Gates of Fire: An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae

Gates of Fire An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae In B C two million Persian invaders come to the mountain pass of Thermopylae in eastern Greece where they are met by of Sparta s finest warriors The Greek loyalists battle for six days in a p

In 480 B.C two million Persian invaders come to the mountain pass of Thermopylae in eastern Greece, where they are met by 300 of Sparta s finest warriors The Greek loyalists battle for six days in a prelude to their ultimate victory.

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Gates of Fire: An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae

  1. I was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, in 1943 to a Navy father and mother I graduated from Duke University in 1965 In January of 1966, when I was on the bus leaving Parris Island as a freshly minted Marine, I looked back and thought there was at least one good thing about this departure No matter what happens to me for the rest of my life, no one can ever send me back to this freakin place again Forty years later, to my surprise and gratification, I am far closely bound to the young men of the Marine Corps and to all other dirt eating, ground pounding outfits than I could ever have imagined GATES OF FIRE is one reason Dog eared paperbacks of this tale of the ancient Spartans have circulated throughout platoons of U.S troops in Iraq and Afghanistan since the first days of the invasions E mails come in by hundreds GATES OF FIRE is on the Commandant of the Marine Corps Reading list It is taught at West Point and Annapolis and at the Marine Corps Basic School at Quantico TIDES OF WAR is on the curriculum of the Naval War College.From 2nd Battalion 6th Marines, which calls itself the Spartans, to ODA 316 of the Special Forces, whose forearms are tattooed with the lambda of Lakedaemon, today s young warriors find a bond to their ancient precursors in the historical narratives of these novels My struggles to earn a living as a writer it took seventeen years to get the first paycheck are detailed in my 2002 book, THE WAR OF ART I have worked as an advertising copywriter, schoolteacher, tractor trailer driver, bartender, oilfield roustabout and attendant in a mental hospital I have picked fruit in Washington state and written screenplays in Tinseltown With the publication of THE LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE in 1995, I became a writer of books once and for all My writing philosophy is, not surprisingly, a kind of warrior code internal rather than external in which the enemy is identified as those forms of self sabotage that I have labeled Resistance with a capital R in THE WAR OF ART and the technique for combatting these foes can be described as turning pro I believe in previous lives I believe in the Muse I believe that books and music exist before they are written and that they are propelled into material being by their own imperative to be born, via the offices of those willing servants of discipline, imagination and inspiration, whom we call artists My conception of the artist s role is a combination of reverence for the unknowable nature of where it all comes from and a no nonsense, blue collar demystification of the process by which this mystery is approached In other words, a paradox There s a recurring character in my books named Telamon, a mercenary of ancient days Telamon doesn t say much He rarely gets hurt or wounded And he never seems to age His view of the profession of arms is a lot like my conception of art and the artist It is one thing to study war, and another to live the warrior s life.

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  1. Gates of Fire is one of my favorite booksever I first read it back when I was in the Marine Corps It was on the Commandant s Reading List for a time required reading for any motivated teufelhund The author himself is a former Marine, and draws upon his experiences to create a compellingly insightful look at the mental and psychological makeup of a soldier The concepts of self sacrifice, service, community, camaraderie, and duty are the thematic core of this historic novel.Steven Pressfield does [...]

  2. What can I say about this book that hasn t already been said here on it s review pageah, not much It is a terrific book Dense, and detailed and clever and, in many places, exhilarating Sometimes I felt that the author was being too clever Sacrificing flow for sometimes not so relevant story background There is quite a lot of too ing and fro ing in this book Jumping backwards and forwards between different times and sometimes it worked for me and sometimes it didn t That is why I nearly gave Gate [...]

  3. Soldiers are philosophers by trade, as opposed to nature Whether they are gifted logicians or readers or not, their profession demands a close association with death and life, fear and courage, love and hate, joy and sorrow A soldier gets acquainted with these, not as abstract ideas, but as intimate realities which are a part of the day to day environment.When faced with such larger than life concepts, though, words often fail, no matter how important or meaningful a place they hold in every day [...]

  4. This book is about the Battle of Thermopylae in ancient Greece, where 300 Spartans fought to the death The main character of the book is a slave who is captured by the Spartans Even though he is a slave of the Spartans, he begins to admire their bravery and courage During the course of the book, we see the slave s hometown get destroyed, we find out how he becomes a slave, and why he admires the Spartans courage We also see the slave become a warrior who fights next to the Spartans This was a su [...]

  5. Steven Pressfield s first foray into historical fiction is a masterful account of the battle of Themopylae thermos hot, warm, fire pylos spring or gate hence Gates of Fire.Told from the perspective of a captured, critically wounded Spartan helot all the Spartans died, after all who is being questioned by Xerxes King of Persia for information about the Greeks, the story presents a sympathetic, insider view of Spartan society and accurately presents the values of Greek civilization in contrast to [...]

  6. Absolutely amazing Anyone interested in ancient history or military fiction simply must read Gates of Fire By Zeus, this is one of those books that everyone should read, regardless of what their favorite genre is Steven Pressfield has an amazing gift for transplanting the reader into his era of choice.I could attempt to spend hours writing a witty review, but ultimately it would not do this book justice So do yourself a favor and add it to your To Read shelf, or the gods will surely curse you an [...]

  7. This was an interesting book I wasn t sure what to expect from it and had thought it would be a book of history, but was actually a work of historical fiction It was well told and, from what I know, an accurate enough telling of the story of the 300 Herodotus also tells this story in his histories and it is hardly surprising that a tale of so few holding off an army of so many should be remembered as one of the great military stories of all time This one is told through the eyes of a captured as [...]

  8. I chose this book reluctantly from my library s audiobook shelf I thought I should read it because my knowledge of ancient history was pretty gap filled, and because at some point I m planning to rent 300 and this would be good background I always pick up books I should read with grudging feelings.Well I was foolish to have hesitated over it, because this book is excellent I m just a few tracks from the end, and I feel wrecked by it Knowing the outcome makes no difference and even those who know [...]

  9. I read this entertaining 1998 historical novel, which glorifies the ancient military dictatorship of Sparta, in part because it cost only 7.99 for a Kindle download Then I realized that I couldn t write a coherent review of it, because I still, in spite of the intervening years, am an incandescent tower of blistering but impotent rage at the senseless loss of life and treasure which resulted from the blunderings of the George W Bush administration in the Middle East in the first decade of this c [...]

  10. Highly recommended to me, but highly disappointing This is a romanticized historical fictional account of the Spartans stand at Thermopylae against the massively superior forces of Xerxes It does offer a depiction of the warrior culture of Sparta But the writing trite, tedious, melodramatic, sometimes overly flowery faux archaic, and at others base sixth grade genital excrement humor One of the major humor touchstones was a character whose catchphrase was Wake up to this , which cracked everyone [...]

  11. One of the best book I ve read lately With ease, I was drawn into the story of Spartans In my head, I imagined each piece of equipment and felt the anticipation of oncoming battles that have become legends No one can remain indifferent to the heroism of the Spartans who opposed the massive Persian army.

  12. rating 5 5 like 4.75 but I ll round The story didn t really grip me although it was still interesting until the last 3 books the novel is split into 8 books or sections , which were filled with jaw droppingly amazing battle and camp scenes from Thermopylae I am a sucker for well written battles and soldier camaraderie and this was it, one of the best I ve read so far It was filled with a ton of historical accuracy, from the events to the historical people and through battle techniques, Spartan [...]

  13. I m no lover of brothers in arms novels nor of battlefield butchery, however I thoroughly enjoyed this book Historical research is evident throughout the narration, I was impressed by the accuracy of the historical facts and the faithful portray of the Spartan society I was moved by many scenes and dialogues between the characters which investigate interesting psychological and philosophical issues.The language is beautiful employing the actual Greek vocabulary therefore providing a interesting [...]

  14. Having just finished all the Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy books, this was a strong change of perspective and tone I was initially disturbed by the depictions of war and life in ancient Greece Whether I adjusted over the first hundred pages or it s simply that the most disturbing material is in the beginning, I can t say I do know that I quickly became engrossed in both the story and setting.Now I want to see the armor and weapons from the time period so I can better understand the phalanx fi [...]

  15. When I first tried reading this book about the Battle of Thermopylae, after a while I just had to put it down I didn t know if it was because I just didn t like it, or if it was because it wasn t the right time to read it So I tried again.Forgive me for saying something like this, but it s clear the book is written by a man There is way too much detail, but absolutely no emotional foundation I think one of the reviewers captured it best when he she commented on Pressfield s ability in writing a [...]

  16. Whilst Frank Miller s 300 may have captured the spirit of the battle of Thermopylae elephants and wizards not withstanding, Steven Pressfield takes a much realist approach Greece in 480 BC is presented as a place of constant warfare united only by the prospect of imminent Persian invasion The Spartans are as brutal and oppressive as they are stoic and courageous, so much so in fact that the Persians seem a relatively civilised and cultured lot in comparison Despite the repugnance much of Sparta [...]

  17. Si te gusta la pica esta novela es sin duda espectacular, no hay otras palabras para definirla.Pressfield es capaz de coger una historia conocida por todos, que incluso puede llegar a ser aburrida, y a base de pica y una gran carga emocional, la convierte en una de las mejores experiencias lectivas que he tenido en mi vida.Su gran punto fuerte, pues que el autor es capaz de humanizar a los legendarios espartanos y convertir a estos en simples seres humanos, en vez de los acostumbrados h roes.Tod [...]

  18. I originally gave this five stars but looking back the constant switching of time and place got irritating near the end It was fine at first, but when you re in the middle of the gripping titular battle the last thing you want is to zoom away to some other point in time This is probably the most I ve ever learned about the realities and intricacies of war from a single book If you want a good way to find out exactly why the Spartans are still revered as amazing soldiers today read this book That [...]

  19. Si pongo como floja esta novela, me lapidan.A ver, no es que sea floja, pero estoy un poco hasta el mo o de la narraci n larga de batallas deonde nos muestran lo mala que es la guerra, los intestinos al aire, las heces, la orina, el dolor, el miedo, etc, etc, etc.Como narrador me gustan m s otros autores Posteguillo, tirando de orgullo patrio, me gusta m s.Como inter s en los personajes, pues el mismo Abercrombie no tiene nada que envidiarle al Presfield Nada.Los personajes femeninos apuntan alg [...]

  20. P la bych si, aby v c autor dok zalo takhle popsat bitvy Proto e ach tak len iv Beznad j proud c skrz slova, t la a krev Ale Pressfield nevytvo il d lo jen o bitv , jak by se mohlo zd t, to v bec On uchopil Spartu a v rom nu ji p ibl il lidem Spar ansk zp soby, oby eje, my len , bydlen , v ra, od v n V echno tam je A mi zase n kdo bude tvrdit, e d jepis je nuda, str m mu pod nos Ohnivou br nu a donut m ho, aby si ji p e etl.

  21. If you like your historical novels on the bloody side, this one s for you The gore begin in earnest in chapter 24 Apparently the book is a favorite of people in the military although I suspect if Pressfield had covered the Spartan man apprentice mentoring program in a bit depth the military might not be as crazy about the book That said, it hits many of the points they try to instill in people in the various leadership schools Along with battle tactics and weapons, Pressfield did a very good jo [...]

  22. If you read only one macho right wing war novel in your life read this book Steven Pressfield has written a masterpiece about the ancient warrior state of Sparta This is a society that almost any modern person would loathe on sight It was a military dictatorship where all power belonged to soldiers and no one had any rights Slaves were routinely murdered as part of military training Young boys were conditioned from early childhood to brutalize each other to the point of serious injury.Yet someho [...]

  23. First of all, I am proud to have visited the spot in Greece where supposedly the battle drama of Thermopylae took place Wonderful to be able to interact with history, even if it s in such a small way Study the past if you would define the future by Confucius Gates of Fire is a fictional novel, with very accurate historical facts due to the author s thorough research.This book was way better than I expected and it made me care for the characters and to some degree raised some inner self questions [...]

  24. Ce roman, frate, CE ROMAN Mi a luat o lun de zile s l citesc, i de i am nt lnit c teva chestii care m au f cut s str mb din nas, nu pot s nu recunosc talentul autorului Nu le prea am cu scenele de lupt descrise am nun it, dar n cazul sta le am apreciat, fiindc au acordat veridicitate pove tii celor trei sute de spartani de la Termopile Nu tiu ce a mai putea spune acum, la cald, dec t c mi s a p rut un roman EPIC, plin de personaje i nt mpl ri memorabile, care ofer spartanilor ce e al spartanilor [...]

  25. One of our favorite reads It is one we often loan out and it always seems to strike a chord with everyone we have lent it to So much so, our original copy never made it back home to us forcing us to pick up another one recently After all we have to have it on hand to loan out, don t we Our friend s 13 year old son is next.We can t say why is it such a popular read, only that it is compelling, gut wrenching, mind searing battle scenes and simply, moving It is moving in how it shows the friendship [...]

  26. Bitka kod Termopila bila je jedna od onih koje su promenile zapadnu civilizaciju istori ari tvrde da je zbog tog poraza helenskih dr avica od Persijanaca, kasnije sa uvana anti ka kultura, evropski za eci demokratije i onoga to je kasnije nastalo u Evropi.Ognjene kapije predstavljaju pri u na realisti niji na in od stripovskog 300 branilaca naravno nije bilo samo 300, ve preko 4,000 ali Presfild i dalje temelji delove svog istra ivanja na Heroditu, koji tvrdi da je Persijanaca bilo preko dva mil [...]

  27. Tell the Spartans, stranger passing by,that here obedient to their laws we lie Good authors are often graced with one great book Gates of Fire is Pressfield s henosis It is lyrical, compelling, thought provoking, and soars above most works of historical fiction at least those that shrug in the mud of military historical fiction Like most of Pressfield s work, Gates of Fire deals with the common soldier, the grunt, the squire His narrative is informed by a people s history of Greek history For me [...]

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