Nerve ARE YOU PLAYING THE GAME OR IS THE GAME PLAYING YOU Vee doesn t know if she has the guts to play NERVE an anonymous online game of dares But whoever s behind the game knows exactly what she wants en

ARE YOU PLAYING THE GAME OR IS THE GAME PLAYING YOU Vee doesn t know if she has the guts to play NERVE, an anonymous online game of dares But whoever s behind the game knows exactly what she wants, enticing her with lustworthy prizes and a sizzling hot partner With Ian on her team, it s easy to agree to another dare And another And another At first it s thrilling as tARE YOU PLAYING THE GAME OR IS THE GAME PLAYING YOU Vee doesn t know if she has the guts to play NERVE, an anonymous online game of dares But whoever s behind the game knows exactly what she wants, enticing her with lustworthy prizes and a sizzling hot partner With Ian on her team, it s easy to agree to another dare And another And another At first it s thrilling as the Watchers cheer them on to dangerous challenges But suddenly the game turns deadly Will Vee and Ian risk their lives for the Grand Prize dare, or will they lose NERVE

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  1. I ve lived all over the world, raised in a family with eleven brothers and sisters I spent my early childhood in Hawaii and the rest of my growing up years trying to figure out a way to get back there, with stops in South Korea, Michigan and Germany along the way Before writing fiction, I tried my hand at many things, including war game simulation and youth development research But I decided it was much fun to work on stories than statistics.These days, I still love Hawaii, but have found my home under the moody skies of the Pacific Northwest.Note, I post news on Twitter Jeanne_Ryan and on my FB page facebook JeanneRyanAuthor

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  1. I read Nerve for two reason and two reasons only The cover, because it s oddly beautiful, and because it s becoming a movie with Emma Roberts and Dave Franco I really like them both so I wanted to pick this up before September when it s set to be release That being said I don t know if it was worth it Nerve got on my last one It was so freaking boring This book is about a live action truth or dare game without the truth part , where teens can sign up and the extreme the dares the better the pri [...]

  2. Ah, a delightful book featuring stupid people doing stupid things for money See the main problem here is I am a very logical person so I didn t at all connect with anyone in this story because I couldn t understand how they could be so blind.Reasons I Struggled With The Entire Book Basically It features very cliche characters Vee is this shy boring responsible girl who decides those are really negative traits and she needs to sign up to NERVE which is an online game where you get crazy dares and [...]

  3. Not as good as its movie adaptation.DARES AND NERVESI went to the cinema theater and watch the Nerve movie, due Emma Roberts which I love was starring I enjoyed a lot the film, and it was until the final credits I found out that the movie was based on a novel.So, I went to check for it, that luckily I supposed due the movie s premiere I found the book in a local bookstore and even with a tie in cover The story is about an underground game called Nerve where people join it as watchers or players [...]

  4. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum 2.5 StarsFirst things first For fans of The Hunger Games Uh No More like for fans of Nerve is an online game where participants are challenged to dares that become increasingly difficult the further the contestants make it Vee decides she s had enough of being the girl behind the curtains and decides to submit an online video entry to Nerve The dare she chooses To go to a coffee shop and dump a bottle of water over her head while shouting cold water makes [...]

  5. Well, this was one crazy, intense journey from start to finish Why is it always so much harder to write a review for a book you absolutely adored Without waffling or being an over excited mess, I ll just write the basics The writing was stellar The plot was intense The characters were relatable The pacing is so fast that I felt like I didn t exhale for the entirety of the book And if my overabundance of exclamation points don t convince you to read this, I don t know what will

  6. I have literally nothing to say about this other than the movie is better Much better I know that it s part of the sacred book community rite of passage to always vehemently reject that sort of statement but it s true This book had some of the most underdeveloped characters I have ever read about Vee was an unpleasant protagonist She had little spark to her and I just could not connect to her character in the slightest While I found it incredibly irritating how she handled most of the decisions [...]

  7. Entertaining, but sooooooooo cheesy I would put this in its own genre of Young Adult Fan Fiction It reminded of when I was in middle school or high school and I would write stories in my head about how I was badass even though in real life I was awkward and nerdy I was always too afraid to go too far with the content because that would just be crazy I mean I would be fighting bad guys with guns, but no one can really get shot right I mean I was just a teenager, things wouldn t get that dark, rig [...]

  8. Nerve me dej un poco traumatizada y con una rayada mental nivel pico Dicho eso, este libro nos cuenta la historia de Vee, una chica que siempre ha estado un poco tras bambalinas y no toma muchos riesgos Eventualmente, uno de sus amigos la anima a participar en un reto de Nerve, una aplicaci n programa que les pide a los jugadores a cumplir una serie de desaf os a cambio de participar en las rondas nacionales, de ganar premios y dinero A partir del momento en que Vee empieza a participar, su vida [...]

  9. 1 starIn a Word Ridiculous or perhaps not quite ridiculous enough Well, that was roughI went from oh ok, this is cool to hm, ok this is dumb to What the f ckity f ck was that The Story ARE YOU PLAYING THE GAME OR IS THE GAME PLAYING YOU Oooooo Chills right mehVee is a shy logical girl who lives life behind the scenes NERVE is an online phenomenon where players log on and complete dares for money and prizes By all definitions, Vee is a watcher and not a player in the world of NERVE But after seei [...]

  10. DNF 10 %I ll just stick with the movie, thank you I saw it first and liked it very much From the very beginning, the book is a whole different thing.

  11. 3.75 I think I m definitely in the minority for this opinion, but I actually really enjoyed this book I m not sure whether it was because I went into it with pretty low expectations due to it s fairly low average star rating on but I liked it a lot than I expected too It was super fast paced and I ended up devouring it in one sitting Despite it being pretty ridiculous in many ways, I found the plot to be extremely gripping and overall a really entertaining read I will say that the ending was in [...]

  12. Reviewed at The Honest Bookclub.Alright, here s the deal if a book is going to feature nothing but senseless characters, there needs to be some sort of development an acknowledgment that they re behaving like idiots you know, sense.The only alternative, really, is adopting a nihilist senselessness is all there is approach But given how heavily this book relied on material possessions, fame, voyeurism, looks, boys, looks, boys, and looks it s hard to say it was going for a nihilist approach.What [...]

  13. What can happen in one night How far would you go to get what you want the most Nerve was fun, suspensefull and addictive read The dares were simple and stupid and I enjoyed them view spoiler my favorite is probably how Ian had to get freebie hide spoiler but only at the beginning After promising start, the moment they got into final round, Vee s complaining, her conspiracy theories ruined the fun for good and things escalated little too quickly No fun, too much drama, boring.Vee I understand wh [...]

  14. When the synopsis for Jeanne Ryan s Nerve was first brought to light, it instantly became a novel I had very high hopes for Talk of high stakes dares broadcasted online by a game that seems to personally know its players this screams intensity, excitement, and a heck of a lot of entertainment While it does deliver on the entertainment front, it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to its promise of exhilarating suspense.Does it turn deadly Sure But this doesn t happen until near the end, sav [...]

  15. I read Nerve because I ve seen the trailer and I thought to myself whoa, that looks amazing It was such an interesting idea, some kind of Hunger Games meets Saw, or at least it should have been, if it weren t for the light tone and the whiny and boring characters Long story short, the book was so bad I had no desire to watch the movie any I ve struggled to finish it, cursing with every page my reluctance to abandon the book I m reading Conclusion below average YA.

  16. There were parts of this that I really liked, and parts of it that I thought were really dumb I definitely have higher hopes for the movie though because it seems like the movie is going to have much cooler tasks for the players which doesn t really have anything to do with my book review, but there it is Ha

  17. 2.5 starsWhen I read Nerve in 2013, I ended up really liking it in fact, I even gave it four stars and added it to my all time favourites list So now that I ve finally seen the movie which was quite good, by the way , I thought it would be the perfect time to do a re read.Re reads come with risks They can be really fun, but they can also turn some of your favourites into not so favourites And sadly, this is also the case with Nerve While the premise still sounds really exciting, the execution so [...]

  18. Este libro es un mehhh muy largo y vac o.O sea, no es que me aburriese De hecho se lee tan r pido que me le el 70% en una sentada El problema fue retomar el 30% que me faltaba Porque el hecho de que se lea f cil no quiere decir que sea interesante o adictivo Es un libro que trata de mantenerte en suspenso, pero sus personajes son tan flojos que te da exactamente igual si se mueren, viven, lloran, r en, etc.Vee es otro personaje que pasa sin pena ni gloria porque pareciese que un MM tuviese m s c [...]

  19. IGRATE ILI NE VA A PUBLIKA EKA DA LI SI POSMATRA ILI IGRA IMA LI PETLJE IZAZIVAMO TE Petlja prakti no igra Istina ili izazov, bez onog dela s istinom.Svaki izazov te mami nagradama o kojima sanja.Koliko daleko si spreman da ide za njih Knjigu sam uzela da pro itam jer mi se svideo trejler za film i izbor glumaca.Prvih osamdesetak strana mi je bilo nekako zbrzano,konfuzno, ak i dosadnjikavo,sa bezveze izazovima.Nakon toga kre e dobra akcija i dobra radnja Suo ila si se sa besnom gomilom devica,pr [...]

  20. 3 5 STARS Genre Science Fiction Thriller,Mystery ,YAWOW The game setting of NERVE EW The last 100 pages POV 1st person, femaleLove Yes Don t really ship it But also don t rip it I just don t care.__________________SYNOPSIS A high stakes online game of dares turns deadlyWhen Vee is picked to be a player in NERVE, an anonymous game of dares broadcast live online, she discovers that the game knows her They tempt her with prizes taken from her ThisIsMe it s like facebook and instagram in one page an [...]

  21. Make your ego porous Will is of little importance, complaining is nothing, fame is nothing Openness, patience, receptivity, solitude is everything Rainer Maria RilkeJeanne Ryan, an American author, has penned a thrilling debut YA book, Nerve which spins the story of a young teenage girl who is selected to play a set of dares, that will be broadcasted live online in front of the whole nation, along with a hot guy, but soon the game makers throw daring and life threatening challenges in front of [...]

  22. Whoa, I was totally on the edge of my seat the whole time If you liked Panic by Lauren Oliver, check this one out too.

  23. OMG OMG OMG Nerve is seriously such an amazing book I could not put it down, literally I stayed up until 4 am reading because I just had to finish it I kept telling myself just one chapter , before I knew it I was at the last page with my jaw hanging open Needless to say, I showed up at work at 6 am, a total zombie, but it was sooo worth it And if I had it all to do over again, I d do it I absolutely am head over heels for this book The story was so amazing In some ways it reminded me of Hunger [...]

  24. RESE A COMPLETA Y BIEN SEXY EN LEEE AELA Son 3,5Me gust mucho, es adictivo y el concepto del juego genial, re retorcido y la mejor parte es que a pesar de sus horrores nos hace plantearnos si no participar amos yo no s , eh.Pero para m gusto la calidad decae en el final, estuvo bien, pero por como ven a la historia esperaba m s.Quiero ver la peli, aunque es muy obvio que es una de esas 100% infieles De hecho NADA de lo que sale en el trailer pasa en el libro Sin embargo, parece estar buena.

  25. I missed this movie when it was in the cinema, so when I saw it in the library I thought I would pick it up to read before I eventually saw the film I hauled it in a Library book haul and someone commented that the book was quite different to the movie, I can only agree from what I see in the trailer, but I can definitely say that I was completely underwhelmed by Nerve and can see how a movie would ramp this up 100% The premise in general sounded really exciting but there was so much to dislike [...]

  26. Os Escravos dos MediaSe porventura algum dia nos passar pela cabe a participar num desses reality shows tipo Big Brother ou outros afins, abdicamos automaticamente do comando das nossas vidas Adormecemos para acordar n o como insectos Kafkianos, mas como marionetes destinadas ao puro entretenimento medi tico.Melhor ou pior, depender da perspectiva de an lise Nerve uma leitura compulsiva, daquelas de ranger os dentes , onde somos envolvidos numa s rie de desafios que come am por ser insignificant [...]

  27. Pa opet moram da naglasim da knjiga ba nema veze sa filmom.Osim toga, cela pri a je u akciji, sve se odvija jakooo jako brzo Nema nepotrebnih opisa, ali mo da malo nedostaje i onih neophodnih Ne bavi se mnogo likovima, mislim samim karakterom likova, eventualno malo upoznamo Vi jer je knjiga iz njene perspektive, ali ostali, ba ni ta Ja sam se lako poistovetila sa Vi jer nisam ne to mnogo odva na, tako da sam razumela kako njene razloge za ulazak u igru, tako i reakcije tokom izazova, ali razume [...]

  28. No puedo creer lo adictivo que es este libro, no tarde ni 12 horas en terminarlo, en general ha sido una historia que disfrute mucho, creo que lo nico que no me gust fueron esas ltimas palabras que me recordaron a muchas pel culas y la traducci n que le hicieron aqu en M xico.

  29. Vee is used to being the one behind the scenes, she does the costumes for her school production and really wants to go into fashion But when she feels a bit slighted from her friends she decides to do one of the easier dares from the online game NERVE never expecting it to get any views or be picked for further competition With the enticement of bigger and better prizes on the line though Vee finds herself unable to walk away when she s picked to continue on in the competition Getting paired up [...]

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