Torn From a Zoella Book Club author Real compulsive and intense Cat Clarke is the queen of emotional suspense For fans of Paula Hawkins Gillian Flynn Megan Abbott and Jandy Nelson They didn t mean

From a Zoella Book Club 2017 author Real, compulsive and intense Cat Clarke is the queen of emotional suspense For fans of Paula Hawkins, Gillian Flynn, Megan Abbott and Jandy Nelson.They didn t mean to kill herw the guilt will tear them apartAlice King isn t expecting the holiday of her dreams when she sets off on a trip to the wilderness with her mates But whenFrom a Zoella Book Club 2017 authorReal, compulsive and intense Cat Clarke is the queen of emotional suspense For fans of Paula Hawkins, Gillian Flynn, Megan Abbott and Jandy Nelson.They didn t mean to kill herw the guilt will tear them apartAlice King isn t expecting the holiday of her dreams when she sets off on a trip to the wilderness with her mates But when her best friend Cass decides to teach mean girl Tara a lesson, Alice finds herself in a nightmare she can t escape.Now Alice is the guardian of a secret too horrific to tell and a secret too terrible to keep A secret that will change all of their lives for ever

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  1. Cat was born in Zambia and brought up in Edinburgh and Yorkshire, which has given her an accent that tends to confuse people Cat has written non fiction books about exciting things like cowboys, sharks and pirates, and now writes YA novels She lives in Edinburgh with a couple of cats, Jem and Scout, who spend their days plotting to spit up furballs at the most inconvenient times She likes cheese A LOT, especially baked camembert.

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  1. Having previously read Entangled, I was aware that Cat Clarke is unafraid to take readers to very difficult places in her confronting, intense novels I knew that Torn would be an emotionally complicated book But perhaps I wasn t quite prepared for what a position of discomfort it was about to place me in, or the deeply disturbing implications it would force me to contemplate.In Torn, Clarke skilfully taps into the emotional cesspit that accompanies guilt the consuming dread, self loathing and an [...]

  2. Wow, I really dislike Cat Clarke Not only is she funny and intelligent, but she writes wonderful books that keep you glued to the page until the bitter end Damn her and her incredible talent Her characters are both wonderfully real, and credibly flawed, and you find youself relating to them much as you would a friend of a friend After reading Entangled, with its much loathed protagonist that i actually loved , Torn was such a change, but equally compelling I dont like to compare Cat s novels to [...]

  3. Alice has a secret.She has a big secret that is eating her up inside.She knows something but she couldn t bring herself to say it.Something happened to Tara Chambers.Tara is dead.Alice knows how she died.She knows.But she and three other girls swore that they ll keep their mouth shut about what happened.Then Tara s brother Jack enters the picture.Alice likes Jack.Her conscience is killing her.Jack told her he likes her.Alice was restless and confused.Will her conscience win her over and tell Tar [...]

  4. Okay, Cat Clarke I don t know whether to fall at your feet and worship you, or hunt you down and punch you in the face But to explain why I m feeling so torn he he that was unintentional but see what I did there would be very spoilerific So let s get back to the whole reviewing part of this review I read and reviewed Clarke s first book, Entangled, a short while back You can read my gushy praise of that incredible book here I adored it I adored it so much I gave it five stars after a brief hosta [...]

  5. Four girls One dead body.Now, if that doesn t sell you immediately, then I don t know what will.Torn is so under hyped I was completely blown away the first time I read this book back when I was thirteen , and I am still in awe of just how insanely GRIPPING Cat Clarke s writing is.The novel is specifically targeted at reluctant readers so there is some rather prosaic lingo, but the voice is incredible Cat Clarke writes so convincingly as a contemporary teenager The characters and their reactions [...]

  6. Got a secretCan you keep it Swear this one you ll saveBetter lock it, in your pocketTaking this one to the graveIf I show you then I know youWon t tell what I saidCause two can keep a secretIf one of them is deadSounds familiar No shit

  7. Actual rating 4.5Pre reading I added this to my wishlist because I am a visual person D Had the cover saved on my laptop for weeks now as beautiful cover and I thought I might check the blurb today absolutely INTRIGUING Can t wait to buy this babePost reading.Okay whew.I stayed up till way past midnight to finish this and that s something that hasn t happened quite often lately.I love it when books mess with my feelings, when I physically feel something whilst reading, that way I know I ve been [...]

  8. I wanted to read this so much that I ordered it from the UK Not one single library near me owned it I think I was drawn in by the very pretty cover and the blurb on the back Unfortunately, the blurb on the back is only about one quarter of the book I expected a We Know What you Did Last Summer type read, and what this iswell, it s kind of a messed up love story I think they should have called this book How Not to Be A Friend , and it had the potential to be an awesome book of realistic fiction w [...]

  9. I don t really know how to assess this book It was very complex It s got me into a right mess, it s like someone took the inside of my head and shook it like a tube of MM s Countless moments while reading I put the book down and just bathed in my shock My favorite thing about this book is the fact that it s not predictable I can normally sniff out the ending a mile off, but this book is definitely in a league of it s own in that venue However, one of my least favorite things about this book is h [...]

  10. I really don t know how to sum up this book I truly, truly hated it The main reason for me giving this book 1 star was the complete lack of plot and any kind of build up, a very weak romantic sub plot, no originality and total predictability, and the single most frustrating, selfish and weak characters I ve probably ever read about I think cringey dialogue and weak plot probably sum up this book for me, and I honestly wanted to throw the main character and her equally dull romantic counter part [...]

  11. I just LOVE Cat Clarke I love that she takes us to such dark places and makes us feel everything I loved this one particularly because she talks about something close to my heart and something I struggle with daily.I always fly through her books because I just can t get enough of them her writing style is so easy to get in to and keep you there.Can t wait for another one

  12. A Magical World Of WordsOoooh shivers I really enjoyed this book.It wasn t a nice story in the slightest, but it was decently written and constantly entertaining I literally could not put the book down I was utterly gripped, terrified, and freaked out It was vividly and intimately haunting, and the subject matter was agonising It was a probing look into the lives of school girls made even horrifying by the fact that they were my age It was creepy and frightening for me to read about their exper [...]

  13. Four girls One dead body I was so intrigued by these two sentences I had to read it It sounded so different from any YA book I d read before Four girls caught up in a murder, who wouldn t want to read that Sadly it didn t live up to what I thought it would be.The first part of the book was good I loved the setting in the beginning at the funeral The mystery at the beginning was played out well It made you want to read on and find out what happened and how exactly these four girls were involved H [...]

  14. Cat Clarke is one of the those rare YA authors that actually write truthful books Books that really hit at your emotions yet feel as though they were written purely for the teen market You could easily compare her to the likes of Courtney Summers, Laurie Halse Anderson and Joanna Nadin all of whom write brilliantly written young adult fiction.Torn is Cat s second novel after the wonderfully written Entangled Torn tells us the story of Alice, a teenagers from London who is hiding a dark and terri [...]

  15. It s too weird to think about how death seems to rewrite all the rules.That about sums up the book Some strange and scary shit goes down and all you can do is keep turning the pages to find out how it ends Alice My heart is clearly stupid It has a tendency to get overexcited for no reason.Alice s gentle sarcasm and storytelling sucked me in fast I don t know what it is about her, I just liked her tone She s a normal, extremely average girl There s something so sinister and subtle about her story [...]

  16. At first glance, the storyline of Torn teenage prank gone wrong may seem familiar, even hackneyed but to dismiss it as such would be a grave mistake While other writers may have been tempted to use this premise as the basis for an angst ridden mystery, Cat Clarke rather deftly uses it as a basis for a fascinating study of guilt, grief and the constantly shifting currents of teenage hierarchy However, Clarke doesn t veer entirely away from mystery and thriller territory here and at times Torn is [...]

  17. I m trying to remember a time when I enjoyed a book as much as I enjoyed this one A time when I actually read an entire book in only one day This book was amazing I have only just finished reading it and my emotions are all jumbled and mashed up in a state of never wanting to part from reading this book The main character Alice, I loved her I actually loved her She was so perfect even though she was kind of messed up with everything that had happened I think it s the way the author really made m [...]

  18. wandering worldyrock 31Je crois qu on devrait coller une tiquette Attention, livres impossibles l cher sur les romans de Cat Clarke Vous avez s rement d j entendu parler de CONFUSION, son premier roman Livre qui avait t un norme coup de c ur pour moi, et qui m avait permis de d couvrir cette auteure au style si particulier J ai retrouv avec TORN toutes les motions la fois violentes et captivantes que m avait procur CONFUSION Cat Clarke a un truc Un truc qui fait que son monde, ses mots, ses pers [...]

  19. I read Entangled about 18 months ago loved it so when this book came on offer for kindle, I couldn t wait to download read it I have read quite a few YA books recently it s becoming one of my favourite genres I found this book very hard to put down the short chapters we re partly to blame for this I was very intrigued as to what was going to happen all the way through the book I loved this book so much I ve decided to read another of Cat s books next, The lost the found.

  20. I tried to write a review for this book and when I was finally pretty much finished and satisfied with it, my laptop shut down and I lost everything This has happened to everyone and it never gets any less frustrating no matter how many times it happens Ugh So here I go again my second try at writing a decent review I can guarantee it won t be half as good as the first I wrote, so apologies in advance.The idea behind Torn is what made me want it to read it so much Alice King goes on a school tri [...]

  21. When Alice and her best friend Cass get stuck sharing a cabin with the school queen bee Tara and social outcasts Polly and Rae they know they re not going to enjoy their school trip to Scotland But after a plan to get revenge on Tara goes horribly wrong things take a devastating turn for the worse and nothing will ever be the same again.I loved Cat Clarke s debut novel Entangled when I read it last year so I couldn t wait to get my hands on her latest book Torn I m happy to say that this book wa [...]

  22. Source I own a copy of this book Alice and Tara used to be friends, but now Tara is popular, and Alice isn t When they are forced to share a cabin with 3 other girls whilst on a school trip, Alice isn t impressed at Tara s behaviour towards one of the other girls, and although she initially doesn t want to, she joins in on a prank on Tara that goes horribly wrong.Can the girls live with the secret of what happened to Tara Can Tara s family move on without her And could something have been done t [...]

  23. Malgr une petite d ception cette ann e avec Perdue et Retrouv e, je n oublie pas les excellents moments de lecture pass s gr ce Cat Clarke avec Revanche et A Kiss in the Dark, et je me plonge avec plaisir dans Cruelles, son second roman Une fois n est pas coutume, et c est d ailleurs ce qui me plait le plus dans ses romans, l auteure nous plonge dans les tourments de l adolescence Un voyage scolaire entre filles, une cohabitation p nible pour certaines jeunes filles, une peste que l on veut puni [...]

  24. Alice King, jeune lyc enne de 16 ans, part en voyage scolaire en cosse, dans un trou perdu Sur place, elle partage son ch let avec sa meilleure amie, Cass, une gothique trop renferm e sur elle m me, Rae, une fille totalement asociale, Polly, mais aussi avec Tara, la peste de service, mais aussi la plus populaire Cass et Polly n en pouvant plus des humiliations publiques quotidiennes que leur fait subir Tara, elles d cident de monter un plan pour lui faire peur Mais quand Tara meurt pendant l ex [...]

  25. It took me quite a long time to finish this novel and I m that kind of person, who stops reading a book as soon as it gets boring or annoying So normally this is a bad sign for my rating, but in this case I really had to stop reading it because I dreaded the ending and wanted to prolong coming to the end as long as possible Obviously it didn t work out since I m writing this review g I won t tell you what s going to happen then, so don t be afraid This is one of these stories that will stay in m [...]

  26. Lucky enough to get an early review copy of this, I looked forward to reading it with curiosity Having read Clarke s first novel, Entangled and really appreciated the twists and turns it provided, I wondered what she could do with her second offering It did not disappoint Now I should make a few things clear I got this as a freebie from the publisher, I know that some bloggers and reviewers who get publisher freebies ooze gratuitously all over the books, regardless of whether they are a bit shit [...]

  27. Having read Cat Clarke s debut novel Entangled and really enjoying it, I was excited to read this, her second book Now I know I ve only read two of her books, but I m guessing that Clarke doesn t like to shy away from difficult or intense subjects Our main character Alice, is heading off on a school trip to Scotland with her best friend Cass, but ends up being stuck in a cabin with two typical teenage misfits, Polly and Rae, and the most popular and horrible girl in the school Tara Things go dra [...]

  28. TORN is a book that deals with guilt A whole lot of them Guilt that will gnaw you from inside out Guilt that makes you feel like a huge stone is slowly crushing you until there s nothing left There s not a moment that Alice doesn t feel guilty since the accident the one that left Queen of Mean Tara Chambers dead as a doornail.I ve never accidentally done something so terrible as Alice and her friends, but I have definitely done some mistakes in life that I wish I could reverse or make better I f [...]

  29. If I could give this a 3.5 I would I did really enjoy it, I liked that none of the main characters were particularly likeable, I liked the story and thought the MC wasn t a cliche good girl who got involved in something bad, she did several things throughout the story that were really pretty horrible BUT there were moments where i felt the authors voice was intruding too much, like when she talked about using too many dots in an ellipsis, or about how authors should be respected for their hard w [...]

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