She's Never Coming Back

She s Never Coming Back When Ylva a loving mother and wife fails to come home from work her husband is not initially suspicious But as time passes he becmes frantic with worry And by the time he finally contacts the polic

When Ylva, a loving mother and wife, fails to come home from work, her husband is not initially suspicious But as time passes he becmes frantic with worry And by the time he finally contacts the police, he is almost hysterical Given the mysterious circumstances of her disappearance, he becomes the number one suspect.But what no one knows is that she s being held hostageWhen Ylva, a loving mother and wife, fails to come home from work, her husband is not initially suspicious But as time passes he becmes frantic with worry And by the time he finally contacts the police, he is almost hysterical Given the mysterious circumstances of her disappearance, he becomes the number one suspect.But what no one knows is that she s being held hostage in the celler of the house opposite her own.A camera is rigged against her house and Ylva can only watch her family on the screen They cannot see her and they most certainly cannot hear her scream

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She's Never Coming Back

  1. Hans Koppel is a pseudonym for an established Swedish author who was born in 1964 and lives in Stockholm.

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  1. two and a half stars Since I ve written a book myself about a kidnapped woman, I was very interested to see the take in this one With all the recent horrible cases of women being held captive for years, it didn t make that part of the plot line unrealistic What didn t work for me was the motive of those who did it To wait so long To behave in the way the guy did, with the acceptance mostly of his partner What did work for me was the ambiguous character of the victim Not a saint by any means, and [...]

  2. Ik vind het een mooi thrillerdebuut van deze auteur, waar ik nooit eerder van gehoord had waarvoor dank aan de mensen van de groep boekenfans Het begin was wat wennen aan de vele namen en plaatsen die erin voorkwamen zweeds maar algauw wordt men helemaal meegesleept in het verhaal Ik heb ervan genoten.Het boek heeft me ook wel geboeid van de eerste tot de laatste bladzijde, het leest lekker weg en het zijn korte hoofdstukken, wat ik persoonlijk aangenaam lezen vind Om een minpuntje te noemen zon [...]

  3. It didn t really come as much of a surprise that somebody has taken up the girl in the cellar storyline, although in SHE S NEVER COMING BACK the victim is an adult woman, kidnapped on her way home from work, held in the cellar of the house opposite her own home.Talking about this book is going to be a balancing act, as without giving away too much, there was just so much about it that simply did not work, that actually worried me Worried me to the point where I got my partner to sit down and rea [...]

  4. The blurb said it s a page turner It s supposed to be nail biting It s the Swedish thriller phenomenon I was conned by the Swedish thriller bit, thinking Steig Larsson and Jo Nesb , but I was sadly disappointed.A woman is kidnapped, held in a cellar and tortured Yes It s a pretty hackneyed plot, but I got the impression the plot was merely a vehicle for the violence.And there s plenty of violence I can generally cope with that I did mention Steig Larsson and Jo Nesb , but in this instance there [...]

  5. This is a pretty darn good book I really liked the lean style of writing This author is able to express a great deal, and hint at a lot , with an economy of words I admire that, because to me, the author is not hiding behind gimmicks or flowery prose he s telling a story and he s telling it well I started the book in the early evening and stayed up until it was finished It isn t a challenging read, it s an inviting one, in spite of the often disturbing content It was easy to read and I appreciat [...]

  6. Do you know what this is Ylva took her hand off the woman s shoulder and looked Well, come on then, the man said, what does it look like An electric shaver Yvla suggested Yes, it does, the man replied It looks like an electric shaver, but it s not an electric shaver Yvla tried the door again Open the door, I want The shock made Yvla s body arch The pain was paralysing and she couldn t even scream A moment later her body relaxed and she crumpled, her head against the man s thigh She was surprised [...]

  7. This is pretty much a no frills, straight ahead, unpretentious thriller which doesn t waste time in getting started A man is brutally murdered with a hammer in the first brief chapter and, in the second, a woman is abducted and forced to live in a cellar The irony being that it s the cellar of the house just opposite her own home The rest of the book deals with the police investigation into her disappearance, how her husband and daughter cope with the loss and inevitable suspicion, how the woman [...]

  8. I really liked the story, my copy says Never Coming Back and all the copies I ve seen say She s Never Coming Back but it was written by Hans Koppel Ylva Zetterberg goes missing after work one night She was kidnapped by a husband and wife team that move in across the street It s a thriller.

  9. Se lee r pido, pero no me ha convencido mucho No he sentido empat a con los personajes, v ctimas que se convierten en verdugos, y viceversa Nadie es totalmente bueno, ni totalmente malo No hay misterio Principalmente se basa en los diferentes estados por los que pasa una v ctima de secuestro, y c mo reaccionan sus familiares Y un final esperado

  10. Lo nico bueno fue el principio y el final Lo termin solo por la curiosidad y en modo lectura r pida Personajes sin fuerza y sin estructura y los polic as parec an sacados de una mala comedia de tv.

  11. All inizio mi era sembrata una buona idea leggere questo libro, mi intrigava e avevo un disperato bisogno di leggere qualcosa Ovviamente, non mi immaginavo che ci avrei messo dei mesi e che da questo libro in poi non avrei mai pi letto un libro di uno scrittore svedese Troppo complicati, ci vogliono 5 minuti solo per leggere i nomi delle strade.La storia in s pu affascinare, ma gi nelle prime pagine c come qualcosa che mi ha bloccata E sono pi che convinta che questo sia un vero peccato perch fo [...]

  12. Ho generosamente assegnato tre stelline a questo libro, anche se forse sarebbero due e mezza E un thriller di poche pretese, mi aspettavo molto di pi dopo aver letto la quarta di copertina E la storia di Ylva, madre e moglie un po libertina, dal passato poco pulito Ylva sparisce nel nulla viene sequestrata e torturata per espiare una colpa che avrebbe commesso da adolescente Quello che non mi piaciuto la psicologia dei personaggi tagliati davvero con l accetta e il finale che sembra voler risolv [...]

  13. I was actually surprised by how into this book I got Having read another book by Hans Koppel and not really liking it, I wasn t sure what to think But I really quite enjoyed this book It s a very interesting examination of messing with someone s mind, and what s right or wrong, and what people deserve or not The ending particular leaves you reeling.

  14. Le polar polaire s offre un nouveau g nie Auteur de livres pour la jeunesse appr ci en Su de, Petter Lidbeck publie, sous le pseudonyme de Hans Koppel, un premier roman pour adultes Ch timents est disponible aux ditions Presses de la Cit depuis le 4 avril 2013.On le sait, le crime scandinave fait recette Depuis le triomphe posthume de Stieg Larsson, chaque diteur veut publier son nordique Si Actes Sud publie Camilla L ckberg et M taill Arnaldur Indridason, Les ditions Presses de la Cit semblent, [...]

  15. I have a love hate relationship with thrillers I say I don t like them, but then one will grab me and I end up reading the whole thing in one sitting This was one that grabbed me right from the start I like books that successfully switch from one storyline to another as the threads gradually knit together The book started with a couple short chapters and didn t even introduce the main characters until page 16 but that s all it took for me to be hooked And then I read the whole book, sat back, an [...]

  16. When Ylva disappears her husband Mike isn t overly concerned at first as she had said she may go out after work with colleagues and he thinks she may have stayed overnight with one However, as time passes he becomes worried and tells the police who decide he is their prime suspect in her disappearance and probable murder However, Ylva is very much alive and is in fact being held hostage in a soundproofed basement directly opposite her own house, with a camera rigged up by her captives so she ca [...]

  17. Read my full review bit XILXA4My opinion I must say that I read a ton of Scandinavian Nordic Noir literature I co moderate a Nordic Noir group on This book failed to tickle any sort of my fancy.Unlike its contemporaries and what I love most about the genre , I found the writing totally bland to the point of being vanilla There was no excitement No transitions It simply was One of the great things about Nordic Noir is its STRONG character development and twistedness in storyline This book lacked [...]

  18. Didn t really care for this novel at all I finished it so it would count towards my reading challenge Maybe it was me, maybe the translation, but I found it hard to believe that it is the publishing phenomenon that it claims to be.Ylva is kidnapped by her neighbours and held in their basement, where she is subject to graphic sexual abuse I found this awful to read, not because I am a prude Girl With the Dragon Tattoo equally as graphic but less voyeuristic But just felt having to spell it out al [...]

  19. Grubby little thriller written in sparse prose which at least makes it mercifully short The characters are no than ciphers faceless, forgettable, and entirely unsympathetic Their motives remain pretty much unexplored throughout with only the most basic and clich d of reasoning provided by the author The book is deeply unpleasant right up to its ridiculous conclusion which leaves you both unenlightened and sorely in need of a thorough scrub down Avoid this and read Emma Donoghue s Room instead.

  20. Was so excited to read this book as the blurb was a amazing However, the book was poor, very poor Great concept but lacking in the delivery Poor characters lacking any depth, a few not even central to the story, no empathy with the characters, poor reasonings and the main character was a drip I would avoid this, don t know why it s down as a Swedish phenomenon as it s anything but A famous five or secret seven book has plot, depth and character development.

  21. Den h r boken har st tt ol st l nge i min hylla Varf r den har blivit st ende vet jag inte, jag har h rt mycket gott om den och ven lite d ligt Det brukar g ra mig v ldigt nyfiken Nu r den i alla fall l st L s mer p bokslut 2014 05 ko

  22. Decidamente los autores Suecos hasta el momento me sorprenden con lo cruda de sus historias, pero te mantienen en suspenso en todo momento con muchas ganas de siempre voltear la p gina aunque sepas como puede finalizar.

  23. A really gripping read that looks at effects of a kidnapping from various viewpoints the victim Ylva held against her will subject to sexual assaults, while all the time forced to view the daily life of her family via CCTVe perpetrators a seemingly normal married couple, who just happen to have a woman held hostage in their cellare husband of course, prime suspect regarding the disappearance of his wife unaware of how close she is then the on lookers former classmates of Ylva s who notice a conn [...]

  24. Nail biting, sitting on the edge of your seat, page turner, unexpected twists what can I say that pretty much sums it up Revenge can be a horrible servantd karma will always find you Its now been 20 years since their child diedt Marianne and Gosta decides it is up to them to avenge her teenage death One by one they eliminate her four bulliesuntil there is just one person left, the only female among the group They decide to kidnap her and confine her in a cellar, directly across from her own hom [...]

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