The Ninth Configuration

The Ninth Configuration The Ninth Configuration is set in a remote castle which the US government is using as a military asylum A Marine Corps psychiatrist with a crisis of faith encourages his patients to enact their fantas

The Ninth Configuration is set in a remote castle which the US government is using as a military asylum A Marine Corps psychiatrist with a crisis of faith encourages his patients to enact their fantasies as part of their therapy However, he proves himself to be deeply disturbed than at first appears and finally sacrifices himself to save one of his patients.

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The Ninth Configuration

  1. William Peter Blatty was an American writer and filmmaker He wrote the novel The Exorcist 1971 and the subsequent screenplay version for which he won an Academy Award Born and raised in New York City, Blatty received his bachelor s degree in English from the Georgetown University in 1950, and his master s degree in English literature from the George Washington University in 1954 He also wrote and directed the sequel The Exorcist III Some of his other notable works are the novels Elsewhere 2009 , Dimiter 2010 and Crazy 2010.Sourced from

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  1. You re convinced that God is dead because there s evil in the world then why don t you think He s alive because of the goodness in the world Set in a secluded castle that is now being used by the US government as a military asylum, The Ninth Configuration tells of a facility that houses 27 officers who have recently suffered from a mental break Have the inmates truly lost their minds, are they faking it to avoid combat, or is something else going on Colonel Vincent Kane is a Marine Corps psychia [...]

  2. The best way I can describe what the hell I just read is Ken Kesey s ONE FLEW OVER A CUCKOO S NEST meet Joseph Conrad s HEART OF DARKNESS This baby is quite peculiarE NINTH CONFIGURATION is somewhat of a comedy, but William Peter Blatty shrewdly uses the comic effect as a distraction from the real nature of his novel, which you have to find your way to This book is short, but it is deep and moving and there are only a handful of conversions through it that actually matter The rest is a lot of fu [...]

  3. There s a stillness I experience on completing a great book that defies description For some time, I don t feel like reading again It happened to me after I finished 1984, with the Road, and a handful of books between Now it s happened again with the Ninth Configuration.Readers who seek popcorn are bound to be disappointed If you only examine the dialogue s surface, much of it would probably appear unstructured, perhaps even boring For such readers the action probably comes too late, and at too [...]

  4. Twinkle Twinkle Killer Kane, later re titled The Ninth Configuration tells the headache inducing story of a military psychologist who is sent to a military nut house to deal with some military psychos who were supposed to go into space, but suddenly became crazy.This is a tough book to rate because it is riddled with good and bad The overall story is painfully predictable with a couple unexpected twists But, at the same time the author does a great job of explaining the thought process of the ch [...]

  5. Una novela muy al estilo el exorcista, donde existe una confrontaci n, la cual no puede ser solucionada simplemente por psic logos o doctores.Antes de iniciar la lectura, pens que se tratar a de una novela de terror, ya que la sinopsis del libro le da tintes bastante l gubres, pero estaba equivocado.En principio la lectura me result bastante entretenida e incluso divertida cuando de pronto su copiloto report una falla hidr ulica , despu s de lo cual Nammack se levant en silencio, se quit su casc [...]

  6. Cl nica para oficiais que est o loucos Ou eles est o fingindo Ou alguma for a sobrenatural Todos os di logos dos internos s o t o bem constru dos e a forma como o novo psiquiatra lida com eles t o compreensiva e nos come amos a nos perguntar o que est acontecendo pq o autor nos faz dar voltas e voltas at que BOOMM voc ter uma no o que algo realmente est errado O autor constr i uma introdu o que nos deixa de boca aberta com o quanto o ser humano pode ser maquiav lico e sorrateiro.Confesso que fiq [...]

  7. 4.5 stars Although sometimes the craziness just seemed too much to follow, stay with it The themes explored in this book are overwhelming it gives you so much to think about in so many ways He took several concepts and examined them from all angles things we all think and wonder about I keep thinking about this book long after I put it down.

  8. TTKK is a truly remarkable book, albeit one with very little intrinsic value It s about Colonel Hudson Kane, who comes to the Bela Slovik mansion as a famous psychologist tasked with curing its nutty Air Force inmates, among whom is the astronaut who flaked out prior to America s first mission to the moon Kane, however, doesn t much act like a psychologist and Cutshaw, the astronaut, doesn t appear to be entirely batty Things aren t exactly what they seem.Before he wrote The Exorcist, William Pe [...]

  9. If you are looking for a Blatty novel that rivals Exorcist or Legion, sorry folks, but you will have to keep looking If you want a quick but engaging read with some odd twists and a thought provoking ending, well this is your book Here lay the story, character, and concept seeds of the Exorcist It s almost as if Blatty used this book as a testing ground for the ideas he would later explore in his best work How can a just God and evil coexist Can a person be good if they have committed bad deeds [...]

  10. La novena configuraci n es un libro con demasiados matices veamos, la historia y la trama son una genialidad as como los personajes, pero llega un punto en que el autor no sabe como desarrollarlos, cae en confusiones y sinsentidos Los personajes son bastante interesantes pero no los explota de manera adecuada.Profundiza en aspectos donde no era necesario y deja cabos sueltos en los m s importantes En la parte final del libro cambia la trama y muestra un desenlace bastante forzado que daba para m [...]

  11. My second reading of the author His first book is something I still adore,so I had high expectations of this book And it wasn t out of place This book presents an interesting journey into the human mind,and so at places we get much confused At times,I even felt irritated But patience always present good results And it did in this case too The second twist was something that came out of blue Never did I imagine that Kane would act in such a way As a story,this looks better to me than the exorcist [...]

  12. I m not sure that I have the words to describe this book It starts a bit confusing at firstbut by the time you reach the end of the story, the confusion works itself out The theme of the story is what kept me interestedWhere is God My favorite book of all time is The Exorcist and over the years I ve been trying to accumulate and read all of Blatty s work and this story was an interesting surprise It is definitely worth a readA bit confusing at firstbut if you stick with it I think it will be wor [...]

  13. I read this in the Fifth Grade obviously my parents didn t censor It was my favorite book and has stayed with me all of these years I m afraid to re read it as an adult What if the magic is gone

  14. 2.75 stars Not at all like what I imagined I would hardly call it a horror story I liked the premise, but thought it could have been fleshed out a lot .

  15. An interesting read for a millenial like myself There is talk about how we are going to be going to the moon, and how computers took up space in terms of rooms not square inches The story itself is one that is rather hard to get into It seems slapped together quickly and to be honest I had a bit of culture shock This thing was written in 1966.Kane is a psychiatrist trying to figure out which men under his care are really crazy or pretending to stay out of combat Through the story Kane ends up be [...]

  16. I first read it almost thirty years ago, and saw the movie It s a story that isn t easy to describe It has a long lived cult following for a couple of reasons The book and film were written and directed by the writer of The Exorcist If you know anything about William Peter Blatty, he is a master story teller He isn t afraid to question faith in hopes of strengthening his belief This story is erratic and raw, at times It will make no sense to the mainstream reader who demands that a story be neat [...]

  17. Un libro un tanto extra o, le pongo dos estrellas no porque el libro sea malo, sino porque es un libro muy raro de asimilar, pasan muchas cosas con demasiada imaginaci n y al tratarse de personas que son locas por ser ex militares que fueron y estuvieron en la guerra, pasan en esa mansi n situada del libro muchas cosas sin sentido Es verdad que el libro es muy digerible e interesante, tambi n tiene algunas ense anzas que me gustaron mucho, este libro lo empec y lo termin dos d as despu s, la lti [...]

  18. According to the author this book was an attempt to fix a bad book based on a good idea that he wrote when he was young That bad book was Twinkle, Twinkle Killer Kane I was a teenager when I read the original many years, ago and I don t know if it would hold up now, but I enjoyed it then It may have been unformed, unfinished and lacking a plot so the author now claims , but it was funny This book is not funny It is excessively melodramatic, and doesn t hang together The author should have just m [...]

  19. This book is a horrible mess It can barely be considered a novel, it s so disjointed and undeveloped The recounting of the many different ways in which the inmates are either mad or pretending to be mad is just annoying after the twelfth or thirteenth rendition, then something something does God exist Then a bar fight Then the end This really should not merit publication in its present form, and that s even after Blatty revised and rewrote it You can see the embryonic themes that inform his late [...]

  20. This book was a huge disappointment to me.After reading a couple of his other books I couldn t wait to settle in with this novel.I was uninterested right from the first chapter but I stuck with it as it is pretty short.I found myself having to go back and reread paragraphs due to the fact that I really didn t care about what was going on or the characters.Unfortunately not a book for me.Maybe one day I ll revisit, not likely but maybe.

  21. Catch 22 mashed up with One Flew Over The Cuckoo s Nest with some theology thrown in Fascinating read Was not familiar with WPB s works before he wrote The Exorcist Will be seeking out of his earlier works after reading this book.

  22. The Ninth Configuration was pretty good I remember having the VHS of the film version back in the day The book is short and with awesome dialogue from the dude that wrote the Exorcist But this isn t horror.

  23. I can t believe how impressed and entertained I was with this book And I never even heard of it until a few weeks ago and it s been or for almost 40 years I had no idea where I was going to end up, which made the ending even better

  24. I am chagrinned to admit I have never read nor seen THE EXORCIST, which is the title most people know William Peter Blatty for I consistently see it at the top of Best Horror lists, for both book and movie form, therefore I consider that reason enough to dub the man a horror icon As such, when the fine folks at Tor reached out to see if I was interested in reviewing another of his books, THE NINTH CONFIGURATION, I jumped at the chance After all, what horror fan wouldn t I m so glad I did this is [...]

  25. William Blatty is the author of The Exorcist, a book that most people think is about a a little girl possessed by a demon but is actually about a priest struggling with his faith I mention this because that sort of thing is a bit of a recurring theme in Blatty s work Take this book, for example.The Ninth Configuration appears to be about a group of marines held in a mental hospital who may or may not be crazy, and it s up to new arrival, Doctor Hudson Kane, to see through their madness and get t [...]

  26. It s such a wonderfully rare feeling to pick up a book and from the very first page you are instantly hooked William Peter Blatty s The Ninth Configuration is one of these books for me where I just could not put it down and ended up finishing it in one sitting I ve always been a fan of brevity, and Blatty does not disappoint He delivers a well written and devastating story with such vividly memorable characters, focusing on mental illness wrapped around religious discourse and anti war sentiment [...]

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