The Secret Promise

The Secret Promise Princess Emily is excited about her first Grand Ball but she d rather be on the zip wire in the castle grounds than trying on dresses Her three friends feel the same so they slip out after dinner A

Princess Emily is excited about her first Grand Ball, but she d rather be on the zip wire in the castle grounds than trying on dresses Her three friends feel the same, so they slip out after dinner A zip wire in the dark is excellent fun But things take a serious turn when the girls find a trapped deer in the forest Who would do such an awful thing, and why

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The Secret Promise

  1. Paula Harrison Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Secret Promise book, this is one of the most wanted Paula Harrison author readers around the world.

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  1. Rescue Princesses is going to be a great new series for younger girl readers I can see the Rainbow Magic fans eating this series up These rescue princesses aren t your normal girly girl princesses Yes they love the fancy dresses, the amazing hair, and all the jewelry, but they also want to have some normal fun Such as taking park in a boys versus girl optical course races with the princes In this first Rescue Princesses book, the princesses are on a mission to save the deer of the kingdom from i [...]

  2. I picked this book up at the school book fair to read to my princess obsessed four year old as our first chapter book It was quite cute The story is the first in a series, so it obviously has background building on how these four princesses come to be friends and become The Rescue Princesses While the plot was predictable from an adult perspective, my daughter still loved it and so until the library has the next book available, we will apparently be rereading this one Here s hoping it comes soon [...]

  3. Title The Secret Promise Series Rescue Princesses 1 Author Paula Harrison Format Paperback, 128 pages Rating 4.5 stars Recommend it to Children who like being ninjas My Review Simplistic and not what I expected at all haha I love this series, but this book has a slow beginning I still love them Spoiler bits None

  4. What a great suspense story of how they became rescue princesses.I enjoyed this story with some suspense in it and the four princesses who became rescue princesses when they heard then seen a young deer who was crying for help A very clean read ebook that I feel that 7 10 olds and perhaps older who loves to read how some young princesses ants to rescue, protect and care for any animals in danger or needs even protection as this one deer and others were in mortal danger For all of these reasons m [...]

  5. Saoirse I liked it because they saved a baby deer, and found the people that made the trap And will promise to save any animals in danger And made new friends.

  6. My daughter and I liked the princesses resourcefulness, courage, and compassion The plot I thought was only fair, and the non princess characters weren t very well rounded which is admittedly a very minor flaw since this is the first book in a series the author understandably wanted to concentrate on developing the main characters Unfortunately one result is that none of the male characters are strongly developed, and the most important ones aren t exactly good role models there s the bratty pri [...]

  7. I read this a couple of months ago as part of my plan to read at least of each of the popular series for children that we stock in the bookshop where I work part time , and decided that the grandchildren would enjoy it being read to them James is 6 and Zenobia is 5, and so as part of their home schooling they ve been listening to this over a few weeks I m not sure James was that interested, but, on the other hand, he didn t complain Zenobia, like many 5 year olds, just loves princesses, so she w [...]

  8. Princess Emily travels to the castle of Mistberg with her parents She has finally reached the age of nine years old and is now allowed to attend the Mistberg Grand Ball She is excited to meet the other princesses The four princesses are soon good friends and work together as a team to rescue at little fawn But someone evil is planting traps in the forest and none of the adults will believe the girls The princesses must work together to solve the mystery and save the deer of Mistberg Forest As th [...]

  9. My love of reading started when i was young, and it gives me immense pleasure to provide books to Spread the Word Nevada, an organization that passes them on to children in the community They are a terrific organization supporting an important cause If your local I encourage you to check them out For those living further a field, look in your own community, their may already be a similar program in place And if not, you can always help start one.spreadthewordnevada Myself, I go out on the weeken [...]

  10. Five Year Old really enjoyed this one from the start, as it contains two things she loves Princesses and Ziplines Since she herself is frequently found fishing or climbing trees in a tutu or pretty dress, she really enjoyed these princesses She enjoyed the elaborate descriptions of their fancy ballgowns, but also enjoyed and is now practicing the ninja skills This one took us three evenings of reading to finish, but had enough adventure that it kept her interest from the very start As a bonus, i [...]

  11. My princess fanatical 4 year old is in love with this book These princesses include all the fancy trappings ball gowns, tiaras, velvety cloaks, but also have a sense of adventure exited to play on a zip line and working together with others to help animals This book promotes than a princess being a pretty face statements about using your brain to figure out problems and working together to help others encourage self esteem and Provide excellent role models as well Also,there is a full size pict [...]

  12. I could see this series being of interest to early chapter book readers, as it deals with both princesses and adventuring The princesses like dressing up and having princess duties, but they like taking charge and saving animals They even get some ninja skills to help I wasn t extremely impressed with this, but I could also see the appeal for this age group I m not sure that I will need to read the rest of the series though For fans of fantasy and royalty stories animal lovers Possible red flag [...]

  13. Quick and cute chapter book about a princess who goes with her parents to a ball, and meets up with several other young princesses The new friends band together to fight injustice when they discover an animal in trouble Pretty dresses, sweet animals, and ninja moves what s not to like Great girl power for girls in grades 1 3 Nina likes this series, but says this one the first is her favorite.

  14. I got this for my 7 yr old who loves animals, but finds princesses rather boring She was kinda hesitant when she started reading it It started off slow with too much detail As soon as the girls met the deer, she found the book interesting She liked that it was a mystery, too She asked me to get her the 2nd book That s a good sign.She told me to read it So, I did Sweet story Simple drama Daring girls who formed a nice bond with each other.

  15. My 7YO loved it It s a little over her reading level at the summer before starting 2nd Grade , but we read through it together These girls aren t your average princesses They use ingenuity, kindness, and even ninja skills to save the deer in the forest from an unknown trapper.Looking forward to the next book in the series

  16. My kids enjoyed this but it was just ok to me Some of the words in the book made my kids look at me like what s that Also the names of the girls and locations were horrible As a name lover I was cringing when I had to say their names But overall my kids liked it enough to read the next one so I guess that s all that matters.

  17. Good for early readers in terms of length of words, sentences and chapters, font size and white space Very stereotypical princesses and princes overall The princesses save the dear of Misterberg in this installment that prepares readers for the series in which the princesses will rescue various animals Will appeal to early readers still very interested in princesses.

  18. I like this book Finally I got it Its funny how the princes meet Also I can tell from the book, the princesses have a lot in common My favorite princess is Clarabel She is pretty But I like the others to I like it how Jaminta can do magic with crystals I really don t have a favorite part Its hard to chose from.

  19. My four year old lost interest mid way thru the book as a read aloud, of course I finished the book so I d know if I needed to keep or thrift it from a parental standpoint I ll keep it around just incase she wants to read it on her own in a few years It looks like something a young female reader may be interested in, although I ll let her decide for herself when the time comes.

  20. Cute Story Yes, I read it In fact, I read it indirectly to my two sweet daughters via YouTube I don t get to see them much, and I very much miss reading to them If you have a little girl, they ll get to see this book as I read each chapter on my YouTube channel youtube playlist list

  21. I used our three codes from Kellogg s to get this book for free I didn t have super high expectations, but it turned out to be pretty good I really liked that the girls could be girly with their jewels and dresses and ball but that they also were doing something brave and meaningful The only thing that really bothered me about the book was the strange magic of the jewels.

  22. A nice little book for very young girls who like their princesses living in modern times A good enough story to hold the reader s interest, along with many pleasing illustrations And the theme of helping animals is, of course, a solid one, though nine year olds running through dark woods looking to spring deadly steel traps is not the lesson you want your child to take away from this

  23. My 2nd grade daughter enjoyed this princess story, and I am happy that it is part of a series because she is excited to read The princesses love girlie things but they are also mighty girls who work as a team to rescue animals, practice ninja moves, and enjoy zip lines Great for early chapter book readers

  24. Read this one and numbers 2,3,4,5, and 6 in the series to my girls 2nd grade and Kindergarten They loved them all I enjoyed that thy weren t annoying to read, though the descriptions of the dress and tiara colors every time the girls change was a little unnecessary But we all couldn t wait to find out how they princesses would save the animal each time.

  25. 3.75 This was a decent start to what will probably be a decent series Four princesses meet at the Mistberg palace, and quickly become friends They soon learn that traps are set in the forest by the king s cousin to trap the deer They disable all the traps, and still attend the ball Plus, Jaminta fixes their rings to be communicators, so they can always rescue animals together.

  26. Fairy tale meets modern in this story of can do girls that take an independent step away from the girls that, in the past, have always needed rescuing and another towards brave and opinionated girls that crave adventure and to be brave.

  27. We were introduced to this series by my cousin and are so happy she did My girls are loving this series and always beg for one chapter each night I like that the princess are the ones having the adventures and doing the rescuing My girls want ninja skills now Too fun.

  28. The thing I like best about the Rescue Princesses is that they rescue animals and learn ninja skills My favorite part was whem the found the trapped deer and freed her with a screwdriver My favorite princess was Emily because she got the cloak first with her ninja skills.

  29. It s a nice story with a little adventure This book probably suits younger children rather than older ones due to the simple theme The front cover is colorful and there s as this is the first in a series.

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