Papillon Dans le milieu on l appelait Papillon jamais l o on le croyait arrivant quand on ne l attendait plus allant de fleur en fleurs C taient les ann es Et en justement il tombe il est arr t po

Dans le milieu, on l appelait Papillon jamais l o on le croyait, arrivant quand on ne l attendait plus, allant de fleur en fleurs C taient les ann es 30 Et en 1930, justement, il tombe il est arr t pour un meurtre qu il n a pas commis, car Henri Charri re n est ni barbeau ni tueur Commence alors la plus fantastique des aventures Condamn au bagne vieDans le milieu, on l appelait Papillon jamais l o on le croyait, arrivant quand on ne l attendait plus, allant de fleur en fleurs C taient les ann es 30 Et en 1930, justement, il tombe il est arr t pour un meurtre qu il n a pas commis, car Henri Charri re n est ni barbeau ni tueur Commence alors la plus fantastique des aventures Condamn au bagne vie Cayenne, gr ce de faux t moignages, il refuse cette peine aussi injuste que d mesur e la grande cavale a pris le d part.Ce r cit est pr sent par Jean Pierre Castelnau et suivi de Papillon ou la litt rature orale par Jean Fran ois Revel.

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  1. Henri Charrière Jean-Pierre Castelnau Jean-François Revel says:
    Henri Charri re was a convicted murderer chiefly known as the author of Papillon, a hugely successful memoir of his incarceration in and escape from a penal colony on French Guiana.

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  1. My mother knew Papillon and another one of the characters in the book Francoise He was a customer of my uncle s restaurant Il Padrino, in Venezuela, back in the 60 s,70 s after this story was told My brother was just an infant toddler at this time and they would take turns throwing him in the air, swinging him, etc I told this guy Neil about this and he was shocked that my family knew this guy He had read the book and loved it so much So as a gift, he gave me a copy of the book This book was wri [...]

  2. Papillon, Henri Charri re Henri Charri re 16 November 1906 29 July 1973 was a French writer, convicted as a murderer by the French courts In jail he wrote the famous novel Papillon, a memoir of his incarceration in and escape from a penal colony in French Guiana While Charri re claimed that Papillon was largely true, modern researchers believe that much of the book s material came from other inmates, rather than Charri re himself Charri re denied committing the murder, although he freely admitte [...]

  3. I read this book in the mid 70 s, as a teenager Then I read it again And then, a little while later, I saw the film The three events have subsequently blended into one and I certainly now have difficulty differentiating the book from the film But that s no big deal as I know the film followed the written narrative pretty closely It s a true story of one man s battle against injustice and the terrible personal consequences that transpired.It left a big impression on me It was a big story A huge a [...]

  4. What a story Papillon is an autobiographical novel about a man who in 1931 was charged with killing someone of course, the author claims he was innocent and he was sentenced to a life of hard labor at a penal colony in French Guiana After many weeks of planning, he managed to escape on a raft and sailed hundreds of miles to Colombia He spent several months living happily in a fishing village with not one but two wives but he was eventually picked up by the authorities and sent back to prison He [...]

  5. One can only presume Henri Charriere Papillon, or simply Papi to inmates was a cat in a previous life, and was still blessed with nine lives in this, believe me he needed all of them Nine death defying escapes from the brutal penal settlements of French Guiana in eleven years, pushing his stubborn body to the brink each time, wow , now that s quite something, how it was even possible for a man of flesh and bone not to die a hundred deaths whilst also going round the bend is beyond me He would no [...]

  6. bbc iplayer episode Description Henri Charri re, called Papillon, for the butterfly tattoo on his chest, was convicted in Paris in 1931 of a murder he did not commit Sentenced to life imprisonment in the penal colony of French Guiana, he became obsessed with one goal escape After planning and executing a series of treacherous yet failed attempts over many years, he was eventually sent to the notorious prison, Devil s Island, a place from which no one had ever escaped until Papillon His flight t [...]

  7. Papillon este cel mai captivant roman de aventur citit vreodat.Autobiografie roman at fiind, autorul ne spune c a fost condamnat la nchisoare de c tre curtea cu juri La nceputul secolului XX, n Fran a colonialista, oamenii f cu i vinova i de delicte grave, erau trimi i la ocn n teritorii ndep rtate Guyana francez , n cazul de fa , un loc din care nimeni nu a ie it vreodat viu El, autorul, ne m rturise te c , de i n tinere e a fost un golan, a fost condamnat la nchisoare pe nedrept, deoarece nu a [...]

  8. I don t care if this book wasn t a 100% factual, honest to God documentary account of what actually happened to this guy it was a magnificent adventure novel, full of blood and drama and action From what I can tell, Charri re cobbled the narrative out of his own experiences as a prisoner in the pitiless camps of 1930s French Guyana, plus the stories of a few camp mates, plus his own dramatic license, emerging with a masterpiece There were many moments where the story is less than totally plausib [...]

  9. This book is incredible It is the TRUE story of a prison break from a penal colony in French Guiana which was later made into a movie with Steve McQueen another of my favorites If you liked Shawshank, you ll love Papillon Henri Charrier, called Papillon for the butterfly tattoo on his chest, was convicted in Paris in 1931 for a murder he did not convict and was shipped off to French Guiana It takes years and several failed attempts for Papillion to escape in this nail biting story of amazing cou [...]

  10. I had a hard time to believe a lot of the stuff in this memoir and was hardly surprised when I read that a lot of it was actually invented or had in reality happened not to Charri re but to his inmates.Papillon was interesting as a narrative novel transmitting a message about the French punitive system back at that time, but even though Charri re could almost get philisophical at times, I personally couldn t get myself to like him at all and the plot was repetitive Charri re seemed rather full o [...]

  11. Its my favorite book till date One word for it WOWIts just amazing and the way the author has described the life of a man in the prisons is amazing Its wonderful how he tells this man s story spanning so many years I saw this movie as a kidI must be very young then maybe class 5 or younger.d ever since then I had a desire in me to read this book whenever I get a chance Papillon means butterfly and it symbolises the protagonists desire to get free from the clutches of jail The vivid description i [...]

  12. 16 6 Knowing nothing about this book or Charri re, only knowing the word papillon and it s English translation through the fact that there s a dog breed that s called papillon because the dog s fluffy ears vaguely resemble a butterfly s wings, I picked this up off the new and recently returned shelf because the blurb on the back described it as A classic memoir of prison breaks and adventure And adventure sounded like the right genre for me at that moment in time I read the translator s introduc [...]

  13. Papillon was an enjoyable enough summer read it was just a little hard to suspend my disbelief at times for a supposedly nonfiction endeavor I was unsurprised to see in my post reading research that large portions the story were disputed and that several of Charriere s fellow inmates have claimed over the years that he incorporated the experiences of other would be escapees and presented them as his own story I guess this book was a precursor of sorts to A Million Little Pieces in that both are [...]

  14. So fascinating, haunting you feel the pain and ecstasy No escape till the last page, you sail along all Cavale with them.Even though the author is silent all throughout the novel, on the plot of his conviction for murder in France except by saying that he was innocent, we really feel that he was really innocent This, the author succeeds to prove through various instances in the novel We also feel many occasions unbelievable where we see he is recognized instantly, and many show sympathy towards [...]

  15. Never give up the fight, and that even when there seems no way out the way of the warrior, win or lose, is the correct way Books are such a wonderful thing that it teaches you all and me being very curious, we have become best friends now This was one of the best autobiographies I have ever read The determination of papillon is beyond explanation The tattoo on his chest of a papillon really meant something, he was never meant to be caged An awesome journey, many things to learn from and will alw [...]

  16. I was disappointed with this one I added it based on memory of the old 70 s classic starring Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman and maybe for that reason my expectations were too high There were a couple of intense parts to the story, so I will at least give this a 2, but overall, the story ran on, seeming to repeat itself with similar encounters The translation may be to blame, but I thought the writing was amateurish Henri Charriere was writing about his own encounter in escaping the French pris [...]

  17. Bu kitab n insan saran, g zleri bozana dek b rakmadan okuma hissi uyand ran atmosferinin yan s ra gerek olay ak n n i ine okuru hapsedi i, gerekse de yer yer kar m za kan mizah anlay yla da romanc l k a s ndan iyi bir kitap oldu unu g steriyor bence nsan n do u tan iyi ve adaletli oldu u varsay m na inanan insanlar n g l kle okuyaca kitab n sat r aralar nda insan ocu unun ger ek y z toplumda in a edilen s zde adalet, k k insanlar n k k kar at malar ve hesapla malar da okunabilir.Okumam n zerinde [...]

  18. Trois toiles et demi Mon rating concerne l histoire, et non pas son authenticit Sachant qu il s agit bien d une biographie romanc e dont plusieurs faits r els furent v cus non pas par papillon mais par d autres personnes, donc, je consid re ce r cit comme un roman et non pas une biographie.Henri Charri re, dit papillon, est n en 1906 en Ard che En 1925, il rejoint la marine, en 1927, il se fait reformer puis s installe Paris, o il vit de petite d linquance Le 7 avril 1930, papillon est arr t pou [...]

  19. It s been a while since I cried uncle but today I had to do it again In the past several years I have suffered through William Gibson s Spook Country AND yes, I believe I may be a glutton for punishment Zero History a novel aboutans I did my best to stay awake through Kazuo Ishiguro s galactically dull Never Let Me Go but please, I do so want to let you go I forced my way through The Taking of Pelham One Two Three next time, YOU take it Waded through Wicked, clumped through The Client, I even ma [...]

  20. This is the Best book I ever read.I remember I started to read it when I was 14, and during long travels to sorocaba city I used to read a little of it, getting back in favourite parts.Henri Charri re did something completally amazing Not one, but two First was the escaping itself, from Devil Island secound was to describle this with perfect details, something that makes us imagine each movement and each sceneHis passion for life made he survive to a unfair punishment and escape from many prison [...]

  21. 550 pages of prison escapes Exciting, but wow, so many failed attempts I figure if Papillon lived through 14 years of horror, the least I can do is read his 550 pages of escapes He s certainly an example of do not go gentle.

  22. I wanted to read this book so badly I was in 7th grade, my sister wanted to take drivers education She did not want to ride her bike alone, so she bribed me Allowing me to read on the church steps while I waited for her lesson to be over BUT I GOT TO READ THE BOOK I really liked it The descriptions were so vivid, the story so gripping I do not know where my sister got the book, I seriously doubt she had read it OMG Epiphany It was my dad s book He gave it to her to bribe me with so she did not g [...]

  23. One of the best Non Fiction Memoir I have ever read till date A gripping tale of inhuman tortures, an endless story of survival, a brutal fate after escaping each and every prison before recapturing again, horrific days and nights with the other deadly prisoners, surviving in the infirmary without food and water for several days counting the each and last second which gonna pass by very slowly.All the above cruel conditions were for innocent Henry Charrier affectionately known as Papillon A butt [...]

  24. Una historia emocionante la de Henri Charriere, llena de acci n, drama y tensi n Una gran evasi n con m ltiples y variados escenarios Recomendable.

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