The Complete Poems

The Complete Poems In a small book entitled Poems by Currer Ellis and Acton Bell appeared on the British literary scene The three pseudonymous poets the Bronte sisters went on to unprecedented success with such

In 1846 a small book entitled Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell appeared on the British literary scene The three pseudonymous poets, the Bronte sisters, went on to unprecedented success with such novels as Wuthering Heights, Agnes Grey, and Jane Eyre, all published in the following year As children, these English sisters had begun writing poems and stories about anIn 1846 a small book entitled Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell appeared on the British literary scene The three pseudonymous poets, the Bronte sisters, went on to unprecedented success with such novels as Wuthering Heights, Agnes Grey, and Jane Eyre, all published in the following year As children, these English sisters had begun writing poems and stories about an imaginary country named Gondal, yet they never sought to publish any of their work until Charlotte s discovery of Emily s mature poems in the autumn of 1845, Charlotte later recalled I accidentally lighted on a MS volume of verse in my sister Emily s handwriting I looked it over, and something than surprise seized me a deep conviction that these were not common effusions, nor at all like the poetry women generally write I thought them condensed and terse, vigorous and genuine To my ear they had also a peculiar musicwild, melancholy, and elevating The renowned Hatfield edition of The Complete Poems of Emily Jane Bronte includes the poetry that captivated Charlotte Bronte a century and a half ago, a body of work that continues to resonate today This incomparable volume includes Emily s verse from Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell as well as 200 works collected from various manuscript sources after her death in 1848 Some were edited and preserved by Charlotte and Arthur Bell Nichols still others were discovered years later by Bronte scho

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The Complete Poems

  1. Emily Jane Bront was a British novelist and poet, now best remembered for her only novel Wuthering Heights, a classic of English literature Emily was the second eldest of the three surviving Bront sisters, being younger than Charlotte Bront and older than Anne Bront She published under the masculine pen name Ellis Bell.Emily was born in Thornton, near Bradford in Yorkshire to Patrick Bront and Maria Branwell She was the younger sister of Charlotte Bront and the fifth of six children In 1824, the family moved to Haworth, where Emily s father was perpetual curate, and it was in these surroundings that their literary oddities flourished In childhood, after the death of their mother, the three sisters and their brother Patrick Branwell Bront created imaginary lands Angria, Gondal, Gaaldine, Oceania , which were featured in stories they wrote Little of Emily s work from this period survived, except for poems spoken by characters The Bront s Web of Childhood, Fannie Ratchford, 1941.In 1842, Emily commenced work as a governess at Miss Patchett s Ladies Academy at Law Hill School, near Halifax, leaving after about six months due to homesickness Later, with her sister Charlotte, she attended a private school in Brussels They later tried to open up a school at their home, but had no pupils.It was the discovery of Emily s poetic talent by Charlotte that led her and her sisters, Charlotte and Anne, to publish a joint collection of their poetry in 1846, Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell To evade contemporary prejudice against female writers, the Bront sisters adopted androgynous first names All three retained the first letter of their first names Charlotte became Currer Bell, Anne became Acton Bell, and Emily became Ellis Bell In 1847, she published her only novel, Wuthering Heights, as two volumes of a three volume set the last volume being Agnes Grey by her sister Anne Its innovative structure somewhat puzzled critics Although it received mixed reviews when it first came out, the book subsequently became an English literary classic In 1850, Charlotte edited and published Wuthering Heights as a stand alone novel and under Emily s real name.Like her sisters, Emily s health had been weakened by the harsh local climate at home and at school She caught a chill during the funeral of her brother in September, and, having refused all medical help, died on December 19, 1848 of tuberculosis, possibly caught from nursing her brother She was interred in the Church of St Michael and All Angels family capsule, Haworth, West Yorkshire, England.

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  1. If I could rate this one billion stars, I would These poems are incredibly precious to me they ve been with me throughout the bad times and the good, ever present in my life There s not a lot I wouldn t do to somehow turn back time and rescue the rest of the Gondal work.

  2. Come, Walk With MeCome, walk with me, There s only thee To bless my spirit now We used to love on winter nightsTo wander through the snow Can we not woo back old delights The clouds rush dark and wild They fleck with shade our mountain heightsThe same as long ago And on the horizon rest at lastIn looming masses piled While moonbeams flash and fly so fastWe scarce can say they smiled Come walk with me, come walk with me We were not once so fewBut Death has stolen our companyAs sunshine steals the [...]

  3. A few months ago, I got a meme in Facebook, asking me to talk about my favorite books The experience was a very dark, painful afternoon of thinking about books Books are too much like friends for my relationships to be terribly healthy with God knows I mistreat my friends But in that meme, I wrote about Emily Dickinson, about how it was difficult to seperate the woman from the poetry I have this sort of purist mind that tells me that s asign of weakness, that I m conflating good writing with a g [...]

  4. Emily Bronte is such a mystery How could she write such fierce fiction There is power and deep longing in her poetry especially her Gondal poems which she used for Wuthering Heights I want to write a story about that Love her.

  5. One of my favorites No coward soul of mineNo trembler in the world s storm troubled sphere I see Heaven glories shineAnd Faith shines equal arming me from Fear.O God within my breast,Almighty ever present Deity Life, that in me hast restAs I Undying Life have power in Thee.Vain are the thousand creedsThat move men s hearts unutterably vain,Worthless as withered weedsOr idlest froth amid the boundless main To waken doubt in oneHolding so fast by thy infinitySo surely anchored onThe steadfast rock [...]

  6. I ve never been a fan of Wuthering Heights , but I love Emily s poetry She s one of my most favourite poets I was so inspired by her poems that I wrote the verses of my own, and I find them well, promising.Of long ago there is the worldThat always speak to me The prose of Anne and verse of Emily.Like see breeze fresh, like gull s scream boldTwo novels One thunder blast, the earth of pain,Wild winter rose in bloom,Another is a sun ray, shining through the gloom.And poems like a streaming rain,Lik [...]

  7. Poetry is hard for me and I think it always will be Some of these were pure brilliance, but there were a lot and so their quality differed throughout Although I suppose that s to be expected with any complete works A must read for Bronte fans, especially if you loved the darkness of Wuthering Heights

  8. Some of these were beauties Quite dark I m sure I ve read stuff which said that the Bronte sisters kept to themselves their whole lives and never got any Reading these Emily comes across as a person with life experience as much as the rest of us.

  9. Abandoned Life is too short to force myself to read this collection There are some really well written poems in here, but also a lot of mediocre ones and the utter monotony of the subject is extremely wearing.

  10. The Complete Poems by Emily Bront , Janet Gezari Editor Fascinating poems by a fascinationg women who was fascinated by winter, death, solitude, love, nature and stars STARS 1846 by Emily Bront Ah why, because the dazzling sun Restored my earth to joy Have you departed, every one, And left a desert sky All through the night, your glorious eyes Were gazing down in mine, And with a full heart s thankful sighs I blessed that watch divine I was at peace, and drank your beams As they were life to me [...]

  11. Her eloquent writing style is enjoyable to read However I have found the vast majority of her poetry to be very sorrowful most of it to be on the subject of death That can be good or bad depending on the reader.

  12. Emily Bronte has been viewed as a self centered, crazy malcontent Yes, she was a woman of unyielding independence, but Emily was also a poet of rare magnitude She was of the finest poets in the English language, ranked by some as comparable to Byron Only a few poems were published in her lifetime The title of this book is taken from the first line from this beautiful poem.No coward soul of mineNo trembler in the world s storm troubled sphere I see Heaven glories shineAnd Faith shines equal armin [...]

  13. I will begin by saying Anne was the truest poet of the three Bell sisters, but Emily did a fine and haunting job of setting a scene with her verse I enjoyed this book immensely I recommend it to anyone sitting down to a chilly, grey afternoon with a cup of hot cocoa.It s fabulous She YEARNED for home when she wasn t thered begged it to hold her when she was Emily Bronte was amazing.We have to put our best guess for a date that we first read these books I received it as a Christmas present in Dec [...]

  14. The weather and the seasons feature heavily in this collection, which won t be surprising to anyone familiar with Emily s upbringing near the North Yorkshire moors I didn t realise just how much poetry Emily had produced until I read this collection It s a pity she didn t write the equivalent in prose I state this as a person who doesn t actually like poetry, but being a fan of the Bront s, I decided to read their poems around the times of each sister s birthday.Compared to her siblings, I thoug [...]

  15. Emily Bront s poetry was very enjoyable to read Some poems are joyful, others deep, and still melancholy They all seem to have a little music to them, which is quite clever As a fan of Wuthering Heights, I especially liked this.

  16. I m trying to get into poetry and this was a decent book of poetry, but I still don t get it I ll keep trying though.

  17. Actual rating 4.5 stars.I have finally done it I ve read Emily s poetry in its entirety well except the lost ones This collection is brilliant for those of you who want to read Emily s poetry Janet Gezari has spilt Emily s verse into 5 categories poems published in 1846, dated poems, undated poems, poems of doubtful authorship and poems as edited by Charlotte in 1850 This makes reading them much enjoyable as you can watch Emily s writing develop and see how she begins to experiment with her ver [...]

  18. Ballad MadMoved by the recent BBC drama I resolved to explore the lesser known works of the B sisters In Emily s case this meant the poems and after ploughing through the no doubt interesting textual introduction I immediately fell in love with the poetry itself and with the Emily it revealed Typically balladic or common metre they hark back to old English folk songs and ballads as much as to those Lyrical Moreover they work out many of the themes and images that found such perfect expression in [...]

  19. Ok, so of course this was good in terms of the poems But i can t help but think it would have been better not to read the complete poems all at once but to read them in seperate volumes I got this from the library, otherwise i would have taken a long time to read this Then i wouldn t have felt like i was reading hundreds of poems about death, the fictional city of gondal which we have no real context for, these read as random snippets than anything or the moorske i said, great writing some grea [...]

  20. I loved this collection of poems by Emily Bront A lot of them spoke to me on so many levels.They are captivating, fluent to read.My favorites are Anticipation , Hope , Lines.There are a few quotes I particularly loved Hope soothes me in the griefs I know,She lulls my pain for others woe,And makes me strong to undergoWhat I am born to bear Now trust a heart that trusts in youAnd firmly say the world AdieuBe sure wherever I am roamMy heart is with your heart at home.

  21. What an inspired range of skill I was equally struck by her expression of faith, her sorrow for those who had died, her delight in creation, and My words cannot encompass the awe I experienced when reading Bronte s work It took me two months to read because a few portions a day was all I could take in That beautiful

  22. Oh, how I wish the Gondal poems had been published as an epic fantasy tale during the Bront sisters lifetimes I mean, read The Prisoner A Fragment and Remembrance , and tell me they don t have the potential to have become one of the cornerstones of modern fantasy and speculative fiction War, intrigue, betrayal, romance They have it all.

  23. I will tell the truth, I am not the world s greatest fan of poetry While I appreciate a good poem, and especially loved learning about them in school, I don t make a habit of picking up books of poetry to read I enjoyed reading Emily s poems, but I am unable to offer a great critical review of them myself.While the poems were enjoyable and beautiful to read, the most fascinating part of the book to me was the Introduction by C.W Hatfield In this introduction, Hatfield discusses his process of tr [...]

  24. From all the poetesses that I know Emily Bronte is my favorite Her poetry is beyond the understanding of mere words The reader often has to delve deep in her poems in order to uncover her hidden messages This book has really shifted me to a higher lever of consciousness and I cannot deny the fact that I have simply fallen in love with Emily Bronte s gusting spirit Emily Bronte s poems are fierce and unique since they are always full of passion and intrigue Many of the poems convey deep messages [...]

  25. A great book of poems from, what I believe, to be the best of the 3 Bronte poets Oh, for the time when in my breastTheir struggles will be o er Oh, for the day when I shall rest,And never suffer It is befitting for someone who struggled so much herself A tortured soul.Some of Emily s poems are not in here but ones I feel should be.

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