The Secret of Platform 13

The Secret of Platform A forgotten door on an abandoned railway platform is the entrance to a magical kingdom an island where humans live happily with feys mermaids ogres and other wonderful creatures Carefully hidden fr

A forgotten door on an abandoned railway platform is the entrance to a magical kingdom an island where humans live happily with feys, mermaids, ogres, and other wonderful creatures Carefully hidden from the world, the Island is only accessible when the door opens for nine days every nine years A lot can go wrong in nine days When the beastly Mrs Trottle kidnaps the prA forgotten door on an abandoned railway platform is the entrance to a magical kingdom an island where humans live happily with feys, mermaids, ogres, and other wonderful creatures Carefully hidden from the world, the Island is only accessible when the door opens for nine days every nine years A lot can go wrong in nine days When the beastly Mrs Trottle kidnaps the prince of the Island, it s up to a strange band of rescuers to save him But can an ogre, a hag, a wizard, and a fey really troop around London unnoticed

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The Secret of Platform 13

  1. Eva Ibbotson born Maria Charlotte Michelle Wiesner was a British novelist specializing in romance and children s fantasy.Eva Ibbotson was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1925 When Hitler came into power, Ibbotson s family moved to England She attended Bedford College, graduating in 1945 Cambridge University from 1946 47 and the University of Durham, from which she graduated with a diploma in education in 1965 Ibbotson had intended to be a physiologist, but was put off by the amount of animal testing that she would have to do Instead, she married and raised a family, returning to school to become a teacher in the 1960s Ibbotson was widowed with three sons and a daughter.Ibottson began writing with the television drama Linda Came Today , in 1965 Ten years later, she published her first novel, The Great Ghost Rescue Ibbotson has written numerous books including The Secret of Platform 13, Journey to the River Sea, Which Witch , Island of the Aunts, and Dial a Ghost She won the Nestl Smarties Book Prize for Journey to the River Sea, and has been a runner up for many of major awards for British children s literature.Her books are imaginative and humorous, and most of them feature magical creatures and places, despite the fact that she disliked thinking about the supernatural, and created the characters because she wanted to decrease her readers fear of such things.Some of the books, particularly Journey to the River Sea, also reflect Ibbotson s love of nature Ibbotson wrote this book in honor of her husband who had died just before she wrote it , a former naturalist The book had been in her head for years before she actually wrote it.Ibbotson said she dislikes financial greed and a lust for power and often creates antagonists in her books who have these characteristics Some have been struck by the similarity of Platform 9 3 4 in J.K Rowling s Harry Potter books to Ibbotson s The Secret of Platform 13, which came out three years before the first Harry Potter book.Her love of Austria is evident in works such as The Star Of Kazan and A Song For Summer These books, set primarily in the Austrian countryside, display the author s love for nature and all things natural.

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  1. Oh, wow This was published before Harry Potter but tell me if some of these plot elements sound vaguely familiar There s a passage under Platform 13 at King s Cross station in London that opens for a short time every 9 years It leads to the mist shrouded island of Avalon where all sorts of magical creatures live Their baby prince is taken through the passage and kidnapped by a rich, horrid woman who just wants a baby The boy is lost until the passage opens again 9 years later.An ogre, a faerie, [...]

  2. A really fun, simple and magical read It reminded me a lot of Harry Potter, what with platform 13 being like platform 9 and 3 4 s, and Raymond Ben were just like Dudley Harry, and Mrs Trottle was sort of like Mrs Dursley.

  3. This book has magic flowing throughout every word I can t stress enough how much I love it I still have the old copy from when I was very small, with my name shakily written on the inside cover When we were asked at school what we thought heaven would be like, I simply read out Ibbotson s description of the island , an island with curving beaches, mermaids, hags and the all important mistmakers It manages to include everything a child would need to know about being good and kind, about how peopl [...]

  4. One of my kids brought this book home from the school library several years ago and true to form I swiped it when they were done and read it I think younger Harry Potter fans would enjoy this book As in the HP books, there s a platform at London s Kings Cross Station that leads to a different, magical world This magical porthole opens only once every nine years, for a nine day period Nine years ago, the baby prince of this magical land was kidnapped while visiting our world And now that the port [...]

  5. Vom Bahnsteig 13, des bekannten Bahnhofs Kings Cross, f hrt alle neun Jahre ein Weg zu der Insel G gel Es ist ein wundervolles Land angef llt mit Nixen, Hexen, Riesen und anderen Wesen, die uns sonst nur in M rchen und Fantasyb chern begegnen Regiert wird die Insel von einem liebenswerten K nigspaar, dass nach Jahren ein kleiner Prinz geboren wird Leider w hrt die Freude nicht lange, da der Prinz in London entf hrt wird und der Zugang zum G gel sich erst in neun Jahren wieder ffnetDiese Geschich [...]

  6. I haven t read this since I was very, very small, and an adult re read didn t disappoint I can definitely see moments referenced in Harry Potter the bratty, spoiled child in a delicious incident with a Knickerbocker Glory, to say the least but as the Ibbotson herself has said she would like to shake J.K Rowling by the hand I think we all borrow from each other as writers I can hardly take umbrage Both books are fantastic, both authors equally so.

  7. I have a 7 year old granddaughter who is a HUGE Harry Potter fan I think she would love this book She Meredith has a birthday next month, and this will definately be one of her gifts.Note The parallels between The Secret of Platform 13 and Harry Potter are inescapable This book actually was published 3 years before the first Harry Potter book I appreciate the fact that it is not nearly as dark as the Harry Potter series.

  8. Chapter book fantasyFor grades 2 7An ogre, a wizard, a fey and a hag are sent to our world to rescue a young prince who was stolen as a baby in this humorous, low fantasy adventure.Every nine years, for nine days, a doorway is open between our world and the Island, which is inhabited by all manner of fantastical creatures when four of these magical people come through to rescue their prince, the mix ups and adventure that ensue are than enough to keep any young fantasy fan entertained Ibbotson [...]

  9. Oh, oh, oh, my love for Eva Ibbotson utterly continues The Secret of Platform 13 is furiously magical and madly inventive It s the story of a hidden island, wrapped away from the everyday by magic and mists mists made, fyi, by the most amazing creation ever mistmakers, seal like creatures who produce mist every time they hear beautiful music The island is accessible through a secret door on Platform 13, Kings Cross which opens briefly every nine years The island is desperately missing their Prin [...]

  10. I read this because I had heard that it may have inspired JK Rowling to write Harry Potter It is a very cute fantasy story, but meant for a young audience Maybe third or fourth grade.

  11. Years ago I got the German audiobook for my birthday or for Christmas And I remember listening to it almost every day Then a while ago I found the CD in one of my old CD boxes and listened to it again And I still love the story so much.So I decided to give the book to my cousin for his 11th birthday I think he ll like it, too, because he read the whole Harry Potter series So that s the point You can look at the story line for itself and it s great Yet you can try to find all the things that are [...]

  12. These are third grade student reviews MAEVEThis surprisingly twisty turny tale is about a fey, a magnificent wizard, a magical garden lady, and last, a floating eyeball or an Ogre if you would be so kind They all live on an island in peace until someone no one knows steels the baby prince and everyone is dreadfully sad This is when the story really begins No one except the rescuers know what s in the world of London The King and Queen make the rescuers set out to find their long lost son On the [...]

  13. I was browsing through a thrift store, and when I saw this short little children s book, I decided to read it right on the spot.I remember seeing this book everywhere when I was a younger teenager, but for some reason I never ended up reading it It was probably during the years that I refused to read anything but historical fiction and classics which, I must admit, still sounds loosely similar to how things are today.But anyways.In The Secret of Platform 13, there is an Island somewhere not real [...]

  14. My foray into the crazy world of Eva Ibbotson continues Platform 13 at London Station has remained shut since a very long time But any attempts to make renovations alwaysways get botched up The reason being that Platform 13 hides a gump an opening to a secret, utopian island It is a blissful place, ruled by a well loved King and Queen and plays home to all kinds of humans, animals and magical creatures However the gump opens once in nine years for nine hours only So anyone who wants to crossover [...]

  15. My year 4 bookclub chose this as their second read To be honest when I first started reading I didn t know how on earth I was going to help them draw anything from the story It was slow starting, a little confusing, slightly vague, but then suddenly the pace changes and it turns into a wonderful little mystical adventure story I did enjoy the story and liked that I could draw references to books and movies such as Harry Potter, Prince Caspian, flushed Away and Janes Bond At book club, the thing [...]

  16. WowI ll never look at knitting needles the same way again Thanks a lot, Soft Parts Doreen.Seriously, though, why isn t this book a well known classic It was so charming and funny and addicting It was like Roald Dahl with a bit of Narnia and Harry Potter thrown in I loved the writing style, the characters, the plot, everything What is it with the British and their children s books They write kids classics better than anyone else Every time I read a new middle grade, I m hoping that it will be jus [...]

  17. I was expecting loads from this book It is one of those books recommended as a relief to those going through severe Harry Potter withdrawal I expected magic and being left in wonder and amazement the effect magic usually has on a reader But it thoroughly failed to meet expectations The magical gump, caves, mermaids, a ragtag group of individuals for the most important quest, stealing a baby all these were examples of elements that didn t work The world building was too cautious it felt like the [...]

  18. This story is full of humor and heart It is written in a whimsical tone not unlike that of Howl s Moving Castle, but this book is written for a younger group of readers The characters are somewhat archetypal, but they are still very intriguing, and I adored Odge and Ben I wish the island was explored in the story, because I would love to travel there through the gump, experience its mythological wonders, and befriend the kind and humble islanders I want to meet the mistmakers especially What ma [...]

  19. I remember loving this novel when I was a kid It was one of the first fantasy novels I ever read And I was excited to reread it The story is easy to get into and fun to read I love the simplicity of the plot and the fun fantasy elements in the characters and their interactions it s pretty easy to figure out where the story is going but that wasn t a surprise for a children s novel Ben is so easy to love and root for Raymond was so ridiculous I had to laugh at him over and over And I love the qui [...]

  20. There was a lot to like about this book, but unfortunately, I found a lot to dislike too The extremely fatphobic descriptions of the Dudley Dursley esque character and his mother were deeply off putting, and the description of the harpies might be the most misogynistic two pages I ve read in a long while I was really disappointed, as Eva Ibbotson s A Countess Below Stairs is one of my favorite books of all time, and her descriptive power is top notch although now I worry that a reread might reve [...]

  21. I loved this book when I was first read it as a Year 6 student Eva Ibbotson is a highly underrated author whose books combine magic and mystery with comedy and morals I still read this book to this day as an adult and hope to keep reading it.

  22. I saw a copy of this at Booksale some years ago The title is catchy enough The Secret of Platform 13 Which sounds like, Platform 9 3 4 Harry Potter rip off I didn t mind.Then I saw a bargain copy lately, back to back books by Eva Ibbotson for only 55 Php Cool enough Two books The Secret of Platform 13 and Island of the Aunts I started reading The Secret of Platform 13 as soon as possible I was inspired when I saw the publishing year 1994 Harry Potter was first published 1997 So the book is not a [...]

  23. Read this years ago and loved it and just now re read it for a grad class and loved it still.Eva Ibbotson introduces her readers to an island that is essentially a sanctuary for those that have gotten tired of the busy, stinking reality of real life There are banshees, giants, warlocks, nymphs anything you could ever possibly think of being in any kind of fairy tale you have ever read The Island can be gotten to from the normal human world every nine years through special mounds called gumps tha [...]

  24. This book is really good I do not want to spoil this book, but I ll tell two of the main characters Cornelius and Raymond Trottle This book is not realistic because there are wizards and magical creatures in it but it is fun to read I would suggest this book for young readers ages like 5,6,7 so on M 8yrs

  25. There s a Gump in every country, a special grassy mound with a hidden door which leads to a magical world In Great Britain, this place is hidden under the platform 13 at Kings Cross Station, opened once every nine years and guarded by the Ghosts of the Gump The three nurses of the new born Prince of the land Violet, Lily and Rose step into the other side taking the baby with them to visit their old world During this short visit Mrs Trottle, a rich wicked lady steals the Prince and disappears.Nin [...]

  26. The Secret of Platform 13 by Eva Ibbotson is a book about a motley crew of rescuers who find that their mission to save their prince will not be so easy after all The first chapter is about a prince that was born on a magic island hidden in mist In a secret cove there is this kind of door called a gump that opens for a short time before closing again for 9 years The little prince is lost on the other side of the gump in London and is stuck there for 9 years The next time the gump opens there is [...]

  27. In a magical kingdom, a King and Queen are blessed with a baby They decide they have too many things to do and hire 3 nanny s The nanny s start to get homesick and ask to take the baby to platform 13 and go back to where they grew up, London, England.The King and Queen finally aprove of their idea While the nanny s are in london getting fish and chips, someone snatches the baby The nanny s travel back to the kingdom with the bad news The King and Queen and everyone in the kingdom became depresse [...]

  28. Definitely some similarities to Harry Potter certain fundamental elements are there, the biggest being Kings Cross Platform 13, but where as Ibbotson handles the passage to magic in a CS Lewis manner cloakroom doorway into another world , Rowling places it all firmly within our world and keeps it there There is also the main character similarity poor orphan boy living with mean adults who ignore him while adoring their spoiled son Definitely rings some bells, but again not unique You could strik [...]

  29. On the other side of Platform 13 in London, lies a magical world, full of magical creatures and ruled by a wonderful king and queen When they have their first baby, the baby s three nannies take the baby with them on the other side they were homesick for London, and just wanted to take a peak at home While they are there, the baby is stolen, and they are forced to return with the terrible news But the entrance to this magical land is only open every nine years for only nine days With the entranc [...]

  30. This book was very thrilling and I really enjoyed it It s about this secret island that nobody in the human world knows about There are lots of different magical creatures and people and they are ruled over the human king and queen The queen has a beautiful baby and has three nannies to look after him The nannies take him to the human world and the prince gets kidnapped Years pass until the tunnel between both world opens Four very different people chose by the king and queen who live on the isl [...]

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