The Fury

The Fury Imagine if one day without warning the entire human race turns against you Every single person you meet becomes a bloodthirsty mindless savage hell bent on killing you and only you Friends family

Imagine if one day, without warning, the entire human race turns against you Every single person you meet becomes a bloodthirsty, mindless savage, hell bent on killing you and only you Friends, family, even your mum and dad, will turn on you They will murder you And when they have, they will go back to their lives as if nothing has happened The world has the Fury IImagine if one day, without warning, the entire human race turns against you Every single person you meet becomes a bloodthirsty, mindless savage, hell bent on killing you and only you Friends, family, even your mum and dad, will turn on you They will murder you And when they have, they will go back to their lives as if nothing has happened The world has the Fury It will not rest until you are dead Cal, Brick and Daisy are three ordinary teenagers whose lives suddenly take a terrifying turn for the worst They begin to trigger a reaction in everybody they meet, that makes friends and strangers alike want to tear them to pieces These victims of the Fury the ones that survive manage to locate each other But just when they think they have found a place to hide from the world, some of them begin to change They must fight to uncover the truth about the Fury before it s too late But it is a truth that will destroy everything they know about life and death.

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The Fury

  1. Alexander Gordon Smith is the author of the Escape from Furnace series of young adult novels, including Lockdown and Solitary Born in 1979 in Norwich, England, he always wanted to be a writer After experimenting in the service and retail trades for a few years, Smith decided to go to University He studied English and American Literature at the University of East Anglia, and it was here that he first explored his love of publishing Along with poet Luke Wright, he founded Egg Box Publishing, a groundbreaking magazine and press that promotes talented new authors He also started writing literally hundreds of articles, short stories and books ranging from Scooby Doo comic strips to world atlases, Midsomer Murders to X Files The endless research for these projects led to countless book ideas germinating in his head His first book, The Inventors, written with his nine year old brother Jamie, was published in the U.K in 2007 He lives in Englandcmillan author alexan

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  1. This review first appeared on The Book Zone For Boys blogThere are a handful of authors for whom I will drop everything to read their new book when it arrives Alexander Gordon Smith is one of them His Escape From Furnace series is not only one of my favourite series of recent years, but also one of my all time favourite series of YA horror books In my opinion he leaves most of the competition standing, and yes, I include Shan and Higson there.What I love most about the Furnace series, and now Th [...]

  2. Seriously one of the best books I ve read in a few years Dark, compelling, fantastic storytelling that I didn t want to put down What if everyone in the world turned against you Not just suddenly hated you, but wanted to tear you limb from limb if they came within so many feet of you Life is suddenly like that for Daisy, Cal, and Brick One day, their lives are normal Nearly thirteen year old Daisy is rehearsing for the school play with her friends and living with her loving parents, seventeen ye [...]

  3. First of all, can we just talk about that cover I love how unashamedly creepy it is though if it s too creepy and you favour something slightly traditional, you can see the 2012 edition I didn t really know what to expect going into this, and I haven t read anything else by this author, although from what I understood his works have generally been well received What I got, then, was a solid read that actually offered something a little different.Life was normal for Cal, Brick and Daisy until ev [...]

  4. Alexander Gordon Smith is a Legend, he is one of the authors on my list that I will drop everything for As soon as one of his books arrive I have to pick it up and read I went out on the day it was released and bought my copy, delighted at it s size and in awe of it s amazingness I knew this was going to be good.If you follow my blog regularly, you will know I am a total wimp, I can t do horror or murder or things that go bump My imagination is a little over active and I end up seeing things in [...]

  5. Well, that book was something The Fury was creepy, dark, menacing and long I mean, look at that cover I loved the beginning, how we are instantly thrown into the story line with no warning And what an opening chapter that was A boy on his birthday is beaten to death by his sister and mom I was instantly like, what is happening Over the next few chapters we meet our main group Daisy, Cal and Brick The only thing they have in common is that everyone is trying to kill them They band together with a [...]

  6. Good Lord do I wish they d stop giving me these And in writing this I notice there s an effing number after the title So not just one pointless book but a series Good Lord.

  7. This was a big disappointment for me Smith is one of my favorite authors, and I was positive that this book would be packed with action I was right, at least for the first 150 pages The beginning was actually interesting, because it told the story of each of the main characters However, once the main characters group up, barely anything happens They just start arguing with each other about what they should do, and how they are going to operate Progression drops to a minimum during the middle of [...]

  8. After enjoying the Lockdown series so much I couldn t wait to start reading The Fury by Alexander Gordon Smith, but I hate to say that this book was nowhere near as good The plot of the book is great and pulled me in, but the book just went on and on The Fury is almost double any of the Lockdown books The book starts out saying how a group of normal people on a flip of a switch can freak out in fury and kill someone But then snap back into their normal daily routine This is the way the whole sto [...]

  9. WHAT Well then that was some finish there The Fury It doesn t seem to affect them unless one of us is close Then they just go mental, try and kill us They seriously try and rip us to pieces.Cal, Brick and Diasy are all living normal lives before everyone in the world seems to turn on them.Suddenly everyone wants to kill them.They are consumed.By The Fury.So, If you re looking for a long book with a zombie apocalypse, with action, SUSPENSE, and no romance then this is for you There were a lot of [...]

  10. Stars Rank 4 Cover 5 Writing Style 4 Characters 4 Opening Sentence It was an ordinary Wednesday afternoon in June when the world came to kill Benny Millston Quote From The Book The man and the girl were sprinting toward her, fast, uttering pig grunts as they gained ground There were others too They all had the same expression, silhouetted against the lights but unmistakable They were furious These people meant to kill them both, Rilke understood the knowledge absolute and unquestionable They mea [...]

  11. Quality Rating Three StarsEnjoyment Rating Four StarsThe Fury follows the typical in of younger thriller boy fiction, but has some really refreshing differences and twists Though I can t say I was won over with the overall explanation, the story itself and the suspense it builds will entertain a wide range of younger readers and not just boys.The writing fell a bit flat for me, but to be honest I wasn t expecting anything magical Even so, the action was well written, and the characters and dialo [...]

  12. Review I enjoyed the first book in the Furnace series and for some reason never carried on I thought it would be interesting to see what else Alexander would come up with It s different in some ways for example, no prisons, a little supernatural twist , but it s similar that it s what you d definitely call a boy s book.So, one day, all Cal s friends try to kill him.Daisy s friends try to kill her Brick s girlfriend violently attacks him For some reason, everyone wants to kill these and some othe [...]

  13. Personal ResponseThis book, The Fury, was probably my favorite modern book I have ever read It was very good at keeping my attention, it had plenty of action, and it really did a good job of involving the reader in the storyline It was very hard to ever close this book, and it was upsetting when I finally did finish it It is lengthy, but it s well worth reading Plot The book started out in the perspective of a kid named Benny His family and friends were acting strange and not talking for a few d [...]

  14. Thank you to NetGalley and MacMillan s Children s Publishing Group for an eCopy of this for review I hate that I have to write this review, since I kind of love Alexander Gordon Smith s series Escape From Furnace and was hoping for SO MUCH from this book, but unfortunately it fell flat for me The synopsis for this story is incredibly good and really pulled me into the story I was so happy to see it up on NetGalley and was very excited to start something that could be completely terrifying The pr [...]

  15. This book was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooo loooong I was so furious about the length I almost threw it and said I m not reading this But I did read it and finish it, and my eyes suffered Bad this about this books 3rd person POV, a lot of perspective changes, British words that confuse me, no real chapters, just parts, which made the 671 pages even longer This books took me forever to read I pretty much skimmed most of it The good things about this book angels with fiery wings and they may or may n [...]

  16. PERSONAL RESPONSEI enjoyed The Fury because it s about people triumphing over great odds and many difficulties I also enjoyed how some of the characters interpreted what they were supposed to do with the gift differently I also liked how it was about good defeating evil Finally, I liked how it was in the point of view of many peopleOTIn the beginning they got a headache then it goes away but then they got attacked by everyone They found out about each other through a question on yahoo The surviv [...]

  17. The fury is an exciting start to a new series, it s full of the action and tension that you d expect from reading the blurb and I thoroughly enjoyed it I will say though, it does have a lot of violence in it, which doesn t bother me but might bother some.The book gets straight into it from the first chapter and had me hooked in right away as the tension builds I found it hard to put down.There were a few points where I felt the book was a little too long and it kind of lulled a bit, but it didn [...]

  18. Daisy s mother killed her father and then herself so neither of them would hurt Daisy Brick s girlfriend tried to bite his face off before he was able to subdue her and lock her in the basement of an abandoned amusement park All of Cal s soccermates and the people in the bleachers tried to rip him apart Rilke and Schiller are attacked as they tried to attend an illegal rave There is something about these kids that enrages anyone who comes within 30 meters of them But there is trouble brewing So [...]

  19. This is has got to be the longest book I ve read this year.I m going to start off with what bothered me about the book The book is good, don t get me wrong But, it has a lot of point of view switches A LOT of point of views switches And while each point of views flowed well, it bugged me that I kept jumping from mind to mind I found myself frustrated cause just when the plot is getting good BAM switch I really just wanted to stay in someone s mind for a while without having to jump before I m re [...]

  20. Based on Alexander Gordon Smith s other series, Lockdown Escape from Furnace, I thought that I d really enjoy this series While I didn t necessarily hate it, I don t think it even compares to Lockdown It s a lot kiddy and less in depth The characters weren t too important to me, and the story was really hard to follow and imagine This really surprises me because it manages to keep the same ominous feel of Lockdown, while changing it for the worse However, it was still a fresh change from other [...]

  21. The first few hundred pages scared me shitless it was like reading my own worst nightmare come true What if everybody you loved suddenly did not recognize you any If they turned against you Your parents, your friends, your crush What if everybody, not only those you know but strangers as well, turns feral and tries to kill you, without an explanation This is the reality Cal, Daisy and Brick faces This far I am loving the book I am as freaked out as the characters living it I m wondering what the [...]

  22. The Fury has been on my bookshelf for months, so i thought i d be better get around to it Now i wish i never bothered reading it.It was dragged out than it needed to be It took over 200 pages for the characters to meet, which just proves how dragged out it was.It was also really dull.When the action finally started, i wasn t very impressed by it It really didn t feel like i was reading a book by the author who wrote the furnace series.I really liked that series, so this was a huge disappointmen [...]

  23. Wow, I think I m gonna love Daisy forever It s o hard to find words as I ve just finished the book literally seconds ago Ths is so much than just a creepy tale It s creepy and yet seriously heart warming I found myself laughing and crying and getting nervous for all the characters This is such an awesome group of characters, thry really stick with you I got way than I ever expected

  24. I can t believe it took me this long to read this book Anyway, from start to finish it is very crazy and confusing but that is why you want to keep on reading This is one of my favourite books, but by fair the most craziest and illogical book I have ever read and kept me saying WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON I recommend this book to anyone that is interested in zombies and paranormal books Definitely a one of a kind book.

  25. Critique of The FuryThe book The Fury by Alexander Gordon Smith is a gory, fast, and energetic book about The book The Fury by Alexander Gordon Smith is a gory, fast, and energetic book about a group of teens in the city of London, France and the world that turns against thema group of teens in the city of London, France and the world that turns against them The teens each at a different time are attacked by mobs of people that just seemingly burst into fury The group soon find that they have an [...]

  26. thehorrorhoneysTwitter jbrivardThe Fury is a BIG book I mean, doorstop big, 600 pages plus big, maybe not going to get this read in a week big But it starts fast and for the most part, it stays fast Author Alexander Gordon Smith has previously released several books in a series called Escape from Furnace starting with Lockdown , a futuristic look at a juvenile prison that is like the lost 90 s movie Fortress scaled back to a YA level and yes, it was as fun as that sounds so he knows teens and he [...]

  27. The fury was a book full of action and you can visualize what is going on The book wasn t the best but it adds lots of obstacles in the characters way There are many exciting events in the book how Schiller gets his angel and is able to fly and throw fire from his hands The book can repeat the same events of how there s always a crowd of feral people that attack the main characters which happens multiple times.There s different breath taking moments like when Rilke is being sucked into the storm [...]

  28. Such a bizarre book Wtf did I just read I like the beginning but when I get to the point of the Angels now that was something I did not expect I didn t like that, it was so weird The story was good but really killed it with the Angel stuff Not my cup of tea.

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