Hidden For as long as Ebony can remember she s been sheltered Confined to her home in a secluded valley home schooled by her protective parents and limited to a small circle of close friends It s as if sh

For as long as Ebony can remember, she s been sheltered Confined to her home in a secluded valley, home schooled by her protective parents, and limited to a small circle of close friends It s as if she s being hidden But something is changing in Ebony Something that can t be concealed She s growing beautiful by the day, she s freakishly strong, and then there s tFor as long as Ebony can remember, she s been sheltered Confined to her home in a secluded valley, home schooled by her protective parents, and limited to a small circle of close friends It s as if she s being hidden But something is changing in Ebony Something that can t be concealed She s growing beautiful by the day, she s freakishly strong, and then there s the fact that she s glowing.On one fateful night, Ebony meets Jordan and she s intensely drawn to him It s as if something explodes inside of her something that can be seen from the heavens Ebony still doesn t know that she s a stolen angel, but now that the heavens have found her, they want her back.

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  1. I loved reading from a young age and scoured my school libraries during my younger years, but I never thought I would become a writer It was not until my mid thirties, while teaching office studies and computers to adults at the Coffs Harbour Education Campus that I began to think seriously about writing I took several courses and experimented with different styles and genres With two teenage daughters at the time I fell into writing young adult paranormal and have never looked back.My first four novels, Old Magic, The Named, The Dark and The Key, were published by Bloomsbury Publishing in Australia, the UK, and the USA, with translations into than a dozen foreign languages In 2004, just as The Key was being prepared for printing, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone marrow cancer called Myelofibrosis With only a short time to live, I was given a stem cell bone marrow transplant using my sister s cells, which saved my life I have now been cancer free for fourteen years and have written a new trilogy called The Avena Series All three books Hidden, Broken and Fearless were published between 2013 and 2015 My latest book is The Shadow, the long awaited and much anticipated fourth book in The Guardians of Time Series The Shadow will be released in March 2018 I am presently working on a YA paranormal time travel story, and a contemporary novel based on real events Website mariannecurley7 Email mariannerley7 gmailFacebook facebook mariannerFacebook Author facebook MarianneCurlInsta marianne_curley

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  1. Marianne Curley is coming back in 2013 I care for little else right now.EDIT 18 07 2012 And we have the book cover, YAY It s not what I expected, but it s white and pretty and I m so excited.EDIT 25 11 2012 I found out the new cover for the UK paperback a.k.a the edition that I ve pre ordered from bookdepository a few days ago, and I thought I should let you know.This one is so much yummy And leaves me excited than beforeVIEWReal rate 2 to 3 stars.I m a bit disappointed What I like the most abo [...]

  2. Jesus Christ Please strike these characters from Heaven Please, I beg of you I ve never read a Marianne Curley book before but a lot of people seem to love Old Magic so I thought, what the hell, Hidden has a pretty cover and the blurb sounds decent even though most angel books turn into fails, at least for me they do So I Read IT I read it after dropping it two months ago It was so painfully stupid The characters My God The insta love is in warp speed And it happens twice Please, take your time [...]

  3. I started this book with rather high hopes I am not big on angel books because of bad experiences with them, but the summary of this book lured me in.Oh god I don t even know where to start with how terrible this book was It broke my heart into little pieces I was almost bawling by the end of it because it was so BAD For someone who is too lazy to read this whole rant Here is what you need to know The main character is involved in a love triangle where both the romances are insta love Now that I [...]

  4. While I ve been feeling quite fed up with angel books lately, when I was offered this one for review, my interest was piqued It s a different take on angel lore There s no God or Devil, or Heaven or hell But a King of Angels and a Dark Prince who reside in different realms The concept of how the Dark Prince came to be is pretty similar, with the Dark Prince creating an army and waging war against The Angel King There s a realm where the angels reside, a realm where mortal souls go after they die [...]

  5. This review was originally posted on The Moonlight LibrarySUMMARYEbony is a sheltered, na ve sixteen year old who doesn t know she is really a kidnapped angel, hidden away in a valley while her real family searches for her When she bumps into her charge outside a nightclub, the good guys finally find her, and now they have to convince her to return to Avena before the evil dark prince comes to claim her as his brideBUILDINGThe worldbuilding was light on there was no explanation of where angels c [...]

  6. I really wanted to like this book I can t even describe how much I love Marianne Curley, I love her Guardians of Time trilogy as it is one of the first novels I ve read and it is my definite favourite on my shelves But no matter how much I tried, I couldn t get into Hidden It wasn t bad Not at all It was just okay, and unfortunately, I had very high expectations In The Named , I loved every single character They were all unique, different and loveable But the only character in this novel that I [...]

  7. 3 5 StarsEven aimed at the younger teen audience, I still found it entertaining and really engaging Who doesn t enjoy smoking hot angels.

  8. I ve been wait ing eight years for Mar i anne Cur ley to write another book So I m kind of gut ted that when it finally arrived, I mean dered through to 40% before decid ing to put it aside.Mar i anne Cur ley was one of my favourite authors grow ing up I love Old Magic and her Guardians of Time tril ogy and have read them all sev eral times, though not for many years now I have to won der if I d still love them as much if I picked them up for the first time today Would I have the same trou ble w [...]

  9. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Bloomsbury Publishing Plc UK ANZ and Netgalley Ebony has always known that she was different, but her parents have never been open to talking about her and their family When Ebony finally forces her parents to talk to her, they tell her something she wasn t expecting she s not their biological daughter.Jordan is a normal kid who has not had the best of starts in life He s currently in foster care after his [...]

  10. I received a copy of this in the post from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Actually receiving this was a surprise, but an awesome one I loved reading her Guardians of Time trilogy as a teenager and I still have them on my shelves, but she disappeared and I wondered why, then I got this book and I was really excited There was an accompanying note explaining her absence for the last 7 years and reading her story made me admire her all the .Anyway, I knew I wanted to read this as soo [...]

  11. I thought this was alright at the beginning, but the further I got the worse it became The lectures that the angel gave jordan were so long and boring, and the storyline was so silly in places Why would Ebony get into a car with some random guy she didn t know especially when he was talking rubbish he could have been an escaped mental patient for all she knew I didn t like the love triangle either I liked Jordan better than the angel, but the moment ebony saw the angel she was like i love him we [...]

  12. This was a great book that got me out of a reading slump that I had been in since my grandma passed in February This is a book about angels, my first one I have always been intrigued into how they deal with the concept of angels This book has edged me to read angel books This book is based around a girl called Ebony who does not know she is an angel She meets a boy called Jordan who she feels drawn too She is then swept into a world, that she knows nothing about until Thane shows up and tells h [...]

  13. 3.5 Stars Oh no Another angel book must be what you re thinking Yeah, well, angels are the new hype so another angel book it is I actually enjoyed Hidden very much It was short but wow, a lot of things A LOT happen in around 350 pages Action, character info, romance This book never gets boring.What I m really happy about is that Ebony isn t annoying as most of the main characters in YA are now And drum roll THERE IS NO INSTA INSTA LOVE Why are there two instas I can t really say that insta love [...]

  14. DNF REVIEW I received this for review from the publisher via NetgalleyI must first of all say that I did not finish this book, through choice of my own, so my review will not be a reflection of the entire novel, only the part that I did read I had high expectations for Hidden, mainly because I know a few people who had really enjoyed it but, sadly, this wasn t the case for me Maybe it s because I had such expectations that I didn t like it, but I guess we ll never know.From the start, it is evid [...]

  15. Hidden had an intriguing concept There was the potential to be a really wonderful book but due to several factors the story wasn t as impressive as I wanted it to be I had a hard time trying to collect my thoughts to write a review that wouldn t come off overly critical in any way because I respect the author and I want to give her my honest opinion in the most respectful manner I can So here goes.I liked the general setting the world building was good But at the same time it was a bit tamed I l [...]

  16. For this review and my blogI really wanted to like Hidden as I have been a fan of this author in the past but unfortunately there were a few to many issues with this book and I just couldn t get into it at all Hidden is not necessarily a bad book, it is written well and has a good pace and structure but that isn t enough to make a book entertaining The big problem with Hidden is that it feels terribly dated I have been reading YA for ages now and in the last few years have loved seeing how it h [...]

  17. I think I ve had Hidden on my shelf for quite some time now, nearing probably 5 6 months now But due to University I ve only just gotten round to reading again, full stop However as soon as I realised that Hidden was a book about angels and it helps that it was the first review book I came across whilst figuring out what to read first I was excited to read it, and couldn t put it down Ebony is an interesting character but I loved her She was a typical angsty teen who was annoyed at her parents f [...]

  18. After having Hidden sitting on my shelf for a good 6 months, I was unsure whether to read it or not However when Suzanne from Paranormal Pages told me how much she loved this book, I decided to give it ago despite the negative reviews I ve seen And honestly, I did enjoy it Angel books tend to be either epic wins or epic fails and I have to say, this is the first time where I m in the middle While Hidden was a good read, I did have some problems with it, but not to stop me enjoying it completelyd [...]

  19. Personally found this book to be amazing, within the first couple of pages its already getting well into the story so you aren t kept waiting for something interesting to happen for half the book I just loved the story line, the characters, the writing and all.This is the first book of Marianne s that I ve read so far, defiantly going to read some of her other books while I wait the the next book of the Avena series

  20. Just finished reading my copy of Hidden and i knew i would love Ebony s story from the very beginning She doesn t know who she is until she meets the intriguing Jordan and feel their intense connection, but that is nothing compared to what she feels when she meets Nathanael Exciting and suspenseful and with a cliffhanger that will kill you, i totally recommend Hidden

  21. Awesome Marianne Curley has burst back onto the scene with an action packed angel story that is bright and wholesome, like a breath of fresh air in the plethora of dark and stormy paranormal YA novels out there Breathtaking description, a strong female lead, two swoon worthy guys an ending that will leave you desperate for A brilliant start to the series

  22. REVIEW BY GRACE 8 7I have just finished reading Hidden, an urban fantasy novel, over a three day period Immediately, I associate with this book as I live very close to my best friend just like Ebony one of the main characters and Amber Ebony s best friend Also, my favourite character is Ebony as I feel I am quite like her in some ways with her weird kinks ,being original and different to the rest as my eyes always seem to manage to get a compliment and I am known to some as a robot but in Ebony [...]

  23. I want to start by saying that I am a fan of Marianne s books Or perhaps of the concepts that she presents in them The way she does it isn t always the best This book is better than I remember it to be, though The first half is actually really good and sometimes even funny it did manage to get a few laughs out of me The plot itself is good, too, mirroring Lucifer s fall and giving us what might come after it Hidden does have one big problem though its characters We have two POV characters and t [...]

  24. I receieved this e ARC from the publishers via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I was in no way compensated for this review When I heard that the fabulous Marianne Curley was going to have a new release this year, I went a little nutso I adored reading her time travel magic books from years ago Even re read them several times since back in that day new reads were hard to come by Imagine that So when I glimpsed Hidden on Netgalley I attacked and thankfully already had auto approval from [...]

  25. Originally posted HEREANGELS HOT ANGELS That was pretty much the reason I picked up this book but there were unexpected elements which had me a tiny bit confused.Firstly, lets talk characters.Ebony nothing surprising, oblivious to everything and mostly bland.Jordan the same but whinier.Thane the same but infinitely HOTTER.I think characters were the main letdown in this novel Sure, they played a part but they were just so 2 dimensional It was all action and reaction There were certainly elements [...]

  26. This book was originally reviewed at Tea, Daydreams Fairytales on 4th March 2013.This story is told from both the perspectives of Ebony, a violet eyed teenager who until recently was home schooled and has never left the valley her parents farm is located on, and Jordon, a tough kid in foster care who has had one too many things go wrong in his young life When these two meet for the first time there is an instant connection that changes both of their worlds as you discover about Ebony s past and [...]

  27. Full review can be found hereThank you to Bloomsbury Publishing Plc UK ANZ for sending me an advance copy of Hidden through NetGalley In no way did this affect my opinion of the book.First, Aussie author FTW.One thing I can say about Hidden is that it started off quite well If I were to name the best scene of the book, it would be the one where Ebony and Jordan first meet Oh Jesus, that was freaking hilarious The two of them were so awkward and the way dialogue flowed, I could easily see the sce [...]

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