Bentwhistle the Dragon in a Threat from the Past

Bentwhistle the Dragon in a Threat from the Past Bentwhistle the Dragon in A Threat from the Past is an adventure story children and adults alike will love about the present day world in which dragons disguised as humans have infiltrated the human

Bentwhistle the Dragon in A Threat from the Past is an adventure story children and adults alike will love, about the present day world in which dragons disguised as humans have infiltrated the human race at almost every level, to guide and protect them Three young dragons in their human guises become caught up in an evil plot to steal a precious commodity, vital to the dBentwhistle the Dragon in A Threat from the Past is an adventure story children and adults alike will love, about the present day world in which dragons disguised as humans have infiltrated the human race at almost every level, to guide and protect them Three young dragons in their human guises become caught up in an evil plot to steal a precious commodity, vital to the dragon community How will the reluctant hero and his friends fare against an enemy of his race from far in the past Fascinating insights into the dragon world are interspersed throughout the book Ever wondered how dragons travel below ground at almost the speed of sound Or how they use magical mantras to transform their giant bodies into convincing human shapes In an action packed adventure that features both human and dragon sports, you ll get a dragon like perspective on human social issues and insight into what to do if you meet a giant spider grinning at you when you re wearing nothing but your smile You d be flamin mad to miss it.

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Bentwhistle the Dragon in a Threat from the Past

  1. Paul Cude is a husband, father, field hockey player and aspiring photographer Lost without his hockey stick, he can often be found in between writing and chauffeuring children, reading anything from comics to sci fi, fantasy to thrillers Too often found chained to his computer, it would be little surprise to find him, in his free time, somewhere on the Dorset coastline, chasing over rocks and sand in an effort to capture his wonderful wife and lovely kids with his camera Paul Cude is also the author of the Bentwhistle the Dragon series of books.

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  1. Bentwhistle the Dragon in a Threat from the Past by Paul Cude is quite simply a magnificent fantasy adventure for all the family Imagine an author clever enough to blend elements of classics such as Journey to the Centre of the Earth Harry Potter books Hobbit and you have Paul Cude.The author has reinvented our world where humans exist on the surface as one would expect But beneath that surface live dragons in vast caverns connected by tunnels that lead to the surface They are highly developed a [...]

  2. Finished reading September 29th 2017DNF at 49% 238 pages The valuable lesson you should have learned, was that evil comes in many guises, not always visible to everyone A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you view spoiler It s easy to say I have a weak spot for any story involving dragons as they are my favorite of mythical creatures This story had me at the title, because how could I resist a new fantasy series where dragons play su [...]

  3. Unique Fun Humorous A little quirky with a side of dark and dangerous Bentwhistle the Dragon in a Threat from the Past by Paul Cude puts a whole new slant on those dragons that are living among us Because, they do, right I admit it, I have never read about dragons in this light, and I was completely enthralled with how normal they are as they move among humans while in human form and yet, have their own world where, they can look like dragons There is also something sinister afoot and Bentwhistl [...]

  4. When I first picked this book up my initial thoughts were that I had probably never read anything quite like it before Upon finishing Brentwhistle the Dragon I can confirm that I was correct I like to be exposed to different styles and genres because, as far as I m concerned, that s what reading is all about This book was another first for me I wondered how a story about dragons that lived alongside humans would work and how sport could come into it too, but I can say that it all fitted together [...]

  5. Bentwhistle the Dragon in A Threat from the Past by Paul Cude is using a highly original idea and makes it the centre of a very entertaining adventure story for young adults and those young at hearts In times of Eragon and The Hobbit many of us older adults love a good dragon story just as well as the younger ones and I am sure most people who pick up this book will appreciate Cude s excellent effort in that regard.Most of the story however is surprisingly set in present day and not in the dista [...]

  6. The book starts with a perfect introduction, which is actually a short story happening sometime in the past, when humans weren t so advanced and when dragons tried to help them and control their own The not so short chapter is a perfect mix of magic, mystery, and action I wish the whole book was like that.When the actual story starts the author moves us to the present times, to the Earth we seem to know The thing is, there s a whole world just under our feet The world accessible only to dragons [...]

  7. Paul Cude has written a superbly amusing, fantasy novel, Bentwhistle the Dragon, about a wondrous dragon world existing below the present human one Peter, Richie and Tank are the main dragons in the story who take on human form to infiltrate our supposedly superior, friendly world We discover secret passages between each world, learn everything there is to know about those fascinating dragons, and take comfort in the fact that they are actually protective of humans and not those bad tempered, tr [...]

  8. This book was such a juvenile read and I don t mean it in the sense that it s written for kids, I mean it reads like it was written by a kid I couldn t get through this book fast enough, I read as fast as Usain Bolt going for the last chicken nugget the part in quotes is actually in the book like making a reference in a book that no kid in 10 years time will understand especially an analogy as stupid as that one.I can see why this one was free on.

  9. Bentwhistle the Dragon, A Threat from the Past by Paul Cude is the first instalment in the Bentwhistle the Dragon Series The first chapter opens in the middle of a chase in Egypt, with an unnamed woman, whom we learn is a dragon in human form.After that the reader gets long alternating chapters narrated in the third person for two characters Flash and Peter Other chapters include a number of prisoners, where the reader gets a different from view point from the characters.The chapters with Flash [...]

  10. I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Thank you FULL Review Can Be Found My Addiction BooksActual Rating 2.7 starsMy Opinion Of This Book I was lovin it, then it was like not really good, not really good, lovin it, not really good, yeah, it was a roller coaster ride Liked Tank Richie The Ending The Writing kind of The Concept The Plot Storyline sometimes Disliked Peter The Plot Storyline sometimes I think this is the first book I ve ever read about [...]

  11. bookbloke.weeblyPaul Cude s Bentwhistle the Dragon in a threat from the past is a delightful, entertaining and well written story, able to transport you to a hidden world which is imaginative yet believable due to the writer s creativity and ability to write descriptively.The story begins by retelling the story of George and the dragon, with a unique twist which sets up the rest of the story We then visit the present and are introduced to the main protagonist Peter Bentwhistle, an average teen o [...]

  12. My reviewWhen the author contacted me to review his book, I was a bit skeptical to read it because truth be told, the cover isn t very attractive However, I realized I wasn t being fair so I decided to put my first impression aside and give this book a chance.There are several things that I didn t like about this book The first was the slow pacing I kept putting this book down because I had a really hard time getting into the story I didn t like how flashbacks were used for the world building an [...]

  13. This is my first book about dragons and I really liked it It was so different from what I was expecting and I had so much fun discovering all the details in this fantasy world Learning about these amazing creatures was the best thing in the experience and now I can t wait to start the sequel Paul Cude has done a great job in creating a special world where dragons and humans are able to coexist and, most of all, where dragons are ready to help people when they need it The story begins with the re [...]

  14. When I first read the reviews on this book I was skeptical to say the least, I pictured children s bedtime story which a happy ending I am surprised to say that I fell in love with the dragons in this book and didn t really want to put it down Sometimes it s nice to get in touch with your inner child.Imagine a world beneath your feet full of dragons who have lived with the sole purpose of safe guarding and leading human kind to a higher level of conciseness while maintaining their secret existen [...]

  15. I got sent a copy of this book for review by the author All thoughts are my own This book was good the world building was interesting and I loved how dragons were characterised in this book Typically dragons are big, scary creatures but in this book dragons are just a normal part of society They spend most of their time in human form and have jobs and play sports if you like sport, as well as fantasy this books is for you The characters were also really fun to read about My only problem with thi [...]

  16. In Bentwhistle the Dragon in A Threat from the Past Volume 1 by Paul Cude, Bentwhistle is a young dragon who lives on earth in human form As head of security at Cropptech until Manson comes on the scene and things start to go wrong At the end of seven weeks, Bentwhistle almost loses his life while trying to stop Manson.During that time, Mr Cude creates an entertaining dragon world with whimsical ways for the dragons to access the human world above There is some magic but the magic is not intrins [...]

  17. This book starts off by throwing you right into the action Your heart will race in anticipation, and you won t want to put the book down as you re pulled deeper into the magical world of dragons Magic, intrigue, and the timeless battle between good and evil all combine to create an unforgettable tale of heroism received in exchange for a fair and honest review

  18. So I got to 52% of this book, and I ve decided that s it I m giving up.The story concept and plot actually seem quite interesting My problem with it is that the pacing is, in a word, terrible The book is long, as in really long, with chapters spanning hundreds of screens, and each one seems to get longer than the rest Don t get me wrong I enjoy long books sometimes, if everything in them is essential to the enjoyment of the story But that s just not the case with this book There s way too much b [...]

  19. This was an imaginative novel about a society of dragons that live in the present day on the earth and under the earth with the purpose of taking care of the human population without the knowledge of the humans of course I love the idea that the dragons live among usThe story revolves around three dragons, Peter, Tank and Richie, who live and work on the surface in mutatio or human form It begins with George and his heroic killing apparent and removal of a dragon from a town sometime in the past [...]

  20. 3.75 stars received a copy of Bentwhistle the Dragon in a Threat from the Past from the author in exchange for an honest review.This was an incredibly hard book to rate, and I m not sure exactly why I struggled over picking a star rating, which is why it ended up with a fraction of a fraction It wasn t quite a four star read, but it also wasn t a three star I decided on 3.75 over 3.5 because I enjoyed it than I did with several 3.5 s I ve read But, yeah, it s somewhere in that area.A Threat fro [...]

  21. I received a copy of this book directly from the author publisher in exchange for an honest review.I tried to get into this book It sat on my TBR list for two years while I picked it up, set it aside, picked it up again, set it aside again I just couldn t get into it I m not a huge fan of high fantasy, to begin with, but it was clear from the outset that I was going to have a problem mostly with the way the book was written To be honest, the writing was weak There was a lot of the author telling [...]

  22. I ve seen buzz out there in social media for Bentwhistle the Dragon by Paul Cude I read the blurb, thought it sounded interesting, and gave it a read Below are my thoughts Synopsis from the author Ever been addicted Most people have at some point, but it was different for these three They d become addicted to their respective sports hockey, lacrosse and rugby What s wrong with that Nothing, apart from the fact they re DRAGONS, living in the present day, in a world in which dragons disguised as h [...]

  23. Book Review By Brittany Perez Oh My Bookness ohmybooknessBperezbookreviews gmailReview Date October 8, 2014 Bentwhistle the Dragon in A Threat from the Past by Paul Cude took a original and creative idea with a adventure that is very entertaining and made it into a fun story for both young adults,the young at heart and for those who just like a good fantasy novel that you just don t want to put down Makes time pass a little slower or a little faster depending on how you see it at the time For an [...]

  24. Who knew that when St George slew the dragon, George was actually another dragon in human form on a mission to incapacitate and capture a rogue dragon so this dragon could be imprisoned with his followers in a sub Antarctic cavern, enabling the dragon culture to continue their purpose of protecting and guiding human culture to fulfilling its promise This is the history that young dragon, Peter Bentwhistle, and his two close friends, Richie and Tank, heard while growing up in the dragon nursery r [...]

  25. I really rated this book 3.5 to 4 stars Let me start off by saying that I m pretty sure I ve only read one book about dragons, so far The fact that this book is about dragons is what drew me to it in the first place Cude s take on dragons is definitely a unique one and the whole style of this book is different from what I have read in the past I did have trouble with rating it though and that is because I had quite a few mixed feelings while reading this book I started out intrigued and excited [...]

  26. 3.5 Stars Originally posted on citygirlscapes.I ve said this plenty before, but I am so bad for judging books by their covers I have to admit, when Paul Cuddy approached me to read Bentwhistle the Dragon in A Threat from the Past, the first book in his series Bentwhistle the Dragon series, I was a bit caught up on the cover But the story seemed really unique and different and that is what ultimately drew me in.I don t read a lot of real fantasy, so I wasn t sure what I was in for, which was actu [...]

  27. I do like dragon books I never thought that would be a sentence I d type, but it s true I do like them a lot I think it s because these fantasy books just seem to take world building to another level everything gets creative, complex and extravagant, much like many dragons lives.Peter was an interesting character He wasn t the most thrilling main character ever, but I liked him enough, and thought his character development throughout the book was great I definitely warmed up to him as the book [...]

  28. First thing, I would actually rate this book 3.5 stars.I really enjoyed a lot of aspects of this book The thought of a hidden society of dragons secretly helping to guide the course of humanity is very interesting I found Peter to be a strong character and really enjoyed the roles of Tank and Richie as well, in fact Tank was probably my favorite of the three even though he wasn t as prominent I thought there were a couple of pacing issues to be found mainly with the in depth explanation of the f [...]

  29. Bentwhistle the Dragon in A Threat from the Past by Paul Cude is a story set in the present day world where dragons are disguised as humans and have infiltrated the human race to guide and protect them Peter Bentwhistle and his friends Tank and Richie are three young dragons fresh out of the nursery ring Peter rises to the head of security at Cromptech a firm that provides laminium which is a critical resource for dragons Peter s boss starts going through his own changes which appear to be due t [...]

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