Red Felicity St John has it all loyal best friends a hot guy and artistic talent And she s right on track to win the Miss Scarlet pageant Her perfect life is possible because of just one thing her long

Felicity St John has it all loyal best friends, a hot guy, and artistic talent And she s right on track to win the Miss Scarlet pageant Her perfect life is possible because of just one thing her long, wavy, coppery red hair.Having red hair is all that matters in Scarletville Redheads hold all the power and everybody knows it That s why Felicity is scared down to herFelicity St John has it all loyal best friends, a hot guy, and artistic talent And she s right on track to win the Miss Scarlet pageant Her perfect life is possible because of just one thing her long, wavy, coppery red hair.Having red hair is all that matters in Scarletville Redheads hold all the power and everybody knows it That s why Felicity is scared down to her roots when she receives an anonymous note I know your secret.Because Felicity is a big fake Her hair color comes straight out of a bottle And if anyone discovered the truth, she d be a social outcast faster than she could say strawberry blond Her mother would disown her, her friends would shun her, and her boyfriend would dump her And forget about winning that pageant crown and the prize money that comes with it money that would allow her to fulfill her dream of going to art school.Felicity isn t about to let someone blackmail her life away But just how far is she willing to go to protect her red cred

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  1. Alison grew up in Evanston, IL She is a professional photographer and spent many years working as a lighting designer for theater, opera, and dance Now she lives in Brooklyn and writes young adult novels full time She is represented by the lovely and amazing Holly Root of Root Literary.

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  1. Upon finishing Um.But seriously, how did this book not end with Felicity being sent to The School of Basic Human Decency The review I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Red might have been awesome if it had been told in the perspective of Gabby, the main antagonist, or Ivy, one of Felicity s best friends who in her own way is also opposed to the Scarletville ideology Both characters possess enough scepticism to challenge the society they live in This is crucial, [...]

  2. DNF after one chapter This premise is just a little too zany for me, and the story feels almost better suited for a middle grade book.

  3. If Mean Girls and Drop Dead Gorgeous had a hilarious, sassy lovechild who, beneath all that sassy hilarity, had a lot of heart and compassion for the hidden misfits among us who go to any lengths to fit in, no matter how soul crushing it would be this bookD made me laugh and made me think, and was at times surprisingly suspenseful Also, I read almost the entire thing in one sitting That hardly ever happens for me Compulsively readable, compulsively likeable, with characters you can t help but l [...]

  4. 5 Words Clever, teen, drama, high school, blackmail.I can t say that I 100% enjoyed this book It was entertaining and I loved that it was a witty piece of social commentary and liked the way it was presented, but it just wasn t quite my cup of tea.I m not really such a fan of high school dramas Been there, done that, it s never like the books Yeah, there was bitching and blackmail and bullying, but books always seem to make it so over the top dramatic.This is quite a summery book it s just got t [...]

  5. Red is a 2013 debut young adult novel by Alison Cherry the first debut that I have read this year It features a small town in Iowa called Scarletville, where the denizens are largely redheads and proud of it In fact the Redhead populace are lauded for the genetic blessings in such a way that the townsfolk spurns all other appearances and ethnicities of which there is a diversity of this you re either white and redhead, or white and not a redhead It s not good to live in Scarletville unless you h [...]

  6. I don t know what I was expecting when I opened RED on my Kindle and started reading Maybe I was expecting the wrong thing, or maybe I was just confused by how the subject was handled, but I went in expecting something akin to a deconstruction of race relations under the guise of hair color Instead, I got a rather inane story that I still liked, that I still thought was cute, that I still enjoyed about a girl in a strange town where red hair is held high above all, who is hiding the fact that sh [...]

  7. Felicity is a popular pageant contestant, but she harbors a dark and terrible secret she dyes her hair red In Scarletville, redheads are the only people that matter Felicity is on the cusp of achieving her mother s greatest dream being crowned Miss Scarlet But then a classmate discovers her secret and begins blackmailing her The blackmail starts small and escalates, and Felicity feels increasingly trapped She can t tell her friends what s going on, and her boyfriend is a lunkhead Her only solace [...]

  8. Actual rating 3.5I did like this one I like the odd town that red heads are so loved and so glorified It gave the idea that a trait, like hair or eye color or skin color, could make you a different person I loved how silly it made it seem because it s so true.But I also love that the characters are people You don t necessarily like Felicity but you can see her POV You don t necessarily hate Gabby, Haylie, Ivy, Brent, Cassie or any other character in the story but they aren t perfect They are sel [...]

  9. You know those books where you find the synopsis utterly ridiculous But you have to read just to see if the book is actually joke or not I seriously thought this book was a big joke when I first read the summery Red hair gets you the golden pass in life wHAT it s so ridiculous I had to read it I was SO ready to give a full blown rant about how this book was stupid Welllll, I guess now I can t Because it wasn t, and it took me by one hell of a surprise I actually ended up enjoying this a lot, but [...]

  10. Alison Cherry s Red was among my most anticipated books of 2013 The concept sounded hilarious and Alison s tweets and blog posts always made me laugh How could this possibly go wrong Clearly, I need to stop thinking this way, because while Red was certainly a quick read, but sadly not a good one.Read the full review at A Reader of Fictions.

  11. Initial reaction Extraordinarily cliche and cheese, but parts of it managed to be entertaining I didn t love it or hate it, but I think it could ve established the satire much better than what it did for the themes it wanted to touch on And there was a part of me that thought Felicity could ve stepped up to the plate far than she did.Full review Ooh, what to say about Alison Cherry s Red I ll admit that I was actually curious to read the galley for this title for a long time The cover I thought [...]

  12. Ich gebe es ja zu das Buch klingt unglaublich albern Eine Stadt, in der Haare nur heimlich in einem Hochsicherheitsfris rsalon gef rbt werden k nnen, damit auf keinen Fall jemand herausfindet, dass man gar kein echter Rotschopf ist Eine Schule, in der Br nette und Blonde an den schlechtesten Cafeteriatischen sitzen und keine Chance haben je Ballk nigin oder k nig zu werden Alles nur wegen der falschen Haarfarbe Bescheuert oder Schon, aber so wie Alison Cherry es beschreibt, funktioniert s Felici [...]

  13. I was not entirely impressed with RED, even going in with relatively low expectations I was expecting a fun, light novel but this one was a little too cliquey and middle grade for me There is a great moral and life lesson attached though, which was RED s redeeming qualityD takes place in the town of Scarletville, where, you guessed it everyone who is anyone is redheaded Felicity has the most coveted hair in the whole town, and is revered by her fellow redheads The only problem is Felicity s hair [...]

  14. Red Audiobook review Interesting premise in the town of Scarletville, having red hair is all that matters Felicity is popular and she has it all She has gorgeous red hair, loyal best friends, a hot boyfriend, artistic talent, and it looks like she will win the Miss Scarlet pagent But then she receives an anonymous note Someone knows her secret she dyes her hair, and has been doing it her whole life It s her junior year in high school, and if anyone finds out she s a fake, she could lose everythi [...]

  15. Check out of my reviews at Singing and Reading in the Rain I expected to love Red way than I did Unfortunately, although it was a somewhat addicting read, I couldn t get past the shallow stereotyping of this town and how ignorant everybody was.Our main character Felicity had been harboring a secret for seventeen years of her life she dyed her hair to the perfect shade of red In Scarletville, that was a pretty big scandal, and there was even a demeaning term for these types of people arties A m [...]

  16. Read reviews at What Danielle Did Next 3.5 StarsRED was a fun, cute, quick read with an entertaining albeit slightly ludicrous plot and a strong moral message that I enjoyed Felicity has it all, living in Scarletville, the world s only Redhead Sanctuary, she is popular, well liked, dating the hottest guy in school and a shoo in for the upcoming Miss Scarlet pageant Life should be perfect but Felicity is hiding a scandalous secrete may benefit from the privilege of being a redhead but gasp she i [...]

  17. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Quercus books and Netgalley Felicity lives in Scarletville, a place where redheads are revered Felicity has envious red hair, but would die if anyone knew that it was only red due to frequent trips to a top secret salon.When someone discovers Felicity s secret, and begins to blackmail her, Felicity sees no choice other than to give in to her blackmailer, even if it means being made to look a fool.Who is bl [...]

  18. This is yet another book I initially read about a year and a half ago, but since I remember enjoying it, I decided to reread it so I could review it better To my relief, despite lower rated reviews I read from friends, I found that I still enjoyed Red for all its goofiness and craziness.The second I read the synopsis for this book, I knew I needed to have it I ve been dying my hair a coppery red since I was fifteen, and it s actually astounding how many people feel slightly betrayed when they di [...]

  19. Scarletville, Iowa, bills itself as a National Redhead Sanctuary Indeed, it s a town where the vast majority of the populace are redheads A town where gingers are worshipped, and the redder the better Where strawberry blondes are disparagingly referred to as strawbies and looked down on as not red enough Where those who dye their hair to fit in are dubbed arties and outright ostracized for their false redness It s the town s dirty little secret, that blondes and brunettes are shunned, mocked, di [...]

  20. More reviews at Mrs ReaderPantsVIEW One part Stepford Wives and one part Mean Girls, Red is a fresh, funny, creative story that highlights society s prejudices While much of the story takes place at the local high school, the prejudice and discrimination against non reds heavily infiltrates the entire community Hair dye is not permitted, and the local colorist has to hide her salon with a series of clandestine elevators, secret passcodes, and strategically located broom closets These people are [...]

  21. Red reminded me of Petronella Saves Nearly Everyone The Entomological Tales of Augustus T Percival Not that the books are at all similar, but my reaction to them has been They are both odd, slightly disturbing plots with extremely memorable premises that left me confused and with a feeling of disquiet Except I came to appreciate Petronella Saves Nearly Everyone and I learned it was apparently an allegory or something like that I don t think that will happen with Red Unless there is a subtle, in [...]

  22. My Thoughts Oh how I enjoyed this one When I started it, I wasn t sure I would We are introduced to Felicity who has red hair, or at least everyone thinks so See, Felicity is from a town called Scarletville where everyone adores redheads They get royalty treatment There are so many redheads that they are in control HEHE Since everyone thinks Felicity is a redhead too she s popular and everyone likes her.Felicity s mom has been grooming her whole life for the Miss Scarlet pageant Not only is ther [...]

  23. Read this review and many others at To Another World Author Alison CherryPublisher Quercus UK Date of Publication January 2ndPages 320Source eARC via Netgalley I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley via Quercus in exchange for a honest review This does not affect my review opinions in any way Ever since I heard about Red on Twitter, I was really excited about it, so when I was approved a copy, I read it immediately Although it didn t really sound like my type of book, I liked the sou [...]

  24. In Scarletville, Red is what matters Redheads are considered as royals, and brunettes and blondes are frowned upon Redheads have privileges, while others don t Felicity St John has the perfect life She s pretty, has amazing friends, and a hot boyfriend who every girl is drooling over Felicity s mother, who also happens to be the manager of the Miss Scarlet pageant, is obsessed into preparing her daughter to win the pageant In truth, Felicity doesn t even want all that, because in truth, she s al [...]

  25. When I first saw the summary of Red by Alison Cherry, I thought it sounded like a weirdly interesting read Only after I read Red did I realize that it s a satire If you substitute being redheaded for different cultural ideals of beauty, you quickly see that it s not just in the fictional town of Scarletville that some people have a higher status than others based on some absurd criteria In terms of the characters, I found it easy to empathize with Felicity because her mom is one of those parents [...]

  26. I received a copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review Actual rating 2.5Red was an okay story, but it started to get boring at around 30% I kept on waiting for something to happen, but nothing did until near the end Felicity annoyed me at times, but not as much as her mum.I really couldn t stand her.The notes in Red reminded me a little bit of Pretty Little Liars, but they were less dramatic.There was a couple of things that didn t really make sense How did Felicity have shiny hair w [...]

  27. This book was a fun, engaging read I love the concept of a red head sanctuary and the idea of clandestine dye jobs What impressed me most was the way Alison dealt with deeper social class type issues in a new and creative way Very well done Tightly plotted, well paced with sharp and funny lines that I m still mulling over.

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