Deadly Games

Deadly Games When you ve been accused of kidnapping an emperor and every enforcer in the city wants your head it s hard to prove yourself an honorable person and even harder to earn an imperial pardon That doesn

When you ve been accused of kidnapping an emperor, and every enforcer in the city wants your head, it s hard to prove yourself an honorable person and even harder to earn an imperial pardon.That doesn t keep Amaranthe Lokdon and her team of outlaws from trying When athletes start disappearing from the Imperial Games, they may finally have an opportunity to show the emperoWhen you ve been accused of kidnapping an emperor, and every enforcer in the city wants your head, it s hard to prove yourself an honorable person and even harder to earn an imperial pardon.That doesn t keep Amaranthe Lokdon and her team of outlaws from trying When athletes start disappearing from the Imperial Games, they may finally have an opportunity to show the emperor that they re on his side If she and her comrades can get to the bottom of such a public mystery, they re sure to get the credit.But plans go awry when Amaranthe s own men start plotting against each other, the new ally she d hoped to acquire tries to turn her in, and her best fighter and closest friend disappears Maybe getting involved wasn t such a good idea after all Deadly Games is approximately 110,000 words It is the third book in The Emperor s Edge series.

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Deadly Games

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  1. This book was so much better than Dark Currents I m giving In fact, so far it was the best in the series I feel like the action was directed and had purpose There was an exciting dynamic between the characters One character decides to kill the other, while two others start to care for each other This conflict, along with the mystery, gave this book a lot suspense, and definitely gave the characters depth The Emperor s Edge are slowly becoming an elite team of professionals and they are becom [...]

  2. So even though it took me 3 1 2 months to finish this one it is probably the my favorite yet For reasons Okay, maybe just one reason Sicarius You re the only person who s ever wanted to give me happiness Athletes in what s equivalent to the Olympics are disappearing Amaranthe and the gang are on the case.Blah Blah BlahBasilard has vowed to avenge the wrongs done to his kingdom BlahMaldynado tries to set Amaranthe up with Lord Mancrest Deret Not once, but TWICE he tries to turn her over to enforc [...]

  3. OMG What a way to spend the last day Lindsay, you absolutely amaze me with how much I love all your books, but Deadly Games was incredible If I was slightly in love with Sicarius in the last two books, I am totally done for now The incredible way he is portrayed, with his lack of emoting makes me want to simultaniously shake him and hug him for making me smirk, then smile, then grin like an idiot I can honestly say I really wish he was real, I would love to see that stoney faced silent stare and [...]

  4. I usually stray away from stories about the fairer sex, perhaps because they tend to be too fair to digest I wasn t always this way, and can in fact vividly remember gobbling upon stories about fairy queens and wicked witches, especially Enid Blyton s Blue, Yellow and Red fairy books, Malory Towers and what not However, as things often come to pass, and then pass away my appetite for bright and beautiful worlds faded and I latched onto a darker and grimmer reality.Now, to say that female authors [...]

  5. Loved this one Love this series Going to take a break from it for a little while to read some other things, but definitely plan to come back

  6. Genre high fantasy with a touch of steam, a dash of magic and the tiniest sprinkle of romanceI m not sure I can accurately describe how much I love this series Lindsay Buroker nails it again in the third instalment This edition is easily as cinematic as the previous two You could transcribe it word for word onto the big screen and hold me riveted These characters continue to grow and endear themselves to me Funnily enough, the character that struck me as the most changed was Maldynado He really [...]

  7. I ll be honest and say what i ve read of this book just wasn t as good as what i ve read of the other books in the series I know once i get into it it ll be better, but now just isn t the time.

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed this next installment in the adventures of the Emperor s Edge, Amaranthe s well meant team of do gooders who still manage to leave mayhem and disaster in their wake The central romance progresses with delicious slowness I would have so hated insta love begetting insta change probably my only complaint would be that the secondary character chosen for this one actually reveals no than we knew already.But that won t stop me from getting the next

  9. Still trying to stop my heart racing that fast That was so intense Non stop action and the battle s onde the lake was were somethingmethingah, see for yourself.I don t know what to say really I just want to keep reading because that message at the end of the bookHow is the team going to respond to that But Amaranthe likes a good challenge, doesn t she

  10. since I m not gonna be able to post my full review soon currently I m on short vacation and then there will be a crazy busy week at work before I go off for another, longer vacation so I will give you a bit of a longer review than my usual sentence or two after finishing a book this is the third installment in one of my all time favourite series it s a mix of fantasy and steampunk vibes and I absolutely adore this band of misfits, the banter between all of them is absolutely hilarious the writin [...]

  11. If you believe your soul safe, why risk your life over and over, trying to impress the emperor Is it just for a pardon It s partially about clearing my name and partially about trying to give happiness to someone who means a great deal to me You re the only person who s ever wanted to give me happiness Ladies and gentlemen we have romantic progress on our hands Thingsss happened in this one.So many things.I literally gasped and then ran around screaming for a bit before I came back to continue r [...]

  12. I m going to attempt to make this a analytical review, instead of just gushing about the characters But I can t promise anythingLike the previous books in the series, I found the plot to be kind of dull And because the characters are so interesting and function so well together, as a reader, you have higher expectations for the story In this installment, Ameranthe and her men are investigating the disappearance of some elite athletes It takes quite some time to piece together what it is happeni [...]

  13. Fast becoming my favourite set of outlaws, this time a series of kidnappings catches the attention of the emperor s edge.Sicarius is as difficult to read as ever, though there are flashes of humour Amaranthe continues to keep the group together.It s Basilard s turn to be the main focus of the story as he struggles with some revelations from Dark currents, the previous book It does help to read the books in order as they follow on from each other.

  14. How do you it Ms Buroker This series just keep getting better with each volume You even added a kraken to the plot And the last chapter, OMG That just made me SWOON I knew there was some fire smoldering deep inside Sicarius s icy exterior And Amaranthe Lokdon is one of the BEST heroines I ve ever come across The action is non stop, but the strength of Deadly Games and the rest of the books is that it s character driven I LOVE IT

  15. Here are the reasons why I m loving this series when I was a kid, I liked watching the A Team reason 2 reason 3 reason 4 I LOVED the A Team.Also Also Maldynado reminds me of Face.

  16. This series is getting better and better All the good has been kept and the plot deepens and The mane characters grow and become complex, but always very, very enjoyable I wish I had discovered this series before it s soooooo good

  17. You re the only one whose ever wanted to bring me happiness Oh my stars I can t review this properly because those last 15 pages got me like I M JUST SO HAPPY I CAN T STOP SMILING.

  18. Wow, once again Buroker has out done herself with another awesome book btw this isn t really going to be a review of the book, of a review of the last few pages when Amaranthe view spoiler goes on her date with Deret hide spoiler But can I just say how different the ends of book 2 and 3 are End of Book Two Sicarius gives Amaranthe a list of all the reasons they can t be together End of Book Three Sicarius Get your hands off my woman, Deret Okay but am I the only one who thinks this is what was [...]

  19. Deadly Games was much packet with adventures, humor and romance that I had to give the full stars.Amaranthe with her team find themselves in a new mystery when an athlete is missing and her sister believes that she was kidnapped Amaranthe as usually involves her team in this new case but when athletes are kidnapped it is obvious that they encountered a much complex danger to the empire that they believed initial.The things are getting complicated when Sicarius and Basilard are kidnapped and A [...]

  20. This is a fantasy adventure series of a misfit group who has been accused of attempting to kill the Emperor Sespasian but is trying to clear its name Whilst it is not the best written novel in terms of world building, the characters will keep you interested as well as their many escapades And it seems that the plot is developing finally So I m intrigued enough to continue the next book.

  21. Originally published at Reading RealityDeadly Games gets off to a slightly slower start than the first two books in the Emperor s Edge series see my reviews of The Emperor s Edge and Dark Currents but it s the same type of slowly as those last few feet of clanking you hear on a roller coaster just before it gets dragged over the top of the first, highest peak on its track and goes careening down the other side in near freefall.Once this story gets going, the stomach clenching, twisting and turni [...]

  22. 3.5 because it felt a bit slower in the middle view spoiler between Sicarius and Basilard s kidnappings hide spoiler.However I loved how it started and ended What a final part 3Onto the next one It s really really promising.

  23. After a so so installment in the second book of this series, this one came roaring back full steam in a truly enjoyable story.The annual Games where the best athletes compete for a chance to meet the Emperor have begun However athletes are starting to disappear Amaranthe and her merry band of mercenaries are hired by the sister of one of the athletes to find out what is happening But because this is Amaranthe and her crew, it isn t too long before a they are being blamed for the disappearances a [...]

  24. This is the third of the Emperor s Edge series, featuring former enforcer cop Amaranthe and her motley band of outlaws cum undercover agents Sicarius the assassin, Maldynado the ladies man, Books the scholar, Akstyr the learner mage and Basilard the former slave wrestler The steampunk setting is, as always, a nicely drawn backdrop and convenient plot device, so that one of the events in the games of the title is the clank race, where contestants compete on a mechanical and rather unpleasant obst [...]

  25. Fantasy Review BarnSay one thing about the Emperor Edge series, it is highly consistent Three books in and I know exactly what to expect from each book at this point I know that I will be very entertained by enjoyable banter between entertaining characters I know that main character Amaranthe Lokdon will come up with the craziest, most implausible plan imaginable, her crew will go with it, it will fail, and quick thinking from her and her crew will save the day And to top it off, I know when it [...]

  26. The author raises the bar in her series of alt steampunk urban fantasy.A third book in series is a great place to examine the mix, make tweaks, expand characterization, and generally challenge the story direction Here Lindsay Buroker does exactly that and then some.I admire her writing for its strong foundation of character driven story Despite the odd assembly of novice anti heroes short recap a traitorous policewoman, an alcoholic professor, a lazy aristocrat, an emotionless assassin, a mute a [...]

  27. The best in the series so far and so much better than the last instalment, Dark Currents I love the way this series is character driven Here, Lindsay Buroker takes another step in character development by splitting our favourite team of outlaws in two, each with a separate mission It gives a whole new perspective to the group dynamics with Amaranthe leading half of the team and Sicarius leading the rest The characters really evolve from one book to the next The way they interact and relate to ea [...]

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