funny, engaging, entertaining and the artwork is beautiful.I bought the softback sketch version of the the first two volumes, which came with a wonderful personal piece of artwork in each.

  19. I d already read this online, but it was well worth a re read and the price of buying it The art is amazing, the strips range from laugh out funny to heartbreaking, and the storyline is captivating.

  20. I love this comic, the art is gorgeous and expansive, but understated It s a slow story, but it s a weekly webcomic, I really enjoy the interactions between the creatures, and how there are reflections that are useful for examining life.

  21. I love Charles Christopher, and I love all of his friends, and I had to start over and read all the way through again after the name reveal at the end because yeah I didn t pick up on that on my own.

  22. Beautiful, emotional, simple, exquisitely drawn easily one of the best webcomic to book transitions of all time The story is beautiful and powerful, and has a sense of humor that is unique but universal.

  23. A wonderful, imaginative and layered story blending sumerian mythology and fantasy with themes of environmentalism and animal liberation.

  24. I can t wait to follow up with Charles Christopher And the rabbits And the birds And the fox sniff Really great work.

  25. I like the art, the story is a bit mysterious I so glad I read the book , instead of each week a little part.Cannot wait to read the rest of Charles adventures

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