A Time to Love and a Time to Die

A Time to Love and a Time to Die After two years at the Russian front Ernst Graeber finally receives three weeks leave But since leaves have been canceled before he decides not to write his parents fearing he would just raise thei

After two years at the Russian front, Ernst Graeber finally receives three weeks leave But since leaves have been canceled before, he decides not to write his parents, fearing he would just raise their hopes.Then, when Graeber arrives home, he finds his house bombed to ruin and his parents nowhere in sight Nobody knows if they are dead or alive As his leave draws to aAfter two years at the Russian front, Ernst Graeber finally receives three weeks leave But since leaves have been canceled before, he decides not to write his parents, fearing he would just raise their hopes.Then, when Graeber arrives home, he finds his house bombed to ruin and his parents nowhere in sight Nobody knows if they are dead or alive As his leave draws to a close, Graeber reaches out to Elisabeth, a childhood friend Like him, she is imprisoned in a world she did not create But in a time of war, love seems a world away And sometimes, temporary comfort can lead to something unexpected and redeeming.

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A Time to Love and a Time to Die

  1. Erich Maria Remarque is one of the best known and most widely read authors of German literature in the twentieth century Remarque s biography is essentially marked and his writing fundamentally influenced by German history of the twentieth century Childhood and youth in imperial Osnabr ck, World War I, the Weimar Republic, and most of all his exile in Switzerland and the United States With the novel All Quiet On the Western Front, first published in 1929, Remarque attained world wide recognition continuing today Examples of his other novels also internationally published are The Road Back 1931 , Three Comrades 1936, 38 , Arch of Triumph 1945 , The Black Obelisk 1956 , and Night in Lisbon 1962 Remarque s novels have been translated in than fifty languages globally the total edition comes up to several million copies The complete works of Remarque are both highly interrelated with his Osnabr ck background and speaking thematically of a critical examination of German history, whereby the preservation of human dignity and humanity in times of oppression, terror and war always was at the forefront of his literary creation.

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  1. Teleportive WWII novel, top notch dramatization of the complexity of humanity, formal and thematic excellence throughout It s about a German soldier who leaves the Russian front during WWII as the tide is turning for the Nazis and goes on furlough to his home city for a few weeks He can t find his parents in the bombed out ruins and runs into an old classmate, a comely young woman, and falls in love as, every few days, air raid sirens sound and buildings rise into the air as all hell breaks loos [...]

  2. Why is this not as popular as All Quiet on the Western Front Like All Quiet, it s about a young German soldier in WWII, but this one has a great love story and was three times pleasurable for me note Don t read this if you re a recovering alcoholic because on every page, someone is drinking something.update Oops, I mean WWI.

  3. This book was quite amazing It is from the viewpoint of a Nazi soldier who gets to go home from war He finds out that things home are terrible, everything is turned upside down He falls in love and among the chaos there are moments of peace and beauty There is amazing social commentary on concepts such as collective guilt, our responsibility to standing up to evil and war The ending of the book is quite haunting and i cant wait to read of his books

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  6. Dove inizia la colpa E fino a che punto arriva la complicit Leggere il romanzo nella prima edizione del 1954 usata bene, solo un po ingiallita dal tempo mi ha fatto assaporare un gusto pi profondo mi ha permesso di sentirmi dentro nella storia gi alle prime pagine.Ambientato in un arco di tempo di poche settimane, durante la seconda guerra mondiale, ha come sfondi successivi il fronte russo e la citt tedesca dove Graeber torna per una breve licenza, dopo due anni di prima linea In realt non sono [...]

  7. A Time to Love and a Time to Die is a marvelous book which, despite being very dark and hard to read at times, turned out to be my sweet escape from the real world It issues World War II, but it can really refer to any everyday routine which seems to suck the life out of us Because despite there being a very clear story and storyline, this book is above everything else a search for peace, for love, for hope What I was left with in the end was not the image of the cold muddy Russian fields I was [...]

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  10. I have always been a fan of Erich Maria Remarque s novel All Quiet on the Western Front , which I consider to be one of the best war novels ever written So, when I saw A Time to Love and a Time to Die at a used book store, I was excited to read it I had hoped that A Time would live up to the high standards of All Quiet I was not disappointed A Time is arguably an even better novel than All Quiet Set in World War II, it is the story of Ernst Grueber, a soldier in the German Army on the Russian Fr [...]

  11. Dopo Niente di nuovo sul fronte occidentale Erich Maria Remarque torna a parlarci della guerra con una lucidit , una profondit e un lirismo che rendono la sua scrittura una perla Questa volta siamo in Russia, durante la seconda guerra mondiale Graeber, il giovane protagonista, riceve finalmente il diritto di poter andare in licenza e torna nella sua Germania, dove trova la sua citt devastata, la casa dei genitori distrutta e nient altro che macerie, bombardamenti e desolazione In questo quadro d [...]

  12. This is my second favorite Remarque book, after Arch of Triumph Remarque s ability to portray war is uncomparable, the way he combines the beautiful with the primitive, loss and desperation with hopeless happiness and hatred with comradeship is heart wrentching The beginning of the plot was a bit too harsh for my taste, but midway through the book I was hooked, lost alongside na ve, yet unexpectedly wise Graeber Even though the end took me by surprise, I cannot deny liking the irony there.

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  15. Cum scrie Remarque despre razboi nu scrie nici un alt scriitor Intr atat de mult te atinge tragedia ca iti tremura buza de jos citind orice de Remarque Si despre dragoste si viata si bucuria de a fi de fiecare data ma indragostesc tot mai multe de acest scriitor

  16. Sad to say, I don t think I ve read All Quiet on the Western Front yet I will have to I believe this was the first novel I have read about the German side of WWII It starts on the Russian front as the Germans are in retreat, returns to Germany with the protagonist Graeber on furlough, and then returns to Russia to continue the war.Among its striking features is that it does not glamorize war at all In fact, the nurse in Slaughterhouse Five might have approved it as much or than Vonnegut s anti [...]

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