Mesmerized WARNING This is a mature YA Due to sexual content and some language it is not recommended for younger teens Seventeen year old succubus Lily Anderson can t have a normal life She isn t allowed a boyfr

WARNING This is a mature YA Due to sexual content and some language it is not recommended for younger teens.Seventeen year old succubus Lily Anderson can t have a normal life She isn t allowed a boyfriend, she has no friends, and school is just one mess up after another.Lily s parents send her away to the prestigious Emerson Academy It doesn t appear to be any differenWARNING This is a mature YA Due to sexual content and some language it is not recommended for younger teens.Seventeen year old succubus Lily Anderson can t have a normal life She isn t allowed a boyfriend, she has no friends, and school is just one mess up after another.Lily s parents send her away to the prestigious Emerson Academy It doesn t appear to be any different from the others That is, until she meets her roommate, Hannah, and a blue eyed boy named Jake.Lily makes an almost deadly mistake, and Jake has a mysterious past that has come back to haunt him Together, they must go on the run from things neither of them understand in order to save the people they love and each other But, Jake s foe is dangerous than they realized, and it will take the help of friends and family to save the man Lily loves.She must learn to use her powers for good before it s too late.Mesmerized has been revised on 2 27 2012 Word count approximately 58k.

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  1. Julia crane is the author of the Keegan s Chronicles, IFICS She has a bachelors degree in criminal justice Julia has believed in magical creatures since the day her grandmother first told her an Irish tale Growing up her mother greatly encouraged reading and using your imagination juliacrane

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  1. Oh, how I wanted to like this book The premise was interesting enough you don t see a lot of teenage succubi in YA literature these days And, of course, it had all the hallmarks of a slightly schlocky but readable teen book girl moves to a new school, wants to fit in but can t, meets the One Boy to Rule Them All, etc, etc All of which I was on board with, until the plot line took a right turn straight into absurdity.See, on top of Lily s woe is me, I m a beautiful succubus, antics, her would be [...]

  2. I can t believe this book I m pretty certain that I can write books that have better grammar than this my grammar is terrible , and also it sounds like the sort of story that I used to write when I was in grade six skipping some parts, grammar really bad, and some things not making ANY sense For example on page 62 146 for an epub e book, this is a scene where Jake is telling the main character LIly about his dad He has said previously that he just celebrated his 203rd birthday, except on this pa [...]

  3. Could ve been a really interesting storyline definitely haven t read any books touching on this aspect of the paranormal realm, but the plot was way too rushed and there was no character development so it was hard to make any relationships believable Hey, I dream about you Hey, I wanna jump your bones I m immortal I m a succubus We need to run away Oh, hey, use those powers you have never used before and cannot remotely be comfortable with and steal a car Ok It was just bizarre Like a check list [...]

  4. Wah wah wah, I m a stunning succubus Guys fall in love with me left and right and act like complete fools when I m around The premise of a succubus has been done brilliantly before, in Richelle Mead s Succubus Blues series Yes, I know succubi are supposed to be beautiful and seductive, but Richelle Mead wrote about it in such a way as for the main character to be sympathetic, flawed, and eminently likeable In this book, the main character comes off as a whining, whingeing sniveling bit of a Mary [...]

  5. I m rating this 2 stars b c it s just like it say it s OK I wasn t moved by this book, I never got caught up in relationship of Lily and Jake, never felt like that was much of a friendship between, Hanna and Lily Most stuff in this book seemed but move at an unreasonably fast pace, nothing felt rooted I felt like the book had so much potential in reading the description, I just felt let down.

  6. This book was really good I m a big romance fan so this book was one of my favorites It reminded me of the quote Love conquers all I rated this book 5 stars and recommend it to every one

  7. I really wanted to love this book Honestly The story itself was good unlike anything I d read so far A succubus who hates her powers Finding love and all the dramas of boarding school, a little action sounded great to me HoweverIt didn t read well It sounded like a series of events, the characters weren t hashed out properly, there wasn t enough development How about some explanations of her feelings, especially the sexual side You can t write a story about a teen succubus coming into her power [...]

  8. I received this book from author Julia Crane, in exchange for an honest review Thank you Julia Mesmerized is the first book with succubus that I read I can tell you that I liked even than I expected It was an easy reading, but sometimes, emotional, managing to snatch a few tears.I liked that although Lily is condemned to a difficult life because of her condition, and seems to be resigned with this, meets Jake, a simple human, but special than everyone else From this meeting, Lily s world is rad [...]

  9. This was an okay read, but bored me in a few parts.Lilly was an alright character She was nice, and stuck up for herself Sometimes she really annoyed me though.I get why she found guys being obsessed over her annoying, because they were basically following her around drooling, and were all over her She got kisses forced onto her, and one guy even went as far as breaking into her room before she moved to Emerson Academy Though, it really annoyed me how she kept on mentioning that It was just real [...]

  10. This one really pissed me off For one thing, the main character was the most immature, spoiled brat I have ever heard She whined and overreated about everything There is no way an old soul would have been attracted to her Also, I was sick of his preaching about her desires Hello, she s a succubus You knew this And did the author s really think I wouldn t notice they never explained what her father did for a living There were few explainations to the entire story and none of it made sense Such as [...]

  11. I enjoyed the story line a lot I was probably one of the original ya I have read in a while With that said the story was to fast paced, the story did not dwell on anything long enough to allow for an attachment to characters They could have written it better and maybe drew out Lily and Jake s relationship better to make the reader believe that it was truly than physical and and Teen love and not an everlasting love that the book clams there s is The book was written in third person and from th [...]

  12. Mesmerized started out really great The main character gorgeous but not pretentious, great character building, wonderful story line Not even half way through the book, it felt like a different writer took over Maybe her 7th grade daughter The relationship between the two main character happened so fast, and without any sort of explanation, then they run off together mom thinks its fine The rest of the story plot seemed rushed and shallow It was really hard to finish this book I wish Julia Crane [...]

  13. Read this review on my blog roseshadowink.wordpress 20I wanted to try a paranormal YA with adult themes, and the cover, name and blurb were enticing, so I used some of my Christmas book money and ordered this one.So we meet Lily, who is highly attractive and hates it This aspect is done very well The angst of being a succubus, hated by all females and desired by men for all the wrong reasons Lily s struggle is well executed She meets her new roommate Hannah, an awkward girl who manages to see p [...]

  14. When I first started this book I really wanted to like it I was willing to look past the flawless main character and the fact that boys are constantly falling all over her even though that s pretty much the plot in order to truly appreciate the book I don t have anything against supernatural characters, in fact I quite like them What I don t like, however, is when they re beautiful and perfect and are overly dramatic like oh no I m a vampire demon whatever I m so awkward everyone hates me yet I [...]

  15. Ich hatte vorher in einem Kommentar gelesen ich habe wirklich versucht das Buch zu m gen, aber.Und mir ging es genauso.Es geht um Lily, eine 16 j hrige Succuba wenn mein Latein mich hier nicht gerate verl sst Das alleine klingt shcon spannend Sie hat echt ihre Schwierigkeiten mit Jungs, die hinter ihr her sind Au erdem darf sie keinen Jungen k ssen, da sie ihm damit die Lebenskraft aussaugt und t tet Aber statt die einfache L sung zu suchen eine M dchenschule schicken ihre Eltern sie auf ein gem [...]

  16. 3.5 4 StarsI m a big fan of Julia Crane and I m always game for reading another book she co wrote I do have to say that at first I wasn t a big fan of Lily s, but as the book progressed, I started to warm up to her and by the end liked her quite a bit I can understand some of the initial feedback on the book since I too was kind of annoyed with her attitude towards the men s boy s reactions to her She is a succubus, they are supposed to react that way, but how she chooses to acknowledge it didn [...]

  17. Source Downloaded for free from 17 year old Lily has been forced to change schools a lot in the last few years, all because she s a succubus, and boys can t help themselves around her.This time Lily is being sent to a boarding school called Emerson Academy, but it seems the boys are no different, and they fall over themselves to get near her.Jake is different though, and Lily has feelings for him that she has never experienced before Can Lily and Jake have a relationship when Lily is a succubus [...]

  18. Minimal spoilers This book sucked butt _ The main character was a crying about something ALL the time The author was clearly trying to portray her as a character who suffers a lot and is a complete loner even though she is beautiful blah blah blah Aside from the annoying protagonist, this books over all plot was point less and unrealistic Shit just happens for no reason and everything is good and dandy after just a couple moments of action She basically almost kills a boy who had it coming, her [...]

  19. I got this book as a free download from The book follows the 17 year old succubus Lily, who has problems with staying in school To be honest she doesn t really make trouble the problem simply is that the boys at school are going crazy around her Her parents send her to boarding school in order to try something new Lily isn t happy about this new situation until she meets her new roommate with whom she gets along good Later one she meets Jake who is the first boy who isn t acting like a total foo [...]

  20. The idea of this book is interesting It s just that the execution is bad It s a quick read There s not much to the plot or character development The love story between the two main characters is kind of flimsy to me The thing that annoyed me was the narration It really jumped from character to character between paragraphs, so much so that it was sometimes hard to figure out who you re following at that exact moment You see things from the point of view of minor characters for a few sentences and [...]

  21. At the beginning I truly felt sorry for Lily with all those boys chasing after her, but then we meet Jake someone who Lily can t hurt I love the chemistry between the two of them, he s not a typical guy it s not all about the sex he actually really wants a relationship that isn t only about the physical side Believe me I m attracted to you sexually, Jake said wryly He gave her a crooked grin I ve never wanted anyone so bad in my life And I ve been around for a long time Truly I m not sure why th [...]

  22. If you do want to read this book make sure you don t spend than 5 bucks on it I feel like this book was too fast paced without an in depth characterization This is truly the first book I have ever read and felt like it shouldn t even be a book but just a movie If it were a movie it would be probably a heck of a lot better than what I spent money on All the elements of a good story were present but they weren t executed at all view spoiler Succubus falls in love with an immortal Both have to dea [...]

  23. Mmmm How to say it This book turned out in such a weird thing It started great, I thought this book would be an amazing one, but then nothing No mistery, no adventure, everything ended so easy I think a person that reads a book loves to seem like he s in the story, and it doesn t There s a soft line between the reader and the characters, a line where you can t pass I didn t hate any character, I didn t like anyone, it seems like I haven t read it.And I m sad of this because this story had an ama [...]

  24. The best thing about this book was the cover, after that it goes all down hill The main character was annoying, and the way she fell in love with jake, was abrupt It didn t flow right, and there wasn t enough character development Also the story is supposed to be about a succubus, yet it was very innocent There wasn t anything to let you know what the main characters thinking was on it, she just went from being a virgin who barely even had a first kiss to trying to jump the poor kid like someone [...]

  25. Did you know that Succumbi are amazingly stunning female creatures who have toxins that fall off their aroma used to manipulate and or control men to yeild at their beck and call These toxins also inebriate men s senses to know when how to stop themselves from acting like horny idiots towards Succumbi.For this young Succumbus, having these powers are difficult to even walk through the hall without getting mind raped or attacked by guys She truly has a difficult life and time getting a normalcy a [...]

  26. I read this as part of my monthly reading challenge.I have previously read Julia Crane books before and have enjoyed them however with Mesmerized I couldn t get into the book, It wasn t something I enjoyed reading Forced myself to finish the story Are you human Yes, I m human He laughed Well, why doesn t mom drain the life out of you She paused If this is all true Why do you think I take so many business trips Distance helps We love each other, so we make it work There are also some herbal remed [...]

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