Unholy Night

Unholy Night From the author of the New York Times bestselling Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter comes UNHOLY NIGHT the next evolution in dark historical revisionism They re an iconic part of history s most celebra

From the author of the New York Times bestselling Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, comes UNHOLY NIGHT, the next evolution in dark historical revisionism They re an iconic part of history s most celebrated birth But what do we really know about the Three Kings of the Nativity, besides the fact that they followed a star to Bethlehem bearing strange gifts The Bible has litFrom the author of the New York Times bestselling Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, comes UNHOLY NIGHT, the next evolution in dark historical revisionism They re an iconic part of history s most celebrated birth But what do we really know about the Three Kings of the Nativity, besides the fact that they followed a star to Bethlehem bearing strange gifts The Bible has little to say about this enigmatic trio But leave it to Seth Grahame Smith, the brilliant and twisted mind behind Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies to take a little mystery, bend a little history, and weave an epic tale In Grahame Smith s telling, the so called Three Wise Men are infamous thieves, led by the dark, murderous Balthazar After a daring escape from Herod s prison, they stumble upon the famous manger and its newborn king The last thing Balthazar needs is to be slowed down by young Joseph, Mary and their infant But when Herod s men begin to slaughter the first born in Judea, he has no choice but to help them escape to Egypt It s the beginning of an adventure that will see them fight the last magical creatures of the Old Testament cross paths with biblical figures like Pontius Pilate and John the Baptist and finally deliver them to Egypt It may just be the greatest story never told.

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Unholy Night

  1. Seth Grahame Smith born Seth Jared Greenberg is an American author, screenwriter and film producer He is best known for his novels Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter which both hit the New York Times best seller list Seth Grahame Smith lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife, Erin, and his son, Joshua.

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  1. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night And lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them and they were sore afraid And the angel said unto them, Fear not for behold, I bring unto you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people For unto you is born this day in the City of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord And this shall be a si [...]

  2. If you re gonna go a messin with one of the holiest stories ever told, you d better be respectful, or the wrath of the religious right will rain down upon thee like a plague of locusts.I d say the author of this book can relax Only the most pious could find fault here and that will probably be for giving the virgin Mary a bit of spunk and some opinions of her own.This tale mostly concerns the life and adventures of Balthazar, a wise guy and thief so skilled that his nickname, The Antioch Ghost, [...]

  3. I enjoyed the hell out of this buddy read with Kells Gotta admit, though, I did not expect that I would like this book as much as I did I m not one for mashups, so I ve successfully skirted much of Seth Grahame Smith s catalogue You ll likely see me tackle that Abraham Lincoln vamp book, but only because I found it for a quarter Found this one for a quarter, too, but had I paid ten bucks for the ebook version of Unholy Night, I don t think I d be a bit disappointed Well worth the price of admiss [...]

  4. I went in to reading this with very little expectations I kind of thought I would hate it, I hadn t read anything by the man who ushered in the literary zombie mash up genre, but I figured he was pretty much a one trick pony, a hack who happened on a great idea, someone who would be about as funny as I imagine Christopher Moore to be I haven t read him, but when does that stop me from having strong and unfounded opinions Maybe it was because I had so little hope for this book, maybe because I ex [...]

  5. This review can also be found on my blog A Match Made in HeavenI found this book strangely moving It was my first Seth Grahame Smith book and I didnt know what to expect Although there was some humour, I thought it would be out there, and ridiculing the whole story But really he just expanded on the story that already exists in the Bible, filling in the blanks with his own ideas There was very little that was altered from the original story, mostly just the timeline and a few other details Mary [...]

  6. WowSeth Grahame Smith can pretzel bend history like nobody s business The well known nativity scene gets an epic reboot I won t spoil any details but this book is full of action, suspense, blood, but also faith and redemption This was definitely a fun book to read as long as you can see it for entertainment and not take the distorted Bible story too personal depending on your religious preference Check it out My favorite quote Hug your childrenKiss your mothers and fathers, your brothers and sis [...]

  7. The premise and the beginning of this book is highly promising If I judge the book by its first third, it is a fun, hilarious, action packed fantasy novel The Three Kings are anti hero thieves.And I can t tell you enough how I excited when I was reading the swordfight of Melchyor He is not a swordsman, he is a sword saint I understand that due to plots, the story should getting and serious toward the end of novel But I noticed the humor diminished completely at the end Character wise, the roun [...]

  8. Good Story 73 Julie and Scott escape from prison and meet a very nice couple and their newborn baby But there s just something about that baby Joseph Mary My name is Balthazar This is Gaspar this is Melchyor We don t want to hurt you we re just looking for a place to rest But, Joseph if you don t put that pitchfork down, I m going to take it from you and stab you to death in front of your wife and child Do you understand Wanted thieves Balthazar, Melchyor, and Gaspar, disguised as wise men, sh [...]

  9. Interesting I liked it, but it just didn t make me want to scream from the mountain tops about it It s probably me.

  10. I never did read the author s previous bestseller, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter It came out around the time of the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies craze and I judged it as just another one of those fun yet silly reads I did read Zombies, it was good, but.So when I picked up Unholy Night having never heard of it thanks to living in rural AL without a bookstore , it was a very intriguing concept I had heard of A Lincoln, so I wondered what kind of twist the author would put to the story of the M [...]

  11. When I reviewed Seth Grahame Smith s Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn t just another throwaway mash up I remember writing that this would be a great book to help introduce the historical figure of Abraham Lincoln, one of America s most beloved Presidents to a youthful audience If you stripped away the vampire hunting, you still had a pretty decent tale of the life of Abraham Lincoln, and with some guidance from a teacher to let the students know wha [...]

  12. As a true bibliophile, I try not to limit myself in what I read I am, however, as a Christian, leary of reading something that could be overtly sacriligious So, my thanks to Mr Grahame Smith for delivery a wonderfully retold rendition of the greatest event in our history SGS deftly weaved a wonderful plot involving the three wise men into the already amazing story of the birth of CHRIST He created a great backstory about Balthazar and the his eventual introduction to Gaspar and Melychor I loved [...]

  13. I had higher expectations for this book, in comparison to Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, because Abraham Lincoln was so much better than I expected It s safe to say that Seth Grahame Smith exceeded my expectations.Mr Grahame Smith is a fantastic writer I am torn because on one hand I want to see what Mr Grahame Smith can do if he gets away from the gimmick of retelling well known stories On the other hand, he is so good at retelling well known stories that I want him to continue I can t wait to [...]

  14. Seth Grahame Smith has done something pretty amazing in his novel Unholy Night It should be noted that this is the same author of the now cult classic Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and the surprise best seller Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter Nothing is sacred to Smith Really Nothing So, it should come as no surprise that Unholy Night is an uber violent action adventure epic about the Nativity Story Seriously.Smith has taken the most beloved story of the Christian faith and turned it into a Que [...]

  15. The story of the birth of Jesus Christ may be one familiar to many, but on the other hand very little is known about the three wise men that brought him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh This is why this book is so entertaining Unholy Night pretty much asks, what if these Three Kings were actually a bunch of thieves and killers I was all prepared to give this book a high rating just for the unique and hilarious premise alone And I would have, if only I wasn t so disappointed with the writing [...]

  16. Ini pertama kali aku membaca buku dari Seth Grahame Smith walaupun aku sudah jatuh cinta pada 2 film yang diangkat dari bukunya Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Pride and Prejudice and Zombie Dan kuakui dia memang penulis jenius yang jago mentwist sesuatu yang klasik dan biasa menjadi hal yang menarik perhatian.Siapapun sudah tahu tentang kisah kelahiran Kristus yang penuh cobaan Ancaman pembunuhan bayi bayi, tempat melahirkan yang susah di dapatkan 3 Orang majus misterius yang tiba tiba datang m [...]

  17. Nice interesting telling of the events surrounding the birth of Jesus that reveal the truth behind the 3 wise men While not as good to me as the Abraham Lincoln novel he wrote this is still a good entertaining read Recommended

  18. great title, great writing, great characters, loads of action loved it it really is the bible as you ve never read it before.

  19. Sometimes a straight story hits the spot one that reaches in and grabs your guts to let them remember the meat and gore you re made of By straight I mean Balthazar aka the Antioch Ghost is stoic and strong his duty is to protect an innocent naive family in this case Mary, Joseph and their newborn Messiah from being butchered by ruthless Roman soldiers Along the way there are tests of love and death, talks of faith and epic camel chases.There s also a healthy spin on biblical tales most Americans [...]

  20. Deviously clever, and not at all the sacrilege you might expect, given that this is the same author who so brilliantly twisted literature and history The book plays around with the Nativity story, particularly the place of the Wise Men In this tale, the Wise Men aren t kings or philosophers but petty thieves on the run from Herod who come across Mary, Joseph, and the infant Jesus The primary character Balthazar, known as the Antioch Ghost, is a formidable protagonist who believes in little but h [...]

  21. As a Catholic, I was really wanting to see how Seth Grahame Smith would incorporate a Biblical event and give it his own twist The Three Wise Men were really greedy, sword wielding bandits that just happened to fall into King Herod s bad graces and stumble upon our Lord, Jesus Christ as a baby What the hell The book was harder to get into simply because it seemed to jump around from character to character, yet as I allowed myself to get pulled into the storyline, I found this to be the best Grah [...]

  22. Unholy Night is a take on the the tale of the Three Magi, the three wise men who visited the Christ child at his birth in Bethlehem But in this case the Magi is actually three escaped criminals who inadvertantly venture into the stable and after a quick face down with Mary and Joseph are roped into providing protection the child on his escape into Egypt.Do not expect any corrolation between the story you heard as a child on Sundays with the story in this book Seth Grahame Smith takes a great amo [...]

  23. Grahame Smith, the evil genius between Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter , has re imagined the Nativity story what if the Three Wise Men were in fact three thieves on the run who stumble upon Jesus, Mary, and Joseph by accident The story that follows is crazy and surprisingly reverent fun I had to read Unholy Night in one sitting, I couldn t concentrate on anything else

  24. Discussed with Julie on the A Good Story is Hard to Find Podcast Episode 73 Unholy Night.A fun, fun book.

  25. Wayyy to long The writer also talks everything through until every last little detail It s exhausting If you ask me, the story should have started at the execution about 100 pages in it s gets interesting there and it s a much stronger opening This book is a perfect example of why I love good short stories so much it gets rid of all the clutter.I was just bored throughout most of this book, but it had some strong story points It could have been so much .Also, there was very little horror in this [...]

  26. The movie Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is based on the book by the same name by author Seth Grahame Smith He also wrote the popular book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies When I heard he wrote another book, Unholy Night, which incorporates the characters from the Nativity story, I knew I had to read it.Seth Grahame Smith s latest book Unholy Night was released earlier this spring The lead character is Balthazar, a thief of reputation throughout Judea during the reign of King Herod Also known as [...]

  27. This book really gives you another perspective on not only live but the life of Jesus and the village of people who helped him escape I really loved how it was action packed with a new twist or interesting fact around every corner I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an action packed, adventurous story about our king as a baby, his parents, and the Antioch ghost.

  28. We generally know the story of the three wise men, who came to Jesus in the manger bearing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh Some say they were sages Some say they were ancient astronomers But what if the real story was entirely different and not told until now Okay, okay, it s not the real story, per se, but it s still a story Unholy Night is written by Seth Grahame Smith, who wrote the other re imaginings Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and the recently turned into a movie Abraham Lincoln [...]

  29. You ll never be able to look at a Nativity scene the same way again Mr Grahame Smith has done a brilliant job turning the biblical account of the birth of Jesus into an engaging adventure Let s face it The Bible story has a lot of holes in it Who were the Three Wise Men How did Mary and Joseph, two poor peasants who d probably never been further than a day s travel from their homes, get all the way to Egypt with Herod s forces hot on their heels And did Joseph really buy the This is God s Son st [...]

  30. I love reading Biblical fiction and this was the main thing that attracted me to this story Second, was the author Since I really like Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer I thought I couldn t go wrong with Seth a second time.The prophets have been telling King Harrod for years the Messiah, the King of the Jews was to come and he will rule over all the Kingdom But the story does not center around the coming of Jesus but around one of the Wise Men who came to see the baby Jesus after he was born Wisema [...]

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