The Hunger Pains: A Parody

The Hunger Pains A Parody The hilarious instant New York Times bestseller The Hunger Pains is a loving parody of the dystopian YA novel and film The Hunger Games Winning means wealth fame and a life of therapy losing means

The hilarious instant New York Times bestseller, The Hunger Pains is a loving parody of the dystopian YA novel and film, The Hunger Games.Winning means wealth, fame, and a life of therapy losing means death, but also fame This is The Hunger Pains When Kantkiss Neverclean replaces her sister as a contestant on the Hunger Games the second highest rated reality TV show in PThe hilarious instant New York Times bestseller, The Hunger Pains is a loving parody of the dystopian YA novel and film, The Hunger Games.Winning means wealth, fame, and a life of therapy losing means death, but also fame This is The Hunger Pains When Kantkiss Neverclean replaces her sister as a contestant on the Hunger Games the second highest rated reality TV show in Peaceland, behind Extreme Home Makeover she has no idea what to expect Having lived her entire life in the telemarketing district s worst neighborhood, the Crack, Kantkiss feels unprepared to fight to the death while simultaneously winking and looking adorable for the cameras But when her survival rests on choosing between the dreamy hunk from home, Carol Handsomestein, or the doughy klutz, Pita Malarkey, Kantkiss discovers that the toughest conflicts may not be found on the battlefield but in her own heart which is unfortunately on a battlefield.

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The Hunger Pains: A Parody

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  1. You can find reviews BloodyBookaholicI finally made it through that It was hard to make myself read till the very end, but I managed it I give myself props for that, and I will tell you why.First off, this was supposed to be a parody am I not correct Well, where is the funny I can count the amount of times I CHUCKLED while reading this book with one of my hands I have a sense of humor, I am not one of those readers who gets offended if someone makes a joke about a book I like, but if it s not a [...]

  2. Contains Spoliers I recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of The Hunger Games Yes, it s making fun of one of the best books ever, but it had me laughing out loud I m glad no one was around when I was reading this because they probably would have thought I was crazy.I loved the characters names Kantkiss Neverclean, Effu Poorpeople, Buttitch Totalapathy, CinnabonIf you don t find yourself saying May da odds be eva in ya fava, mon, outloud at least three times with a Jamaican accent, then I do [...]

  3. The Editorial Reviews for this on crack me up pEditorial ReviewsReview The Hunger Pains really struck a chord with me Kantkiss, protagonist of The Hunger Pains Instead of the Bible, rooms should come with a copy of The Hunger Pains Sheraton Hotel Memo This book makes me wish I d never been shot Abraham Lincoln The book always falls through my hands, but in an undeniably funny way A Ghost

  4. I wanted to like this book, but sadly I found the 15 pages I have read so far completely stupid I m not even sure I am going to be able to read the rest of it.

  5. I absolutely HATE the Hunger Games series I think it s overrated, stupid, badly written and a rip off of numerous other books My best friend and I had a bonfire a year ago and burned all three books and some of the films that were on DVD So I couldn t wait to read something that would make fun of my most hated series in the world Unfortunately this parody doesn t even try Instead of being funny, it hardly makes any sense at all, and goes so low as to fill the book with fart jokes and sex jokes, [...]

  6. Oh, Harvard What have you come to I mean, you re supposedly one of the best educational institutions that the United States has to offer, but if the Harvard Lampoon is the standard by which your brilliance can be measured, America has even serious problems than I realized The Hunger Pains is cheap capitalization off of a popular franchise, rather than a clever satire or parody of Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games.Of course, it is much harder to be impressed by parodies of things that I enjoy, bu [...]

  7. I think The Hunger Pains was really well done It s funny while at the same time not really making fun of The Hunger Games the funny parts were just quirky twists in the plot and characters It s nothing to be taken too seriously I would recommend it if you can take a joke and appreciate a good laugh.

  8. I find it very ironic how I thought of The Hunger Pains as a title for a parody of The Hunger Games And now it is.

  9. wandering worldyrock 30Haaaaaaalala, c est bien la premi re fois de ma vie que je pleure dix fois de rire en lisant un livre Hamburger Games est une pure parodie, pleine d anecdotes hyper amusantes, qui m a compl tement d tendu Sinc rement, j ai ri pratiquement chaque page Il y a toujours un l ment tr s dr le cach quelque part C est vraiment excellent L h ro ne du roman est Capriss, amoureuse d Herp s, et elle est Comment dire Sp ciale Et tr s, tr s blonde bien que, je le pr cise, je n ai rien c [...]

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  11. Juvenile Humor There were some fairly funny parts, the names of certain characters and districts for instance However, the main points that had been primarily parodied the teen romance aspect and Kantkiss boycraziness especially , I feel were less the point of the original and so came across asinine than anything else under the funhouse scope And actually, if we are being completely honest, disrespectful to Suzanne Collins.This was a very quick read, less than two hundred pages It took me a nig [...]

  12. Must say I was a little disappointed by this book I read Nightlight, by The Harvard Lampoon and I loved it, it proved to be hysterical Sadly this book lacked funny Where it seemed things were supposed to be funny they were just stupid snide things These things are a hit or miss Sadly for me it was a miss.

  13. So this review is gonna be shorter than normal I normally don t read these parody books because they re stupid But Ummmmm this book was ummm.Fucking hilarious I went to bed the last couple of nights with a pain in my stomach from laughing so hard I even cried real tears I probably have a sick sense of humor But what the Hell, laughing is the best medicine This book was genius Seriously I loved it The premise was the same but also different The characters were the Freakin bomb The names made me l [...]

  14. Maybe it s that I really enjoyed reading The Hunger Games and don t appreciate such a good book being dissed or maybe it s just that I didn t like the parody In my opinion, this book was just awful It was really hard to get through this book because it was just so bad What made it bad was that the the puns weren t even funny Rue was an infant named Run who was also a genius and an assassin, the games started off at the Cornucrapia, Pita s injury was a tiny cut on his pointer finger, Kantkiss Nev [...]

  15. This book was really funny and a hilarious parody of the Hunger Games, I also love the Hunger Games so this was awesome I suggest reading the Hunger games before reading this so it would become understandable I highly recommend this book if you enjoy humor.

  16. Yes, that s right You ve read the title correctly The Harvard Lampoon has taken the book The Hunger Games and made a parody out of it For those of you that love The Hunger Games and aren t afraid of some great humor along the way, then you will LOVE this book.In this complete parody on literally everything associated with the Hunger Games, we find ourselves being introduced to District 12 s Kantkiss Neverclean who is on her way to meet Carol Handsomestein for a little hunting practice to gain fo [...]

  17. The Hunger Pains A Parody, a book written by The Harvard Lampoon, is a parody of the original book The Hunger Games It is an attempt to make fun of every single aspect of the original book, and a pretty pathetic attempt.First of all, the book starts out in the Crack, the ghetto themed version of the Seam All of the original characters have half funny names that have been recreated to make fun of them For example, Peeta is spelled Pita a reference to his baker status and Katniss s last name is Ne [...]

  18. I m a fan of The Hunger Games series and yes, I read it before the movie because I m so hipster , and when I saw The Hunger Pains A Parody at the library I just had to grab it off the shelf It looked like a perfect short read though fourteen bucks for such a tiny book baffles me I ve read The Harvard Lampoon s Twilight parody titled Nightlight, so I had an idea of what I was getting into ridiculousness Imagine 5% of the original Hunger Games mixed with lame fart jokes, Saturday Night Live, Jamai [...]

  19. The story takes place in the dreary District 12, opening on a scene as the main character, Kantkiss Neverclean, is waking up to the sounds of a growling stomach She explains briefly about the events that take place on Super Fun Day which just so happens to be that day.Through out the story the Harvard Lampoon writes witty, funny conversations and scenarios about Kantkiss and her other companions You start to like this version of Katniss better than the real, stuck up one from Hunger Games Though [...]

  20. I think I will never EVER read a parody book again.Such a waste of my precious time This book was really funny at the start, but as we proceed it got less and less funnier Now I think that synopsis for this book is funnier than this whole book is and the level of stupidity, God, I was like You stupid girl What are you doing, do you have brain This is not funny, it s stupid WOW how stupid this Kantkiss is and Peeta OMG, I can t stand it any Baby in Hunger Games, should this be funny NOPE I am bi [...]

  21. As I set this book down, it definitely was with some sadness, as I ve absolutely loved reading it I had never heard of this book before seeing it in Mrs Eaton s classroom the other day After I scanned the back cover, I knew I just had to read it Being what I like to think a pretty funny guy, I appreciate all attempts at humor and this book did not disappoint While I was read the book sometimes, I would burst out laughing due to a funny line almost every single page I never would have expected th [...]

  22. The Hunger Pains is a perfect title for this book because it was truly painful to try to read through it.Being a Fan of the Hunger Games series I figured I d give this a try After all, who doesn t need some comic relief once in awhile However, with lines like I hunt for my family because my father can no longer provide for us Don t worry, it s not because he s lazy or anything It s because he s dead AND Not one person in the crowd claps It s dead silent One person farts I just couldn t even make [...]

  23. This book seemed to be having an internal struggle concerning whether it was trying to be clever or stupid Though it did have the occasional redeeming moment, giving a few lines of legitimate commentary on the original book and a sparse helping of witty quips, it generally seemed to resign itself to the latter of these strategies However, I feel as though criticizing it based on its asinine execution may be a bit unreasonable considering it s a parody and therefore really isn t supposed to be go [...]

  24. This book was so bad, that if it were an option, I would give it 0 stars I get that it s a parody and maybe I would like their Twilight parody better because I hated Twilight, but this wasn t even funny to me First of all, their humor was bad they called Haymitch, Buttitch for one seriously and I felt the whole story was just overall crappy but maybe that s because I really enjoyed The Hunger Games, so it kind of irks me that people would make fun of it I guess I should have expected that going [...]

  25. The hunger pains was the WORST parody I had ever read The names were stupid and don t even get me started with the ending After the first 15 pages of the book, I was thinking kill me now I can t believe I even made it through the entire book Parodies are supposed to be funny There was nothing funny about this book, and I should know because I have a sense of humor Also, the way their hunger games was arranged was awful The trombone instead of the canon, the nose tapping instead of the reaping, t [...]

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