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Once Is Not Enough

  1. Jacqueline Susann was one of the most successful writers in the history of American publishing Her first novel, Valley of the Dolls, published in 1966, is one of the best selling books of all time When The Love Machine was published in 1969, it too became an immediate 1 bestseller and held that position for five months When Once is Not Enough was published in 1973, it also moved to the top of the best seller list and established Jackie as the first novelist in history to have three consecutive 1 books on The New York Times Best Seller list She was a superstar, and became America s first brand name author.

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  1. I once asked a writer friend whether he d ever contemplated setting aside his literary integrity, writing a Jackie Susann novel, and making millions of dollars He replied, Don t you think I d write like Jackie Susann if I could The point being You can t fake this sort of thing And I think You can t Whatever it was that might have occurred during the editorial process, and whatever labors Michael Korda or whoever labored to labor, there is an integrity to this novel that sucks you in and keeps yo [...]

  2. Yeah, but it should have been.Despite its incredibly brilliant title, this book was no Valley of the Dolls Actually, that s incorrect, it was Valley of the Dolls, and that book only needed to be written once Or at least, reading that book once was enough for me.Oh, maybe I just wasn t in the mood this time, I don t know It wasn t bad or anything I mean, obviously it was bad, but you get what I m saying I just wasn t gripped, and if you can t get into this on a flight to Las Vegas, then when, I a [...]

  3. I ve always loved trash cinema but in the past year I ve discovered that trash fiction holds just as many delights And fiction doesn t get much trashier than Jacqueline Susann Once is not Enough, published in 1973, was the third of her blockbuster bestsellers.While it didn t quite equal the success of Valley of the Dolls which has sold around 30 million copies and has been claimed to be the biggest selling novel of all time it did reach Number 1 on the New York Times bestseller list Susann didn [...]

  4. Ah, the days when alcohol was officially one of the major food groups Normally I love these soap opera sagas And I would have enjoyed this ride through Doll land NYC, but continually controlling my gag reflex over the whole father daughter lust thing got to be a strain At least the incest theme in The Love Machine was only hinted at and the character got help Even the other characters are aware of the incest theme in Once Is Not Enough and yet no one ever points out how sick the father adult dau [...]

  5. I just didn t get this book A girl is obsessed with her dad, so she dates a guy his age Eventually, she gets so high during an orgy thst she drowns herself There was nothing enlightening or heartbreaking about this story I didn t care about the characters, so I didn t care when they died.

  6. Ok, so a friend of mine at work lent this book to me because she has a friend who actually changed her name to January because of Jacqueline Susann s heroine, January Wayne, who is found in this horribly trashy and scandalous book Did I like the book Yes Did I love the book No Did I get anything fascinating or enlightening out of the book No This book, to put it simply, entertained me I m actually glad that my friend loaned it to me, because I don t think I would have ever had the inclination to [...]

  7. Susann is the human manifestation of the addem write what you know , put less kindly she could be said to be retilling old ground already examined in Valley of the Dolls or The Love Machine The context and social situation of her characters never really varies from novel to novel and the focus on the misery of celebrities or wannabe celebrities may come across as a bit indulgent to some That said, I don t think anyone contextualises and recreates this narrow social strata and subject matter as w [...]

  8. Susann is another one of my favorite authors from my younger years Not sure which is my favorite Valley of the Dolls or Once is Not Enough Recommend both of them even all of these years later The things change, the they stay the same.

  9. spoiler alert Huh This book didn t really start until about page 400 Up until that point was a whole bunch of meandering backstory, intertwined relationships and character development leading up to a whole bunch of nothing It had that classic Susann character that everyone desperately wants and no one can touch they ll let you in only so far but won t be possessed and blah blah blah That was pretty enjoyable to read as usual.This book has all the trademark elements of smut I mean, it is smut, ri [...]

  10. The book brilliantly succeeds its goal to be as outrageous as possible The whole time I read it I couldn t help but shudder to myself and be happy I missed all the 70s I feel like it should be read in tandem with Go Ask Alice, which came out two years prior There are many similarities in both books the daddy fixation though January takes it much much further , falling in with pernicious youth, the laughably hilarious descent into drugs, and basically the same end However, the author of Go Ask Al [...]

  11. Like The Valley of the Dolls, this is trashy, fun, a product of its time, and really better written than it needs to be in spots January is the daughter of Mike Wayne, a handsome, powerful, rich movie producer who puts her in an expensive boarding school after her mother s death She lives for her weekend visits with him in NYC and develops the electra complex of all electra complexes After graduation she goes with him to Italy, but ends up getting in an accident that disables her for three years [...]

  12. January Wayne is a young and beautiful and possibly the last innocent woman in New York City during the early 70 s The story follows her and those who influence her during her first year back from Europe As much as January tries to hold on to her moral integrity, those around her have other plans It s hard to go into details without giving away part of the book It s a fast read I found myself not wanting to put it down The last 10 pages of this book don t seem to fit with the rest of the story I [...]

  13. It was a horrible mistake to choose this book while I was going through a down time myself I have never read anything gloomy, dramatic or queer May be I m just too used to reading fluffy, up ending books After every chapter, I was like, whoa, this is too much for me While I wanted to know the ending very badly, sometimes, I just wanted to skip everything in between The ending was just, wow Wow, not as in, this is amazing, but as in, this is mind blowing Cliffhangers were probably popular at th [...]

  14. I have read so many books in my life that it can be difficult to remember them all I met a friend for lunch recently and we were talking about the reading we did in our youth and I remembered this.I am giving this book the rating my 15 year old self would have done as I found it racy and exciting and I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time.The question to my much older self is whether I should read it again I would hate to spoil the memory of a teenage read so will have to ponder.

  15. Pardon me for going all Gene Shalit on you, but Once Was More Than Enough This book had the most annoying ending of any book I have ever read It felt like Jacqueline Susann got bored of her own ridiculous heroine and just decided to wrap the whole thing up with 20 pages of the most tiresome, after school special acid trip imaginable Blech.

  16. This is a pleasure, no guilt, no shame I just loved it Apparently, some people won t be seen in public reading books like this or think they re above such trash Well, I m not The TV movie is even better, with David Jansen and Deborah Raffin, who really embody the father daughter complexity of the book.

  17. Once was enough but then again, not This second book of this genre that I read This slipshod trash has cured me of reading this tripe.

  18. El ltimo libro de Jacqueline Susann que me quedaba por leer De todas sus obras, junto con El valle de las mu ecas , es mi favorito, aunque es verdad que El valle es mucho mejor que este Como todas las novelas de la autora, cuenta la vida de los ricos y famosos, todos rodeados de alcohol, pastillas y relaciones sexuales cada cu l m s marciana Es ente caso, la historia se centra en January Jones, una joven que aunque no lo sabe est enamorada de su propio padre, un productor de cine Su relaci n se [...]

  19. The third of Jacqueline Susann s main novels which are now very old and probably dated This one I read in 1973 and still have on my shelf She wrote very well about love and the times and I enjoyed them all wouldn t mind rereading them all just to see how I would feel now but too too many new novels to get read.

  20. There were parts that held my interest, but the last chapter was totally gross The only thing I can say is that the immoral actions by January had realistic consequences and weren t glorified For that, I appreciate the author s efforts I was disappointed that after all the effort to read this book, the last chapter had to be so gross I would not recommend this book.

  21. Het is eigenlijk best een zielig en triest verhaal Maar ik moet ook eerlijk zeggen dat het toch niet het niveau van Valley of the dolls haalt Bij lange aan niet das wel een beetje jammer Er zat ook weel wel heel veel seks en drugs in maar minder functioneel dan bij haar meesterwerk.

  22. I am really conflicted about this book I really disliked most of the characters but the book was a page turner I kept on reading until the last 50 pages wondering what would happen I hated the ending.

  23. Una historia interesante con pasajes er ticos La le cuando chamo y me gust bastante, no creo que la leer a de adulto.

  24. I have to give this book only 2 stars because of all the really well written books I ve given only three stars to I know these stars are supposed to be about liking a book, regardless of talent, skill or execution from the writer, but that s how my mind works OK, so, a little bit of trashy summer reading It was fun and awful all tell, no show, shallow characters, ridiculous scenarios which I fully believe could happen, and perhaps have lived myself , seconals, speed, eating disorders and absurd, [...]

  25. As outdated as her books may feel, something about Jacqueline s take on relationships resonates with me The story is about a young woman in her early twenties, January, and her relationship with her father As I said before, the topics that are tackled like drugs and homosexuality are presented in an old fashioned way, like once they would have been shocking, but now you can see all that on cable TV, but her cynical and frustrating, yet somehow rewarding, view on relationships strikes a universal [...]

  26. I am not used to reading so much of foreign literature but this book, I have to admit, is very good The way the author has tried to describe the tiny things from various angles and perspectives have left a strong imprint on my mind However, the twists, somewhere, donot seem to be realistic but it feels like they are just created because the writer wanted it Nevertheless, the book is, I must say, flawless It is interesting, and for a South Asian reader like me, who is not accustomed to the lifest [...]

  27. I thought I would never read another Jacqueline Susann novel after I finished the last one, but a couple of months later, and here I am This is my third Susann novel and definitely my favorite thus far Once is Not Enough goes a little off the deep end with January s Elektra complex, but it is entertaining and a page turner There are many hysterical moments, such as when January s friend Lydia explains that she thinks semen makes a fantastic face mask This book is what I would categorize as extre [...]

  28. A great vacation book, Suzanne is Total Trash but nonetheless a good writer who knows how to hook her audience January lost her mother to suicide as a young girl and finds herself in love with her father growing up Once graduating from high school she accompanies the filmmaker to Europe, where both their lives will change forever Upon her return to the States, January finally begins to think for herself, rejecting the wealth her new stepmother is anxious to provide January learns many lessons th [...]

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