Temptation Your heart misleads you That s what my friends and family say But I love Noah And he loves me We met and fell in love in the sleepy farming community of Meadowview while we rode our horses together t

Your heart misleads you.That s what my friends and family say But I love Noah And he loves me We met and fell in love in the sleepy farming community of Meadowview, while we rode our horses together through the grassy fields and in those moments in each other s arms It should be ROSE NOAH forever, easy But it won t be Because he s Amish And I m not.

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  1. You can visit Karen Ann Hopkins at her website karenannhopkins I loved joining Rose and Noah during their journey in the Temptation series by Karen Hopkins Katie McGarry, acclaimed YA authorKaren Ann Hopkins resides in northern Kentucky with her family on a farm that boasts a menagerie of horses, goats, peacocks, chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs, and cats Karen s main job is home schooling the kids, but she finds time to give riding lessons, coach a youth equestrian drill team, and of course, write She was inspired to create her first book, Temptation, by the Amish community she lived in The experiential knowledge she gained through her interactions with her neighbors drove the story of the star crossed lovers, Rose and Noah Their story continues in Belonging, where their families and cultures threaten to tear them apart, and with Forever and Deception, where we find out once and for all if love is enough for them.Lamb to the Slaughter, the first book in Serenity s Plain Secrets, is Karen s newest Amish endeavor, opening up the darker, grittier and secretive lives of Amish society It s a story about the intertwining lives of three unlikely people in an Indiana Amish Community and the devastating results when a rebellious teenage girl is found shot to death in a corn field during the harvest Serenity Adams is the newly elected young sheriff in the rural town of Blood Rock, and besides dealing with the threatening behavior of her predecessor, she now has a dead Amish girl on her plate At first glance, the case seems obvious The poor girl was probably accidently shot during hunting season, but when the elders of the Amish community, and even the girl s parents, react with uncaring subdued behavior, Serenity becomes suspicious As she delves deeper into the secretive community that she grew up beside, she discovers a gruesome crime from the past that may very well be related to the Amish girl s shooting Serenity enlists the help of the handsome bad boy building contractor, Daniel Bachman He left the Amish when he was nineteen and has his own dark reasons to help the spunky sheriff solve the crime that the family and friends who shunned him are trying desperately to cover up Serenity s persistence leads her to a stunning discovery that not only threatens to destroy her blossoming romance with Daniel, but may even take her life in the end Karen s YA paranormal urban fantasy series, the Wings of War, is an epic story about Ember, whose normal life ends abruptly when her parents are killed and she discovers she s a descendent of angels Still coping with her strange powers, Ember finds herself and her heart in the middle of a centuries old war in this compulsively readable novel Kirkus Reviews.Karen grew up about a mile from Lake Ontario in Upstate New York She was bitten by the horse bug at the age of five, and after diligently taking riding lessons for several years, was rewarded with her first horse at the age of eleven The feisty horse s name was Lady, a Quarter Horse Thoroughbred cross, who became Karen s steadfast companion Through the years, the constant force in her life was horses Eventually, she found her place as a riding instructor herself Before accepting her fate in the barnyard, she worked a short stint as a paralegal, traveled abroad, and guided tourists on horseback riding tours in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee Karen is currently working on her bestselling Amish mystery series, Serenity s Plain Secrets, along with the YA paranormal fantasy series, the Wings of War Karen is also excited to announce there will be books in the Temptation series KAREN S BOOKSTHE TEMPTATION NOVELS Temptation, Belonging, Forever, Deception, Journey 2018 SERENITY S PLAIN SECRETS Lamb to the Slaughter, Whispers from the Dead, Secrets in the Grave, Hidden in Plain Sight, Paper Roses 2017 WINGS OF WAR Embers, Gaia, Tempest, Eternity 2018

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestI read this book for the Unapologetic Romance Readers New Years 2017 Reading Challenge For info about what this is, click here.I will be the first to admit that I know almost nothing about the Amish My knowledge is limited to Devil s Playground 2002 , which I was forced to watch in high school, and my friends reviews of Amish romance novels because prior to now, I had never actually picked one up myself My romance book club is doing this 50 category challenge [...]

  2. The Amish fascinate me Really, they do Their rules, their beliefs, their antifeminist ways a lot of if it actually seems kind of ridiculous, but regardless if you consider them as a cult, or counterculture religion, I can t see anyone not being intrigued by their ways This is a novel about love Forbidden love A love so authentic that I found myself at the mercy of a burning restlessness at thoughts of their relationship s imminent unraveling and collapse.The relationship that Rose and Noah have [...]

  3. I have always been curious when it comes to Amish romances I think a part of it is that their lives seems so much followed by strict rules and in my mind what an exciting story to have a couple fall in love when it is totally forbidden Yes, I am a bit of a rebel Anything that is forbidden tends to excite me Temptation is a Young Adult book, and I could very much tell It wasn t as in depth as I prefer my romances to be but it was able to keep my attention through the story I would have liked to l [...]

  4. 2.25 unattainable stars Rose is american, and lives with her dad, and two brothers Jacob and Sam Rose and her family move houses after their mother dies They moved in right next door to an Amish community, where Noah lives They have an instant connection, but an English cannot be with an Amish unless they convertNoah lives a happy life with his mother, father, and 8 brothers That is, until Rose moves into the derelict house just across the field He falls in instant lust, and knows that he must h [...]

  5. That was the problem with English girls they did what they wanted.But then again, maybe that was one of the things that made Rose so intriguingd dangerous to me.3.5 stars I was interested in this story because I d read a few of my mom s Amish romances in the past, and I ve also watched several television documentaries and shows on the Amish There s something about the way these hardworking, family communities live that fascinates me I couldn t imagine living in their world, where just about anyt [...]

  6. My review of Temptation on my blogI had Temptation only for 2 hours before I started reading it The description, cover, and the premise were just screaming at me, READ ME This is the type of book you want to read right now My brain was telling me to just read this one and not wait, so I did.I fell in love with the first 2 3rds of Temptation I was so wrapped up in Rose and Noah s story I just wanted to read, read, read even though I was going on vacation the next day and had important items to t [...]

  7. If you think Edward is controlling and Bella is weak they look like completely self actualized, feminist, independent, individuals compared to Noah and Rose Noah and Rose instantly fall in love, for no apparent reason other than that they are both hot Their relationship consists of a few stolen kisses, and a couple of horse rides but he demands she becomes Amish so he can officially court and marry her ASAP or they are over Based on the apparent 3 or 4 hours they have spent alone over a few mont [...]

  8. Imagine if Mr Right couldn t be any right, but wrong in every sense of the word because of the world he lived in When Rose and her family move to the quiet town of Meadowview, they are all still grieving from the death of her mother The move was suppose to bring closure and give the kids a fresh start, nobody could have guessed the changes that would tear them apart.Since the death, no one has made Rose feel alive than Noah, the Amish boy who lives down the road For Rose, Noah is perfect and be [...]

  9. I can t take any of this barf worthy mess First of all, the main girl is an annoying wench who is dumber than anything and so ignorant Seriously You are interacting with an AMISH family Of course their actions and beliefs are going to be a lot different than yours Try to be a little open minded will you Maybe she tries to understand them better and grows as a character but I m not willing to tough it out.This romance Ridiculous They haven t actually gotten together yet but at first glance they [...]

  10. Okay I finally get me, I am a huge sucker for the intense male who is so into the girl he would do about anything for her, or to keep her Didn t say it was healthy just I really like stories that are like that Temptation is that kind of story and Rose and her family move next door to the Miller family who happen to be Amish They have a beautiful son named Noah Rose and Noah are instantly attracted to each other upon their first meeting Both try to avoid there attraction to one another but it do [...]

  11. I just re read this and this time around, there were a few things that bothered me just a little Yes, it is full of chemistry and attraction, but it seems like all the kissing is a little of the French variety Noah also came across as quite possessive and not willing to give an inch.However, I still really enjoyed it Is it just me or is there an obsession with all things Amish lately I can t decide if it s the thoughts of a simpler life or like looking into a secret ish society, but I find it qu [...]

  12. You can find this any many other review on my blog Ja itam, a ti I guess that I can t stand those crying teen girls any Don t get me wrong, I do understand that some people are emotional than others but for Christ s sake everything has its limits But well let s talk about the story.So as you probably know from the blurb here we have typical teen love story in not so typical environment This whole story is such a cliche except that part about Amish society I find them interesing as majority of p [...]

  13. Read reviews at What Danielle Did Next Wow This is the reason I love Young Adult so much The Butterflies How much do I love the Butterflies That feeling of unbridled joy, untainted by adult sensibilities that captures the brilliance and purity of youth and young love This book enveloped me in that feeling and I was than happy to curl up in it I couldn t put it down all evening and it was only when fatigue finally overcame me that I gave in and put the Kindle down I find the whole subject of th [...]

  14. Temptation by Karen Ann Hopkins is a thrilling forbidden romance Sixteen year old Rose and her family move to Meadowview where the local community is Amish When she locks gazes with Noah, a young man who happens to be Amish, they both feel a magnetic attraction to each other However, it s not that simple They have to keep their blossoming relationship a secret as the situation would become dire if they were ever found out Being together should be simple, but when you re English and your love int [...]

  15. Note I didn t know whether to give this book one star or five stars so I decided to go with the average and settled on three I don t know how to feel about this book I don t know whether to say it s really great because it elicited really strong reactions from me and made me want to continue reading, or say it s terrible because most of my reactions were negative Temptation deals with Rose, an English girl and Noah, an Amish boy They fall in love, and well, the road to true love is never smooth [...]

  16. Temptation was kindly provided to me by Harlequin Australia and is the first book in the Temptation series by Karen Ann Hopkins.Temptation is a contemporary romance which follows the story of sixteen year old Rose who is grieving the loss of her mother and has moved with her father and brothers to the farming community of Meadowview and eighteen year old Noah who is an Amish boy working and living on his family farm.I was quite fascinated by a plot surrounding the Amish community because I admit [...]

  17. Here s the thing I am not a fan of romance novels Romance as a secondary focus to the main plot is fine by me, but romance as the main story of a novel bores me to tears The only reason I picked up Temptation was because Harlequin Teen sent me an ARC of its sequel and I felt as if I had to know the story before I delved into Belonging I regret that decision The ONLY reason this book got two stars was because of the author s obvious talent for writing Her talent for storytelling on the other hand [...]

  18. Temptation oh yes That s exactly what it is I was continually tempted to read it everywhere I went I tried to sneak Temptation out just to read the next page because that is how engrossed I was in this book It s such a sweet romance and the characters each and every one are amazing.Rose is a fiesty English girl who doesn t take orders from anyone well MAYBE her Dad and that s only sometimes She loves to dance, listen to music, and play sports everything that the Amish aren t allowed to do After [...]

  19. Forbidden Amish Lovin, I ve always been pretty intrigued by the Amish I visit Lancaster, Pennsylvania a few times a year and their way of life has always been fascinating to me I also love a forbidden love story, so this book was a no brainer for me I had to read it and it did not disappoint.Rose is a 16 year old girl who recently lost her mother, moves to the little farming town Meadowview, Ohio with her father and unruly brothers She meets and falls in love with her Amish neighbor, 18 year old [...]

  20. As soon as I saw the description of this book up on NetGalley, I had to have it Forbidden love SIGN ME UP.After a string of intense novels to review, I wanted something light hearted and fun to read Temptation by Karen Ann Hopkins was just that novel Written in dual POV s Noah and Rose s , Hopkins entices her readers into the contemporary world of Rose and conservative up bringing of Noah Can fate keep these two together or will their clashing lives pull them apart The characters graced througho [...]

  21. very much UNLIKE anything you have ever read It was for me at least I enjoyed all of the dialogue and description that took place in this heart wrenching novel It shows us how powerful and how vulnerable women can be at the same time.My Fav Quote Success is sweeter and sweeter if long delayed and gotten through many struggles and defeats Amos Bronson Alcott Kindle Loc 4351 My Rating4.0 Colt, Hope, Corn Field, Buggy, Rumor, Secret note, Late night phone call, First Love, Conversion filled Stars F [...]

  22. They way in which women are treated in this book made me dislike Sorry if you disagree but it made me very mad.

  23. THIS REVIEW ON B S BOOK BLOG I received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher for review First of all, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous book cover I fell in love immediately with this book just by looking at it But of course, looks can be deceiving, and that what looks pretty on the outside just might be rotten on the inside Like this book, for instance.Temptation is a story about Rose and Noah, two love birds who can t be together After her mother died, Rose and her family mo [...]

  24. Review Posted on Reading Lark 5 26 12 readinglark 2012 I have always been a big fan of forbidden romance since that first moment I read Romeo and Juliet as a kid There is just something compelling about watching a couple struggle to be together in spite of impossible odds Not all of these starcrossed lovers end up with happy endings, but I do enjoy rooting for that Never have I read a forbidden romance like this one though typical American teenage girl meets typical Amish teenage guy It s love a [...]

  25. Actual Rating 4.5 stars Also reviewed on my blog sassyanddangerous If you are ever in need of a good YA forbidden romance novel, Temptation is your book The minute my package came with all three books, thank you once again, Karen I immediately dove into the first book and I never wanted to come out of it I normally don t read Chick Lit or Amish novels, but I was definitely excited to give this one a try, and I m glad I did The author truly did a wonderful job on re searching the Amish lifestyle [...]

  26. Noah is Amish Rose is English Not like tea and footy English just not Amish They are not meant to be together, but when they lay eyes on each other, they immediately fall in love and know that they must find a way to spend the rest of their lives together even if it means one of them must give up everything they have ever known.Karen Ann Hopkins Temptation is a story of forbidden love between a boy and a girl from two drastically worlds I was excited for the culture clash And the swoon And the b [...]

  27. Definitely not something I ve seen before Temptation was a different YA romance and I really liked that about it I really enjoyed reading this book.What first drew me into this book was that it was based in an Amish society with and Amish hero I ve always been curious about how their lifestyle works, particularly because the media paints a rather nasty picture that I ve never been inclined to believe So, that was a huge draw for this book And I really liked how the author portrayed it She explai [...]

  28. Originally posted at Paperback Wonderland After her mother s death, Rose s family relocates to a new state so her father can take up a position in the local hospital Their new next door neighbours are friendly and eager to help with the move, and Rose and the boy next door, Noah, find themselves falling for each other There is only one problem Noah is Amish and so they cannot be together The only reason this one isn t getting a five is due to the insta love, but even that can be easily overlooke [...]

  29. First off I have to say that I loved loved this story.I love the way of the Amish The Amish live such a simple life They do everything for themselves and they take care of each other So when I saw this book had the two worlds collide I was intrigued I have seen on TV how the Amish have their Rom spring for the teens to decide if they are going to stay Amish or if they are going to go the ways of the English Rose is grieving because her mother has past away In order for her family to move on they [...]

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