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Harry's First Christmas

  1. G. Norman Lippert Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Harry's First Christmas book, this is one of the most wanted G. Norman Lippert author readers around the world.

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  1. I like it when Lippert writes about the Potter world It suits me because I don t want to let Harry Potter go My favorite line in the story was by Snape Really, Potter, the voice of the newcomer drawled, You should try to learn some new spells I don t know why, but I feel like Lippert really does a great job on portraying the Potter characters and it s sort of easy to fall back into that world again.

  2. I didn t like this at all as I felt there were too many things wrong with it that didn t fit with the Harry Potter books These are a couple of my issues.Firstly, If at this point Snape had indeed turned spy for Dumbledore, secrecy is vital and he would NOT have hinted to his arch enemy James Potter that he was doing dangerous work to keep him and Lily safe If word of his spying got back to Voldemort Snape would be dead, and Dumbledore already knew that there was a spy in the Order Snape and Dumb [...]

  3. Far better than its first part Very nice adaptation and fine retelling.I am very amazed at the way it is been told in comparison to what was stated in its first part Story plot connecting to Potter has always been enjoying.Poor Severus, friend zoned by Lily But his predicaments regarding the safety of Harry were so true as Lily said, You can hate the choices I ve made, but don t hate what I love Use what you know to protect him You don t owe me anything, but if you ever really cared for me, turn [...]

  4. J K Rowling may have given Harry Potter life and a voice, but G Norman Lippert has given voice to the previous generation in this booklet, James and Lily, Sirus and Remus and to the next generation in the James Potter series He follows the original perfectly without a catch in the voice, you would swear it was the same author This small book gives a little insight into the first Christmas, just before James and Lily were killed You see the deep friendship between James, Sirus and Remus You can u [...]

  5. It s been a while since I read the first James Potter book At that time, I wasn t that much interested in finishing the series because I still had a terrible hangover from the Harry Potter series I couldn t quite accept that it s finally over, both the books and the movies.I can t exactly remember how I first found out about Lippert s stories That s actually the first time I learned about Fan Fiction Haha Such a loser I liked the first James Potter, but not as much as HP So I didn t continue wit [...]

  6. When it comes to story involving James and Lily, my expectations are usually high Maybe thats the reason why I wasn t much impressed by this short story I also felt that the chemistry between The Marauders and also between James Lily was lacking Moreover, the story is not much about Harry s first Christmas as the title suggests I know, I know, the world wasn t very Christmassy back then because of Lord Voldemort s threat but they The Marauders, Lily and Harry were all together and I think, in sp [...]

  7. It should not be considered as a book It s the short story story indeed Being a die hard fan of J.K Rowling I am not suppose to tell any other writer well done for writing a story about Harry or anything related to HP,still like this one because of giving a chance to see the other side of the mirror in a new way Hating peter petregrew is fair enough, but the reasons behind his betrayal were no one s consent and GNL just brought the a glimpse of that side Though there was not anything about Harry [...]

  8. I loved the Harry Potter series and wish there were dozens stories and books in the series Until I read G Norman Lippert s work, I never expected anyone to write on Rowling s level His James Potter books are amazing and I always find myself wondering how someone could write someone else s story so well that you feel as if it s part of the original story In Harry s First Christmas, Lippert again goes beyond the story and gives us details that enhance the original story and feel as if they belong [...]

  9. The calm before the storm how things were before tragedy struck Very short, but well written with all the significant players mentioned A very apt prequel, that one would likely nod and say, so that s what happened

  10. Harry squealed a happy baby sound and stretched in his mother s arms He was too young to know it, but he was content All was well with the world All around were comforting faces and loving sounds It was warm and wonderful in the cottage that was his world, and his belly was soon to be full Time didn t mean anything to such a tiny baby, and that was good All that mattered was the moment, and the moment, while it lasted, before the world changed once again, was absolutely perfect As far as baby Ha [...]

  11. Harry First ChristmasA Marauders Christmas StorySee what I mean How could I ever say no to the Marauders So, while I m not a huge fan of the fanfiction universe, I read this having just finished another short story from the same author about the founders which I must admit I rather enjoyed Link Merlin s GiftSpoilers ahead I have to write this I LOVED the small references everywhere Especially the one about Fred and George who have been mentioned as being capable of giving some of the marauders a [...]

  12. This short story takes place in 1981, around Christmas time James and Lily are now married Lily has just given birth to Harry in the July of that that same year.James senses they are being followed only to find that it s just Snape, an old friend of Lily s and the soon to be Potions Master at Hogwarts and future of Lily and James son, Harry Snape tells the couple that they need to be careful as Voldemort He Who Must Not Be Named and his cronies The Death Eaters will stop at nothing to kill them [...]

  13. Just a little story, of the Marauders than of Harry himself But still quite enjoyable I loved how the Weasley s were mentioned, and the twins up to their usual tricks And how several main characters are mentioned or have a part in it A few things stood out to me, though.When Lily is speaking about stores catering to witches and wizards, she thinks about her father referring to them at Diagon Alley Run Offs Though I was very much convinced that neither of her parents knew anything about the Wiza [...]

  14. THIS WAS AMMMMMAZZING I am such a HP dork but I really wish that there were HP books I cannot understand why anyone would ever want to stop reading HP I just wish J.K Rowling would write , unfortunately I don t think she will This author did a phenomenal job of mimicking her style and I had imagine James and Lily to be just as they were described in this story I thought that the description and thoughts about Peter Pettigrew were so well done BRAVO I am so happy to have been able to read this g [...]

  15. This is 5 enjoyable stars for me Short, fun and refreshing read.I really dig this one.d this is not even a J.K Rowling book Literally the title says, Harry s first christmas but the story revolves around everyone James and Lily, Severus, Remus, Pettigrew and Sirius and a little bit of Harry I do hope they made a book that was written in Severus POV I am a bit curious of the way he thinks, acts and everything I just thought he is a tad bit lonely.Wishing for James and Lily, Sirius and Snape s POV [...]

  16. I liked this Feel the Author has really studied Rowling, so he has a good feel for the characters This short story fits with the others, and I will be reading his other Potter books Well done, Mr Lippert

  17. Very well written.Harry s First Christmas and that too almost perfect.I only wish Snape would have joined Harry and his family for Christmas dinner He seemed so lonely Nevertheless, i enjoyed the 12 pages thoroughly Thank you once again G.Norman Lippert for an excellent piece.

  18. AWESOME This is going to be a good book to read Harry First Christmas would be one of the thing I want to read bout I am a big Harry Potter fan It is cool he did have written this story on Harry s first Christmas.

  19. Hmm, this is an interesting short story First off, I tend to avoid Harry Potter fanfic Simply because one cannot match Rowling s style and voice Since I am reading a fan fiction about James Potter, by this same author, I decided to read this short story in spirit of the upcoming holiday season Overall, 3 stars because I simply liked it Not crazy about it, yet it wasn t bad His writing is good I d probably give this 4 stars it wasn t based off of Rowling s story , but his writing is nothing like [...]

  20. 4 starsis short story was sooo fun to read and the writting style is so beautiful.you have to read the original HP series before you jump into this one or you ll get spoiled.

  21. okay, I can say that this is the most detailed and biggest review I ve ever writen, and it s not even a big book Hell, it s not even a book Must be the need for Harry Potter that kicks in again after all those years you ll see what I mean.At first I felt so dirty since this isnt a book from Rowling, but after a little while I saw that it was a prequel with the Marauders and decided I couldnt not try it I love The Maurauders, especially James and Sirius and I can honestly say that Im in love with [...]

  22. A good try indeed, I found wormtail s POV most amusing among all the stuff it was heartening to read about the happy Potter family Lippert portrayed few characteristics of marauders really well But there were certain things which didn t felt right or in sync with actual plot, for exp Severus s casual revelation of some facts related to him and dark lord along with the prophecy, also Sirius s plan to make pettigrew secret keeper But as I said even with all these contradiction it was good to read [...]

  23. a lovely short story in the magic world of harry potter.owing this was harry first christmas and his life story it was nice to read how the family spent their christmas together before all the tragedy that happened

  24. This novella had some good points, but was mostly bad The two stars are for the HP premise, which the author didn t mess up too badly.No spoiler tags attached, because, frankly, we know where the story is heading if you ve read the first three books So, here goes First, Lily didn t seem like Lily at all She was hurt and humiliated by Severus and his pureblood agenda But she begs James to invite him over for Christmas because Severus will be all alone And she offers Severus a peek at Harry s gree [...]

  25. This one is hard to rate, and I read it like half an hour before Merlin s gift which was just a random mess of christmas, Merlin, the four founders of Hogwarts and fairytales This one was down to earth That is, I sometimes forgot J.K Rowling was NOT the author of this piece Now that s what I call good fan fiction At the same time it also had some random nonsense that reminded me that it was not in fact the works of J.K Rowling.The plot takes off before James and Lily goes into hiding Snape is w [...]

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