The Viking's Sacrifice

The Viking s Sacrifice Viking raiders destroyed Wilda s home She witnessed the murder of her mother and would have been killed herself if it weren t for the Viking boy Einar who saved her from his ruthless brother The bloo

Viking raiders destroyed Wilda s home She witnessed the murder of her mother and would have been killed herself if it weren t for the Viking boy Einar, who saved her from his ruthless brother The blood and murder left Wilda cold and shorn of feeling Eight years later, the heathens return for Wilda As a captive in the Viking village, she finds protection and silent comViking raiders destroyed Wilda s home She witnessed the murder of her mother and would have been killed herself if it weren t for the Viking boy Einar, who saved her from his ruthless brother The blood and murder left Wilda cold and shorn of feeling.Eight years later, the heathens return for Wilda As a captive in the Viking village, she finds protection and silent comfort in the man who once gallantly saved her.Einar has been cursed to silence by his brother With the dark net of his brother s power cast over their village, silence is a small price to pay for his family s safety But Einar is immediately drawn to Wilda, and the need to protect her from his brother awakens his Viking courage Can Einar break his brother s curse in time to save the village and the woman he loves

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The Viking's Sacrifice

  1. Oooh let s see Um, loved fantasy since that first King Arthur book when I was about 8 I love all fantasy but particularly Epic, and I like a strong romance element too which is probably why that s what I write I love Pratchett, Cherryh, Gaimen to name but a few, but heck I ll give anyone a go.

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  1. They know but unsurely who sit within, what manner of man is come H vam l 133Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing Proverbs 18 22 Julia Knight s The Viking s Sacrifice is one of those stories that you don t come across often, but will stay with you for a long time It takes place during one of my favorite periods, pre tenth century, with the Anglo Saxon and Viking battles, the back and forth invasions, vying for riches, land and power Part of what makes this time period so interesting to me i [...]

  2. Wow This sure surprised me I expected alot less, and I m so happy I was wrong I guess I thought this was going to be all sex nothing wrong with that or all sweep me away romance but it actually had a very solid story line about the Vikings, about family, loyalty, courage, and sacrifice It even dealt with curses and beliefs.Wilda, and Einar were wonderful lead characters Both were strong and compassionate They balanced each other perfectly It also didn t hurt that Einar was a big hunk of Viking l [...]

  3. A childhood meeting when a young girl Wilda is caught between a young Einar viking boy his traitorous brother who kills one of their other brothers and tries to kill him Einar saves Wilda.Later Wilda is taken as a slave by the grown Vikings to find Eianr playing a simplton a coward They recognize eachother Einar must break the curse to save Wilda the village.As far as historical fiction, it was really good It did have me frustrated as intended I m sure, with the back and forth wr of minds betwee [...]

  4. This is a Quickie Review For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic Please note, full review contains minor spoilers Expected Release Date January 20, 2012 Available Now Publisher HarlequinImprint Carina PressAuthor s Website juliaknight My Source for This Book NetgalleyPart of a Series NoSeries Best Read In Order N ASteam Level SteamyIn the end, no matter how much I enjoyed Einar s character, the language barrier between him and Wilda, and the intriguing mystical element of the curse, [...]

  5. The story starts off running It s a prolonged flashback to explain why two people who don t know each other or speak the same language would trust each other, risk everything, and fall in love.It just takes a terribly long time for this non speaking happy couple to get there and finally meet each other again I wish I d marked the page but I just have a vague recollection of thinking about this around the 20% mark Majority of the time leading up to their reunion is used for world building and sel [...]

  6. Einar thought that his first raiding mission would help make him a man But the day he expected to show his strength and his courage, ended up ruining his life He witnessed one brother, killing another And he would have been killed as well, if it weren t for the actions of a brave young Saxton girl Wilda was only 11 years old, but Einar spared her life in the raid so she returned the favor, when she saw his brother Bausi attack him.Even though Einar lived, his murderous older brother put a curse [...]

  7. Wilda is a young girl who just wants to run free, and be allowed to do all the things her brothers can do But this changes on the day that the Vikings invade her home and slaughter her entire family Wilda only gets away because of a young boy named Einar, who saves her from his brother s axe after Bausi murders their older brother Arni Bausi curses Einar to stay silent for the sake of the lives of his younger brother Sigrid and sister Gudrun It s not until years later that Einar now known as Tok [...]

  8. Publication Date January 12th, 2012Publisher Carina PressASIN B00699QQ5Y Age Group AdultGenre Romance Historical FictionSource NetGalleyLootability The Viking s Sacrifice is the romance of Einar and Wilda, kept apart by warring cultures and a terrible curse that hides the truth of Einar s brothers death Wilda is a young Saxon girl when Vikings attack her village and Einar saves her when she is attacked for witnessing a devastating betrayal.Eight years later the Vikings return for Wilda and she i [...]

  9. This book have two strong heroes Wilda and Einar Wilda was a young girl who enjoyed running along the beach and feeling the sand in her toes.Until one day a gang of heathens came a raid her town Einar wanted to go on his first raid and show a lot of bravery but instead he ended up witnessing his brother killed his other brother Then Wilda witness her mother being killed and she called her name and told her to run Einar told Wilda to run but she ended up helping him from being killed by his evil [...]

  10. Wilda, a Saxon girl, survives a Viking attack on her village She watched as her mother was hacked down The Viking that killed her mother then turned on own raiders Wilda rescues one of the Vikings before running away Einar returns from his first raid a broken boy His older brother killed the elder brother and then attacked Einar, and is now demanding Einar s silence Knowing his silence will buy his remaining sibling s safety, he stops speaking and becomes the village outcast Fast forward a few y [...]

  11. A very intense story of kidnapping, curses, silence, revenge and piety Not in that order A subtle net of magic keeps a man from speaking aloud what would set him free from shame and the accusation of cowardice He does it all for the love of his family Sometimes, you want to smack him, but at the same time, you respect his trust in his god and the way he takes the shame heaped on him by the multitudes A real page turner, and hot sexy times as well.

  12. A riveting, agonizing journey of one viking and one Saxon woman The Viking s Sacrifice by Julia Knight is gut retching and hypnotizing Einar and Wilda will pull you in every direction as their story is told in this poignant display of sacrifice Beautifully written, The Viking s Sacrifice will resonate with readers I am truly delighted with this book, it is my first historical romance of the year and quite memorable.

  13. This is the story of Wilda, a Saxon girl who witnesses the destruction of her village and murder of her mother by Vikings As a Christian woman and a lady, the Vikings return, slay her husband and take her away to a life as a thrall, a slave, in their cold, heathen village Einar is a young Viking on his first raid and prevents Wilda from being slain along with her mother, but he is witness to a terrible betrayal by his own brother, and cursed to never speak of it His people think he a coward the [...]

  14. Set roughly around 844 845 AD, this historical romance is of a mixed bag for me in that I liked the premise where the hero is viewed as a coward and social outcast but must protect someone who is in a even precarious social standing While the circumstances leading up to Einar s injuries and his initial meeting with Wida were plausible, the subsequent story seemed really forced For example, Einar Toki as he is now known to the villagers is disabled and mute His silence is due to wanting to prot [...]

  15. Set in Northeast England in 836 the beginning and Norway in 844, this is the story of Einar, who as a young man goes raiding with his brothers and sets upon a village in which Wilda, then 11, lives Her mother is slain before her eyes by one of Einar s brothers, Bausi, who then kills Einar s older brother and tries to kill Einar But Wilda saves him and then he saves her, telling her to renn, renn run, run Years later, they meet again when Wilda is captured in another raid and brought back to Norw [...]

  16. Oh how I love historical romance A damaged hero and a lady captured to be his brothers wife Sounds like the makings of a good story right Unfortunately this one wasn t that great In fact I d call this one mediocre.I could not no matter how hard I tried and I did try believe me connect to any of the characters in this story at all To me the writing was bland and predictable I found the story to be one of those stop and go tales where there was no seamless flow in the writing, The author, I m assu [...]

  17. Good characterization I especially felt for Einar The odds were so stacked against Wilda and Einar I kept wondering how the author would pull off the happy ending no fears, she did Well researched historical background, both in how the Vikings lived and how their religion contrasted with the Christian Saxon culture Quibble I wish the fantasy element had been played up a bit in the first half of the story.

  18. LOVED IT I had credits left on audible com and got this one didn t really know much about it but the wotd Viking was part of the tittle so I gave it a try.And dont regret it at all.Really great story good plot And the narrator was excelent A real nice smooth listening.Wish I had a copy of it in paper.

  19. It started out so good.I am really into Vikings right now But the hero was such a freaking martyr, and I just couldn t Then it got worse with his martyrdom, and I just don t know.I love a beta hero, I don t love a doormat Still, some nice Scandinavian world building Needed Loki and less Thor.

  20. A good story in the beginning, but particulary long and sad even if, theorically, was a love story.Una storia che all inizio sembrava anche particolare, ma alla fine si rivelata troppo lunga e persino troppo triste per essere una storia d a THANKS TO NETGALLEY AND CARINA PRESS FOR THE PREVIEW

  21. I admire the author s choice to make the male romantic lead so unappealing and antithetical to the traditional hero, but unfortunately that s the high point of the book and clearly that s a pretty low high point Less admirable was the author s choice to make the book tedious and ridiculous.

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