What Dies in Summer

What Dies in Summer Jim Beaudry is a teenage boy trying to stay out of trouble But trouble has a way of finding him Especially after his cousin L A turns up on his doorstep bedraggled and shaking and unable to sleep How

Jim Beaudry is a teenage boy trying to stay out of trouble But trouble has a way of finding him Especially after his cousin L.A turns up on his doorstep, bedraggled and shaking and unable to sleep However he looks at it, this can only mean bad news Then a dead girl starts visiting Biscuit as he sleeps When Jim and L.A discover the body of a teenage girl in the wildeJim Beaudry is a teenage boy trying to stay out of trouble But trouble has a way of finding him Especially after his cousin L.A turns up on his doorstep, bedraggled and shaking and unable to sleep However he looks at it, this can only mean bad news Then a dead girl starts visiting Biscuit as he sleeps When Jim and L.A discover the body of a teenage girl in the wilderness, brutally raped and murdered, an investigation begins that will put both ther lives in danger Over the course of one sweltering summer, Biscuit and L.A become embroiled in a dark mystery that will put both of their lives at risk and will force them to leave childhood behind forever.

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What Dies in Summer

  1. Tom Wright is a practicing psychologist and received his doctorate from Texas AM University What Dies in Summer is his first book He lives in Texarkana, Texas.

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  1. Just the other day a friend asked me about the worst book I ever read and I couldn t come up with anything A few titles that I d had to read for various book clubs flitted across my mind, but I had to admit that none of them were the worst Well, I now have the answer to my pal s query Yup it was this one, a confused mess so muddled I m not sure that even the author knew what he intended it to be Here we have a tale of two cousins who find a body, though that seems to be a subplot Most of the boo [...]

  2. A slow paced poignant story of loss and the innocence of a boy Jim He narrates to you the trials and tribulations that he faces and how they prove to be testing He does feel an air of failure about himself, a naive boy at heart not highly intelligent He posses than the average strain of innocence and kindness for a man Unspeakable horrors are brought to him and deaths arise Amongst all the failure he feels he s had, he does prove to do an act that he can look back at as an achievement with a ke [...]

  3. The story is narrated by Biscuit, a teenage boy from Oak Cliff, Texas, who tells us about the summer he and his cousin LA found the raped and mutilated body of a young girl It soon it emerges that the girl is not her killer s first victim, nor, it seems, will she be the last if Biscuit s psychic visions are to be believed The race is on to find the killer before he claims another life.Biscuit and his cousin LA, live with their grandmother, both families broken by abuse and violence You do begin [...]

  4. I really liked this coming of age tale that has apparently flown under the radar a bit for people Tom Wright is a hell of a writer WHAT DIES IN SUMMER is a very fine read indeed.

  5. N o entendo os adjectivos na capa e contracapa deste livro Magnifico , Imaculado , Impressionante , Perturbador , Arrepiante , Inesquec vel , Sedutor , Comovente ,Referem se, com certeza, a outro livro

  6. Sometimes I wonder why we all do this review books, I mean All these opinions floating out there in the ether Do they help people find books to read Do books that deserve to sell really sell if we say we liked them Fortunately, whenever I start wondering that too much a book like What Dies in Summer comes along and I remember why I do this I like blathering about books and I really like it when I find a debut author who impresses me.What Dies in Summer almost immediately reminded me of North To [...]

  7. Wow What a wild ride of a book A little like To Kill a Mockingbird, a little like Member of the Wedding this book takes place in the area of Dallas, Texas Cousins Jim aka Biscuit and L.A Lee Ann live with Gram L.A has a deep dark secret and Jim just wants to learn about girls Their discovery of a dead girl leads to an explosive ending which changes both of them forever There are several deaths in this story but the death of innocence is the one mourned and celebrated at once Lovely writing grea [...]

  8. Quem tiver curiosidade neste livro, lhe pegar e posteriormente o for ler, n o liguem sinopse, ou pelo menos ao que est escrito no fim da sinopse N o se d in cio a uma investiga o que por a vida dos protagonistas em perigo Pelo menos, n o da maneira como feita a chamada de aten o.Todo o livro se desenrola com a passagem de adolescentes pela casa da av no ver o Todas as descobertas que fazem, tanto a n vel emocional como a n vel f sico Um rapaz James no meio de duas raparigas L.A e Diana ai as ho [...]

  9. O facto de este livro ter sido mal rotulado como thriller que n o o nem aqui nem na China fez as pessoas pegarem nele com outra mentalidade e quando come aram a l lo a insatisfa o passou a opini o sobre o que leram Digo isto porque quando o livro saiu fiquei bastante interessada em l lo, mas medida que ia lendo as opini es de outras pessoas at cheguei a pensar que este livro era uma porcaria.Neste momento estou na p gina 102 e posso afirmar que at aqui adorei tudo o que li.De facto n o um thrill [...]

  10. Original review posted at Layers of Thought.With a down to earth writing style and in depth human insight, this page turning crime fiction novel is a quintessential summer read for those who like dark paranormal twists and a Southern Gothic flavor to their novels.About In a Southern town during the early 1970 s, a young teenage boy named Jim aka Biscuit lives with his grandmother after his stepfather has beaten him badly enough to leave him in the hospital and it s not the first time When his co [...]

  11. I loved this Tom Wright uses first person to tell this story of Biscuit, or James, and his summer with his cousin L.A and his other friends There is a killer in the community, and L.A has secrets that she will not share, and Biscuit struggles to understand the female mind, support L.A love Diane, and protect himself, his Gram, and L.A against the various threats from family and the unknown Wright s descriptive prose hooked me just as much as the story did.

  12. No pude llegar a la mitad siquiera Qu baj n de libro Es raro pero no raro interesante, sino raro aburrido Paso.

  13. I enjoyed this book very much It is exceptionally well written for a first novel and it held me engrossed throughout.The story is set in Dallas, Texas in an unspecified time, but before computers and mobile phones Judging by some of the musical references, it seems to be around 1970 It is narrated by Biscuit, an adolescent boy living with his grandmother and this is really a coming of age story with crimes or less in the background for much of the book For me, even the denouement and discovery [...]

  14. It was a slow burner to be sure I liked the narrator but the book seemed to pull its punches a bit too often Yes there were some horrific things that happened in the story and to the characters but it almost seems as though the author shied away from these moments once they arrived Perhaps I m used to authors like Gillian Flynn, who goes stomping toward the horror with big black boots, but this seemed too gentle, even as grotesque or unspeakable things are happening.The writing style was lush an [...]

  15. What Dies in SummerBy Tom WrightJim Beaudry is a teenage boy whose dreams are haunted by a young woman, a dead young woman One day Jim and his cousin L.A stumble upon the dead body of the girl that has been haunting Jim s dreams she had been brutally raped and murdered Over the course of one summer these teenagers who have been through so much in their short lives find out that there is hell that they must eventually endure Tom Wright creates two characters whose lives are so troubled that you [...]

  16. Que livro maravilhoso N o sabia bem ao que ia, mas queria muito l lo a capa fabulosa, a sinopse tamb m Li o devagar daqueles que pedem para ser saboreados, sabem N o consigo nem quero resumir a hist ria Digo apenas que n o me admiraria se, em vez de Tom Wright, o nome que consta na capa fosse Jo o Tordo o mesmo g nero de universo narrativo, o mesmo tipo de personagens, a mesma carga dram tica Sendo Tordo o meu autor portugu s vivo preferido, isto um elogio Nota extra para a tradu o perfeita.

  17. 2 1 2 stars is accurate A valiant first effort with some interesting character ideas, but I felt it had struggles with identity It jumped around a lot with a murder mystery and a coming of age loss of innocence story and couldn t quite commit to one or other and or couldn t find the balance Keep at it, Mr Wright You ll get it.

  18. I have to be really honest in saying that I didn t like anything about this booke way it was written, the storyline, the characters, etc I just thought that nothing about the book was really developed and it was really lagging I actually believe that I think whoever wrote the jacket description for the book did a better job than the author in writing it I was just really disappointed.

  19. A solid, engrossing read The reveal of the killer s identity isn t a big surprise, but that seems beside the point The characters are fully fleshed out and fully fascinating I loved the main character s voice and the supernatural elements that lurked around the edges but never took over the story Plus it s set in Dallas in the 70 s, which was an added layer of cool for a Texan like me.

  20. Ora aqui est a prova de que nunca se deve abandonar um livro, quando o mesmo n o nos cativa inicialmente Confesso que tive alturas de o devolver biblioteca sem o acabar de ler, mas l fui lendo e l cheguei parte em que tudo muda A partir foi uma leitura voraz, com muito de conhecimento sobre os meandros da mente humana e, em resumo, uma est ria muito bem conseguida N o agradar a todos, principalmente a quem s gosta de livros de faca e alguidar Contudo, deixou uma marca em mim no que diz respeito [...]

  21. No es que me haya desagradado, pero le han faltado muchas cosas para ser un buen libro Durante todo el planteamiento se tratan temas muy interesantes pero se pasa de puntillas por todos ellos y no se profundiza en ninguno Es como una novela que ha querido abarcar de todo, y se ha quedado en nada Tiene narrativa de ficci n, fantas a sobrenatural, algo de trama polic aca, una pizca de juvenil, personajes que nos presentan y luego desaparecen sin m s En mi opini n le falta UN CENTRO No lo recomiend [...]

  22. Coming of age roman van een adolescent in de buitenwijken van Dallas, die door de uitgever weer verkeerdelijk gepromoot werd als literaire thriller Die nog geen handvol momenten van lichte suspense kunnen deze keuze niet verantwoorden Wanneer wordt er eens een einde gemaakt aan deze misleiding van lezers, enkel in de hoop wat exemplaren meer te verkopen van een boek.Geen spannend boek dus.

  23. This book spends much of its time being a charming, coming of age story about a boy and his cousin growing up in Texas decades ago It is extremely well written, and the voice of James the boy in question and the narrator is distinct and engaging There is absolutely no problem with picking this book up and getting lost in the world.The bones of the plot, however, are lacking The real thrust of the story is the mystery of a serial killer bent on murdering young girls, even while James cousin basic [...]

  24. Je tiens tout d abord remercier Les Editions Presses de La Cit , pour leur confiance J ai appr ci ma lecture, et m me si j ai quelques b mols mettre, a reste une belle d couverte.Au premier abord, je pense que ce qui m a manqu dans ce livre c est le suspens, je m attendais en effet un thriller, et ce n est pas le cas Du coup, je suis ressortie de ma lecture quelques peu d ue, et c est vraiment dommage, car en fait mis part ce rythme un peu lent , je pense sinc rement que ce roman est vraiment bo [...]

  25. Biscuit lives with his Gram and his cousin L.A In Oak Cliff, Texas He supposedly has inherited the Sight and gets flashes of visions or disturbing dreams The summer he and L.A Discover the body of a teenage girl, he realises he has been seeing her at his bedside The girl had clearly been tortured and the community is on tenterhooks as the summer heat increases.It takes a long time for anything to really happen There are quite a lot of characters in Biscuit s extended family to be introduced and [...]

  26. Dallas, dos primos adolescentes viven con su abuela, el chico maltratado por su padrastro, la chica abusada por su padre Asistimos al despertar de estos chicos a la vida adulta Por momentos los chicos parecen tener una especie de poder extrasensorial, hay visiones, lluvias de peces plateados y sue os premonitorios Hasta ah todo parece una novela inici tica, de fin de la adolescencia En un momento los chicos encuentran el cad ver de una chica, entonces todo parece inclinarse hacia el policial, pe [...]

  27. Besides mayflies, droughted crops, and Gore Vidal, what dies in summer is poor, murdered Tricia Venables and this very title that brings her to us Despite some lovely moments, few readers will have the patience for a shitshow that has about as much continuity as a slug after attacking a pillar of salt The story s centerlessness infects the main character, a 1960s Texas tween named Jim, with incoherence Jim lives with his Grams cuz his mom don t want him, and he s around 12 when his cousin Lee An [...]

  28. Tom Wright s debut novel chronicles one summer in the life of Jim Bonham, who lives in Texas with his grandmother having been estranged from his mother and her current partner, and his father having passed away , and has frequent visions of a dead girl standing by his bed At the start of the novel, Jim finds his cousinL.A Lee Ann sitting, shaking on the porch she becomes part of his and Gram s household, and what happened to her will be revealed over the coming months That summer will also see t [...]

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