The Lost Girls

The Lost Girls The only thing hotter than the summers in Phoenix is the temper of a police detective who can t figure out why young girls keep disappearing Katalina Wimple is that detective Her obsession with the mi

The only thing hotter than the summers in Phoenix is the temper of a police detective who can t figure out why young girls keep disappearing Katalina Wimple is that detective Her obsession with the missing girls makes her the best person for the job, but it also serves as a refuge from the problems in her own life.Battling her own demons offers coincidences impossible toThe only thing hotter than the summers in Phoenix is the temper of a police detective who can t figure out why young girls keep disappearing Katalina Wimple is that detective Her obsession with the missing girls makes her the best person for the job, but it also serves as a refuge from the problems in her own life.Battling her own demons offers coincidences impossible to ignore Rescuing the missing girls will require Kat figuring out how much coincidence is too much, as well as fighting her desire for what she can t have.

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The Lost Girls

  1. Talking about myself in the third person is giving me fits time to switch this up.My day job is that of a computer jockey and all the hands on and hands off work that entails When I leave the office behind I jump into family life beautiful wife and two obnoxiously cute young children , finding a new way to hurt myself while powerlifting, and writing.As of mid 2015 I haven t hit the 100 book mark yet, but I m getting close There s always at least in process I just can t seem to stop myself

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  1. Jason Halstead writes women well I don t know about you, but I m sick of reading novels where the women seem to be written by a man who has never met one Katalina is a believable woman strong, driven, vulnerable, and flawed She s also the first person I d want on the case if I went missing Mr Halstead puts Katalina in the worst situation imaginable on page 1, and then makes her life get worse, much worse Instead of pitying her, we root for her to make it through the next challenge and find the l [...]

  2. Don t waste your time This book I got free through the 12 days of Christmas App And now I know why If I had even paid 69p for this drivel I would have been screaming at Apple for a refund.This has to be the worst, laziest piece of writing I have ever read The cop storyline ie the Lost Girls was sloppy and lazy No background, no clues, just random chapters of oh look, the bad guys just happened to try and kill the cop followed by oh, the cop just happened to guess the right place to find the bad [...]

  3. I won this book on as a gift from the author, Jason Halstead When I entered the giveaway I thought the book would be a police thriller I was a bit surprised to find out it was also a sci fi The first couple of pages left me a bit speechless, a bit graphic and crude in detail, not normally the type of book I read I dived in nonetheless The Lost Girls had some good aspects lots of action, a plot that kept moving, a main character Kat who was tough yet sensitive My criticism comes from the authors [...]

  4. I was actually hesitant to even read this book once I saw it had a lesbian story line written by a man, but I wanted to give it a chance I love finding the diamond in the rough and I thought this may be one of them Unfortunately, for me the writing styling was very choppy and the main character, Kat, was very much a female cop who liked girls through the eyes of a male writer It wasn t obvious at first, and the scene with the thugs in the beginning was powerful, but as the story wore on there wo [...]

  5. Kind of strange piece of Sci Fi literatureWell, not sure whether it is Sci Fi, fantasy, or some both men and women despising LGBT police story sort of.The description of Sci Fi environment is very weak Even at the end of the book is not clear what are that Dark Earth, what assumptions in physics and multiverse it is based on, and how did the portals appear The cybernetic augmentations for the protagonist, which could bring interest to the Sci Fi part of the novel, are not really described, so th [...]

  6. This was an unexpected pleasure to read It becomes obvious very quickly that Kat is no ordinary police woman when she slices a mans penis with the razors within her fingers As the story unfolds we learn of the time this tale is set in and what advances have been made But crime and greed will always be in our lives

  7. This book was different but yet very good It had some sci fi theme but also some mystery to it I would recommend this book.

  8. The Lost Girls by Jason HalsteadThis is one of those tough books that you have to dig past a few things to get to the place where you decide you like it.As with some others this one took me out of my comfort zone right from the start with what seems at a glance to be jumping right into the middle of a fight Then it turns out to be a rape Worse yet it turns out to be mutilation when the victim apparently has her fingers augmented with blades that make her into a sort of wild unpredictable Cuisina [...]

  9. This is the first book that I have read by Jason Halstead but great first impression for me.I instantly loved Kat main character She is damaged has many things to overcome as well as many things that she has already overcome I always seem to love those characters They are strong in so many ways vulnerable in others You get to put the puzzle together of Kat s past you kind of figure it out for the most part.Kat is a cop loves her job She is always in bad situations from the cases she takes on usu [...]

  10. The Lost Girls, the first in a series currently at 4 novels , was my first sci fi read in quite some time and was a refreshing change of pace Following Kat through her action packed, and slightly insane, journey to find criminals responsible for kidnapping young girls while simultaneously figuring out about herself was thrilling throughout There is also some steamy scenes mixed in, though not nearly as graphic as what Halstead does with the action ones that seem almost constant The combination [...]

  11. When girls start disappearing, they call on Katalina Wimple They know, she will not give up until she finds out what is happening to them, and who is behind it Katalina is in a class all her own Both as a person and, especially, as a cop She is a tough bad ass cop, but she has a softer side Though she only allows a very select few to catch a small glimpse of it every now and then She is smart, fearless, a smart ass which I love and a bit self sabotaging But aren t we all a bit self sabotaging, t [...]

  12. I got this ebook free on , so it was a no risk purchase It was jarring that the novel started with an attempted rape scene The book was brash and unpolished than I typically read, including difficult to follow pacing I am intrigued by the author s other work, as the Dark Earth aspect was in the background of this novel, and I see there are other books that are focused on that The science fiction element was certainly secondary to the cracking the case work of the protagonist The sci fi upgrade [...]

  13. I hated this book I really, really hated it I hated the writing style I hated the protagonist Katalina Wimple and how the author continuously focused on having her beaten to within an inch of her life in chapter after chapter before making a miraculous recovery with sci fi medical upgrades that include an ard body, razor blades and synthetic eyes I hate that she fell in love with every woman she met on the job, and I hated the futuristic spin the author put on what I thought would be an old fash [...]

  14. I was skeptical at first A lesbian character written by a man has not gone over well in the past but jason Did a great job Katalina is a woman with a lot of depth She isn t stuck in her ways, she is a growing person, she is strong and intelligent, and never afraid, although sometimes comically, to point out her own flaws The story is great, I haven t been able to put the books down I m on the 5th one and I just found the series a few days ago I havent wanted to put it down Thats good story telli [...]

  15. I do not know if I read an edited version but, I enjoyed this book I love a good lesbian story, with a plot, and they are difficult to find I, too, was leary of this book because it was written by a man I thought the story line was good and although the characters were under developed, I knew what was going on Kat s back story could have been brought out But, this is book one and J Halstead may reveal as we continue her adventures I liked that she was a strong female, to bad it had to be with [...]

  16. Don t wanna sound too harsh but there was nothing that I enjoyed about this book I almost stopped reading when there just a sudden mention of portals and all her body having armour plating But I carried on cos I thought the storyline about tracking down missing girls sounded like it could be a decent read However there wasn t much mention of this just the main character trying to work on some leads and several attempts made on her life She is also a lesbian which I have no problem with and I m n [...]

  17. I got this book as a reduced price on e book I m glad i went with it because I really enjoyed it The main character, Kat, is a tough chick I love tough chicks she s a cop in the not so distant future that has a few accessories that help her in her job Since this is book one of a series, I look forward to watching her grow The author, Jason Halstead has a new fan I look forward to reading his other books.

  18. Tough as nails woman Kat is one bad ass cop Her history is what s made her such a bad ass She stands up for the women in her cases and her personal life Taking place in a bit of a futuristic world where her injuries were turned into body enhancements, making her better suited to kick some evil butts I was surprised and pleased to find how quickly I got into this book A good read that makes me want to read the next book in the series.

  19. This book was greatly written to the point I did not put it down at night until I literally dropped the book in my sleep.I love the fact the Kat, the main character faced struggle after struggle but always went back for to ensure the safety of the missing girls always putting her life on the line to do so This is a great book and can not wait to read by this author.

  20. This was one of those books that almost made it I enjoyed the story without the other planet dimension element The Sci fi was enough I appreciate this is part of a wider series where this mix becomes important, but in this story it just added confusion as to the importance to the plot I ll look out for the others in this series.

  21. This book wasjust weird I ve read other reviews that praised the author for his writing of women, specifically gay women, but I didn t feel it was true to life I m just thankful that I didn t have to pay for this book.

  22. A little different from the mysteries I usually read, but I liked it A little spice added with the main character being gay without any sex scenes The main character takes a beating several times, but keeps coming back for .

  23. The lost girls.I liked this book It was fun, quirky and quick to read The main character was interesting and a little twisted This a entertaining way to spend an afternoon.

  24. Seemed like a part twoBut then saved itself Fans of JA Konraths Jack Daniels series should like this Although thee lead is a lead is a lesbian it could as easily have been a straight chick, it wasn t cheap lesbo literature, it was a good book

  25. I found it a bit strange at first There was no laying out of any background as to what the world was like, but soon it didn t matter A good solid story, and likeable characters On to traitors next.

  26. Hhhhhh it was one of th best est t books I have read about the HEATER core business is that a pic of you guys doing it would be nice

  27. This book could have been better You really didn t get to know the main character till the end of the book Don t know if I m going to read the rest of the series yet.

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