Dark Light

Dark Light A Best Selling Book on Kindle The Launch Debut from Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing The click of the camera before you die A demon s unthinkable task A childhood game gone horribly wr

A 1 Best Selling Book on Kindle The Launch Debut from Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing The click of the camera before you die A demon s unthinkable task A childhood game gone horribly wrong The nagging feeling that someone is watching your every move A lover, a betrayer Breakdown Vengeance Misplaced trust Malice Surprise How many times wilA 1 Best Selling Book on Kindle The Launch Debut from Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing The click of the camera before you die A demon s unthinkable task A childhood game gone horribly wrong The nagging feeling that someone is watching your every move A lover, a betrayer Breakdown Vengeance Misplaced trust Malice Surprise How many times will you soothe yourself in the dark hoping for the light Welcome to a world hidden behind the blinds of reality This anthology is not for the faint hearted The tales inside are guaranteed to rob you of sleep at night and bring you the nightmares you fear Now, open your eyes and see

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Dark Light

  1. S.J. Davis Andrew Katz Dominique Goodall Rebecca Gober M.R. Murphy S.J. Thomas Stefan Ellery RuthBarrett says:
    SJ is a Virginia girl living in the Motor City She loves Typhoo English Tea, flip flops, capris, and cardigans When she isn t busy writing and publishing, she is busy being a band soccer lax Wolverine mom Go Blue

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  1. Ok, so first off I have to say that THIS ANTHOLOGY IS AMAZING I have only read two or three anthologies ever and this is making me kick myself in the a for that Each story is so good that I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next 24 dark stories that all have a paranormal aspect to them, from faeries to ghosts to vampires to shifters I give the anthology as a whole a 4.5 out of 5 Now for my individual assessments Headless Homecoming by Andrew Katz 3.5 out of 5I found this sto [...]

  2. It never fails that when I see Alexia Purdy s name attached to a book, I instantly want to read it She never disappoints me This has many different horror stories that have the endings of things not going so well for the main characters in this book I wouldn t suggest reading this before bedtime if you are known for having nightmares after a scary read because this might induce them It was nice to see so many authors get together and write these stories.

  3. I love to read but i am not able to read as much as i would like to because of my very busy life This book gives you so many shorts to read, just the thing of you are like me and dont have the time for a long novel This is so much book for the money

  4. MY REVIEWIt s always difficult to know the best way to review anthologies, do you review the individual stories or the book as a whole or even both Well here s my version, first the anthology as a whole, I really enjoyed and would definitely recommend the anthology is a great way to try authors you may not have read before There were a few of the stories I didn t like that I thought leant too much towards a horror theme for my personal liking I did however, enjoy well over half of the stories Th [...]

  5. Awesome Awesome Awesome A great group of authors with their own unique storytelling greatness I can honestly say I enjoyed every story in this anthology Recommend to anyone who likes short, paranormal stories.

  6. Hi y all Anne here with my Huge review for this absolutely amazing anthology from Crushing Hearts Black Butterfly Publishing, here we go First of all let s start with the book as a whole, it s great, fabulous, and dark all in between 2 cover pages The stories start with a bang and end with a mind bending boom SJ Davis has really out done herself with this opening anthology for her company I congratulate her for her endurance and stamina in this monster of a book She hand chose stories that not o [...]

  7. i love this book an awesome collection of 26 different stories from different authors each one is unique and different in their own way and will leave you wanting i really hated to see some of the stories end they grab you up and wont let go until the very end i had chills on my arms reading some of the stories if you love the paranormal then this is a MUST read for you

  8. Ghost in the Machine is already my favorite book of 2015 and I can assure you, nothing will be able to beat it It has everything I look for in a novel The steampunk masterfully weaves through a riveting plot that had be glued to the pages and up all night Absolutely phenomenal

  9. it is action pack Book that give all the Drama the action like you Never read before soahead Read this book it will be a Knockout

  10. fallenoverbookreviewsI received this book to give an honest review.So some anthologies just don t have that ahh man that was freaking awesome when you read them Some of them are just okay and decent to read This one I felt was different and stood out to me I guess because I like reading dark things this one called out to me and I had nothing but enjoyment from it Each story was different but unique in its own way I can not just throw a title out there and say this is my favorite one because they [...]

  11. I received this book from the Authors for an honest review.Vengeance is not always pretty, not always nice and definitely carries a lot of anger with it This collection of Authors and shorts shows many different writing styles and interpretations of violent crimes, murder and avengers Of course some are better then others but each story carries its own unique flavor making this a rich collection of thrillers I especially loved the Crimson Shadows short as that is a personal favorite Xander is hi [...]

  12. I have read two of S J Davis short stories today this one and Fire, Walk with Me I was disappointed to find that Earth, Cover Me is no longer available as it was the longest of the three and had such an interesting premise While this is a fairly powerful short, I wish it had just a little background to it What, exactly, happened to the sister What happened to the core family in the aftermath that led to such a sad demise I thought there might be some sort of parallel between stories, since they [...]

  13. 10 s I barrowed this anthology from and I am ready to leave my personal review of these short stories I totally fell in love with the short stories in this antholoy There was so many emotions in these little stories I would find myself laughing, smiling, and flat out shocked, and got me wanting to read from these amazing authors It is a MUST read 18 that will have you re reading them over I dont have a particular fave becauseI loved them all All different writing styles brought together for al [...]

  14. I have fallen in love with this book I ve read a few time travle books, but nothing like Ghost In The Machine This book was something diffrent for me I felt completely connected to the characters and their storyline In my opinion, Ghost In The Machine was written in such a way that you feel like yo are watching a movie rather than as if you are reading a book I absolutely love all the different elements of this wonderful masterpiece

  15. So far I ve read Flaming vengeance and his first snow by Linna drehmel I enjoyed both of these stories and would read if they were expanded upon Good story lines and quick paced so you don t get bored This author is going somewhere great The Darkon story is my favorite one so far Check it out

  16. This collection sounds cool but I can t help but wish the paperback edition had this striking Pan s Labyrinth ish cover

  17. Dark Light is a launch anthology, the first publication of a new, independent publisher and it shows through at times The stories are of varying genre, style and also, unfortunately quality A total of 23 short stories in my version, that it, there appear to be two and I m not entirely clear on what the differences are, but some shuffling of content has taken place some well put together, well flowing and very polished, others overdone and at times awkwardly phrased.The collection as a whole, I c [...]

  18. I was excited to buy Ghost in the Machine after reading the description of the story and some of the early reviews as there s a part of me that really thrills to what I perceive to be the adventure and interesting, peculiar tech of steam punk.There is another novel with a very similar title, The Ghost in the Machine, written by Arthur Koestler, and published in 1967 It s essentially about the mind body connection from a philosophical psychology perspective and I was curious to see if S.J Davis b [...]

  19. Ghost in the Machine is an original story in which S J Davis transports the reader between a Victorian England whose citizens are experimenting with steampunk inventions, and a futuristic society, controlled by technology.Ghost in the Machine works so well for different reasons The first is that S J Davis plot threads are woven tightly together and the story s layers mean that none of its events can be easily foreseen.Another one is the boldness of the characters S J Davis has so carefully imagi [...]

  20. Ebook Water, Dance with MeAuthor SJ DavisFiction,This review may contain spoilersI was given this by the author for an honest reviewSummary Excerpt from Water, Dance with Me Cora knew what her father expected Her sister stood under the boy s arm in front of the van, smiling on command The dusty bumper was warm behind her sister s knees and the remnants of the plumber s name and phone number framed her in the photograph The lighting and composition could certainly be better But this is the pictur [...]

  21. I honestly never understood why authors co write an anthology I was unsure as to what the end goal was I am no longer unsure This anthology, filled with paranormal stories to sate each and every paranormal genre lover thirst brings the best of the best to the reader The stories are, at times quite lengthy, at times short and sweet, but they are plentiful and whatever this book costs, it is worth it Every reader will find multiple new authors they fall in love with Several that will enchant them [...]

  22. This is a book that I think had a lot of potential, but just wasn t quite executed in a way that made it all clear to me I still enjoyed the book, I just had some moments of confusion I loved the steam punk aspects and I loved the contrast with the future world of OmniCorp Both worlds were vivid and intriguing The confusion came due to the narration because it is told from multiple perspectives and jumps back and forth through time I didn t realize this at first and found myself completely confu [...]

  23. Could have been betterLots of editing proofing errors such as wrong words, extra words that didn t get deleted, incorrect spelling and punctuation This wasn t a huge distraction, but it was another reminder that this is an amateur work I didn t feel attached to any of the characters, so the plot surprises dealing with the characters were sort of a yawn for me The steampunk elements are always fun, even though they re sort of silly and hokey, and in some cases laughably impossible such as a motor [...]

  24. This was so HARD to read I don t know what happened to editing or formatting but it s not in this book The worse thing was I read on my Fire which tints my pages green for me since I hate to read words on white on a device and what does this book do they somehow formatted it to show up in white on every page with my green tint around it I hate give such a low rating but I simply couldn t even finish the book even for what I hope to be a debut author If this isn t a debut author then I would seri [...]

  25. This book was written so incredibly well I am a new lover of steampunk and an old lover of time travel I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time The author has done an amazing job at intertwining two different world into one fabulously written book The characters and story are so real it was like I was watching a movie as I read Two societies one experimenting with inventions and the other ruled by technology This book has everything I loved the danger and excitement The plot couldn t [...]

  26. Omg I loved this book so much It has adult themes in it but this was my first steam punk book ever SJ Davis has turned me into a major fan of hers and this genre I loved the characters and each of their personal struggles and successes This story is constantly changing and evolving Keeps you guessing till the end and no spoilers but its ending is crazy amazing Anyone who loves steam punk genre should read this most captivating of stories

  27. This is an amazing book that will take you away to another world from which you will not want to return It moved along at a great pace, has a story that will WOW you and leave you needing and characters that you cannot help but fall in love with This book must be read, you will not be sorry that you did.

  28. If you like steampunk stories then you will love this collection of stories This book will definitely have you turning the pages and staying up all night reading and not realizing you did.Would definitely recommend this as a must read.

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