Enkelten verta

Enkelten verta Albert Einsteinin v itet n sanoneen ett mik li mehil iset h vi isiv t maailmasta ihmislajilla olisi nelisen vuotta elinaikaa j ljell On luvun j lkipuolisko Ennenn kem tt m n laaja ja tuhoisa me

Albert Einsteinin v itet n sanoneen, ett mik li mehil iset h vi isiv t maailmasta, ihmislajilla olisi nelisen vuotta elinaikaa j ljell.On 2010 luvun j lkipuolisko Ennenn kem tt m n laaja ja tuhoisa mehil isten joukkokatoaminen ravistelee Yhdysvaltoja Suomessa mehil ishoitaja Orvo l yt tarhastaan tyhj n pes n Onko Euroopan ja ehk koko ihmiskunnan l ht laskenta alkaAlbert Einsteinin v itet n sanoneen, ett mik li mehil iset h vi isiv t maailmasta, ihmislajilla olisi nelisen vuotta elinaikaa j ljell.On 2010 luvun j lkipuolisko Ennenn kem tt m n laaja ja tuhoisa mehil isten joukkokatoaminen ravistelee Yhdysvaltoja Suomessa mehil ishoitaja Orvo l yt tarhastaan tyhj n pes n Onko Euroopan ja ehk koko ihmiskunnan l ht laskenta alkanut Orvon el m ll on t h n asti ollut kaksi keskipistett mehil ispes t ja h nen poikansa Eero Kun Orvon el m n perustukset romahtavat, h n joutuu huomaamaan, miten v h n h n on itse asiassa tiennyt pojastaan, t m n salaisesta el m st internetiss ja sen ulkopuolella Ja Eeron ja mehil isten kohtalot linkittyv t odottamattomilla tavoilla yhteenOrvo ottaa ep toivoisen askeleen Jonnekin, mihin vain h n ja mehil iset tuntevat tien.

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Enkelten verta

  1. ENG Johanna Sinisalo was born in Sodankyl in 1958 In the period 1984 1997 she worked as a professional designer in advertising, after which she got started as a screenwriter and writer As her hobbies Sinisalo mentions astronomy, gastronomy, hiking, literature and comics.The author notes that her novels always feature a bit of the small everyday reality However, overcoming the borders of realism does not mean that the author s works were to be classified as sci fi or fantasy from Sinisalo s point of view, categorizing literature by genre should be left behind FI Johanna Sinisalo on syntynyt Sodankyl ss vuonna 1958 H n valmistui ylioppilaaksi Tampereella 1977 ja suoritti kandidaatintutkinnon Tampereen yliopiston yleisen kirjallisuustieteen draamalinjalla vuonna 1986 Markkinointi instituutissa opiskellessaan h n sai vuoden parhaan diplomity n palkinnon 1987 Vuosina 1984 1997 h n toimi ammatikseen mainonnan suunnittelijana, sittemmin h n ryhtyi vapaaksi k sikirjoittajaksi ja kirjailijaksi.Kirjailijan perheeseen kuuluu avomies ja aikuinen tyt r Harrastuksikseen Sinisalo mainitsee t htitieteen, gastronomian, vaelluksen, kirjallisuuden ja sarjakuvan Sinisalo asuu lapsuutensa kotikaupungissa Tampereella T rkeit kirjailijoita Sinisalolle ovat olleet Tove Jansson, Astrid Lindgren, L M Montgomery, Ray Bradbury, Volter Kilpi, Vladimir Nabokov, Michel Tournier ja Margaret Atwood Tieteiskirjallisuuden lukemisen Sinisalo aloitti lapsena Edgar Rice Burroughsin seikkailukirjoilla Niiden j lkeen h n l ysi George Orwellin ja Aldous Huxleyn, joissa science fiction on yhteiskunnan havainnoinin ja arvostelun v line.Kirjailija toteaa, ett h nen romaaneissaan on aina jokin pieni piirre arkitodellisuuden ulkopuolelta Sinisalo on useiden muiden tavoin muistuttanut, ett puhdas realismi on varsin nuori, 1800 luvun lopulta per isin oleva kirjallinen suuntaus Realismin rajojen ylitt minen ei kuitenkaan tarkoita, ett kirjailijan teokset olisivat lajityypilt n scifi tai fantasiaa Sinisalon mielest lajityyppiajattelusta pit isi irtautua.Sinisalo painottaa, ett spekulatiivisuus ei ole kirjallisuudessa itseisarvo, vaan ett sen kautta voidaan sanoa jotain oleellista jopa paremmin kuin realismin keinoin Fantasian tai science fictionin kirjoittaminen ei ole p m r vaan v line kirjallisuuden tuottamiseen Sinisalo k ytt sanaa viistovalaistus kuvaamaan t m n v lineen toimintaa todellisuuden tutkiminen uudesta ja ennenkokemattomasta n k kulmasta voi paljastaa uusia puolia, joita ei ole voinut aikaisemmin n hd.

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  1. 3.5 Eco dystopia from Finland, about a world in crisis from the collapse of bee populations as may not be apparent from the title The book turned out not to have much of what I look for in a cli fi story adventure and roaming about, plus frequent news bulletins about parts of the world far away from the characters as the narrator, a middle aged amateur beekeeper named Orvo, never goes far from home and it s fairly reflective because for most of the few days the story covers, he is grieving Howev [...]

  2. Vuoden ensimm inen nikirja kuunneltu Oli my s ensimm inen Sinisalon kirja minulle Mielenkiintoinen tuttavuus, joka tosin ei tainnut olla parasta mahdollista kuunneltavaa autossa ty matkoilla Painava asia ei jaksanut aina pit keskittymist yll Lukija sopi erinomaisesti t h n kirjaan.

  3. Olipa se vahva Vaikuttava, voimakas ja koskettava Pieni ripaus maagista realismia toi hienon s vyn kirjaan, ja vaikka tarina n enn isesti py rikin p henkil ns ymp rill , oli teemasti globaalia ja ajatonta T m oli ensimm inen Sinisaloni, mutta jo nyt haluan lukea pian muutakin.

  4. johanna sinisalo s the blood of angels enkelten verta , a fantastical work of speculative fiction, is set in a near future in which colony collapse disorder has left the global agricultural network ravaged without bees to pollinate food crops, america and later other parts of the world slips into rapid decline and devastation finnish science fiction writer sinisalo adeptly employs environmental disaster as a way to explore our relationship to the natural world and each other e blood of angels s [...]

  5. This was an interesting and powerful little book, very unique and frightening in a matter of fact and realistic way The author has an impressive grasp of many environmental and ethical problems with our world today and manages to present them in a way that never feels preachy or browbeating, even to someone like me who is not much for environmentalism or animal rights activism A haunting and sad story that is part family drama and part impending apocalypse with a whiff of the supernatural, reall [...]

  6. In The Blood of Angels, Johanna Sinisalo has returned to the themes of her previous novel, Birdbrain the thoughtless use and abuse of the ecosystem by humans intent on their own needs, disharmony among humans and between humans and nature, and the idea of a consciousness in nature that responds to the damage wrought on it.In The Blood of Angels, Sinisalo focuses on bees, and the mystery of Colony Collapse Disorder, which in this near future world has become Colony Collapse Catastrophe CCC the su [...]

  7. Ihan keskiverto romaani En p ssyt sellaiseen imuun, josta nautin kirjoja lukiessa, mutta kyll h n t m n luki ja p s nt isesti teksti oli mielenkiintoista.

  8. Johanna Sinisalo to fi ska pisarka, krytyk, redaktor antologii oraz scenarzystka program w i seriali telewizyjnych, kresk wek i film w a tak e s uchowisk, autorka powie ci science fiction i fantasy Napisa a ponad 40 opowiada i jak dot d 7 powie ci Ich gatunek sama pisarka okre la mianem Finnish weird W Polsce na t chwil wydano jej dwie powie ci debiutanck Nie przed zachodem s o ca i przedostatni , czyli Krew anio w.Pszczo a miodna, o czym nie ka dy wie, hodowana jest najcz ciej nie ze wzgl du na [...]

  9. Most readers could fly through Lola Rogers translation of The Blood of Angels by Finnish author Johanna Sinisalo in a handful of hours Yet, as the relatively brief enjoyment of a spoonful of honey belies the phenomenal labor of countless bees, so too does consumption of this novel s simple, flowing prose hide the rich, complex depth of its construction and significance Sinisalo s novel captures an apocalyptic, large scale focus on humanity that is typical of speculative fiction, yet keeps a keen [...]

  10. Part ecological warning, part fable, part story of a man who s just lost his son, part discussion of the pros and cons of meat, and maybe most of all an all too possible picture of how the world could fall apart without bees More alternate near history than science fiction.I hope I get to hear her speak at Worldcon this year.

  11. I managed to finish this book in something like 6 hours That just shows how much I like Sinisalo s writing style, and, admittedly, how short the book was I enjoyed this immensely, like all the books of hers I ve read yes, I am a lil fangirl, and not afraid to admit to it , but for the first time I did feel like it was a tad preachy Then again, it was used in a way that I did found believable, in a blog inside the book and in comments to said blog This made it feel less like preaching and like o [...]

  12. The Blood of Angels follows a Finnish beekeeper who reflects on his relationships with his grandfather, father, ex wife, and dead son Eero Every other chapter consists of Eero s blog posts on animal rights, complete with selected comments from readers intertextuality is typical Sinisalo she does it also in Not Before Sundown and Birdbrain but this time around it felt formulaic rather than effective Preachy is the first word that came to mind while reading this book it went past the thought provo [...]

  13. Lomalukemistoa, osa 1 Sinisalolla on kyll taito kirjoittaa sellaista teksti , ettei kirjaa malttaisi laskea k sist n T st kirjasta tulee sellainen olo, ettei yht n mit n saisi en sy d ja kaikki maailman elukat pit isi vapauttaa Toisaalta se pohjaa hyvin pitk lti autenttiseen aineistoon ja ihan totta, aika helisem ss kai sit oltaisiin ilman mehil isi Miinusta vain dokumenttiaineiston kera huippuakateemisen l hdeviittauksen osa el inoikeuskeskustelujen aineistosta perustuu aitoihin keskusteluihin [...]

  14. En ole t h n p iv n menness onnistunut nime m n suosikkiani Sinisalon kirjoista, mutta Enkelten verta ainakin teki minuun l htem tt m n vaikutuksen Kirja tuntui talviselta, kovalta ja pime lt , se n ytti maailman kahden eri miehen silmin, avarsi omia n kymi ni ja koversi tiens jonnekin syv lle sis lleni Muistan, ett kirjan p tytty tunsin oloni ontoksi, ja vasta sitten ryhdyin herkistelem n sen kantamalle koskettavalle tarinalle En ole t rm nnyt vastaavaan vuosikausiin.

  15. An interesting read on an important topic made me think about my own relationship with nature and food While I liked the structure of the book, there was also something about it that was putting me off a bit A good take on dystopian future with a fantasy twist that could have been better.

  16. Sinisalo on uskomaton Vau H nen tekstiss n on semmoista imua, ettei lukemista meinaa pysty lopettamaan Ja tarinakin oikein kylm selk piit Onneksi hyllyss odottaa Lasisilm

  17. This book was an absolute fantastic read.If you re jumping into this book thinking it s just about the bees, then you re wrong It s so much than that You travel through several of Orvo s days, delving into the past of what makes him the man he is, and the recent tragedy that has befell him He s definitely a tragic character, one that doesn t have all the answers, but that s why I love him.You re not only getting the viewpoint of fifty year old Orvo but also his son who I believe assume was in h [...]

  18. Reviewed on Books Cats TeaDon t let the title of the book fool you The Blood of Angels is a quick, but somber eco speculation on what has happened to the disappearing bees It is less focused on the global disaster and repercussions of the lack of pollination plants are receiving though you get snippets of what is going on outside of Finland and about a man coping with loss.The book moves between the present story of Orvo and that of his son s past blog posts over the course of 16 days Interesti [...]

  19. Johanna Sinisalo on varsin luotettava kirjailija poikkeuksetta hyv , ajatuksia her tt v teksti Hyv juonen kuljetusta T m n olisin ehk halunnut n hd v h n pidemp n hahmoista, heid n suhteistaan ja historiastaan olisin mieluusti kuullut v h n enemm nkin.

  20. Kutkuttavasti yhdist faktaa ja fiktiota Mehil isteema ei kyll ollut itselle yht n tuttu ennest n ja her tti ajatuksia Sinisalon kirjoitustyyli kolahti ainakin minuun ja aion kyll tutustua muihinkin h nen teoksiinsa.

  21. You can find my review of The Blood of Angels on my speculative fiction book blog.Brief summary It s not a beach read, but The Blood of Angels is definitely worth your time Well written, intelligent, authentic and rewarding.

  22. For a book which began well, and which I initially enjoyed it is a disappointment The all male cast the only woman a deserting mother not invited to her only child s atheist funeral is a cardboard stereotype is alienating because it seems unnatural, especially in a book supposed to be by a woman Three generations of single fathers produces men who are too emotionally constipated to relate to anyone, but the extremely slow story would be infinitely improved by some simple human contact.

  23. Some reviewers have said they thought this book is preachy I don t think so, no so than an educator teaching a class in chemistry or anything else Sinisalo presents the facts and weaves them into a fictionalized story Whether you choose to accept what she offers or not is up to you.The story evolves from the males of four generations of a family The two that are the major players are Orvo and his dead son Eero The other two are Ari, Eero s grandfather, and Pupa, Eero s great grandfather Pupa wa [...]

  24. This is the odd book I picked up by chance, only because the synopsis sounded likely and there was a honeybee in the cover illustration What good luck Translated from the Finnish, The Blood of Angels is about a small handful of ideas The primary one is of Orvo s loss in the death of his son, Eero, and his desire to learn about who he was It is also about humans farming animals for food where the bottom line determines how their care, diet, space and slaughter are handled, and the disparity betw [...]

  25. One sentence recommendation Read if you want slow paced, meditative, atmospheric eco SF with mythological roots.The book alternates between chapters in first person from the perspective of Orvo, a beekeeper mourning his dead son Eero, and excerpts from Eero s animal rights blog, against the background of a near future in which the disappearance of the bees has started leading to catastrophic crop failure and food shortages The blog sections are the passionate and opinionated writings of a young [...]

  26. Damn, that was really good Johanna Sinisalo s The Blood of Angels is a thought provoking dystopian novel It takes place in Finland in the near future and the story is told by beekeeper and funeral home owner Orvo and in blog posts of his radical environmentalist son Eero Orvo opens one of his beehives to find the queen is dead and all other bees missing Colony Collapse Disorder has finally reached Finland after sweeping across the United States, fucking up foodchains and causing food shortages I [...]

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