Rebel Heart

Rebel Heart Saba thought her world would return to normal after they defeated the Tonton and rescued her kidnapped brother Lugh The family head west for a better life and a longed for reunion with Jack But a form

Saba thought her world would return to normal after they defeated the Tonton and rescued her kidnapped brother Lugh The family head west for a better life and a longed for reunion with Jack But a formidable enemy is on the rise What is the truth about Jack And how far will Saba go to get what she wants

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Rebel Heart

  1. Moira Young is from Vancouver, BC and now lives in the UK A former actor and opera singer, her debut novel, Blood Red Road, first in the Dustlands trilogy, was published in 2011 to international acclaim It won a host of prizes including the Costa Children s Book Award, the British Columbia Book Prize for Children s Literature and France s Le Prix des Incorruptibles In the USA it won a Cybils Award for Fantasy and Science Fiction and was an ALA YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults book It is being developed for film by Ridley Scott The second Dustlands book, Rebel Heart, was a finalist in Canada for the Sunburst Prize, BC Stellar Award and Monica Hughes Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy The last part of the Dustlands trilogy, Raging Star, was published in May 2014 The Dustlands books are published in 30 countries.

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  1. UPDATE 9 3 12 guise oh my jesus bale que I just read a spoiler and I just view spoiler Sorry Spoiler has been removed I ll post it back up when the book is released hide spoiler UPDATE 9 2 12 Giveaway well don t mind if I do UPDATE 2 4 12 OCTOBER 30TH i need to cut someoneUPDATE 1 12 12 A COVER IS THAT JACK someone needs to slap this grin off my face 2012 br br br br br br br br br br br br br br

  2. YA writing often lives on surfaces the girl with the blue eyes fights with the dude with the grey eyes, car chase, change of clothes, somebody dies, blue eyes and grey eyes kiss, to be continued I find some storytellers exceptionally good at that type of writing For example, Kristin Cashore knocked it out of the park with Graceling Veronica Roth hit it with Divergent and, of course, Suzanne Collins took that story, shook it all up, turned it upside down and used it as a mirror for the brokenness [...]

  3. 3.5 starsI have a small confession to make, though it s hardly a secret since my review is here for all to see I wasn t really a fan of Blood Red Road In fact, I was so disappointed by it that I never intended to read Rebel Heart That said, I m happy it showed up on my doorstep completely unexpectedly Painful as it may be, I like the direction the story is taking Rather than focusing on giant killer worms, Moira Young decided to explore the extent of human cruelty and willingness to survive The [...]

  4. If DeMalo is not in this book, I will flip shits What would have been the point of all those sexual tensions from the previous book And he saved her life Umm, yeah, that s a pretty big deal.

  5. I read Rebel Heart several weeks ago by now, and I still can t decide how I feel about it Let s just say, I had a lot of mixed feelings about it While I enjoyed it, there were several things in it that infuriated me And over all, I thought it was kind of a disappointing follow up to Blood Red Road.I was in love with the first book It was like someone had taken The Knife of Never Letting Go and The House of the Scorpion and combined them into one crazy story Not to mention, it had a kickass femal [...]

  6. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO OOOOOOOO WHAT THE H ARE YOU DOING, MOIRA YOUNG I THOUGHT I WAS SAFE I THOUGHT I COULD READ THIS SERIES FREE OF LOVE TRIANGLES INSTEAD, YOU GAVE ME A FLIPPIN LOVE SQUARE WHY CAN T I ESCAPE Everywhere I go.YA love trianglesEverywhereEverywhereWhy can t authors write about a teenaged girl who actually has to make some tough choices in life other than just which guy she wants to end up sleeping with Because apparently, in YA, love is a synonym for who she wants to have lit [...]

  7. IF I DO NOT GET MY GRUBBY PAWS ON THE NEXT BOOK IMMEDIATELY, I MAY PASS OUT That was so so ridiculously, suffocatingly good And horrible I hate this book I m having a heart attack, okay If you see someone screaming in the corner and beating their head against the floor that d be me I AM IN PAIN, FOLKS This books omg.So basically there are NO second book blues here This one dives into a emotional sided the plot IS kind of similar But I didn t even care Because it FIT and WORKED So obviously we k [...]

  8. I don t know, maybe I m just getting too old and curmudgeonly for these types of stories Too much angst and melodrama, this time around, not nearly enough of that spectacle and heart stopping action found in Blood Red Road Even the excruciating dialect and lack of punctuation bothered me, when I barely noticed it last time, so engrossed was I in the story Hardly any Jack I wanted of his part of the story, and not just his absence and Saba s brooding over possible deceits and betrayals Her episo [...]

  9. THAT LAST BIT MADE ME NOT OKAY AT ALL I m really really enjoying this series There s so much happening and so much foreshadowing and things coming full circle and I justI really like it.Also yes plz protect the earth let s not become the Wreckers okay Okay.

  10. The long anticipated sequel to Blood Red Road is finally here Rebel Heart reacquaints us with our stubborn and fierce protagonist, Saba, after she found her brother, after Jack left her, after everything has become so complicated And the fact that she is seeing things, things that aren t there, is not making it easier What I enjoyed the most from the first book is what has been the most polarized you either love the writing style, or you hate it Myself, I looked forward to being propelled inside [...]

  11. A friend and I were recently discussing what we call the Plot Slap when it feels exactly like a book leaps out of your hands, smacks you in the face, and crows Bet you didn t see that coming, did you That s what reading Rebel Heart felt like Repeatedly In general, I m a fan of novels with plots that evolve in surprising, unpredictable ways But rather than just throwing up a couple of twists, Rebel Heart feels like a sudden, sharp turn from Blood Red Road, bolting away in a completely unexpected [...]

  12. sigh It was ok, but I was hoping for so much This book suffered from middle book syndrome I felt like the entire book was a set up for the next and final book of the trilogy We met some new characters and a couple of important things happened, but it was really drawn out I actually considered putting the book down at one stage, but the promise of Saba s reunion with Jack kept me going view spoiler And when it happened, it was in the final few pages, was entirely too brief and it seriously fizzl [...]

  13. Rating 3.5 Stars I think we re all aware, and familiar with, the concept of the second novel in a trilogy being the weakest link of the series.Rebel Heart,however, for all its flaws, is actually amuchstronger novel thanBlood Red Roadever was If we think back toBlood Red Road,it was nothing than an engaging, fast paced, and page flipping dystopian novel Yet,Rebel Heart,despite its page flipping action, is also a much slower, deeper, and intoxicating tale Yes, there were moments when I felt like [...]

  14. What is up lately with me and books that almost made it to the DNF pile, only to be yanked back at the last second, when a scene all of a sudden grabs me by the throat and forces me to keep reading Yes, I completely meant that Certain books are pulling a master slave act on me, telling me that I will like themor else I can feel the books almost glaring at me, daring me to push them, else I feel their punishing wrath.WHY BOOKS, WHY I want my reading experiences to be black and white either I like [...]

  15. What The Hell Did I Just Read After relatively enjoying Blood Red Road I thought there were high chances this book could bring me out of my latest reading slump, but little did I know it would destroy these hopes Completely and utterly After a slow start things went from bad, to worse, to throw book into the pond terrible And all for 2 reasons 1 Saba is an idiot The bad ass fighter from book 1 is gone, replaced with a girl haunted by the ghosts of her decisions incredibly interesting actually UN [...]

  16. 18 Oct 12 Ok, I m puttin this back up to 2 stars When I finished, I was thinking of rating it three, but I was so annoyed I rated it two Then I kept talking about it thinking about it, I got so angry that rated it one I deserves than one though, so while I can t bring myself to rate it three, I will give it two Barely.1 Oct 12 I originally rated this two stars, but I ve decided to rate it one I m just so mad And when I look back to see what things I liked I remember next to nothing Note The ori [...]

  17. I feel that this book really needs a warning, that this isn t really the sequel to Blood Red Road I mean on the surface it is because it takes place right after the events of BRR but in terms of essence, characterization and definitely writing style Rebel Heart is no way a direct sequel to BRR.Now the main problem is that I had just skimmed through Blood Red Road prior to reading Rebel Heart just to refresh my memory and I couldn t help feel how jarring the differences between the two books are [...]

  18. I like Rebel Heart Have you read Insurgent by Veronica Roth If yes, ever thought that Tris was annoying and mind numbingly useless Well, she s got a twin In the form of Saba.For a moment, I thought about giving Rebel Heart a 4 But I realized I had a few issues that kept bothering me.1 What happened to Lugh in the hands of the Tonton that made him such a prick to Saba 2 The destiny and all in the stars crap that Saba s father told her were as vague as ever.3 The story behind Jack s life was as fr [...]

  19. Hurt Betrayed Deceived.OHMIGAWD MY TEARS.I literally cannot even think straight I can tI wasn t expecting this book to be so emotionally draining I never in a million years would have thought the book would have played out like this I couldn t have asked for a better sequel view spoiler Poor Tommo I never thought his feelings ran that deep He is such a sweetheart that keeps getting the short end of the stick Is it weird that I want him and Emmi to be together Maev It was like Epona s death all o [...]

  20. So, not only is this title probably one of the lamest things ever really After Blood Red Road you come up with REBEL HEART Why not title the next one Wild Fierce Passion , the cover is boring I think that s the worst insult I can come up with.And guess what It ONLY MATCHES THE FIRST NOVEL S PAPERBACK Aren t we all a little too damn sick of this incongruity Also is a stick coming out of Hunky McHunkerson s butt Guys, look at that This awful cover made me swear online glares at SS

  21. i was constantly thinking where is jack apart from that the story was really gripping and cool as the first one I had my issues with saba towards the end but overall she was a great heroine

  22. SERIES RATING AND SPOILER FREE REVIEW Book 1 Blood Red Road 4 STARSBook 2 Rebel Heart 2 STARSBook 3 Raging Star 2.5 STARS This is the most conflicted I have ever felt about book series I adored some parts of this trilogy and hated the others Let s see what are pluses and minuses of Dust Lands trilogy REALISTIC NARRATORSaba, the narrator and heroine of this trilogy, is bold, rude, vicious and very determined On the top of that she is selfish and stubborn Surprisingly, instead of being annoyed wit [...]

  23. Epic Crazy Even better than the first book, and seeing how BRR was one of my favorite reads last year, that s major Updated Hurt.Betrayed.Deceived.Those are the last three words of this book, but they sum up the whole of this no vel beautifully Those same words appear over and over in the novel, and the characters feel them time and again I think every reader will come to know them as truth by the end, as well I know I felt gutted by the time I finished, anyway If Blood Red Road was a strong deb [...]

  24. Oh Sabawhat will I ever do with you.Even though Rebel Heart for the majority has the same cast and problems based on Blood Red Road, this is a completely different novel, and not quite up to the high standards of the first For one, Saba has changed immensely In the first book of the Dustlands series, she is named the Angel of Death and with good reason, she has to be one of the fiercest female heroines in all the young adult books that I ve read She is that girl that I would step aside and let h [...]

  25. Edit This review can also be found on The Dreaming Reader We ain t got time fer you to yell at me or fer me to tell you everythin that s happened, so I m jest gonna cover the main points real quick an then I m gonna kiss you, he says.I think this book should ve been titled LACK OF JACK instead of Rebel Heart Just sayin For the second book in a series, it can be argued as a pretty darned good one I still think the first was better probably because there was Jack , but this one is still pretty go [...]

  26. Why did they abandon the beautiful cover illustration of the book one and redesigned the whole series to look like a video game Obviously a rhetorical question, since we all know the reason Rebel Heart a great title for a great book The writing is still superb, the characters vivid, endearing and so full of personalities This is book two in the series so inevitably a love triangle is formed it seems to be a rule in all those YA series but I m ok with the formula After all, the love story from bo [...]

  27. 2.5There are many things I dislike in books love triangles, insta love, characters who don t communicate, too flowery and pretentious pose and so on.My biggest bookish pet peeve is boredom Not slow pacing of lack of events, but when a book loses my interest.When that happens, the rating sky drops.The plot of Rebel Heart is okay and improves as the book goes on, but boy did it take long to get there.There is a lot of walking, and this gave great opportunity for us to get to know the characters, b [...]

  28. See reviews at YA Midnight Reads They re gonna need you, Saba Lugh and Emmi An there ll be others too Many others Don t give into fear Be strong, like I know you are While Blood Red Road promised an awe inspiring debut, Rebel Heart says otherwise If I were to describe this book with two words, they d definitely be disappointing and infuriating It turns out that not all novels get better as they go, fortunately though, I still enjoyed the premise The sequel to Blood Red Road, Rebel Heart is fill [...]

  29. What was I thinking 3.5 stars Geez, this was fantastic It showed a Saba that was fuller and richer Can t wait to get my hands on the third book Alas, the book is at home, and I am at work Sad face November 18 25, 2012This is really a 3.5 stars It gets knocked down for the language and the sex The first book was so well done Saba was a tough, no nonsense girl, but in this one she literally cannot make a decision without either consulting Lugh or pining away for Jack I will still be waiting anxiou [...]

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